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A hobby like smoking pot brings two young people together
Voodoo Queen

By Jimmmy D.

Amaris... A beautiful name only matched by the girl who owns it. Locks of auburn tresses shaking about her shoulders and perfectly slender neck. Wonderfully perky breasts, and an equally perky butt. I thought there could be no creature more divine than this.

"Hello." Amaris said in a playful voice, jumping on my back.
"Hi..." I said with a grunt, nearly falling over from the surprise, "You wanna get off my back? Walk next to me like a normal person?"
She sighed almost dejectedly, but climbed off none-the-less. As she walked next to me, i couldn't help but think of her short stature, barely 5'2", but her beauty was no less magnificent.
"So what are you doing tonight?" she asked me, breaking the awkward silence.
"I'm not sure, do just like every other day after school, get stoned and watch TV." I said looking down at her.
"Mind if I join you?" she asked me, returning my gaze. I couldn't look into her eyes long, something inside me wouldn't let me, my eyes involuntarily snapped forward.
"Sure, I don't know why you'd wanna hangout with someone like me."

After school i found her at her locker, and we went off to my car, then strted heading to my house.
"So what kinda weed you got?" she asked me.
"Uhm..." I as surprised by this question, "Its a dutch hybrid." she had never appeared to be into smoking before, I wondered why she wanted to start now.
I pulled up into the drive way and parked my car, we clmbed out, and made our way up to the second floor, to my bedroom.
Amaris layed back on my couch as i got into my sock draw and pulled out my equipment. Rolling papers, a sealed up cigar, a mini-bong, a pipe, and of course a quarter sack of weed.

"What do you want to use?" i asked Amaris, displaying the stuff i had.
"Uhm... how about the bong?"
"Okay, letme get it all set up here." i ask as i plucked a weed nugget from the bag. I broke the chunk of weed up with my pocket knife, and packet it nice and tight into the bowel. I filled the bong with water, up to the carb, and we were good to go.
"You want the green hit?" i asked her, remaining a perfect gentleman.
"Sure." she said with a sweet grin spreading across her face.
She held the bong up to her lips, held the flame over the bowel, and started sucking... the bubbles in the bong water were like music to my ears, but as i looked at her smoking the bong, I couldn't help but imagine her sucking my dick. She held her breath for about 20 or 30 seconds before finally breathing out all that smoke. She passed the bong to me and i lit up aswell. Holding my finger tight over the shotty hole, i held the flame over the bowel and toked up.

I layed back as i exhaled the smoke, and as i layed back my erection became visible.
"You've got a stoner boner." Amaris said giggling, her eyes glazed and red.
I looked down and saw Amris rubbing my cock through my pants. "Don't stop." I said, laying back enjoying it"
She unzipped my pants, and puled them off, along with my boxers. she slowly massaged my cock as she tongued my balls. she took the head of my cock between her lips and really started sucking, like she had a chunk of ice stuck in a drinking straw. closed my eyes and bit my lip. As the drugs began to take hold the sensations of her sucking and fondling my cock were amplified 10 fold. She finally started deepthroating my cock, touching the glands of my cock to the back of her throat.

I blew my load right down her throat.

She pulled her panties off, from under her short skirt. she grabbed my hand and started rubbing it on her pussy.
"Whoa, you're..." i began, but she interrupted, "Yep, I'm shaved."

She lifted her dress up and climbed ontop of my throbing cock. She sighed and moaned slowly as she pushed herself down, until my cock touch the back of her pussy.
she started moving up and down on my cock. My sight was covered in haze, but her hot little body came cutting through the fog like a hot knife through butter. Her pussy was wet like her mouth, but wetter. Her juice was running down my cock, over my stomach, and onto my couch. As i looked down to my stomach he brought her hand down and caught some of her juices on her finger, she pulled it up to her mouth and started sucking on her finger, like she did on my cock.

I was under her spell, she was the voodoo queen and I was her zombie. I finally blew my load in her pussy. She laid back, under her spell, I began to lick her pussy, lapping at it like a thirsty dog. I was suckng on her pussy lips, sipping up her juice, hot and sticky, delicious, sweet, not salty. I delve my tongue, as far as i could, into her pussy. I moved my tongue in a circular motion, no neglecting the inside walls of her pussy. While i was working away on her, Amaris was moaning, sighng, and pinching her nipples. She was gritting her teeth, licking her lips, and holding my head close to her groin. She started moaning louder and louder, as my tongue flew faster and faster. Until finally she climaxed, screaming for a few seconds, then collapsing in on herself, in a heaving pile of warm juicey flesh.

My gaze grew a bit cleaer as we sat there...

"Time to toke up again." she said in an out-of-breath voice.
I pulled the bong and the lighter up, packing in just a bit more weed, to top it off. She held the bong up to her lips and lit up. After taking a huge breath she held it for a few seconds, then starting kissing me, deep. As our tongues wrestled i could taste the smoke, I enhaled deeply, then ble it back into her mouth.

The pot began to take hold as i started to penetrate her tight asshole.

I squeazed her ass hard and long as i slid my dick in and out. In this case we didn't use lube. You would think dry anal right? Bad right? Wrong, i still had her sweet sweet nectar on my cock, aswell as running down the crack of my ass. I leaned down on her back and reached over her shoulders massaging her tits as i fucked her doggy style. I moved my left hand down her chest and over her stomach, applying slight pressure. I move down to her nether regions, and started rubbing her hairless groin, before moving onto her clit. I pinched it slightly, then rubbed it between my middle and index fingers.

As I pumped my cock in and out faster and faster i moved my fingers down from her clit, and into her juicey pussy. I finger fucked her while I also got her from behind...

Black Magic Queen
Doing that Voodoo

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wtf is that guy saying


2006-07-24 18:47:38
Great story man! keep em cumming


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2006-06-17 03:57:50
Marijuana is a good drug


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here mate you wee doing it mate here send her number here ilee fuk her like shede never imajend mate trust gd story inabut safe

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