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I'm sitting at a bar, dressed in a way that makes it obvious I'm not here for the music. My skirt is short and tight, and I'm not wearing any panties. Or a bra for that matter. My full, pert tits are practically falling out of my revealing crimson red top. It screams for attention. And attention I'm getting, plenty of it. I can see several guys who've noticed that I'm going commando - and they like what they see. What's not to like? My pink, lush pussy is carefully trimmed to perfection, just a tiny landing strip. I casually let my legs come apart a little, giving a group of guys their money's worth. The nudge each other, awkward and nervous. They want to see more, but they're too scared to come up to me. I'm bored now, and I start to sip on my glass of merlot that I've been nursing since I got here an hour ago.

I lazily scan the room, looking for something - or, rather, someone - interesting enough to merit a second glance. And there he is, as though appearing out of nowhere: a tall, dark-haired man, probably in his late-40s. Good, I think - I like them older. He's dressed casually, just an open shirt over a pair of jeans. He has rugged features, like someone who's used to long, hard hours of gruelling work. As I look him over, I see that he's staring at me. I don't know if he can see my intentional display from where he's sitting because he's looking me straight in the eye. It's almost unsettling, and I find myself nervously taking a sip of my wine. He smirks at me, then gives me the once-over, nodding approvingly. I smile back at him, encouraging him to approach me and strike up a conversation. But instead, he motions for me to come sit at his table in the corner, and I'm unable to resist. Usually I let them come to me, but there's something about him that makes me want to find out more. I slowly stride over, carefully letting my full hips sway back and forth. He watches me, his eyes never leaving mine. For a split second, my hand trembles ever so slightly...but then I'm sitting down next to him and the moment of panic is gone.

I wait for him to say something, to introduce himself, to make idle conversation. Instead, he forcefully pushes my skirt up and slides two fingers into my pussy. I stare at him, wild-eyed, but I don't stop him. He proceeds to finger me roughly, smirking, I assume, at the fact that my pussy is already wet. A third finger finds its way into the warm, moist folds and I have to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning loudly. Then I realize that we're sitting in a dark corner in a crowded bar, and I let myself go, almost bucking up to meet his fingers with each thrust as they penetrate me again and again. He stops abruptly and leans over to whisper in my ear: "You're coming home with me you little slut." He doesn't ask, he says it in a matter-of-factly way. I simply nod and get up with him, letting him lead me out of the bar and into the parking lot. We don't talk, he just pulls me along until we reach what I assume is his pickup truck. He doesn't open the door for me, he tells me to get my ass in the truck. I do as he tells me, feeling a strange mixture of fear and excitement. I have a feeling that if I don't do what he says, he might get angry - and I haven't decided whether or not the ensuing punishment could be even better.

He doesn't say a word during the drive. I have no idea where we're going, and I don't ask. I sit perfectly still, feeling my pussy go into fitful spasms, wondering if I'm going to leave a stain on the seat. Finally, the truck comes to a halt in front of a big, beautiful house. I'm surprised - I expected a motel, or maybe a shack somewhere off the main roads. He doesn't need to tell me to follow him, I do so without being asked. He locks the truck and goes through the door, locking the dead-bolt behind me. No way out, I think in passing, but by now my curiosity is driving me crazy. I follow him up the stairs in the dark, careful not to trip and make a fool of myself. I'm a little disoriented. The light comes on in one of the rooms and I find myself standing in front of a four-poster bed. The room is decorated in neutral shades and looks expertly furnished by an interior decorator. I begin to wonder just who this guy is, but he suddenly tells me to take my clothes off - NOW. I immediately take off my top and skirt. He tells me to get on the bed, on my back, and I comply. He leaves the room and returns with two long pieces of rope and tells me to spread my legs. I do as he tells me and he proceeds to tie me spread-eagled to the posts of the bed. A little voice in my head warns me that this could get dangerous, but I'm already panting and getting too excited to care.

I wait for him to take off his clothes and fuck me, but instead he sits on a chair across from me, staring. I shiver involuntarily and my nipples harden instantly. He tells me that from now on, I will be living with him. This will be my room. I will move out of whatever place I currently live at and quit my job. My purpose will be to service his needs, whenever he wants. I will stay naked at all times and he will use me whenever and however he pleases. My eyes widen in shock. He can't be serious - or can he? As if reading my mind, he tells me that I have no say in this matter and that from now on I will do as he says. If I perform my duties to his satisfaction, he will pay me a monthly salary. If I don't, he will punish me. He pauses and continues to stare at me, his eyes roaming over my body appreciatively. Then he asks me if I understand. I nod, slowly, then tell him softly that I understand completely. He calls me a good little slut and slowly walks over to the bed. Again, his eyes travel over my entire body as he approaches the head of the bed. He reaches down and twists my left nipple violently, pulling it hard. I bite my lip, trying not to cry out. He obviously enjoys watching my reaction and grabs my right nipple with his other hand, twisting it even harder. I don't know whether to moan or cry, so I bite my lip instead, grimacing at the pain he obviously enjoys inflicting on my now sore and red nipples. He continues to twist and pull them for a few more seconds.



2009-04-28 15:03:41
hmm... needs to be longer and have more detail. this was real short and fast....didnt really do anything too sexual. 4/10


2007-11-26 19:22:05
Very sexy, please continue. Jemma.


2007-07-14 17:55:38
Everything that happend turned me on but it was too fast paced. I think it should be longer next time.


2007-02-25 23:40:59
Biggest waste of time I've ever spent. This story goes nowhere, and wasn't even sexy. I shouldn't exist.


2007-02-25 14:15:55
More natier chapters.

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