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My Senior spring break
My name is Nikki. and this is the story of my spring break, my senior year in High School. I talked my parents into letting me go out of town for the week. The question now was where? My best friend Jen had agreed to go with me, where ever we picked to go. For whatever reason it seemed like alot of our friends were not going anywhere for spring break,which left us on our own, which was fine with both of us. Both Jen and I are on the school swim team, and have pretty similar builds. I am 5'4", Jen is 5'5", both of us maybe 100lbs. we both have pretty toned bodies, I am a little curvier than Jen, with a C cup and Jen having a large B cup. I have dark hair past my shoulders and Jen is a natural blond with a short bob hair cut. We had decided that since we both are on the swim team, and have the bodies to show for it, we should go somewhere with a good beach. Then it hit me, my older brother Alex. He lived in Florida, and had always said any time I wanted to visit, that all I had to do was call. My brother was ten years older than me, and had moved to Florida about eight years ago, and I hadnt seen him in about seven. So I called him and asked if it would be okay,for me and my friend to come for the week. He sounded excited about it, and agreed that it would be okay for me and Jen to come out. He said, he only had one spare room, would that be alright for the both of us? I told him that would be alright, that Jen and I could share the bed. So off to Florida we went.

When we got off the plane, I was so excited to see Alex, I couldnt wait to start my spring break.
Then I spotted him, wearing a typical Florida attire, Shorts, a tank top and sandals. Maybe it was the excitment of beaing away from home, maybe it had just been along itme sinve I had seen Alex, but he looked great, even Jen whispered under her breath "your brother is hot". And I had to agree with her, Alex is a little over 6' tall, tanned, and the tank top showed off his well defined arms and chest, and even thou his shorts were baggy, I could tell he had pretty firm legs. Alex greeted me with a large hug hello and lifted me off the ground, and gave me a small peck on the cheek. I introduced him the Jen, who kinda shokced him by giving him a big hug, then laughed and said,"just treat me as your other younger sister" Alex agreed and off we went. on the drive back to Alex's house, he told us that he had taken the week off of work, so that if we needed to go anywhere, or needed anything he could help out. He also promised not to get in our way of a good time, unless he thought we needed him to.

We got to my brother house,which was a nice little two bedroom two bath and settled in. Jen and I decided that our first day, we would just go to the beach, and Alex agreed to drive us there.
Jen had already put her little two piece suit on, and went out to to living room to wait for me to get ready. I was a little concerned about wearing such a revealing suit with my brother around, but decided, I'm on spring break,just go for it. I pulled a baggy T shirt over me, for the ride,and when I walked into the living room, there was Jen sitting on the couch talking to Alex, in just her bikkini. i felt a twinge of jealousy, because he seemd to be really into their conversation. I blurrted out that I was ready, and off we went.

When we got to the beach, Jen and I picked out and place to layout, and Alex said he would give us some room, and walked a little ways away from us, he said that he didnt want us to feel like big brother was keeping tabs on them. As we got settled in, I looked over tp where Alex was sitting, he had taken off his shirt,and I could cleary see his six pack abs, I must have been staring for more than I thought, because Alex waved to me, and asked if every thing was okay. i said yes,and went back to checking out the scene. After about an hour of checking out the beach,and the guys, Jen leaned over and asked"so what do you think", I told her I'm geeting pretty hot and dont want to get burned on our first day. She agreed, and said, anyway your brother is the Hottest guy out hear, and I dont want him to catch me looking at him again. Again I thought, what do you mean I asked? Look Nikki, said Jen, your brother is Hot, and we are on spring break, if we cant find me a guy hotter than him, I'll just have to take him. I told her to stop screwing around, and she said,look at him, why wouldnt I want that, besides, I think he was checking me out in the house before we left, when I was wearing just my bikkini. She said, dont worry, I'll tell you all about it, if you want! Stop it I told her. Than I heard Jen say, what the hell? And I looked over at my brothers area, and there were a couple of girls talking to him. Both were tall ,leggy and blonde. They talked for a bit, and then they waived bye. It wasnt long, before another woman came up to Alex and started talking to him, but she left after just a couple minutes. I then leaned over to Jen, and said, let go. I walked over to Alex and he must not have been paying attention, casue he didnt see me walk up on him. When I called his name he was a little startled. Sorry sis, I didnt recognise you, you sure have turned into a pretty woman since I saw you last. I felt flush, even in the hot sun. I told Alex, that Jen and I were ready to go, so we picked up our things and left.

As we walked back into the house, Alex said if you give me a second, one of you can use my shower, so you both can get ready at the same time, instead of taking turns in the shower. Jen and I walked back to our room and gathered our shower stuff, and took of our sand covered suits. We both remarked about our tan lines and then Jen sais, she wished she had larger tits, like mine. I told her thanks, but that I thought her looked very good. She giggled and pushed them together, joking, you mean these. We both laughed. I put on my robe, and told her I would use Alex's shower, and gathered my stuff to leave. I walked towards Alex's room and the door was open, so I assumed that whatever he was doing, he was done, and had left the shower to me. I soon realised I was wrong. I opend the bathroom door, as Alex was walking out of the shower.I couldnt believe it,there was my brother stark naked. we both kinda froze, stunned not knowing what to do. One thing I did notice, was his dick, holy shit was it big. It was hanging almost half way down his thigh, and it was a thick as my wrist. I didnt know what to do, so I screamed out sorry, and ran out of there. When I got back to the room, Jen was still in there, and asked what was I doing. I told what had happend and she started laughing. I told her to stop that it wasnt funny, then she asked what Alex looked like, and I told her again that this isnt funny. She told me to lighten up,it is a little funny, and than I told about Alex's dick. She had a sligh look on her face, and said she knew she should have used the other shower, what do you mean i asked. Jen told me she would have dropped the robe, and used that tool for what it was made for, we both laughed and then I heard Alex call my name. When I walked out, he was dressed, and said the shower was open and I could use it now, like nothing had happened. But I couldnt pretend that nothing had happened, I found myself rubbing my shaved pussy while in the shower. I knew it was my brother I was thinking about, but i couldnt get the thought of his cock out of my mind. First one finger, than two. I rubbed my pussy fast and furiuos until i came, making my knees buckle.

After I came out of the shower, Alex and Jen were sitting in the living room talking, so i sat down next to Jen to join them. Alex asked what we were going to do tonight, ans we both agreed we would stay at his place if that was alright with him. Alex said that was fine, and agreed to make us dinner. Dinner was great, and we talked Alex into letting us drink since we were on spring break. After a couple bottles of wine, we were all felling pretty good. And than Jen dropped the bomb. So Alex, when do I get to see this beast, Nikki tells me you are hiding in your pants. I almost choked on my drink, and I think Alex spit his out, we were both suprised by the question. Alex tried to laugh it off, by saying that accidents happen, but Jen wouldnt let it go. If Nikki got to see it, why cant I? Than Alex said, well I didnt get to see Nikki naked, but you dont see me asking to get even. Jen then said, well I've already seen Nikki naked, it seems only right that I get to see her brother naked. Alex looked confused, than I remined him that, Jen and I are on the swim, team and change in front of each other all the time. Maybe it was the wine talking,or maybe the images of his cock still haunted me, but then I said something I still cant believe. Well, if you did get to see me naked, would you show Jen your dick? Alex looked stunned,and Jen got a wicked smile on her face. Jen jumped over to sit next to Alex, and said to him, She has a great body Alex, you should really see what her tits look like. And Jen started to rub her hand down his thigh. Beofre Alex could mount a protest, I stood up and started to take off the robe I was wearing after my shower. Alex's mouth dropped open as he set down his drink, I could feel his eyes all over me,and I felt warm all over. Next thing I know, Jen is standing next to me, and telling Alex to check out my tits, as she reached from behind me and pushed them together. Tah her hands ran down my stomach and started to caress my ass, she turned me around to face her and then told Alex to look at my tight ass. With that she lightly smacked my ass and then she kissed me deeply.I wasnt expecting either and let out a little squeal.

I looked over at Alex, and could see the confusion in his eyes. I mouthed the word please to him, and then he said, what the hell, it's sping break.He stood up and took of his shirt, and then started on his shorts. He let the shorts fall to the floor, and was there in just his boxers, I swear I could see his cock hanging out the bottom of the leg. Jen was right next to Alex on her knees when he put his thumbs in the waist band to pull his boxers down. And there is was again, Oh dear god,I heard Jen in a husky voice. Before anything was said, Jen had already grabbed his dick with both hands, and there was still plenty of it sticking out. she started stroking it, and I could see it starting to get hard. A few more strokes, and then she tried sucking it, she couldnt put a hand all the way around its thickness, but she wanted to try and get it in her mouth. I was left standing there with one hand on my tits and another buried in my pussy, and then Alex reaahced out a hand for me. I grabbed his hand, and he pulled me close, and we kissed. Not a brohter, sister type of kiss, but a deep passionate kiss. He had one hand wrapped around me holding me close to him, and the other was working it was down to my dripping wet pussy. I looked down as he slid one finger into me, and rubbed his thumb on my clit. It was then I noticed Jen had managed to get the head of Alex's cock into her mouth and was still jacking him with both hands at the same time. I reached down and started to caress Jen's head, I slowly slid down behind her and started to remove her shirt. I started to lift the shirt over her head, so she had to let go of Alex's dick. and it flopped out and up. It was now hard as steel and standing straight up in the air. I removed Jen's shirt and threw it to the side, and then told Alex to lay down on the couch, Alex did as I asked, and i just wet my lips for what was coming. I grabbed his cock, which was laying flat on his stomach, the tip was past his belly button. I could not believe the size, it seemed to have a heart beat of its own. I couldnt believe I was going to fuck my brother, and thats what I had to do now, I needed to feel what that cock could do. I slowly licked the lenght of his cock, all the way down to his balls. His ball were so big and full, I couldnt hold both in one hand. I licked and sucked both of them, and than back up the side of his dick again. while I was getting my brothers cock and balls wet, I could feel myself getting wetter, than I realized that Jen was behind me and had two fingers buried into my pussy. I was still working Alex's dick, when I heard him mona my name. I knew the time had come, I crawled up on top of him and aimed his massive tools at my shaved little slot. Alex helped by grabbing his cock and rubbing the tip all over my entrance, I was plenty wet, and plenty ready. I stared to lower myself onto his cock, and could feel my little pussy start to open. I pushed down and could feel the head enter me, and small orgasim hit me and made me even wetter. Alex looked at me lovingly and said, take your time we have all night. I could feel Jen rubbing her hands on my breasts my body was full of sensations. I treid to push more of his cock into me and felt a twinge of pain, I stopped and tried again. Again the pain of being so full stopped me, I just sat there letting my little pussy adjust to my brother Huge dick. I started to roll my hips a little, and than it hit me, a gaint orgasim that buckeld my legs, I felt more of Alex's cock slide into me and so full. I looked down, and realized that he didnt even have half of his cock in me. Alex must have sensed my need to get it all in, because he picked me up and layed me on my back. With my legs up and over his shoulders he started to move in and out of me. Small strokes at first, letting my pussy get very wet and start to except his size. Alex leaned forward and kissed me hard and then wispered in my ear, you feel so good Nikki. With that I reached back and grabbed his ass and pulled him as hard as I could. He let out a moan of pleasure, and i let out a moan of pain, but I had done it. I could feel him all the way in me. Alex asked if I was okay, and I asked him not to move for a second, just let me get use to it. It felt like he was all the way into my stomach, but I could feel our bodies together,and his balls hanging down heavy against my ass cheeks. I let him know I was ready for more by starting to contract my pussy muslces, he got a smile on his face and lifted off me & started to move in and out of me. Jen, not to be left out gave me a quick kiss, and then sat on my face. Here I was with my brother fucking me, and my best friend wanting me to eat her pussy. So i started to lick her pussy for all I was worth, it was the first time I had tasted a girls pussy, but I knew how I licked mine likced, so I tried do to the same to her. My body was alive with sensations I could not describe, with all that was happening. I felt Jen's legs start to tremble as I brought her to her first orgasim. My face was covered in her juices, and she screamed out in pleasure. Then she said she couldnt wait any longeand that Alex had to feed that cock into her. Alex asked if that was okay with me, and I told him it was only fair if she got a turn.

Jen was still sitting opn my face, she just leaned foward over the edge of the couch, offering her ass to my brother. I felt him remove his cock from me, leaving a void that I would soon need to refill.He crwaled over me to line up his tool with Jen's pussy. I reached from underneath the help him out. We both had a hand on his cock as he lined up the tip, with Jen's entrance. I used my other hand to spread her lips apart for him. He started to push into her, and she let out a scream. Oh my god he is thick she yelled, I switched from her lips and started to rub her clit. I could see the juices flowing from her, as her pussy was trying to accept Alex's dick. I used my other hand to tickle Alex's balls, this made him pick up his pace, with both of his hands on Jen's hip he started to thrust into her, He wasnt a gentle with her as he was with me, but Jen did not seem to mind. I could hear Jen screaming,"oh god, give me all of you big dick". With that Alex pulled alost all the way out and pushed all the way back into Jen. Who accepted it with a deep groan."oh shit my pussy" screamed Jen. "I've got all your cock in me, now really use that big thing" she stammered. And then Alex really went to work on her. Long strokes, short strokes, deep, hard, he was giving her all she could handle.I started licking her pussy and Alex's balls on the deep strokes and this sent Jen into overdrive."Oh Nikki, I'm going to cum on your brothers big dick, please dont stop licking my pussy, I'm so close" And with that she clenched up, her whole body went stiff and then her pussy started squirt."Oh,dont pull your cock out yet" she screamed as her hips started to buck. More juice came out of her pussy as she flooded my face. She calmed down, and Alex slowly pulled his cock from my friends sopping pussy. It seemed to come out for ever, until it was finally all the way out, with a pop. Jen's pussy was still dripping while she slid off me.

Alex looked in my eye's and asked if I was ready for more. I told him to bring in, because I needed more of his dick. He slid in a little easier this time, but I still felt stuffed my his size."Nikki your pussy is so tight" he groaned. I had never felt so good in my whole life, as my own brother worked his cock in and out of me.'Alex , dont stop, your big cock is going to make me come again" "Sis, you pussy feels so good, I could do this for ever" Jen had recovered and started to kiss me, and this sent my body into overload."All of your cock Alex I need it all in me now" Alex obeyed and shoved all of his oversized cock deep into me. I stared to cum, and buck and shake like nothing i have ever felt before. Alex held on for the ride, unitl i calmed down. Once I had relaxed both Jen and I realized that Alex had not cum yet. Poor guy, said Jen, all that cock, and still hasnt got to shoot his load yet."Maybe you could both help with that he said" As he walked to the bedroom, his dick showing the way. When we got to the room he laid us both down side by side on the edge of the bed. Our legs hanging over the edge as he started to take turns in and out of both of us. A couple strokes in Jen than a couple strokes in me.Jen and I were fingering eachothers pussies hard and fast. While Alex took long deep strokes into both of us. Alex had his cock buried in Jen when she pulled both of her legs behind her head,giving Alex more penatration than ever. "I think Jen is trying to make me cum Nikki" Alex groaned."I better get some more before that happens" Alex pulled his long cock from my friend and looked deep into my eyes."I need you to take me home Nikki, please help me finish""Oh Alex, I need your fat cock again before you cum,all the way,dont play around,give me all of it" I screamed. And boy did he, with a powerfull push, he threw all he had into me, sending me over the edge again. I knew he was close as he started pumping fast and not pulling all the way out.""Nikki, your going to make me cum, I cant hold back any longer, your going to make me cum so hard!""Show me Alex, show me how much cum you have for me.Show me what we did to you" With that Alex pulled his hard cock from my pussy, and started to stroke it.Still wet with mine and and Jen's juices hand slid quickly over his cock, now as hard as ever, right on the edge of no return.I reached down to feel his balls, and as I did, I felt them contract, and then it started. The first shot was powerfull, as his cum splattered across my tits, but the second went even farther, hitting me right on the face. Another one shot out, and this one Jen caught on her face. But he didnt stop,Alex kept stroking and his cum kept flowing, Eight,Nine,Ten shots, all just as powerfull as the first."Oh Nikki, you and Jen are driving me crazy" As he kept stroking his long beatiful cock. By now Jen and I were covered in my brothers thick cum, as we started to lick it off eachother. Alex collapsed next to me one the bed, all us us covered in sweat. "jees, sis if I knew your vacations were like this, I would have asked you to come out before""I know brother, and think, this is just the first day of our spring break!"

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damn now my pussy wet and no one is here to help with it, ain't that about a bitch. Loved the story!


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When I masturbated to this, my cum got all over the computer screen! it went almost 2 feet! great story! WOuld make for a great movie.

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