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Best Friends Forever
"Dad?" Steve heard his young 15 year old daughter call out to him from upstairs.
"Down here sweety." he said, looking at the stairs. Jessica ran down them, her long brown hair flowing behind her. Her nice 34c breasts bounced up and down, as she came to a complete stop, "Is it ok if Janet sleeps over tonight?" She asked, looking into his eyes.
"Well I don't know sweety, your mom and I are going out tonight. And your brother and sister are both going out," he said, standing up, looking down to her.
"Pretty please daddy! With sugar on top?" she asked, giving him the puppy dog face. Her gorgeous brown eyes glazed with love and care. Obviously she wanted this. He could never say no to this look. He always felt so guilty.
"Well, I guess...but you have to be careful, and don't let any strangers in the house. And stay out of our room!"
Jessica looks into her father’s eyes so innocently, "No problem Daddy, I'm a good girl, I know all of the rules," Jessica said to her father smiling and skips back up to her room, her round 34c breasts bouncing up and down yet again.
Her father noticed this, and he smiled to himself, and thought, “They grow up so fast…” he headed into the kitchen, and grabbed a coke from the fridge.
Jessica walked into her room once she reached the top of the stairs. She closed and locked her door, and then sat on her bed. Jessica was wearing a gray t-shirt with a pink heart on the front, and blue jeans that showed off her amazing ass. Jessica has dated many guys in her days, and always left them with their heads spinning. Jess picked up the phone, where her friend Janet was waiting, “Yeah Janet, he said yes!”
“Awesome! Want me to bring anything?” Jessica’s best friend Janet asked on the other line. The two of them have been friends since kindergarten, so Janet’s and Jessica’s families were good friends by now.
“Mmm, anything you want really. I don’t care,” Jess responded, now lying on her bed.
“Well, how about my sleeping bag?” Janet asked, looking through her closet.
“Naw, we can just share a bed. It’s easier, and then we can stay up all night and talk easier.” Jess smiled to herself.
“Well, ok. But should I bring any movies, or anything else?” Janet asked yet again, hoping she could bring something at least.
“No, Janet, it’s ok.” She smiled, and closed her eyes, “When can you come over?”
“Um, I can walk over after my shower, so in about 40 minutes or so, ok?” Jessica started to picture her friend in the shower. Her naked body under streams of water. Her body covered in soap. The steamy air swimming around her.
“Hello, Jessica? Are you there?”
“Oh yeah, sure. Um, ok, see ya then.” Jess hung up.
Unknown to her family and friends, Jessica was really bi-sexual. Jess noticed this when she was 13, and she started to see her friends in bikinis. This new feeling inside her, as just changed her views on life in so many ways. Now, Jessica would give anything to see one of her friends naked.
“Jessica! Shannon!” Jess heard her dad call from downstairs. She left her room, and walked down the stairs. Soon, she was followed by her younger sister Shannon, who was 13 years old. Once they reached the living room, they both looked at each other. For some reason, Jess couldn’t stop staring at her sister’s small and perky breasts.
“Jessica?” her sister asked, seeing that she was spacing out. Jess shook out of it, and looked into her sister’s blue eyes.
“Sorry, come on, let’s go see what dad wants.” Shannon led the way, her long wavy brown hair flowing behind her. They both ran down stairs into the basement, their round tits bouncing up and down, neither wearing a bra. On the way down, Jess noticed how great of an ass Shannon was starting to get. In a couple years, she would be a fox. They got into the basement, and saw their dad sitting in the computer chair.
"Yes Daddy?" Both girls asked in unison before giggling that they did that. Steve, their father turned around in the chair, "Listen girls, our business trip has been extended for a total of 1 week. I know that Janet is sleeping over tonight Jessica, and I know that Shannon is sleeping over at her friend’s house for the weekend. Jake is out for the week, and he wont be back until next Friday. Can I trust you two girls to mind the house and your manners while we are gone?" he asked, looking at both of them. "Of course. Daddy everything will be spick and span when you and Mommy return from your trip." Jessica said, as both girls then jumped on their fathers lap and gave him hugs and a kiss on each cheek. Steve hoped that neither of his two lovely daughters felt his erection through his jeans as he was looking at porn when they came down, and seeing his two daughter's sets of breasts jumping while they were running down the stairs didn’t help any.
He smiled at them, “Good. I am so glad I have two daughters that I can trust completely.” He gave them both a fatherly kiss, “Now scoot! Daddy has to take care of some business before I leave with your mom.” He smiled, as they both got off his lap, and headed upstairs.
Jessica and Shannon were in the living room, when their mom was walking down the stairs, “Hey girls!” she smiled at them, as she also got in the living room. Her 42d breasts were held in under a business shirt, with a grey skirt covering her legs. She has long brown hair like her daughters, and pretty blue eyes. Hopefully, when the two of them would grow up, they would somewhat resemble this magnificent beauty.
“Hey mom,” Jess started, “Janet is sleeping over tonight.”
Sharon smiled at her, “Ok, but be careful, and don’t go sneaking in our room. Did your dad tell you we won’t be back for a week?”
“Yes,” they both said in unison, giggling again.
“Ok, good. Be careful you two,” she gave them both a kiss, then called out, “Honey, come on! We are going to be late!”
“Coming!” Steve called back from downstairs. In 5 minutes, he ran upstairs, fixing up his tie. Both of the parents said goodbye to their daughters, and were off in their Subaru Outback.
All of a sudden they both heard a car honk, "Well, Jess that’s Michelle, I'll see you when I see you," Jessica looked at her little sister.
"You stole that line from me! How dare you!" she shouted to her sister, smiling as she did so. Shannon smiled back as she gathered her stuff. Jessica gave Shannon a sisterly kiss, and she was out the door. As soon as the Ford Explorer was gone, Jessica tore off all her clothes, practically ripping them, ran upstairs, and then lay down on her bed and began fingering her young pussy. She was thinking of how hot Shannon looked in the hallway, and on the stairs, and of what Janet looked like in her shower. Two of Jessica’s fingers went flying in and out of her pussy, as she was thrusting her hips into her hand. She grabbed her own tits, rolling her nipples in-between her fingers.
She was so close to cumming, she could feel her body heating up, her body tensing, her orgasm started to rip through her...then....the door bell rang. Jessica was startled and wanted to scream out saying, "GO AWAY!!!" But she remembered Janet was sleeping over, and decided that she had better wait anyways. Tonight was going to be an interesting night, one they would remember forever.
Jessica hurried downstairs, picking up her clothes, and pulling them back on fast. Jess noticed her hand was soaked, and she licked it all off. Jess always ate her own cum and cleaned herself up with her tongue. Soon, Jess looked like she did before. She opened the door, and their stood her best friend Janet. Janet was holding a bag in her left hand. She had on a brown t-shirt, and blue jean-shorts. She smiled, and walked in, giving Jess a hug, “Hey girl!” Jess said as they hugged each other.
“Hey Jess,” She smiled, and broke the hug, closing the door. Janet took off her shoes, “Where is everyone?”
Jess smiled, “Well, Jake is out of town, and will be back in a week. Shannon is at her friend’s house for two days, and my folks are on a business trip for a week.” Jess looked at her, as Janet smiled.
“Awesome! Maybe I can stay over a couple extra nights too.” Janet put her bag down.
“What’s in the…” Jess started, but was soon cut off by her dog running into the room. The big German Sheppard ran into the room from downstairs, tackling Janet. Janet laughed as she fell to the ground, with Shadow licking her face. Janet giggled, trying to get him off, “Cut it out Shadow!” Jess helped get him off, and he sat there, as both girls began rubbing him all over.
As the girls were rubbing Shadow, he began to get turned on by this. His doggie dick began to come out from his sheath. Jess began laughing hard, and Janet didn’t know what was so funny. “What is it?” Janet asked. Jess pointed to his ‘Red Rocket’. Once Janet noticed, she too began to crack up. The two girls giggled, and patted his head once more, before Janet said, “Let’s go sit down, before he gets any ideas.”
“Yeah, I see what ya mean.” Jess said, as they both walked to the couch, and sat down. Jessica put her arm around her friend and was starting to feel horny, “Here, let’s watch a movie on Direct TV. I think Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is on.” "Ok, let’s watch that, I have had dreams about Daniel Radcliffe before.” Janet smiled as she said that, blushing a little.
“Heh, it’s ok, I have too.” Jess looked at her, then at the TV, as she ordered the movie. Soon, it began. "Want any popcorn or something to drink?" Jess asked her best friend.
"Sure." Janet replied. Janet smiled as she watched Jessica leave. Without even noticing, her right hand was running down her stomach and to the front of her jean shorts. “Shit!” she thought. What was going on? Was she about to touch herself while thinking of her best friend? She wasn’t a lesbo. She liked guys. Big strong guys. Well, she had never let one touch her sexually in any way, but she knew she liked them.
As soon as Jessica came back, her hand was back at her side. She swore to herself that she would never let anything like that happen again. Soon, the movie was over, "Well, that was fun. What next?" Janet asked Jess.
"Well, we could sneak into my parent’s bedroom and see what goes on in there. I know I promised not to, but I had my fingers crossed," Jess grinned.
“Ok,” Janet replied a little uneasy, "Lets go see what we find." Janet was at the stairs first. As she ran up the stairs, Jessica looked at her tight cheerleader ass.
"My god, what I am going to do to that thing,” Jess thought to herself. Both girls hurried into Jessica’s parent’s room, “Ok, Janet, you look in under their bed, I’ll look in their drawers.” Both girls giggled, and began their tasks. Janet bent over, and looked under the bed. Jess smiled to herself, as she stared at her ass which was sticking out. She shook out of it, and looked in their drawers.
“Nothing under here Jess,” Janet said, as she stood back up.
“Holy shit!” Jess yelled, as she was looking in her mom’s drawers.
“What is it?” Janet asked as she walked over, but then she saw. In the drawer, were at least 7 dildos. Ranging from plastic, to vibrators, and to 6-12 inches. “Oh my god!” Janet yelled out, both of the girls giggling. Janet ran to the closet, “I’ll look in here.” Janet opened the closet door, turned the light on, and began looking. There was a box inside, marked, ‘Christmas Lights’. Janet opened it up, but there were no lights. But there was at least 20 pornos. Janet gasped, and Jess walked in, seeing them also.
“Oh wow!” Jess shouted out, as she sat on the ground next to Janet. Both of them started to look through the box, “Wow, lesbians, teachers and students, gang bangs, bondage. Shit, my parents got it all!” both girls laughed. Janet pulled the box into the middle of the room.
“Wanna watch?” Janet asked, looking at jess. Jess just smiled and nodded, laying on her stomach on her parent’s bed. Janet put one in the VCR, turned the lights off, and hopped on the bed with Jessica. The movie began playing, and soon got into some good gang bang action.
“Wow, that girl can sure take those cocks.” Jess giggled, looking at Janet. Janet smiled.
“Yeah, all those cocks are getting me soaked!” Janet blushed as she said that, and looked down. Soon the movie was over. Jess took the tape out, and popped in another, this one being a lesbian one. The story was pretty lame, but it did have some great lesbo action.
Jess looked over at Janet, and smiled, “Mmm, how do you like this?”
“Eh, it’s ok. I’m not the lesbian type.” Janet responded.
Jess frowned, and then said, “But doesn’t it look fun? I mean, why wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t mind kissing a girl if I couldn’t find a guy. You know?”
Janet looked into Jessica’s eyes. She saw something she had never seen before. She started feeling weird, and then she looked at the TV screen, seeing two female adults making out. Jane looked back at Jess, and was shocked by what happened. Jess just leaned in, and pressed her lips against Janet’s. Janet’s eyes bugged out, but she soon melted into the kiss.

Never feeling this way before, she suddenly felt Jessica's arms around her waist, her hands slowly slipping up Janet’s shirt. Jess pulled it off. Janet was still a little uneasy about things. Jessica noticed this and said, "Don't worry baby, just trust me." Smiling, Janet lifted her arms up to allow Jess to take off her shirt. Janet reached under Jessica's shirt and did the same. Janet smiled noticing that Jess had no bra on. Slowly, Jess leans back into Janet, and slowly starts kissing her lips. Janet allows Jess' tongue to slip into her mouth.
In Janet's and Jessica’s mouth were each other’s tongue. Their tongues were dancing around each other. Janet was now getting into this, and slowly she reached around herself and unclasped her bra. Since Jess already had her bra off, Janet was now down and was sucking on Jessica's nipples like she was a baby sucking on her mom’s nipples to get breast milk. Jessica thought to herself, "Wow, look at her go. This is better than I thought." Janet stopped sucking and looked at Jessica, "Baby, I know that this is what you wanted to happen. If you want this to continue you had better not let me do all the work."

"Don’t worry babe, I won't.” and with that Jessica pushed Janet on her back and starting sucking her nipples. Janet started to take off her tight jeans. She slid them down and let them just rest on the bottom of her legs. Jessica did the same. Both girls now, wearing thongs, slipped them off, and let their hands roam all over each others young bodies, "I can't believe this is actually happening", Jess thought to herself, "Janet? Are you ok?"
"Janet wake up you were almost asleep. Am I boring you?"
“Oh no! You’re not! It’s just that, well, I was thinking what it would be like to have a nice cock inside my pussy…or at least a dildo."
"Don’t worry, you will," Jess replied. With that said Jess slid between Janet's legs. Jessica's tongue slid out over mouth and she started teasing Janet by licking her inner thighs, and very close to her pussy and pussy lips, but she did not touch it yet. She wanted to get Janet as hot as she could between her legs before she actually did something. She did this for about 5 minutes, before Janet took Jessica's head and yelled, "Just do it!"
And that she did. After Janet told her to, "Just do it!" it was like Jessica had something in her awaken. All of a sudden, she had her tongue deep inside of Janet. Janet on the other hand, was writhing around on the bed as if someone had been tickling her to death, "Oh God Janet!!!! Deeper! Deeper! Faster! Fuck me with your tongue! Tongue me to death!" Jessica then stopped to look at her friend.
"You’re getting into this aren't you?"
Janet laughed a little, "Yeah."
Jessica then goes back down on her friend and started tongue fucking her again. Jessica then stuck a finger inside of Janet's pussy, "OOHH FUCK! DON'T STOP!" and she didn’t. Jessica fucked Janet with her tongue and a finger for about 5 minutes before Janet came hard in Jessica’s mouth, and on her face. Jessica then came up from between her friends legs and Janet pulled her to her and started licking her own cum of Jessica’s face.

After she licked the cum off of Jessica's face, she pushed Jess on her back, and she began an assault on Jessica's pussy. She was licking her pussy and sucking on her clit and massaging it with her tongue. Finally, just like Jessica had done earlier, Janet had stuck a finger inside of her pussy, and was wiggling it around. Jess came pretty quickly because she was almost there earlier before Janet had come over. Just as Janet had cleaned her cum off of Jessica, Jessica cleaned her cum off Janet.
Jessica then smiled as she had an idea, "Hey! Why don’t we take this to the shower?"
Janet smiled back, "Ok, let’s go!" Janet got up and ran to the bathroom. Jessica was running after her, smacking Janet's ass playfully as they went. They both walked into the bathroom, “Hey, Jess, I gotta pee, can you wait outside till I’m done?”
“Oh yeah right, sit down and pee!” Jess grinned at her.
“Wait, no, you can’t watch me pee!” Janet pleaded
“Hell yeah I can!” Jess pushed Janet, and she fell on the toilet. Janet looked up at her, “Oh whatever…” she said. Jess kneeled in front of Janet. Jess grabbed her knees, and spread them open wide. Janet giggled, and then let go. Her piss started to drip out, and hit the water. Jess giggled, watching intently. Janet was blushing beet red as Jess watched her pee. Then, what Janet never would have suspected. Jess leaned in, and began lapping at her pussy, tasting her piss.
“Jess what are you…doing…oh wow…don’t stop…” Janet began moaning loudly as Jess did this. Mostly from the thought of how nasty this was. Soon enough, Janet was finished.
“Damn,” Jess said, “it was so warm and tasty.” Both girls giggled, and got up, hopping into the shower. Jess closed the door to the shower, and turned it on. The water hit their bodies. At first it was freezing cold, and they both yelped, turning their nipples hard as rocks. Janet grabbed the knob, turning it left.
Jess smiled, “Now that’s better!” Jess grabbed the soap, and began rubbing it up and down Janet’s back. Janet smiled, letting her do this. Jess began soaping up her ass cheeks, “Janet, you have an amazing ass.”
Janet giggled, “Why thank you. Yours is great too.” Janet smiled, and turned around, as Jess began to soap up her stomach and tits.
“This is nice Jess,” Janet smiled down at her. Jess then stood up, and kissed her lips. They looked into each other’s eyes, and then began embracing each other. The two of them held their lip lock, kissing each other with love and compassion. Jess massaged Janet’s tongue with her own, both of them closing their eyes. Each of them, began rubbing the other’s ass, squeezing it and rubbing it all over. Jess then moved her hand around, and rubbed Janet’s pussy up and down. Janet copied Jess, as they both rubbed each other’s young, tender pussy. Janet slipped a finger inside, as Jess pinched her clit. They both broke the kiss, and moans filled the air. Their gasps and screams could be heard all over the house.
“Oh shit Jess, I’m gonna cum!” Janet yelled, wanting this bad.
“Me too Janet!” Jess replied, kissing her yet again. But all of a sudden, they both heard the bathroom door open.

To Be Continued…

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2008-09-26 19:43:41
Meh. I've read better, it was a bit fast paced for my liking but otherwise good. 7/10


2007-09-15 19:18:42
Gret story


2007-03-15 01:32:34
enjoyable... don't give up on it. Write from the heart, not the head, you want to be a writer, not a database... 7/10 and I'm a hard grader.


2007-02-07 06:45:45
after reading it i did the toilet thing with my wife we both loved it--dreams do cum true


2006-12-22 16:31:35
ivan9755s right

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