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I'm not sure which was most bizarre: her fantasy, or my willingness to make it come true
“You want to do what?” Her request was so bizarre I had to hear it again.

“Please? I have been obsessing over this idea for months! Can’t you please help me make it happen?”

I looked Helen over from head to toe. She was a strangely built woman, but attractive nonetheless, at least to me. She had a very round head, and a preposterously oversized chest for her height. Her waist was surprisingly slender, but her rounded hips and full backside gave her an irresistibly womanly shape.

I need to back up a little bit.

Our relationship, at least in its present form, had begun under the most unusual of circumstances. It started one day at work, when Helen came into my office, opened her top and asked me to ejaculate into her massive cleavage.

I think I need to back up even further.

Helen is my sister. We grew up in Middle America, in a farming town of about 3,000 in Western Indiana. She’s about 18 months older than me. We were both sexually curious at about the same time in life, in our early teens, and ended up exploring and discovering together. By the middle of high school, we’d moved on to actual girlfriends and boyfriends, but our close bond had been formed. We went to different universities, but always stayed in touch.

After I graduated, I moved to Omaha. I got a job in the business office at a local building supply store. It was not quite a year before Helen moved to town as well, having changed her major so many times that she actually graduated after me.

She was bright, and managed to get a job at the same place, but in the commercial sales division. It was fun to see her now and again. We’d often get together for dinner or movies or drinks, two small-town kids making their way in the big city.

Both the business and commercial sales offices were closed on weekends, but as a responsible person, I frequently found myself spending Saturdays and even Sundays catching up. I found it to be unusually productive time, since the phones didn’t ring and coworkers weren’t around to interrupt me.

It was on one of these very quiet Saturday afternoons that I was surprised to hear the office door open behind me. I spun around to see Helen’s bright face appear through the opening.

“Hey, you. What are you doing here on a Saturday?” She wore a ruinously devilish grin. I should have sensed immediately that something was afoot, but I was still in work mode.

“Ah, trying to catch up on A/P and A/R. What are you doing here, for that matter?”

“Um, I have a question for you. Actually it’s more of a favor.”

She entered the room fully, and closed the door behind her. I spun my chair around to face her, and gestured to an open task chair nearby. Helen took it, and at that point I noticed that she was dressed a little sexier than a weekend shopping trip to the lumberyard would truly necessitate. She sported a gorgeous deep red silk top that wrapped around her midsection, and a very short black skirt sat atop her shapely, black pantyhose-encased legs. Again I spotted the grin.

“Helen, what’s going on? You’re being very strange.”

“You’ll see.”

“Um, when? Start talking, Helen.”

“No, you’ll see first, then I’ll start talking.”

Quite suddenly. Helen untied her silk top, exposing her two enormous breasts, each held high and pressed together by a sheer black bra. Her dark round nipples were clearly visible, and each poked at the sheer cloth with surprising dimension.

My heart was in my throat. We had messed around as kids plenty, but we were now adults, and we were also at our workplace. What was going on?

“Um, Helen, what the fuck are you doing? Do you want to get fired?”

She said nothing, but ran her hands over her full breasts, pinching her large nipples tenderly. The corner of her lower lip slipped in-between her teeth, a mix of impish delight and adult lust coming over her face. I found that I could not remove my gaze from her rapidly flushing chest and lusty visage. I finally found the courage to speak again.

“Helen, what are you doing?”

My question only seemed to egg her on. She kneaded her breasts, more forcefully this time, pressing them together. The rounded creamy skin glowed in the bluish light from my computer screen. My heart was pounding so loudly I could hear it in my head. She continued to caress herself, never taking her eyes from mine. Her relentless petting had coaxed her large nipples to the very edges of the sheer bra cups. I felt sweat form on my upper lip.

“Jesus, Helen, what are you trying to do to me?”

At that, Helen effortlessly pulled down the fabric that still covered her breasts, and they fell free. Her nipples leapt out as the air-conditioned room came into direct contact. Large, dark brown, and almost rubbery, the nipples stared at me with the same intensity as her eyes.

I couldn’t pretend any longer that I was somehow not aroused. Blood surged rapidly through my cock, and it sprung to its full-engorged size instantly. I stood up suddenly.

“Helen, don’t make me ask you to leave. This can’t go on. I can’t…”

Finally she spoke. I was relieved for the interruption.

“Ryan, I need something from you. I need you to, um…”

“Jesus, what?” I was begging for an excuse to either get out of this situation, or throw myself into it.

“I need you to jack off into my tits.”

It was not was I was expecting to hear. “You need what?”

“Ryan, I have been fantasizing about this for years. I’ve been meaning to ask you since I moved here. God, I don’t know what it is. I’ve had lots of lovers, but nothing felt as right as you and me. I spent most of college fucking guys that I imagined were you. And I can’t explain it, so don’t make me try. For some reason, I have always wanted to have you jack off into my tits, but not during sex. Just somewhere, some normal place and time. Then I’d wear your cum all day. God, even talking about it is driving me crazy.”

My mind was swimming. I looked down at her, unable to notice how badly my erection was pressing against my trousers.

“So, you want us to start messing around again?”

“Well, yes, I guess so. But right now, at this moment, I need you to jack off into my tits. I’ll come over tonight and we’ll talk about the rest.”

I was somewhere between extreme arousal and paranoia for being discovered. Either way, I didn’t hesitate long before I opened my fly and pulled out my impossibly hard cock. It pulsed thickly in my hand, and my throat was painfully dry.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

I stared down into her bountiful breasts, and started stroking. My breathing quickened, and I watched Helen’s softly heaving chest rise and fall. Her lips were pouted, her face flush, her gaze fixed on my rapidly moving hand coursing over the length of my phallus.

It didn’t take long. The ridiculous nature of the situation, Helen’s voluptuous body bared for my pleasure, the danger of getting caught committing incestuous sex acts at work, the sight of my turgid cock just inches from her lovely face and full breasts, the mix of lust and adoration across her sweet face. I shuddered with a muted groan as my load burst forth.

“Into my tits, Ryan. Right in my cleavage,” Helen advised. She had obviously thought this through.

I managed to aim reasonably well, and several extremely satisfying spurts landed squarely where her large breasts met, and the viscous fluid began to seep down between them. She was careful not to touch me, though I secretly craved for her to do so. Finally the last significant drops of my semen fell into her cleavage. I tucked my sticky pecker back into my pants and collapsed back into my chair. Helen looked down into her cum-bespeckled cleavage, cooing softly.

By the time I caught my breath, Helen had reapplied her beautiful silk top and was regaining her composure. She wiped the glistening perspiration from her upper lip and fanned her flushed face with both hands.

“Don’t forget to zip up before you leave. I’ll see you tonight.” She kissed my cheek and vanished from the room.

I put myself together, and tried to refocus on my work. I eventually found my stride again, but my productivity had clearly been diminished. I could only keep at it with the anticipation of that night’s rendezvous with my sister.

I arrived home and quickly showered and changed clothes. I had no idea what to expect, but obviously something drastic had changed between my sister and I. I decided I had better have a drink to calm myself before Helen arrived. I poured a tall bourbon and soda, watching my hands shake as I did so. I was halfway through it when I heard Helen’s gentle rap on the door of my apartment.

“Hi, Ryan.” She looked a little sheepish, nothing like the lust-consumed harlot into whose gaping cleavage I’d emptied myself just hours earlier. She, likewise, had changed clothes, and I found myself almost disappointed by her less-revealing attire.

“Hi, Helen. Come on in.”

I opened the door wide, and she slipped past me and into the living room.

“So how was the rest of your day?” Helen said awkwardly.

“Um, I think it’s safe to say I had a hard time concentrating after you left.” I wasn’t going to let her put the subject off for very long.

“Yeah, about that. Look, I don’t even know where to begin explaining that.”

“How about at the beginning?”

“Honestly, there isn’t really a beginning. It’s a fantasy I’ve been unable to forget about for years. I remember when we were kids, for some reason I just loved watching you cum. But by the time my tits got this big, we’d long since given up our games. I never had the nerve to ask anyone else to do that, but it’s been driving me crazy. I seriously can’t explain it rationally. Something about the thought of cum, particularly YOUR cum, being shot into my tits, and then staying there all day, it turns me on more than anything I’ve ever experienced.”

“Does it, like, make you come? Just the thought of it?”

“No, silly, that’s crazy! But it got me really hot and wet. I came so fast when I masturbated to it.”

“To it?”

“After I left your office, I went down the customer restroom. I sat on that toilet and frigged myself to the most amazing orgasm! This old lady was in the stall next door. I don’t know if she heard me, but I didn’t care. I came so hard my teeth were tingling. Then I went to the mall, and did the same thing in the ladies’ room at Dillards. Ryan, I ended up masturbating four more times this afternoon. One of them I did standing up in the foreign film section at Blockbuster.”

“Jesus, are you kidding?”

“It’s crazy, I know. But the feeling of that hot sticky cum between my tits, it’s like some crazy aphrodisiac. And when it dried, and got all hard and crusty, oh man. I could feel it flake off and collect in the bottom of my bra. Stop looking at me like that!”

I realized I had been staring at her like she was criminally insane. And indeed, this was some strange fantasy she was living out, and telling me about.

“I’m sorry, Helen, but you have to admit just how fucking weird this is.”

“I KNOW,” she sighed in apparent agony. “But I desperately wanted to try it, and I didn’t trust anyone else to understand.”

“Why did you figure you could trust me?” I queried with a certain smugness.

Helen thought a moment. “Well, I did let you pee in my hand when you were 12.”

My smugness vanished in horror as I remembered some of the humiliatingly childish things we’d done together. She watched my satisfaction disappear, and she grinned with her own smug smile.

“Ok, you got me there. But Helen, we’re in our twenties now. We’re not kids anymore. I’m sure you want a boyfriend, and I certainly wouldn’t mind a girlfriend eventually.”

“Ryan, what I want is to try out some things I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’ve always had an active mind for fantasies, Ryan, you know that much about me.”

“That’s true,” I conceded.

“I trust you, Ryan, because it was with you that I discovered my sexual side. At the time, neither of us was equipped or trained to truly satisfy the other. You’re right, we were kids. But I’m not anymore. I want to try some things, and maybe let you try some things.”

“Um, like fuck buddies?” I asked, unsure of how this would turn out.

“That’s putting it crudely, but I guess so, yes.”

I considered that a moment. It was almost perfect, in a way. For one, it was almost unlimited free sex. Two, it was someone I already knew and loved. Three, it was almost like hooking up with an ex-girlfriend, someone with whom I already had a modicum of sexual history.

Then again, she was my sister, and she was almost certainly cracked.

And then yet again, I could probably keep jacking off into her tits, which, bizarre as it was, was actually kind of cool.

“Okay,” I sighed, as if only caving in as a favor to her. “Let’s give this a try.”

She exhaled a loud sigh of relief, while simultaneously whipping off her t-shirt in a single motion.

“Awesome. Now fucking jack off into my tits again. Now!”

She plopped down onto the couch and unhooked her bra. For the second time in a day, I found myself staring down into Helen’s impossibly sexy bare breasts.

“Now? Are you fucking kidding me?”

She ignored the question and unbuckled my pants. I let her do the work, and her warm hands on my flaccid cock caused it to harden instantly. The head was swollen, almost a lurid purple, and she wrapped her fingers around it. I prayed she would pop it into her mouth, but after a moment of tender adoration, she released it.

“Start stroking, dude. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this!”

I laughed aloud at her childish enthusiasm, and took my length in my own hand. Two things had changed since the first time this happened: I finally understood a little bit, and I was no longer at work. I decided to take my time and enjoy this.

I stroked on, using long, measured pulls designed to excite me but not get me off prematurely. I assumed, despite her clear obsession with the resultant ejaculation and its requisite destination, that she also enjoyed watching me masturbate. I hoped it was true. I turned out to be right, as she cooed and moaned, egging me on. She often put her half-opened lips near the tip, threatening to fellate me. But then her lips would curl into a smile and she’d back away.

“Do you want me to play with my tits again, the way I did today? It seemed to turn you on…”

I grunted agreeably. She commenced her caresses, cascading her hands over her full breasts, lingering on her large nipples. She pressed them together again, pushing her cleavage up toward me. The curves, the smoothness of her skin, the angle of her neck and she leaned back to watch me jack off. I felt it happening. My balls tightened, and I nearly lost my balance.

“Whoa, buddy, don’t go anywhere!” Helen put a hand on my bare ass and pulled me toward her. “Just put the tip of your cock right against my tits. I want to feel it come out.”

It was the last straw. Her dirty mind and strange fascination with my cum tipped the scale, and my spunk erupted against her skin. I leaned into her, and my cockhead almost disappeared between her breasts. The cum curled around my sunken tip and ran down the ravine of her cleavage. Helen purred.

“Fuck, Ryan, that is the hottest thing I have ever experienced. Oh God, I can feel it oozing under my tits. Jesus, that’s amazing. God, my pussy is just soaked. I gotta frig!”

I stumbled back and dropped onto the coffee table. My sister pulled down her shorts and stuffed her hand into her lacy pink panties.

“Oh Christ, this is gonna be a good one!”

“Well, fuckin’ let me watch, Helen!”

“Oh, right, I suppose that’s only fair,” she said nonchalantly, and pulled aside the crotch of her panties. A gentle patch of dark brown hair appeared, but clearly visible through the tangle was the glistening slit of her sopping vagina. Her fingers quickly found their target, and she easily ran her fingertips up and down the well-lubricated gash.

Helen wasted little time teasing, and got right to the business of intense pleasuring. With her left hand she rubbed at her beefy clit, and with her right she pumped two fingers into her slippery hole. I could only stare in disbelief as my sister drove herself to a violent and intense orgasm. I could see rivulets of my ejaculate running down her stomach. She yelped loudly when her orgasm landed, and her hips pumped involuntarily, thrusting her open crotch at me. I felt my cock stir as I watched my dear, sexy, slightly perverted sister awash with climax.

We kept things more or less at this level for a few months. I think part of it was a fear of escalating things too quickly. I think she was also still enjoying the novelty of the cum-in-the-tits activity. For that matter, I had learned to enjoy it almost as much as she. I made her suck me off a couple of times, just to break up the action, but even then she spat out the cum and let it dribble down into her cleavage. I also talked her into let me eat her out to bring her to orgasm, at least some of the time. Her pussy was spicy and intoxicating, and I soon discovered my own fantasies and fetishes centered on her delicious snatch.

Then, one day in the fall, things got very weird again. This is where you joined the story.

“Ryan, I want to you help me get a bunch of guys to all jack off into my tits at the same time.”

“You want to do what?” Her request was so bizarre I had to hear it again.

“Please? I have been obsessing over this idea for months! Can’t you please help me make it happen?”

I looked Helen over from head to toe. She was a strangely built woman, but attractive nonetheless, at least to me. She had a very round head, and a preposterously oversized chest for her height. Her waist was surprisingly slender, but her rounded hips and full backside gave her an irresistibly womanly shape.

“You want me to find a bunch of guys to cum on your tits at the same time? Like a gangbang without the bang?”

“Quit looking at me like I’m crazy. I’m just exploring.”

“Am I not good enough anymore?” I wasn’t sure if I was jealous or just confused.

“No, that’s not it, Ryan. It’s just an extension of the same fantasy. If one load of jizz feels this good, I can’t imagine what five or six would be like.” She almost shuddered at the thought of it.

“Where would I find five or six guys? I can’t ask anybody from work. They all know you, and they know you’re my sister.”

Helen frowned at that. “Can’t you think of something?”

“Helen, don’t you think this is a little weird? And maybe even more than a little dangerous? What if somebody recognizes you? Omaha isn’t that big of a city.”

“We’ll just do it one time. Then it’ll be out of my system. I swear.”

I sighed. “Fine, I’ll see what I can do.”

I finally cooked up a scheme that might work. Since I was a reasonably well-qualified bookkeeper, I decided to get a part-time job over the holidays. I found a machine shop whose bookkeeper was out on maternity leave. I told them I’d get them through the first of the year, but that someone else would have to do their year-end books. They agreed.

The machine shop was perfect. For one, it was in a part of town that was totally unfamiliar, so the odds of seeing anyone we’d know were low. Second, it was filled with robust young men (and a few rusty old ones), several of whom were reasonably handsome and potentially trustworthy. She was, after all, my dear sister.

The fall and early winter passed quickly. Helen moved in with me in October, ostensibly to save money on rent. In truth, we fooled around at every likely opportunity, though never involving penetration, just foreplay and occasional oral sex.

Eventually I got along well enough with some of the machine shop guys that I felt comfortable even mentioning the scheme. I sat with one of the guys, Chris, while he had a cigarette break.

“Hey Chris, does this place have a Christmas party?”

“Yeah, they always put on a little thing with dinner and drinks. Nothing special. We usually go get wasted afterward. Why?”

“Oh, I’ve got an idea for how to make this year’s party a little more interesting.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you trust any of the guys here? I mean, good dudes, trustworthy dudes?”

“A few of them are pretty alright. About half these guys are ex-cons. But yeah, a few of them are good guys.”

“Okay, I trust you, so I’m going to tell you this, and then put you in charge of it. Ready?”


“Okay, I know this girl, and well, she wants to try something. Like, something kinky.”

“What, is she like a slut or something?”

I winced at the word. I don’t know if I hadn’t expected such words to come up, but somehow they stung worse than I would have guessed.

“Yeah, man, she’s pretty slutty. Anyway, she wants a bunch of guys to jack off and cum on her.”

“Like a circle-jerk?”

“Yeah, I guess. But she wants like a total of five or six guys. I’m in, and if you are, then we need three or four other guys. Can you help me?”

Chris was surprisingly unfazed, as if these things happened to him all the time.

“Pshh, yeah, I’m in. I’ll cum on the jaggoff slut. I’ll pick two or three guys. You pick one more. When’s this gonna happen?”

“Well, after the Christmas party sounds good to me.”

“Cool. I’ll save up a load for her. Just here at the shop? There won’t be anybody here, and I have a key.”

“Sweet. But keep it on the downlow, of course.”

“Oh, yeah, of course. We don’t want any uninvited cockmasters showing up.” Chris held his index finger to his lips to signal that he’d keep quiet.

Chris and I chatted a week or so later. He’d picked two reasonably clean-looking guys from the shop. I’d chosen a very unlikely candidate: one of the new guys in administration was very sweet, but very geeky. He’d already confessed to being a virgin. I figured it couldn’t get any more STD-free than that.

I finally told Helen about my success with the scheme. She squealed and threw her arms around my neck in a huge bear hug. Her tits were crushed against my chest, and I fought off my arousal.

“Okay, we’ve got five guys, me included. We’ll do it after the company Christmas party. One guy’s even a virgin, so I know he’s clean.”

“Oh, thank you, Ryan. I’m so fucking excited!”

She celebrated by stripping me down and doing sixty-nine with me. I ate her puss, delighting in her rich, heady aroma while I lapped lovingly at her engorged clit. Helen sucked me off with a tenderness and earnestness I’d never before experienced. Also, for the first time since we’d renewed our sexual relationship, she swallowed my cum, every last drop.

Finally the big night arrived. It was a Friday night between Christmas and New Year’s, and the company had rented the back room of a local eatery. Food and drinks were provided, and we all had a reasonably good time. When the party was winding down, those of us with the extra-special after-party exchanged glances and made our way to the parking lot. I called Helen on my cell phone to let her know we were en route.

We all pulled into the machine shop parking lot, and I didn’t yet see Helen’s car. We let ourselves in, and Chris handed out a few extra beers he’d had in his trunk. I heard Helen’s knock on the heavy steel back door. I went and let her in.

The catcalls started immediately as Helen walked in. She wore a skimpy red skirt, a very sexy red top that basically left her tits completely exposed, and a red-and-white Santa hat. She was every bit the imp, and my cock ached to see her that way. She also wore a green masquerade mask. It hid her upper face, but showed her sexy smile. We had agreed that a small measure of anonymity would help.

Almost no words were exchanged. She found a stool on wheels that put her open shelf-like bosom right at cum-dumping level. Lusty grins were exchanged. Finally Helen spoke.

“Okay, boys, what have you got for me? Take ‘em out.”

One by one, we all pulled our cocks out, each of us long since hardened in anticipation. We all took a passing glance at each others’ cocks, as guys always do. I was impressed by them all, and particularly proud of Tim’s, the virgin. He might have been geeky, but he was packing quite a monster.

“I’ve gotta do you first,” she said, pointing at me, “since you were the one who set this up.”

She wheeled over and swallowed my cock in one move. I felt my cockhead hit the back of her throat. She milked it with amazing skill, and my balls dragged across her vast acreage of chest. Once again, the sheer strangeness of the situation urged on my orgasm. Four other guys were stroking their hard cocks in anticipation, and this “slut”, secretly my sister, was swallowing me whole. I grunted to let her know I was about to let loose.

Helen backed away and my cock reappeared, glistening with saliva. She wrapped her hand around it and beat me off the rest of the way. My cum shot out at high velocity, spraying wildly across her expanse of tits. She cooed predictably, and watched in fascination as my cum started its gravity-drawn path into her tightly packed crevace.

Satisfied that she had milked every last drop, she discarded my steadily drooping cock and wheeled over to my left, where geeky Tim stood in total fascination. She looked him in the eyes and wrapped her hand around his monstrous rod.

“And you I’ve gotta suck off. You’ve gotta at least be able to brag about a blowjob, right, kiddo?”

Tim just nodded meekly, and watched as Helen repeated the process. Tim grunted loudly as his pecker vanished into Helen’s throat. He didn’t last thirty seconds, and his cock had already started to erupt before Helen had a chance to pull him out and jerk his cum onto her rack.

Helen’s face was flush with arousal and effort, and she had never looked happier. She looked down at her cum-covered chest and beamed.

Chris was next. She only beat him off. She and I had agreed that we didn’t know the other guys well enough for fellatio. She jacked him off with expertise, and he blew his wad into her cleavage.

She decided to try jacking off both the remaining guys at the same time. As she did, they grunted and moaned. I could see that she was trying very hard not to try to suck them off. Then one of them starting talking dirty.

“Oh, fuck yeah. You love all this cum, don’t you?”

Helen nodded agreeably.

“Yeah, you fuckin’ love it. The fuckin’ cum-slut loves it. Fuck yeah, slut. Jack my shit off.”

I was immediately incensed. Nobody calls her a slut. Never mind that she’s jacking off five guys at the same time. I nearly intervened. But Helen just nodded and muttered in agreement.

“Ah, fuck. Here you go, cum-slut!” And the dirty-talker came, shooting his jism into her chest. The other guy was just seconds behind. Soon we had all gotten off. Helen was delighted.

Then she simply got up and ran out to her car. The five of us stood, half-naked, cocks out, in a circle. I was still totally upset about the slut comments, but I made a hasty retreat of my own, lest I try to settle the score. I wasn’t much a fighter anyway, and these guys probably knew how to handle themselves.

I arrived at home and found Helen on the bed, her top still on, her skirt hiked up and her panties off. Her bare pussy lay exposed. I could still see the cumshots drying on her chest.

“Oh, thank God you’re here, Ryan. Eat me out. I am so fucking turned on right now!”

I wasted no time, and buried my face in her crotch. I licked at her with unusual ferocity. She clawed at my head, pressing me against her sopping wet sex. I burrowed my tongue deep, and sucked her swollen clit into my lips.

She came hard, as hard as I’d ever witnessed. Finally I pried myself upright from between her legs and lay down beside her.

“Jesus, that was fucking ridiculous. Thank you. Thanks for that, but thanks for putting that together. It was everything I could have hoped for. It was perfect.”

“Helen, we can never do that again. It was too risky. I don’t trust those guys, or anybody else. It’s just not doable. They called you a slut, for God’s sake.”

“Oh, who cares?” Helen shrugged it off. “Guys are just horny fuckers who talk shit. It didn’t mean anything.”

“Um, you were jacking off five guys. Of course they meant it. Never again, you understand?”

“But Ryan, it was so—“

“Never again. Besides, you’d said yourself it was just to get it out of your system.”

“Fine, never again.”

“I can’t even bear to go back there. I’m going to call in sick on Monday. That was supposed to be my last day anyway. I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Oh, stop exaggerating. You made me so happy, and so fucking horny. Anything you want to try, I’m in, no questions asked.”

I got up and went to the kitchen to pour a stiff drink.

The winter passed quickly, and soon the messy wet snowmelt of spring was in place. One Saturday night I was home alone, rather curious as to where my sister might be. It was after midnight when I heard her come in, and I could tell right away that something was amiss.

Helen was sobbing, a miserable horrid sob, a mix of despair, terror and shame. I immediately jumped out of bed and tore into the front room.

“Helen, what’s the matter? Jesus, what happened?”

Her clothing was filthy and torn, her makeup smeared, and her posture that of a broken person. She nearly collapsed, and I caught her right as her legs gave out. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, and laid her on the bed.

“Helen, what happened? Are you okay?”

“Oh, God, Ryan, I’m so stupid! I’m so stupid. It’s all my fault!” She sobbed loudly. I was in a state of terror.

“What happened?” I scanned her body for major wounds, my mind racing with scenarios or a mugging or a car accident.

“I’m sorry, Ryan. You were right. I was so stupid. I tried to do it myself, and this happened.” Helen’s eyes were practically swollen shut from crying, and her chest heaved with her labored breathing between noisy sobs.

“You tried to do what? Jesus, just tell me what happened! You’re scaring me!”

“I wanted to do it again. I wanted to have guys cum on me again. But I didn’t want you to know. So I went to a bar that same part of town, and I found some guys. It didn’t take much to convince them.”

“Helen, what happened?”

“Oh, it was so stupid of me. We tried to do it in the parking lot of the bar. I got two guys off, hands only, don’t worry. But then three of them wanted sex. I told them no, but they didn’t care. Oh, God, Ryan, they nearly raped me!”

My stomach churned, and I felt the need to puke.

“They didn’t get to, thank God. A cop drove by and shined his spotlight on us. The guys took off running. The cop drove off after them, and I drove home as fast as I could. Oh Jesus, Ryan. How could I be so stupid? How could I put myself in that situation? Alone, with nobody I know, looking for a cheap thrill from some filthy bastards? I am so lucky to be alive. I can’t believe I took that chance.”

At that, she burst into a new episode of terrified sobbing. I wrapped myself over her and held her tightly. She held onto me, happy to be home and safe. Soon she stopped crying, and I felt her breathing drop into a peaceful slumber.

Helen slept in until well after noon. Her body and her mind were recovering from the trauma of the previous evening. We she finally got up, we had a big lunch and spent the day shopping.

It was almost a week before she brought it up. We were having cocktails and watching a movie on TV.

“Ryan, it’s out of my system. I mean, completely out of my system. Man, WAY out. I think I’m ready for some more traditional stuff. You know?”

“I’m just glad you’re alright. You scared the shit out of me.”

“Oh, me too, of course. I don’t want to dwell on that. I just want to move forward with, you know, other things.”

“Other things?”

“You’ll see,” she said with a sexy grin, and led me by the hand to the bedroom.

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2009-10-24 10:02:13
dude,there is not even a rape scene and yet you put a 'rape' tag.


2008-02-20 22:02:14


2007-09-09 07:55:52
She sounds like a chub from your deion of her. Write something with hot, slender babes in it. Sexy Suicide Girls types or something. 7/10.


2006-05-08 00:59:14
Good story a bit to long but all and all a perfect try to write more a little shorter next time just a suggestion 10/10 keep it up


2006-04-12 23:11:25
A good, solid story. 10/10

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