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Incredible night with mom continues...orally!!
After my mother and I had recovered from the intense fucking we had just shared, we lay together, snuggled, and kissed for an hour or so. I was still most excited to be with this new, alluring version of my mother. Just knowing how much she had prepared herself for this was had turned me on incredibly. I wanted to prove to her in some way how insanely aroused she had me, so I decided to try to go down on her. I knew I would be into a stinky mess with her well fucked cunt dripping with my own cum, but I really wanted to do something special for her and it kind of turned me on as well. She urged me not to as I kissed my way down her soft belly and over her soft shaven mound, but when I started licking and nibbling on her leaking slit, she responded by thrusting her sopping fuck hole into my face.

This was the first time I had ever eaten a woman’s cunt that was freshly filled with cum. At first, I was overcome with the taste and volume of our fluids, but as I buried my face into her and swallowed my way through the slime, I found myself moaning with excitement. Mom’s butt muscles quivered and lifted her wet nest into my face with gentle little thrusts. I rubbed my face through the mess and sucked through it until I found her sensitive button. I concentrated there as I shoved my chin into the swollen wet lips of her cunt. Mom panted loudly, moaned, and rocked herself into me, riding my face with her crotch. I inserted one, then two fingers into her dripping pussy and slowly started frigging them in and out of her.

Mom has some sizeable cunt flaps that I began nibbling on as my fingers probed into her and explored her opening from various angles. Her distended clit shone brightly out from under her cuntlips when I reached and spread her opening with my unoccupied hand. I sucked on it and moaned loudly so that the vibrations from my throat could be felt throughout her groin. Mom’s moans soon became high pitched yelps as she lay there helplessly succumbing to the feel of my fingers fucking into unexplored parts of her vagina and my sucking, vibrating mouth stimulating the most sensitive parts of her sex. Anyone listening could surely tell that the woman in the room down the hall was having a wild orgasm, but I did not need to hear her voice to know it, I could feel it all over her crotch.

The outer lips of Mom’s pussy seemed to spread themselves outward as the inner walls of her vagina began to spasm. I detected a slightly salty change in the taste of the wetness seeping from her as her cunt attempted to milk cum from my fingers. Her entire crotch grew warmer as her ass lifted off of the bed and pressed into me. I am sure that if I were to endure an orgasm as long as she did then, I would collapse from exhaustion. She came for what seemed like 25 or 30 seconds, just when I thought it was over, her hips thrust into my face again as mom gasped her way through another wave of orgasm. Mom was quite spent, and for a while she just lay there. After a few minutes, she lifted my face off of her saddle and rolled me onto my back. She then started kissing me with big sucking kisses as she cleaned our fluids from off of my face. She then took her turn going down on me.

It started off as a normal wonderful blowjob, but she began to moan loudly as if it was turning her on incredibly. I think she was getting a thrill knowing that the folks in the adjoining rooms were listening and hearing our love session. Mom was on all fours, kneeling on the bed between my legs, her loud moans trembled through my stiff shaft and shook my balls and vibrated my spine. When I would moan she would moan louder until we were both getting very vocal again. She then did something incredible, she was gently holding down my nuts with her thumb as she slid her middle finger up my ass! Her middle finger of her left hand pressed into my ass until she lodged it up against my prostate. As she did this, her other hand began rubbing her wet cunt and sensitive clit.

She was moaning as she frigged herself with the fingers of one hand, while the fingers of her other hand expertly held my nuts down and prodded into my prostate, all the while she was bobbing her pretty face up and down on my cock and moaning like mad. Mom’s head bounced steadily and slowly up and down, damn what an expert she is! She kept her lips snugly hugging my shaft as she went from the head all the way down to the base, never slowing down even when my soft cockhead was bent forcibly into her throat. Mom had eased her body onto her side to make it easier for her hands to reach their targets. Her upper leg was bent and spread widely and I could see her other hand furiously frigging at the mouth of her cunt while her other hand dissapeared beneath her face and firmly massaged a digit into my internal sex organ.

I could feel pressure building in my groin, and my whole body began convulsing around her probing finger, I could feel my prostate grow and pulse against her intruding digit as I yelled, “UUGGHHH!!” Powerful contractions in my groin began ejecting string after string of jism into mom’s mouth. She fell silent as her throat busied itself with swallowing my cum. I could tell that her masturbating hand and the feel of my orgasm had set her off as well. She breathed rapidly and deeply through my sperm that was spilling into her throat.

For those precious moments, we were locked in vicious cycle, for me, just seeing her hips rocking into her masturbating hand and hearing and feeling her labored breathing and knowing she was coming coaxed another shot from my aching balls. She in turn, felt my prostate throb each time I shot more come into her and with each spurt she tasted more proof of my excitement and this encouraged her to ride yet another wave of orgasm. It was the longest cumshot I have ever experienced. It felt like she was pressing a hard fleshy button inside me with her finger that caused me to automatically shoot more and more spunk. And mom seemed to revel in it as her nose and face pressed hard into my pubic hair with my entire length reaching far into her throat where my seed was being unloaded.

I wish that I could have a recording of the sounds we made that night, I could just imagine the other motel guests wanking off in their rooms as they listened to our blissful encounter.

I was holding mom’s head in my hands and as our orgasm subsided, she looked up at me as she attempted to catch her breath. My hands had messed up her nice new hair-do, cum was dripping from one corner of her wet lips, her sagging tits gently swung near my spent balls, her bright red lipstick had smeared around her mouth, and tears filled her eyes and had made her make up run down her cheeks because of the gagging she endured on my behalf. I have never seen a more beautiful sight.


2008-05-11 00:16:28
I loved this story. Insest is especially good with mom. Sister fucking is good too, but not the quality of fucking your mom. Write more mother/son stories and mabe even son/grandmother or mother-in-law stories.


2006-04-04 15:27:55
Terrific story. Lots of hot sex. I loved it, says the Dick Slapper. 10/10


2006-04-03 19:49:28
Cum juice everywhere; pussy eating; cock sucking; it had everything. Wow! 9/10

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