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A birthday strip tease, A announcement, a name change, and two come into the family
My birthday was very nice as everyone got me some cool gifts. Faye bought me a custom made jersey with my name on the back and the family tattoo on the back. Jasmine made the comment ‘ Cool another shirt for me to wear’. We all laughed at that statement as she smiled. Diamond and Hannah handed me a drawing they thought would be cool for a back tattoo. I looked at the drawing to only agree. I showed it to everyone getting grins from them all. Jack and Adam gave me the whole collection of CSI:MIAMI. I loved that show. I guess they remembered from our dorm days. Jasmine’s gift was something that brought tears to my eyes. She handed me a shirt that said ‘ Daddy In Training’. I smiled with tears as I pulled her closer to me. That day was special as two others were there, but quiet sleeping in their mothers bellies.

That night in the bedroom I was asked to get in bed as Jasmine went to the ipod deck. She looked for a song to play as Diamond came to me placing a kiss on my lips before she spoke with that beautiful voice of hers.

“ Baby this is your night so relax and enjoy what Jasmine and I do to you.” She tells me before getting off the bed going over to Jasmine

It’s at that moment I hear a song that makes them both start swaying their hips.

I love to love you baby
I love to love you baby.

I'm feelin' sexy
I wanna hear you say my name boy
If you can reach me
You can feel my burning flame

I'm feelin kind of n-a-s-t-y
I just might take you home with me
Baby the minute i feel your energy
Your vibe's just taken over me
Start feelin so crazy babe
Lately, I feel the funk coming over me
I don't know what's gotten into me
The rhythm's got me feelin so crazy babe

Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I'm callin all my girls
We're gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body
Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I'm callin all my girls
I see you look me up and down
And i came to party

You're so sexy, tonight i am all yours boy
The way your body moves across the floor
You got me feelin n-a-s-t-y
I just might take you home with me

As the song plays I smile seeing both Jasmine and Diamond start dancing to the beat. Both are dancing like strippers in a club. Tag teaming in a dance of touches as well as placing kisses upon the others lips. Jasmine moving down to Diamond’s covered breast to only kiss the hardening nipple that is hidden. Diamonds eyes close while she licks her lips with a expression for more. I know now what they had planned these past weeks. Jasmine squats down sticking her tongue out placing it between the older beauties legs. I watch in amazement as Jasmine licks Diamond’s mound through the thin material that hides her sweet spot. Diamond lets out a moan as she takes her top off exposing the twin orbs that are her breast. As Jasmine stands up to place her hands on Diamond’s hips. Both are getting into the moment as they start grinding against the other. Jasmine takes her top off only to throw it at me. I catch it placing it against my nose to take in her womanly scent. It’s a beautiful scene as their pregnant bellies rub against the other. I had to admit as both of them were topless with g string bikini bottoms on they did make being pregnant sexy. I started to feel myself getting so turned on that my shorts were getting tight as my manhood was getting hard. I saw both sets of eyes getting wide as Jasmine and Diamond continued their dance. After the song ended another came on with a strong beat that made them both work their bottoms off.

Like animals
Tonight we make it
You give me an inch,
I'm gonna take it

I'll steal your love
Like a thief
To be as one
is my belief

Don't look back and have no regrets
Like beasts of prey we must feed on it
I'll be your one, your one and only
To feel me burn come close and hold me


Flesh and Blood sacrifice
Melts the heart like fire and ice
Flesh and blood like fire to ice
Are you willing to sacrifice

There's no more time,
Don't think about
The flame will die
If you doubt

It's a game of
Love and hate
To lose it all's
a chance we take

Come to me and take my hand
It's in the fire that we must stand
I'll take you down under my gun
Our flesh and blood will be as one

Damn I watch both ladies get into the song as their dancing intensifies. Jasmine is on her back now with Diamond straddling her waist. Their both getting into it now as Diamond grinds against Jasmine filling the room with moans as the song plays. I slide my hand into my shorts to only wrap my hand around my shaft. Diamond looks over at me with a smile as she eyes my crotch licking those sweet lips of hers. It’s not long that both of them crawl to the bed on all fours getting up to join me. Diamond makes me get on my back as Jasmine positions herself to take want conceals my cock off. Once free Diamond attacks the hard shaft only to lean over to kiss the head. I watch with wide eyes as she opens her mouth to take me all in. I can’t believe how this night is turning out. Jasmine lowers her head to only take my balls in her mouth sucking them with eyes up watching Diamond. I give them moans of pleasure and pain as Jasmine sucks hard while licking the flesh that covers the morsels inside. Diamond eases off some to only start bobbing her head up and down. I see her looking up at me with wanton eyes. Her mouth is so warm besides wet as I can feel her tongue slide up and down the under side. Jasmine lets my balls out of her mouth just to crawl up to me. Jasmine shows both love and lust towards me. Once on my right side she places her lips on mine to only open her mouth as her tongue wants access to my mouth. I give her just that as our tongues find the other. I can taste sweat on her tongue as her body presses against mine. Once Jasmine breaks the kiss she give me a sexy smile before speaking.

“ So baby how are you feeling my love?” She asks as I feel my body build up to climax

“ Getting close.....” I say with a moan as Jasmine smiles

“ You want to cum for us baby?” She asks as I nod looking in her eyes

“ Yes....oh god....Jasmine....Diamond let me cum.” I answer with a moan

“ Cum baby, cum is her mouth. Give us some of your sweet cum.” Jasmine tells me pressing her breast against me

I feel my body react as my back arches with head tilting back. I clinch the sheets as I feel my cum erupt into my lovers mouth. Rope after rope hits her throat and mouth. Once my balls are empty and I am back to laying down I look to see Diamond ease her mouth off my manhood. I watch as Jasmine goes quickly to open kiss Diamond. It’s erotic as they both embrace each other into a deep loving kiss as they swap my cum. Once done they do as all the other times showing me the white liquid before swallowing. Jasmine smiles taking my dick in hand to only lean down to get me hard again.

“ Jasmine what are.” I try to say until Diamond places her lips on mine

She takes Jasmine’s place except on my left with her D cup breast pressed against my upper body. After a kiss that lingered Diamond broke it just to smile looking in my eyes. Jasmine is working my cock back to strength as Diamond moves to my left ear to only nibble making me start to moan. I feel Diamond caress my chest as her teeth gently scrap my ear. Jasmine has her free hand massaging my balls. I give out a moan as Diamond lightly scratches my chest. Her affection is driving my body to go crazy. I feel Jasmine ease off taking her mouth of my dick while she still strokes it.

“ Diamond get on this beautiful, loving , hard cock.” Jasmine says as I see Diamond smile

“ No honey I want it from behind laying down. I want to eat you out as he takes me with my right leg in the air.” Diamond says turning to spoon up in front of me

Jasmine gets the hint as Diamond raises her leg placing it back on my leg. Jasmine places the head of my cock at Diamonds entrance having me thrust into Diamond making us both moan as Diamond is still tight after the past few weeks. I place my hand on her right hip as I start thrusting into her slow and long. Jasmine positions herself placing her pussy up for Diamond to play with keeping her left leg up. Jasmine has her head between both Diamond and my legs licking and sucking Diamonds clit as she also licks my shaft that is not inside Diamond. It’s a erotic moment as each of us are in the throes of one another. The room fills with moans as I kiss the back of Diamonds neck as she eats out the beautiful Latina laying on her side. I feel myself getting more into the moment as I start pounding Diamond after some sexy moaning from the two. I place my right hand around Diamond to fondle her breast. Diamond starts to meet my pace grinding her pussy against my cock.

“ FUCK ME BABY....MAKE ME PREGNANT AGAIN!” Diamond says clamping down on my dick before she continues “ OH GOD.....I’M CUMMINGGG!”

I feel her gush on my cock spraying Jasmine and the bed with her cum. We have the bed moving wildly as I thrust faster and harder into my older lover. She is meeting my thrust as she finger fucks Jasmine who is moaning loudly.

“ Diamond....I.” I start to say as Diamond turns to kiss my lips as I look down at her

“ Cum in my....womb me Heath darling.” Diamond says after breaking the kiss

I pull Diamond to me as I thrust one more time just to keep the head of my manhood at her cervix to erupt deep into her.

“ OH YES BABY....CUM IN MY PUSSYYYYY!” Diamond says as I empty into her deep

I do just that as she keeps up on Jasmine making my beautiful girlfriend squirt in her face and the bed as well. After my balls are empty a second time we just lay as we are. Catching my breath I slowly fondle Diamond’s nipples as she and Jasmine catch their own breathes. After just what seems like minutes my cock softens falling out of Diamond as she grunts. She places her legs together rolling to lay on her left side looking into my eyes. Jasmine moves to lay on top of me with her pussy lips on my wet cock. I have my right arm up around her as my left is around Diamond. I see Diamond smile brightly before she speaks.

“ Heath I love you so much as my little brother plus lover, but the way you love us is so amazing.” She tells me as I just smile

“ Same goes for you my Beautiful older sister, but it’s because you all show me so much love that I can feel love for you all.” I say as they both nod with bright sparkling eyes

We talk for a bit as Jasmine slowly grinds against me sitting up straddling me with her wet slit spread across my shaft. Jasmine looks down in my eyes.

“ Heath my love lets get some sleep as it’s been a long day.” She tells me as I look at her confused

“ Jasmine don’t you want me to make love to you?’ I ask feeling a little hurt

“ Of course I do my love, but I am tired and want you in the morning first thing.” She answers as I nod pulling her down to me as I pull Diamond closer to me as she half lays on my body

“ Ok sexy I love you Jasmine darlin.” I say seeing her smile

“ I love you as well my love.” Jasmine says cuddling up to me

Diamond gets out of my embrace to only go turn the light out. She returns pulling the sheet over us before giving Jasmine and I a kiss. We all three get comfy as I feel Jasmine reach between us putting the head of my cock at her entrance just incase I get in the mood to pleasure her before morning. As I hear them both softly breath I close my eyes with a smile as this was the best night ever besides that first Christmas with Jasmine. As I close my eyes I hear Diamond speak softly.

“ I love you both....with heart.” She says as I pull her closer to Jasmine and I

That night I sleep soundly as my dreams are of my family again. On the beach enjoying the waves. Each smiling feeling the love we each held for the other. As my dreams shifted here and there as doorways to the next. As the night went on my dreams were on Jasmine and I. She never left my side no matter what the dream was.

The days after my birthday were filled with relaxation and fun as a family we spent them on the beach. Diamond and Jasmine both made sure not to do a whole lot as to not hurt the babies that were growing inside them. As July was coming to a close both my big sisters left for home back in Myrtle Beach. We gave them each a hug then a kiss on the cheek. Although Diamond made sure to kiss Jasmine and I on the lips thanking us for a great vacation. Jasmine and I smiled telling her she was very welcome. It was always hard to see them leave, but I knew with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming they would be back to be with those they call family.

Nothing really happened during the days and weeks that led up to college starting back in full swing. Jasmine and I spent time together walking in the sand of the beach. Faye went away to do a wedding for some couple back in Missouri. She told us the bride was the daughter of a woman sheriff as the father was a deputy. The groom was the son of some family friends they had. Faye wasn’t all that enthralled to do the planning, but decided to do something to pass the time. August started like that as Jasmine, Adam, Jacman, and I prepared for our last year of college. We were amped up to get it over with. Although I was worried about Jasmine being pregnant only to know it was going to get worse for her. All the walking plus hard seats wasn’t going to be comfortable. I also thought of Diamond, Hannah , and the baby that was coming. I tried to figure out how to ask them a simple question of changing their last names. I guess in my mind I wanted them to be Thompson’s. I knew of their past as their families either looked the other way, or disowned them for their way of life. I loved Diamond and Hannah as my big sister’s as they have shown me more caring and love for me then Michelle ever did after I started private school all those years ago. So I made my mind set to find out if they would change their last names for a family who loved them. With College starting the middle of August I thought it best to wait for September to get things started by getting with a lawyer I met just a few years ago.

The first two weeks of college was uneventful except the occasional idiot trying to get with Jasmine. Jacman, Abs , and I would set them straight with a friendly game of fists to their face or gut. This made them think again especially when they learned who the babies father was. I never thought of myself as someone important. I thought of myself as a average man just trying to be there for my beautiful girlfriend and family. I was who I was because of my loving family brought the best side of me out. As September came I decided to make a call to Diamond that first Monday of the month. It was around 4 p.m. as I stepped out the back door with my phone placing a call to my sister’s who I loved. After straddling my lounge chair I dialed Diamonds number to ask her a question. After a few rings she answered with a sweet voice.

“ Hey baby brother what’s up?” Diamond says with a happy cheery tone

“ Nothing much how are you and Hannah doing? How is the baby doing?” I ask with concern in my voice

“ Were doing very good honey. The baby is doing great.” She answers as I smile before she continues “ Heath what’s up as you don’t usually call til later in the evening?”

“ True to that, well I wanted to know if you and Hannah would consider to um well.” I say trailing off trying to find the words

“ Ok my sexy brother spit it out. Whatever it is just say it jeez?” She says as I let out a sigh

“ I was wondering if you and Hannah would change your last names to mine. I know it may sound off the wall, but I just figured since you both are a part of this family that maybe.” I exclaim trailing off again
I heard mumbling letting me know she was talking to Hannah. It was just a few minutes later Diamond came back on the phone.

“ We would love to be Thompson’s. Hannah is smiling big doing a dance saying ‘ Im going to be a Thompson, I’m going to be a Thompson’. I think you just made her happy, but more so me.” Diamond says as I smiled with a chuckle but got concerned

“ What do you mean Diamond more so you?” I ask as I hear her sigh

“ Heath I have thought of when the baby is born, and want you to be on the birth certificate.” She tells me as my eyes grow wide

“ Diamond sure?” I ask feeling some confusion

“ Yes hun I am very sure. Look in all truthfulness you are the father, but I know how you feel about appearances so I would like you to be on the certificate when my...our baby is born. Baby bro it would mean so much to me.” Diamond explains as I feel some tears come to my eyes

“ I would be honored Diamond. So when could you and Hannah come up to see my lawyer?” I ask hearing more mumbling

“ How about Wednesday since were off. Hannah and I will be up tomorrow night after work.” She tells me as I grin

“ Cool I’ll call my lawyer after I get off the phone with you.” I say with a warm feeling in my heart

We talk for a bit more before she has to leave to do a tattoo. Seems I called her at work as she says her love you as I say it back. Once we hang up I look for Eric’s number and call him right then. He answers in his professional tone until I respond.

“ Heath is that you?” He asks as I chuckle

“ Yes Eric, have I caught you at a bad time?” I ask being concerned

“ No, no your good so what can I do for you today?” He asks as I let out a sigh

I explain to him my thoughts as well telling him about Diamond and Hannah plus about the baby Diamond is going to give birth to in a few months. He listens intently as I explain the family to him. He chuckles as I finish before he speaks.

“ May always wanted a family in that old house of hers, and you are making her dream become reality. When did you want to get this started?” He states to me sounding happy

“ Would Wednesday be ok since Diamond and Hannah will be up then.” I answer him with my fingers crossed

“ Hows 3:30 that afternoon sound as I know you got classes?” He asks as I grin over the phone

“ That sounds good, but we will have Jasmine with us also.” I tell him getting a chuckle

“ That’s fine Heath no problem. I think I need to meet your new family anyway as to see how close you all are. Besides the judge will want to see how you all became a family.” He tells me as I get a worried concern

“ The judge? Why does he need to see how we are as a family?” I ask as he chuckles again

“ To see how you all get along as SHE is family oriented. Judge Caring is a very compassionate person towards a family that shows unity. So relax and leave everything to me and your family. I will see you Wednesday afternoon.” He tells me before we say our good byes

I sit there looking at my phone feeling a sudden warmth fill me. It’s like Grandma May is letting me know she is here with me. I feel a smile come to my lips of her being happy of what I was trying to do. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a hand on my right shoulder. I turned my head looking up to see it was Jasmine giving me a concerned smile. I had her take a seat in front of me wrapping my arms around her upper body. After a deep passionate kiss Jasmine looked up into my eyes.

“ Baby what’s wrong you seem worried?” She asked me with deep concern

“ Nothing’s wrong darlin just the opposite.” I answer as she gives me a look of confusion

“ Oh then what is it then?” Again she asks with caring eyes

I let out a sigh filling her in on what I have be running through my head. I tell her about the idea I had of Diamond and Hannah changing their last names. I explain about all Eric exclaimed seeing a smile show on her beautiful face. Jasmine pulls me down placing her lips on mine as we kiss. She shows me love every time we kiss as she knocks another brick away from my heart. My beautiful Jasmine breaks the kiss looking again in my eyes before speaking.

“ Baby you are so amazing caring for those in this family we have. Besides being a great brother, a son to Aunt Faye, and a loving boyfriend to me. You are going to be a wonderful father to our baby.” Jasmine tells me with a smile

“ I hope so Jazzy as I don’t want my kids to grow up without a father.” I exclaim as she caresses my right cheek

“ They won’t as they will have you baby. I love you Heath my love.” My beautiful Latina angel tells me with quiet tears

“ As I love you my darlin love. So how are you feeling beautiful?” I state asking her with concern

“ Truthfully I am worn out baby all that walking between classes, and the hard chairs don’t feel comfortable.” She answers as I already knew her answer
“ I was afraid of that. Jasmine how would you feel about staying home taking classes online until a few months after you give birth?’ I ask as her eyes widen

“ You serious baby about this?” She asks getting a nod

“ Yes I am darlin as you need to be comfy at all times for you and the baby.” I reply as she looks at me with a smile

“ Thank you my love for caring so much for me, but how do we get it to where I can stay home?” She asks as I smile

“ Simple all we have to do is talk to the administration plus give them a doctors note as to your condition.” I tell her getting a nod

Jasmine and I sit there for a few more minutes before being called in for a early dinner. I stand up only to help my sexy pregnant love up. I can’t help but chuckle at how beautiful, but yet how big she is getting. Jasmine is so beautiful as she glows being pregnant with our first child. I feel that warm feeling every time I think we are going to be parents. Once inside we go into the kitchen to see our brothers already digging in at what Jack made. He made Jasmine something that will help her plus the baby. I can only smile knowing these two we call brothers were going to be great uncles as well as Fathers themselves one day when they find the right woman they will be with. As dinner goes by I explain to them both of what is going to happen. They listen intently to my words nodding ever so often. After I am done both have smiles accepting every word I said. As dinner was over Adam and I washed the dishes as jack helped Jasmine to the living room so she could get comfy. Adam and I talked of a few things nothing all that important until he asked me when was the last time I used the program he had installed after my attempted suicide. He explained it was like a encrypted diary of sorts. Adam went on telling me it was a program he used for when his depression kicked in. He told me to write in it whenever I felt down or just needed to get something off my chest. Truth be told I created a second one that I told my darkest secrets to the but the main one was a daily journal of sorts. It helped to get problems off my chest in this manner. But sometimes I did have those dark moments and writing about them I was able to erase them from my mind. I thanked him for asking but told him I hadn’t used it in a while since I was felling great. We finished drying the dishes and made our way into the living room to join the others. As we entered I noticed Jack sitting in the chair across from mine. As I stepped past the couch I noticed Jasmine laying on her right side with her eyes closed. I made my way to take a seat on the edge as to not put pressure on her belly. I caressed her face as he eyes opened.

“ You ok Jasmine?” I ask getting a nod

“ Yes baby just tired. Can you cuddle with me before bedtime and rub my belly?” She asks me as I smile giving her a nod

I get behind her as Adam and Jack chuckle to my expense. I place my hand upon her belly to start massaging it as she slowly breathes. We all watch t.v. like always talking about our day and about our sister’s Diamond and Hannah. It’s around 9 that night we hear Jasmine start to snore in a cute way. I slowly get up as to not wake her. I put my arms under her legs and back then pick her up with Adam making sure I don’t fall with her. Jasmine out of reflex places her arms around my neck mumbling she loved me. Adam follows behind to make sure we get in our room with no trouble. Once to our room Adam leaves going back down to join Jack watching t.v. and finish their conversation. I place Jasmine on her side of the bed, but I also undress her making sure she is as comfy as she can be. I keep Jasmine’s panties on her since they are not all that tight, but she asks that I take them off as they are rubbing her pussy raw. I do but then spread her legs to see why. My eyes shot wide as her labia was red. I ran to the bathroom grabbing a warm wash cloth taking it back to the bed. I gently wash her as she moans. I am very concerned about why she was so raw.

“ Jasmine why is your crotch so red?” I ask seeing tears in her eyes

“ Baby it’s the chairs in my classes. They are so uncomfortable so I try to adjust myself to find a comfortable position. I am so sorry I haven’t told you.” Jasmine says as I lay next to her reaching down to keep the warm washcloth in place

“ Is what I am doing helping any?” I ask getting a nod

“ Yes my love sorry for being a big baby.” She says turning on her side to snuggle up into me with a leg up

“ It’s ok just relax and get some sleep. I will keep washing your labia to help relieve the rawness.” I exclaim as she closes her eyes

I lay there with my head propped up watching her sleep as I keep the wash cloth between her legs. I can’t help feeling sad knowing that she is going through hell being uncomfortable. I make it clear to myself to get her set up for online classes this week so she can be home. That night I hardly got any sleep hoping I could help the woman I love with all that I am.

Tuesday was eventful as I took Jasmine with me to talk with someone about online classes until after she had the baby. The woman a Mrs. Fletcher listened intently. She was in her late 40‘s, 5‘9, 146 lbs, long blonde hair with blue hazel eyes. She was a nice woman from what a few had told Jasmine and I.After Jasmine explained Mrs. Fletcher spoke up with a smile.

“ Jasmine, Heath I understand everything as a few others have done classes online during pregnancy. It won’t be a problem to transfer to online classes. Just make sure you do the class work and turn it in as the teacher asks. You will still be able to graduate when expected too so there won’t be any worries.” She explains as Jasmine and I smile in relief

She started arranging things for Jasmine at that moment. My beautiful Jasmine had to sign a few papers before we left. After going to get Jasmine a very reliable laptop with a fast processor, lot’s of memory, a huge hard drive and fast wireless card that she would need for her classes. We made our way home around 4:30 that day to find our brothers and momma Faye home. I helped Jasmine into the house to the couch where Faye was at. I then went out to get the laptop and a few other things that my love needed. After O put everything away I sat next to Jasmine as her and Faye talked. Jasmine filled Momma Faye in on Diamond and Hannah which drew a smile from Faye. She thought my idea was a very nice one as to caring for two women I called sister’s. I got Jasmine’s new laptop in order for her online classes making it easy for her to just click on the icons that she needed. The evening went by as Faye helped Jasmine change into more comfortable clothes plus applying the ointment to her nieces crotch. They returned as a knock came to the front door. I answered it to see my beautiful sister’s standing on the other side. They both hugged me, but Diamond gave me a kiss on the lips saying she had missed me. I let them in watching both enter to the living room. After shutting the door I made my way back to see everyone hugging them. When Faye hugged Hannah they kissed like lovers only to get Jack to comment. He told them to get a room in which Faye responding with they had one for later. I just laughed as Adam smacked Jack on the back of the head. Jack responded saying no respect before he chuckled. We returned to our respective places as Jasmine sat in my lap on the couch as Diamond sat on my left. Hannah sat on Diamonds left with Faye on her left. Both of the guys sat in the chairs as we all talked about the next day. It was exciting for my sisters as they confessed they wished they were my sisters in the first place. I told them I wished the same as they showed more love then my own showed me years ago. That night before bed Hannah pulled me to the side giving me a hug that was filled with love.

“ Heath thank you for loving me as a sister. Thank you for loving my girlfriend as a sister and lover. You are the only man I trust with her. Heath if I was into men I would let you impregnate me, but I’m not in that way. Just don’t ever hurt her as I love Diamond so much.” Hannah says looking up at me with a smile of concern

“ Sis I would never hurt Diamond as I love her as a sister and lover, but I know how you feel. As for you and Faye don’t hurt her either as she is a great mother figure.” I exclaim getting a nod

“ Oh believe me hun I love Faye just as much as I do Diamond.” She tells me as Diamond and Jasmine call for me from up stairs as Faye yells for Hannah

“ Well sounds like my lover needs some tongue.” Hannah says with a sexy smile

“ Yeah well I didn’t want to hear that.” I say as she giggles

We break our hug before making our way to the ladies that waited for us. I get into the bedroom to see both Jasmine and Diamond laying partially covered with their breast showing. I grin as I strip down getting licked lips from them both before they whistle. I climb into bed getting under the sheet only to see they are both nude underneath. They snuggle up to me placing there soft legs half on me. I felt their hands on my chest as they kissed the sides of my neck before resting their heads on my shoulders. I felt so relaxed at that moment with these two beautiful women in my arms. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face letting my thoughts race to feelings these two beautiful ladies were giving me.

That next day went by with classes and nervousness. After getting home around 3 p.m. Diamond and Jasmine helped me take a quick shower before going to see Eric my lawyer. After getting dried and dressed we made our way down to the living room to see our family dressed in nice clothing. Each with a smile on their face. I asked what was going on which made Faye answer saying they were going to go along as a family. I look at each of them seeing the love they have for this family. I just nodded as we all left the house in two cars. Making our way to the lawyers Diamond kept saying she hoped everything worked out that her and Hannah could change their last names being as old as they were. I took in her words hoping this would work as well.

After arriving on time and seated in Eric’s office. I introduced everyone to Eric then him to everyone. He started in asking Diamond and Hannah for their information in which they gave. After he took everything thing down he asked a little bit of their past. Diamond started by telling him her family disowned her because of the lifestyle she chose being bisexual and being with Hannah who was a lesbian. He shook his head to that saying her family shouldn’t judge. Hannah exclaimed the same with her family towards her. He asked them if they wanted to go through with what I suggested. Both my sister’s answered saying yes that we were the closet to family they had. He smiled at that looking from them to me. He wrote a few things down before giving us a serious look before speaking.

“ Ok I am not going to beat around the bush, but this is a unique situation that will take some time. I will say the Judge might grant this with my letter of recommendation. She is a good woman, and has a few um similar situation’s that both Hannah and Diamond have except she is a full blown lesbian. Give me time to tell her my thoughts, and what I know of you Heath as she also loved May.” He tells us as I nod my head

We talk a few more minutes until he has Diamond and Hannah sign some papers. We leave giving hand shakes making our way out his door to our, Jack, and Adam’s cars. The drive home is filled with small talk as Diamond and Hannah still have hope in their hearts.

The days and weeks went by as classes, the online company, and Jasmine filled my time. Jasmine was doing well with her online classes that she didn’t miss a single one. After a month Jasmine and Diamond were getting bigger. Jasmine I had to say was well very horny. She would ride me before I left for college classes and after I got home she would take me to our room for two hours straight. our brothers would laugh as Faye would just giggle. There were few times Diamond would call while Jasmine and I made love to have phone sex with her. It was crazy for me as the nights in bed Jasmine would have me spoon behind her with my manhood between her legs against her wet slit. I thought my life couldn’t get better then this. As September passed October followed with the same activities as the month before. Except the weekends that Hannah and Diamond visiting. Hannah pulled me aside telling me Diamond was unstatible in bed. Hannah stated she has made love to her all over their house and even the bathroom at work. Hannah told me with a smile to fuck Diamond silly just to get her hormones under control. I chuckled saying she better have ear plugs. We both laughed hugging each other. So it was a weekend thing as they would come up to visit, but Jasmine and Diamond kept me busy in the bedroom which was in a very loving way. Halloween was cool as we partied as a family. Hannah and Diamond danced with their brothers as I danced with Jasmine and Faye. Faye loved me as a son in which I loved her as a mother. I noticed she would give me kisses on my chest which caught my attention. I asked her what was wrong as she never showed affection like that. Her answer was she was horny and wanted some loving. I told her just take Hannah to bed in which she turned to see Hannah looking at her lustfully. Jasmine and I watched as Faye went over grabbing her lovers hand before running towards the stairs getting chuckles and giggles. Jack and Adam sat down to start drinking their beers again around 9:30 p.m. as Diamond, Jasmine, and I danced to a slow song. It was nice to hold both of them close to me. That night we said good night to our brothers making our way to the bedroom. We walked past Faye’s room to hear her loudly moan. Diamond chuckled saying she wanted a hard orgasm tonight. I just chuckled as Jasmine said the same thing. That night both of them got what they asked for. That night was magical as we all three slept in the throes of love.

November came quickly as the months before with the middle of the month bringing some great news. I picked up the mail to find a letter from my lawyer. I opened it up to find a granted change of name for Diamond and Hannah. I smiled knowing they were officially Thompson’s. I had to think of a way to tell them as a surprise so I thought of how and chuckled of the exact way. As the days went by after that I kept the letter hidden until Thanksgiving came. It was around 6 p.m. of a long filled day with family that in the middle of the meal I stood with my glass in hand getting everyone’s attention. Once everyone looked up at me I started my speech.

“ I would like to thank all my family for being here. I love you all with all that I am. I would also like to welcome our two newest members into the family.” I say getting confused looks

“ Bro I hate to tell you the babies are not born yet.” Jack says as Adam smacks him on the back of the head

“ I think he knows that smart ass.” Adam says as we all laugh including Jack

“ Baby what do you mean two newest family members. We are all here aren’t we?” Jasmine asks as Diamond and Hannah look at me oddly

“ Your right Darlin, but.” I say reaching in my back right pocket pulling out the letter throwing it to Diamond and Hannah before continuing “ That will explain what I mean.”

I watch as Diamond takes the envelope pulling out the letter. I watch as she reads before looking at me with wide eyes and a smile. Hannah snatches the letter before looking at me with the same expression. They both get up with Hannah helping Diamond before coming over to me. They both give me big hugs confusing our family.

“ Ok what is going on as I am deeply confused?” Faye says as Hannah goes over to her

“ Baby we are now legally Thompson’s. Diamond and I are officially family.” Hannah says as everyone looks at their sisters/daughters

“ Hell yeah about fucking time the courts saw it our way.” Faye says standing giving Hannah a tight hug

Everyone hugs Diamond and Hannah plus rub Diamonds belly. That evening goes by with smiles and talk of Christmas as a family. That holiday is full of happiness as the following week Diamond and Hannah go to the nearest place to get their name changed on their drivers license and social security cards. Those last few days of November were uneventful as December was just shortly upon us all.

The first few weeks of December were lets say hair pulling as I knew both Jasmine and Diamond were close to their due dates. I would hurry home to Jasmine as to make sure she was doing alright. It was the week before Christmas that Hannah and Diamond came up to spend the next few weeks with their family. That first week went by with shopping for each one in the family. As those days go by the anniversary of my attempt also starts to come. It’s on a Sunday this year in which I hope I can stay strong again.

Saturday night goes by as I am woken up early the next morning by two screams. I raise up looking over at the bathroom doorway to see both Jasmine and Diamond squatting over puddles of water. I get over to them flying almost out of bed.

“ What’s wrong baby and Diamond?” I ask on one knee seeing tears in their eyes

“ Our water broke the babies are coming early.” Jasmine says as Diamond nods

I stand up running out of the room going to Faye’s bedroom door knocking loudly. She yells for me to wait as I hear movement. Her door opens as I see Faye standing there with sleepy eyes.

“ Heath what’s wrong honey?” She asks as I just panic

“ Their....their water broke.” I say as her eyes grow wide

“ Ok, ok Heath calm down son. Let me get Hannah up as you go down to wake up the guys. We will help get Jasmine and Diamond ready while you three warm the cars up.” Faye tells me as I go running down to wake my brothers

After getting my brothers up telling them what is happening. I tell them to warm their cars up quick. I leave them to it making my way back up to the bedroom to only see Faye and Hannah helping my girlfriend and lover getting into maternity dresses. I get some jeans and a shirt to change into real quick. I am glad their backs were to me or Faye and Hannah would of got a eye full. Once dressed I help get both pregnant ladies down the stairs after grabbing my jacket and Jasmine’s placing hers around her. Jack comes back in the house to help Diamond out to his car as Adam helps get Jasmine out to his. We decided on this long ago who would take who just in case. Once in the cars Faye and Hannah with Diamond as I am with Jasmine. Adam turns the heat up so Jasmine doesn’t get too cold. I remind him of turning his hazards on in which he does. Jack goes on ahead to tell them of another not far behind.

After arriving a few hours earlier I am holding Jasmine’s hand while Hannah is helping Diamond who is in the bed just a few feet away. Both of them are in pain, but are trying to deal with it to just feel natural childbirth. The doctor comes in every so often to check as does a nurse. The nurse is about 5‘10, 145 lbs shapely, long brown hair with brown eyes with glasses. She is African American and looks to be in her mid 20‘s. She almost looks familiar, but I shrug the thought away focusing on Jasmine. My beautiful Latina is in tears as the pain comes and goes. I wish I could do more then give my hand for her to squeeze. As the day goes by it’s around 5 p.m. that Jasmine and Diamond are starting to give birth. Diamonds doctor showed up just in time a hour before the contractions were getting closer. The room was filled with screams of pain as both are asked to push at different times. Jasmine’s doctor tells her to push one final time. Jasmine does as Diamond pushes when she was asked. It’s at that moment after 9 months of waiting that my son starts to cry after leaving his mother’s body. The doctor asks if I want to cut the cord. I look at Jasmine who is laying back to see her breathing heavy. I just nod before stepping over cutting the cord with the pair of scissors I was handed. Once cut the doctor gives our son to the nurse to take him to be cleaned off. I her Diamonds doctor ask Hannah who turns it down cutting the cord, but suggest that I have the honors. I turn to see Diamond nodding with a smile. I step over to cut the cord to see a baby in the doctors hands. Both are crying loudly as he is given to the nurse I noticed earlier.

After about 30 minutes both baby’s are breast feeding as the nurse comes over to stand between the beds.

“ My name is Kaye, I know your both feeding, but I need to ask what you chose for names?” Kaye asks as I look down at Jasmine who smiles nodding at me

I look at Kaye who smiles at me before I answer.

“ Greg Bobby Thompson.” I say watching her write my son’s name down

Jasmine and I chose our father’s names. Greg from mine the Robert from her father.

“ What about you ma’am?’ She turns to ask Diamond who looks over at me

“ Dakota Jarred Thompson.” Diamond says as I look at her with wide eyes as she continues “ Did you think I wouldn’t name him after you in some way?”

The name Dakota was given to me as my middle name by my father who loved native american history.

“ Well I didn’t really know if you wanted to.” I say as she smiles nodding to me

“ Both are beautiful names for two handsome babies.” Kaye says with a smile turning to leave

After the breast feeding is down and everyone in the family has held both babies. It’s my turn as I sit holding both Lil Greg and Dakota. Both open their eyes to me. I see one beautiful set of bright blue eyes for Greg and Dakota has heterochroma and he has a bright blue left eye from me and a soft brown eye from his mother, but they both have the same gaze curiosity. I feel my heart warm up more seeing these two bundle of joys that are in my arms. Hannah is with Diamond helping her after a long day as Faye is with Jasmine. Jack and Adam are standing over by me giving their nephews a warm smile while making baby sounds to get both of the little ones attention. I just chuckle as both Lil Greg and Dakota keep their gaze on me. I couldn’t help but smile as these two precious little boys gave a yawn. I was brought out of staring at them hearing Jasmine’s sweet tired voice.

“ Baby seems your gifts have come early.” Jasmine says getting my attention

“ Jasmine if these are the only gifts I get it will be ok with me. I couldn’t ask for anything more then a son and nephew.” I exclaim as I look at the two ladies in the beds looking over at their little guys that I held in my arms

“ Awwww that is so sweet son.” Faye says looking over at the boys and I

“ And another thing bro this day has a new meaning from what it did a few years ago.” Jack tells me as I start to think

I look up at Adam and Jack before going back staring at the two sleeping babies. My mind races to what Jack is talking about, and then it hits me. This was the day I tried to attempt to kill myself a few years ago. Jack was right, but now this day held a whole new meaning. It was the day that my son and nephew were born. I would etch this day in my mind as one of the happiest days of my life, because I have had very few the past few years. I smile big knowing this was a new start in my life as a father and uncle.


Jasmine’s POV:

As I look over at Heath the man I love holding our son and nephew I can’t help but see his bright smile. I can’t help but hope the birth of our son and nephew helps break that wall that surrounds his heart down more, but I see something that makes me smile just a bit more. ' My babies eyes brightened a little...I know that his healing is starting'. I think to myself as he rocks his two gifts from Diamond and I asleep showing he is going to be a wonderful father and uncle.

To Be Continued......Stay Tuned........

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