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how i meet my toy and the first time with her
this is my first story so please take that in mind.

It was a typical saturday night and i was sitting in the local bar watching the local girls try to strip tease . That is when it went from normal to kinda nice, This short woman came in and sat down besides me and started to talk. She said her name was Pam and was out looking for a good time.
Not one to turn down a sure thing I decided to see how far I could get with ehr. To start things off she was not all that great looking with maybe a small B cup tits and a so-so face. About an hour later she invites me back to herplace, so i follow her in my car out in the country to a small run down house.

Once inside she wastes no time and had me naked and on her knees. Her skills needed alot of improvement but it was ok for a drunk blowjob. Ten minutes later she leads me into her bedroom and we did the deed. That is when i really felt cheated. She had no skill when it came to fucking all she did was just lay there and would not talk or anything. Neddlessly to say it was gonna be a one night stand. When it was all over with i just turned over and we went to sleep.

The next morning while she was fixing breakfast a heavenly sight came down stairs to the kitchen. A beauty with long dark hair and a nice set of tits. I thought to myself why couldn't I gotten in bed with that one, Pam introduces me to her daughter Sherrie and vice verses. Sherrie takes a seat next to em at the kitchen table and her night shirt rides up her tan thighs showing off a set of legs I only dream of. Over breakfast I find out that Sherrie is only 13 but she could of past for 17 or 18 real easily, and that her dad left her mom and her when she was 5.

As i stared at this young beauty it dawned on me that Pam was just looking for a dad for her daughter. With that in mind i decied to milk it for all its worth. Over the next couple days i came by more and more to see Pam and to get Sherrie used to me being there. I also learnt that Pam worked nights alot and that Sherrie had to go and stay with her grandma which she hated.
One afternoon after I fucked Pam (to what she thought was a great fuck) I told her that since i was staying here som much why not let me watch her little girl tonight. All at once her eyes lite up and asked me if I was thinking of moving in with her snd Sherrie. When I said I was she practical broke down and cried.

That night was when I started to get Sherrie to let down her gaurd and let me into her pants.
Around 7 p.m. that night I set the plan into motion. "Sherrie it is time for your shower better go and get it doeme if you want me to order some pizza for you"

Sherrie "I'll be done with it if a few get some mushrooms on the pizza please uncle Gene"

"I will babydoll" yelling up to her as I called the local pizza place along with the pizza i told them to send a 6 pack of miller lite.Twenty minutes later the little nymph bounds down the stairs to the front room just in her night shirt and socks.

"Ain't you cold wearing just that?" i ask her staring at her tits threw the wet material. Her nipples were causing my cock to start to get hard.

"Don't you like it" smiling impishly as she slowly turns around for me. When she is back facing me, I swat her ass palyfullly adn call her a little cock tease which gets her to blush and a fit of the giggles.

When the pizza arrive i tell her to stay out of site and get some dishes ready. As i walk into the kitchen with the food and beer i am greated to a lovely site, Sherrie is bent over getting some plates out of the dishwasher showing the world her blue thongs. Instead of saying anythign I could only stand and watch her.

"Young lady does your mom know you have those thongs?" I ask her when she stands up and turns around to face the table.

With a deep red face and looking down she replies" No, please dont tell her. My mom still thinks I am a baby and wont let me have anything sexy."

Sitting down at the table I pull Sherrie onto my lap before she has a chance to sit anywhereelse. "So you like to dress sexy?" I ask her as she squirms on my lap then I ask "whats wrong Sherrie you allways sit on my lap before why not now."

"Cause it is just you and me here. And I am a little nervouse since you saw my thongs"

As we ate the pizza she asked if she could try a sip of my beer and when I gave her a whole one her eyes lite up like it was christams. "Your so cool Uncle Gene my mom would never let me have a beer"

"Just make sure she dont ever find out and you can have some everytime we order pizza." I told her with a wink and a smile. During the dinner i got her shifted so her cute tight ass was on my crotch. Kept on telling her how big she was and how much more mature she was then girls older then her. My hand slipped down to her thigh as I told her the line of bullshit knowing full well that she was in desprate need of any type of affection.

After dinner and the dishes rinsed off we went to the living room to watch some tv. "Sherrie would you mind it if you laided down next to me on the couch I missed so much me and your mom cuddling, it would be nice if you would do this one little thing for me" telling her as i patted the couch infront of me.

With a little reluctance she laid down in front of me and then I turned it to a soft porn channel.
As I was hoping she got all embaressed and asked for me to change. It took a bit to get her to accept the channel but after she did her eyes were glued to the screen. When I saw that I put my plan into action. Pulling her closer to me with her ass against my crotch and my hand rubbing her belly. "You like what you see on the tv Sherrie"

"Uhh-uhh" she replied and started to wiggle her ass onto my crotch.

"Have you done anything like that before babydoll." my hand now pulling her night shirt up so I could go up and feel those tits I been lusting after for over for 2 weeks. AShe started to purr like a little kitten and her nipples got rock hard.

"All I done was to kiss a boy at school." To my surprise she hiked up her shirt to show off those tits. Withe her tits freed I really started to play with them. Pulling and twisting them genetly.

"Thats a good girl Sherrie letting me see and play with your titties. Lets just take off that nasty shirt all the way off babydoll." With that i had her sit up and remover her shirt. Seeing her her shirt over her head and temperory blinding her I leaned in and starts to suckel on her nipples.
Sucking and gentley bitting them. the whole time telling her she was a mature young lady for letting me do this. With one nipple in my mouth my hand slid down her front to her thong covered slit. She was allready getting wet and moaning.

Standing up and looking down at her I noticed she was looking up at me with the cutest puppy dog eyes. "Now Sherry I know you want me to marry your mom and be your dad but I need you to do something for me. I know you know what a blowjob is and I want to see if you can suck cock better then your mom." She started to say something theat is when I told her to decide tright now if she wanted me to stay there or for her mom to find a new man.

Takeing her hand i guided it to my zipper and told her to get to work. Zipping down my pants very slow she finially got it so my cock could come out. Fishing into my pants she freed my cock and just stared at it. Chuckling to myself i told her to stroke it and kiss it all over. At first she did it slowly and with alot of coaxing, but after acouple minutes of geting praised for her work she was doing it better then her mom. "no take it into your mouth Sherrie, show me you are a better cock sucker then your mom." I told her.

There are some girls that know how to suck a cock like a pro for the first time and let me tell you Sherrie is one of them. Her head was bobbing up and down while her tounge swirling all around my cock.It took all I had not to grab her by the head and troat fuck my new found toy. Petting her hair and telling her she was great did wonders for her skill.

Right before i was about to bust a nut into her mouth i told her it was time for bed. As usual hse gripped about it. That is when i told her to stand up and then i picked her up and carried her to her room. "Now take off those thongs babydoll" I told her. to my surprise she did not complain or anything she just did. Her pussy had just the traces of hair right above it just the way I love it.
"Your gonna be a good girl for me now?"while I was groping her ass and kissing her face. All she did was nod and moan. Turning her around I forced her to bend over her bed. "this is how you should be for me whenever your mom works ok Sherrie."

Turning to face me she nodds and smiles at me. Walking up behind her I start to rub my cock all over her slit. Her body tenses up and shivers at the first touch of a cock. "Here it comes Sherrie, be ready cause it will hurt , be a big girl and down scream or cry too much." Doing my best i force my cock all the way in her. Ramming in and out of her sweet little pussy, feeling her cherry coating my cock as I use her. The whole time she is crying and screaming it hurts too much and i am hurting her. Laying onto of her Iwhisper into her ears how sweet she is and how much I want her to be m,y girlfiriend. Twenty or so minutes later i tell her I am about to cumm and if she dont want to risk haveing a baby to let me cumm in her mouth.

Pulling off her she turns and kneels and that is when I ram my cock down her mouth and throat.
"ohh yesss" I scream as i empty my balls into her mouth. When I am rested up a little bit I pull her to her feet and take her to the bathroom and help her take another shower and clean up. Carring her back to her room I lay her down on her bed and tuck her in "tomorrow night it want be so bad babydoll. we might even do it in your mom's bed" KIssing her softly on the forehead i walk out of her room and turn off the light and goes to ebd waiting for her ugly mom to come home'

P.S. please let me know what you think since this is my first story and if i should tell what happens to sherrie next

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2009-02-07 18:41:20
make her mom watch while u fuck her. use them both at the same time.


2007-07-05 08:53:26
Not a bad story line but you are Crap at writing. Learn about gramar and how to use a spell checker and things could improve. 4/10 for effort.


2006-09-28 02:02:53
Good story but not excellent, to be that it needs more deion


2006-08-18 19:39:43
Kewl storyline, I know that sort of hing happens. It would be a lot sexier if you got some student to proofread it first. Might give the student some ideas too.


2006-04-07 18:22:31
this story needs a lot of work if the author hopes to get a 10 rating. Sloppy writing, lousy spelling can ruin a potentially good story line. Keep on trying.

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