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this is a story a friend wrote for me, i liked it so much i posted it. a few spellin mistakes i havent corrected
I had just gotten to my hotel room. Of course the first thing I did when I got settled in to the hotel was to call you and tell you where I was staying and in what room. You tell me you’ll be there in about half an hour. Just enough time for me to take a shower since the flight was like 15 hours and I needed one.
I take a quick hot shower, washing the grime and travel from my skin. The soap covers my naked form as I wash. As I lather up, I begin to think about you and how much I can’t wait for you to get here. Just thinking about you being with me makes me hard. I reach down and start to stroke my hardening cock. The soap lathering profusely around my long shaft as my hand moved from the base to the head. I moan thinking about what you and I will do all the night when you finally get here. I let the hot water rinse the soap from my body, not wanting to waste any of my energy my masturbating before you get here. So I let the soap wash off my hard cock and hope that is goes down just a little before you get here. I step out of the shower. Towel myself off and stand there and think about what I should wear for you.
I step naked out into the room and open my suitcase finding my black silk shirt and a pair of tight blue jeans. I slip into the jeans and slide my warm body into the silk. I tuck my shirt in and button my jeans. I have to concentrate to get my erection down a little to fit my cock into my jeans just so I can zip them. Sighing I zip up my jeans and proceed to brush my long curly blonde hair. As soon as I'm done getting ready I start to pace the room. A little bit nervous as I wait for you, wondering if you decided not to come as the time get closer to the end of the half hour. Wondering what I'm going to say to you. What you might say to me. Wondering if you might just decide if you don’t want to stay once you actually meet me. I sit upon the bed and breathe several deep breaths, hoping that I live up to your standards.
As I sit there I hear three soft taps on the door. They’re so soft that I can barely hear them. I sit for just a moment wondering if I really did hear a knock on the door. I stand and walk to the door. I open it but there is no one there. Shocked, I lean out the door looking one way then another. I see a wisp of black skirt disappear around a corner. I jump out of my room and hurry down the hall after what I think was you. As I turn the corner I see your gorgeous form disappear into the elevator. I reach the elevator just in time to stop the doors, I actually get my fingers pinched stopping them. You just stand there staring at me as I hold the doors open. My eyes connect with yours and you blush.
I stare at you for a few moments then I step into the elevator. I let the doors close behind me and lean against them. As it starts to move I reach over and press the stop button so that the elevator stops between floors. I can see you blush even more as I step closer to you. My hand reaches up and cups your chin, raising your face to mine so I look into your dark eyes. I smile at you as our eyes meet, my fingers softly caressing your cheek. My lips part and words float from my throat, “My dear what was that all about?”
Your pale skin deepens to a bright pink as you answer, “I'm sorry… I. I. I was just a little afraid.”
I grin and lean forward my eyes locked with yours. You can see the sparkle in my eyes as my other hand reaches slides around your side and presses against the small of your back. My voice sends chills down your back as I whisper to you, “To tell you the truth my sweet, I was a little bit anxious about our meeting. But I didn’t expect you to up and run away after you got here. Are you going to come back to my room or should I just let you go home now?”
My eyes reflect my amusement as I gently pull you to me. Your neck tingles as my hand slips around to the back. Your lips part as I get closer, you can feel my warm breath washing over your face as you look into my eyes. You wet your lips by flicking your tongue out. Your soft voice brushes against my ear, “MMmm. I'm sorry my sweet I just got a little afraid. I'm fine now. I'm ready to go back up. I just got really nervous.”
You reach out with a hand and run one of your nails down my cheek and then over my neck. I cannot stand our closeness anymore and lean forward and kiss you. My lips press against yours. I breathe in your scent as our lips devour each other, our hands dancing over each others backs and bums. My tongue snakes into your mouth as yours massages it. A low growl grumbles up from my lower being as I start to kiss you more roughly. Your nails drag down my silk shirt as you yearn for more of my kiss. I grab your ass and pull you tighter to me our bodies pressing tight to each other. Moans issue from both our throats as our bodies move against each other. My leg presses between your thighs as one of your hands slithers down and starts to rub my chest and make its way down towards my crotch. My mouth breaks with yours and makes its way down to your neck, my lips nibbling as your soft flesh.
Your breath hot onto my ear, little whimpers escaping your mouth as I suck on your pulse. My teeth scrape across your neck, your nails digging into my back as I bite. One of my hands glides to the front of your black dress and seizes your right breast. Abruptly, we hear the phone of the elevator buzz, breaking us out of our lustful kiss. I separate from you, my hands reaching up and cupping your face as I kiss you one last deep kiss before reaching over and pressing the floor below and pulling the stop button. The elevator jerks to movement and then stops as the doors open. I laugh as I grab your hand and run to the stairwell. We run up the stairs and down the hall to my room. I open the door and shut it behind us.
I turn around as the door closes and push you against it. The excitement dances in your eyes as I press against your body and begin to kiss your neck again. You moan in pleasure as my hands slide down your sides and then wraps about your hips and lift you up. You giggle in shock as lift you up; to keep our balance you wrap your legs around my waist. Little whimpers escape your throat again as my teeth bite on your pulse. A little growl rumbles up from my being as your hands reach down and pull my shirt up. I feel your sharp nails rake against my back. I remove my lips from your neck and kiss you on the lips as I spin us around and head for the bed.
Our tongues wrap about each other as my fingers start unlacing the back of your dress. Your legs unwrap from my waist and you kneel down as I set you down on the bed. As I untie the back of your dress you reach to the front of my shirt and just rip the shirt down the front. The buttons go flying everywhere as you tear it open to reveal my chest. Your lips leave mines as you get caught up and start to kiss my neck then down towards my chest. I just shake my head and mutter something about my shirt right before your reach my left nipple. Swiftly, you envelop my nipple into your hot mouth and suck on it. At that point I don’t care anymore, I reach around and grab my knife and slice the cords of your dress. The shock of the cold metal against your skin makes you jump and you bite down hard on my nipple. The hand without the knife wraps in your hair and holds you to my chest as you bite. I toss the knife off to the side. I pull you face from my chest and growl at you, “Mmmmm. I think its time for us to be naked my sweet.”
You shyly look at me and hold the top of your dress to you, “I. I don’t know baby, I don’t think I want to.” A little twinkle in your eyes as you advance towards me and strip off my shirt with little kisses over my stomach and chest. I just let you strip off my shirt, as your kisses drag back up towards my neck again your hands reach down and unbutton my jeans. You giggle lightly against my neck as you slowly drag my zipper down and my cock springs free. Instantly you wrap your fingers around my hard shaft as you other hand pushes my pants down to the floor. I step out of my pants and kick them to the side. Your kisses start to snake their way down my body. I can feel your lips stop on my nipples biting them and flicking them with your tongue as your fingers stoke up and down my cock.
I moan at your kisses and your teasing hand. I reach down, my hand caressing your shoulders, catching the straps of your dress and pushing them down. You smile as you bite my right nipple. You remove your hand from my cock just long enough to slip your arm through your dress. Then you slowly wrap your fingers about my cock. Gently you move up, catching the skin, folding it up over the head then back down is a long smooth stroke. I growl lightly as you play, my hands making their way down to your firm breasts. I flick and tease your nipples with my nails as your kisses slide down my stomach. I look down at you as you kiss. As our eyes meet, you bare your teeth and bite some of the flesh of my stomach. I close my eyes in delight as you bite my bare flesh. Your fingers squeeze my hard shaft as you play along its length.
Moans rumbles from my throat as your kisses and bites dip down below my waistline. Grinning you flick your tongue to lick the area just above my cock. Your hand moves my cock to the side as your tongue licks around it. My voice rumbles down at you, “Mmmm. Baby, please you know what I want.”
A little smirk crosses your lips as you lean back on your heel, you fingers pumping my cock. With a teasing smile you bend forward and blow your hot breath on the tip. Just a bit of wind, that’s all you do, just a small puff of air. I just look down at you with a look of pure lust and need. The look just makes you want to tease me even more. Leisurely you tilt your head forward and flick your tongue out. Just the tip of your tongue passes over the very tip of my cock. My body jumps at the slight contact. I moan, wanting more of your tongue. Gradually you lick more and more of my cock. Your hot tongue first starts at the head, flicking forward and over the head. Soon you cannot control yourself any more and you wrap your tongue all the way around my cockhead. As you do you suck it into your mouth. The moan that escapes my lips almost sounds like I'm in pain more then enjoying myself. You look up just to make sure but all you see is my eyes closed in bliss. As your mouth sucks just on the head of my cock you reach up with one hand and start to pump my cockshaft. Your other hand reaches up and fondles my balls as you suck just a bit more of my cock into your mouth.
My knees are weak with your continued work on my cock. I moan as I lean forward and kneel on the bed. You realize what I am doing and back up a little, never removing your mouth from my cock. My growls rumble from my chest as you suck harder on my cock, taking more of it into your mouth. I can start to feel your mouth move up and down the length of my cock. You take all my cock into your throat, sucking on its full hardness. Joyful whimper trickle from my mouth as I suddenly feel the urge to taste you.
I pull back from you, my cock leaving your mouth with a pop. You look at me surprised that I stopped so suddenly. But the question on your lips freezes as you see the look in my eyes. I just grab you without a word and push you back on the bed. You get a bit afraid with the look in my eyes. It seems like the animal in me has taken over. You back up just a little trying to get away from me. I just reach out and grab your ankle and pull you to me. I climb over the bed spreading your legs as I do, positioning my face in front of yours. A rumbling voice completely unlike my normal one murmurs, “My sweet, lean back and enjoy. Don’t be afraid of me.”
Smiling my mouth kisses yours hard and passionately, my tongue thrusting into your mouth. My hands start to wander your body, teasing at your breasts then moving down to your legs. I catch your dress and unexpectedly just tear it in half, ripping it from your pale body. This scares you even more but I just laugh and kiss your neck. My hot mouth on your skin makes you forget your earlier fear. My hands caress your bare thighs as I bite and suck on your neck. I kiss my way down your neck and over your shoulder heading down towards your left breast. My teeth bite down on the top of your breast, leaving little dents in your soft flesh. You reach up and grasp my head in your hands and press me down onto you breast. You seem to be enjoying yourself so I slide my hands up and down the length of your legs. My fingers trail their nails up your leg sending little shivers up your body. They glide further up your thighs as my mouth suddenly catches your left nipple and sucks on it hard. You gasp the sudden pleasure, my teeth catching it and biting down hard. The pleasure and pain causes you to grip my hair and pull it roughly. I hear you moan as my tongue lashes across your nipple, then your scream in pleasure as my hand reaches your pussy and cups it. My finger instantly disappears into your wet hole, my palm rubbing your clit. I finger you fast and hard my nail lightly scraping the inside of you.
I bite my way over to your other breast. The little dents appearing to become a little bit deeper and redder. I slip another finger into your tight hole. I twist and thrust them into you. Your hips thrust up to meet my fingers, my thumb smacking into your clit each time I drive my fingers into you. My mouth releases your breast and I look up at you. You look down at me, your inner animal finally free. You pull my face up to you by my hair and thrust your tongue into my mouth as you kiss me hard. As you kiss me you reach down and take hold of my rigid cock. You fingers wrap about it and squeeze the head. I moan into your mouth as you rake your nails along my shaft. My fingers pound your pussy then I stop, my thumb and forefinger reaching up and pinching your clit. The feeling drive you wild as your eyes roll back in your head and you try to clamp your thighs about my hand. I let loose if your clit, my fingers dipping back into you, moving hard and fast. I free my mouth from yours and grin at you. The look you give me is one that I've seen before. The need to be fucked. But I'm not done playing yet. My other hand lights down and frees your fingers from my cock. You moan at the prospect that you think I'm getting ready to shove its length into you. I just slightly shake my head as you look at me pleadingly.
I bite your neck ravenously, my teeth biting hard into your skin. You know that that little bite is going to be staying there for a really long time. When my head pulls back you feel my teeth scrape across your skin. They leave lines of fire. You reach up and feel little lines of blood on your skin. You gasp at the sight of your blood but the feeling my fingers are creating makes you quickly forget about the blood. My tongue flashes out and licks those little lines. Then I start biting by way down your body. Over your breasts, I stop just a bit on your nipples then I make my way down a little bit quicker. I can not wait till I can taste you so my lips and kisses get quicker as I move down. You groan with anticipation, but you don’t want my head between your legs you want my cock. You reach down and try to get me to come back up, but I resist and continue towards your pussy. I pull my fingers from your dripping pussy. Kisses getting closer you give up and let me do what I want. My tongue licks down across your stomach. You wiggle your ass trying to get me to move faster down. I grin, reach up, and start playing with your breasts as my lips move down below your waist. You moan expectantly, a sudden need burns in you. You grab the hand that was fingering you and you suck those fingers into your mouth. You groan at the taste of your sweet juices on my fingers. You moan even more when my tongue finally reaches down and trails up your slit. I look up at you as my tongue flicks up and down over your clit. You look down at me and start sucking on my fingers like you did my cock. I growl at you and then wrap my tongue about your clit and suck it into my mouth. Your hips buck as my teeth scrape across the tip of it. I growl onto your clit, the vibrations wracking your body with pleasure. You continue to suck the flavor of your pussy from my fingers as I free your clit and plunge my tongue into your pussy. It wiggles and searches your insides tasting your sweet juices. I caress your inner walls as I move my hand down from your breast and start to rub your clit as I tongue you.
You buck your hips and grab at my head wrapping your hands in my hair as my tongue drives you insane with pleasure. I pull my tongue from your pussy and enfold your clit again in my mouth. My fingers replace my tongue in your pussy. I thrust faster into you with my fingers as my tongue teases and my lips nibble your clit. Your moans turn to screams as I twist my fingers inside of you, searching for your G-spot. Once I find it, I curl my fingers inside of you and scrape my nails across it. You scream in pleasure and pull my hair hard as your orgasm rips through your body. I feel the flood from your pussy all along my fingers. I bite down on your clit as you cum, my fingers scratching your G-spot as you buck wildly on my fingers. I pull my fingers from you as the torrent from you pussy gushes past your pussy lips. My mouth replaces my fingers on your pussy. I vacuum you pussy my mouth sucking hard on it, drinking your juices as they flow from you. You keep bucking over and over as my tongue snakes inside of your pussy, tasting your wonderful cum. You shudder once more as your orgasm ends. Your fingers release my hair and drop to your sides as I suck every last bit of your cum from your quivering pussy. You moan in dreamy bliss as I finally remove my mouth from your pussy. Your whole body is numb with joy as I start to kiss my way up your body. I reach your lips and you look up at me. You smile the smile of sweet contentment, then your lips part, wanting to kiss me and to taste your cum on my tongue.
I lean downward and kiss you deeply, my tongue twisting into your mouth. Your cum tastes sweet on my tongue, my hands moving over your tingling body as we kiss. You can feel my body lying next to you. Our tongues twirling together in lust as I caress your body. You can feel me against you, and then you rapidly become conscious of my rock hard cock resting in your weakened hand. You enfold it in your warm hand and start to stroke it. You murmur soft into my mouth as you stroke it. You grin and push me backwards onto my back. I just look up at you. The animal inside of you growls as you look at me and then my cock. You keep stroking my cock but start to kiss me more and more passionately. I try to reach up and play with you, but you snarl at me, pinning my hands down to the bed. You growl in my ear, “Now it is your turn now my vampire.”
You push me back down and start kissing my body. You reach over and take the frayed ends of the string from your dress, tying them about my wrists then to the bedposts. A look of mild dismay crosses my face as you tie my hands to the bed, then you kiss me with suck animalistic passion that I completely forget about my hands. I moan more as you leave my lips and clamp your teeth down onto the flesh of my neck. Your mouth sucking and pulling at my skin. The kisses get more violent as your inner beast is released. I feel my skin part under your teeth, hot warmth flowing from my flesh. I scream with both the pain and the pleasure of it. You lock your mouth on the small wound, sucking greedily for more of my hot blood. You drink more and more from me your hand lacing about my head and through my hair.
As your fingers lace deep into my hair your pull at it, bringing my head back and exposing more of my neck. I moan for more, when you hear me you bite my neck once more, tearing through another line of skin. Blood gushes out of the new wound, which you devour ravenously. My body is striving to rub against you and when you feel my rock hard cock brush lightly against your leg you remember partly what you wanted to do before you caught a taste of my blood. Growling against my neck you nuzzle more as you loop you leg over and straddle me.
I gasp as you suddenly place your wet dripping pussy along the length of my cock. I groan in pleasure as you start to run your pussy up and down the whole of it. But not letting it enter you. You pull your mouth from your neck and smile at me, my blood dripping from your lips and onto my chest. The flares of animal lust are flowing behind my eyes as I see my blood drip from your lips. I strain forward to catch a few drops on my tongue. You lean forward, kissing me hard thrusting your tongue violently into my mouth, the hot coppery taste of my blood on it. We get more violent with out kiss, my teeth biting down hard enough to make a tiny wellspring of blood on your tongue. I taste the sweetness of our blood mingled.
You snarl at me when I bite your tongue, pulling your mouth from mine and rising up so that you are no longer in contact with my cock. The look you give me is of complete disappointment. You pull your leg back over me and sit on the edge of the bed shaking your head. I growl and ask what’s wrong. My hands are still tied so I cannot reach over and try and consol you for whatever I did wrong. I hear what I believe to be sniffles as if you are crying. Complete confusion erupts inside of my mind. I start to apologize for what I did, and then you laugh as you twist around and look over your shoulder at me. You smile again at me my blood staining your teeth, pure mischief in your eyes. The look on my face makes you giggle more. You reach out and start to tickle my sides as what you’ve done dawns on me. I growl menacingly, straining against the ties that bind me to the bed. I am surprised that I cannot break them and realize that you have tied me very tight. I pull and twist and struggle to get away as you tickle my sides, then down my legs then back up my inner thighs.
I gasp as you suddenly stop tickling me and grab my cock. The shock of moving from a tickle to the flaring of lust inside of me is unnerving. I just look down at you and moan as you start to stroke it. You growl up at me and lean forward, your tongue snaking out to lick at the drying blood on my chest. Your hand moves up and down the whole of my cock, from my balls all the way to the sensitive head. My hips move with your hand, thrusting up as you move your hand down. Your lips nibble over to my left nipple, your tongue quick to flick out and pull it into your mouth. You clench your teeth about it and pull, bringing a moan of pleasure from me. You pop it from your mouth and laugh, telling me to hush or someone might think that someone was getting beaten.
I laugh at you for a moment then fall back to moaning as your mouth heads further south. You lick and suck down my stomach your teeth drawing little red lines all over it. You halt for a moment at my belly button. You dip your tongue into it and gently tease it as your fingers wrap about the head of my cock and rub its underside. I lift my ass off the bed as you do, moaning all the while. You rake your nails up and down the length of my shaft sending little waves of painful pleasure through me. The feeling is so intense that I almost cum, but you see the effect your nails are having so you stop. You completely lift your hand from my cock so that I don’t cum before you want me to. I moan and beg for you to rake you nails over my cock again but you just shake your head and smile. Soon you see the flames of lust burn down to a low flame in my eyes. As soon as it does you smile up at me and in that throaty voice of yours and tell me its time.
I look down at you wondering what time it was. Then you show me. Grinning, you wrap your hand around the base of my shaft and blow on the tip. I jump at the shock of the air and look down at you once more before closing my eyes in pleasure. I can feel you move slightly, laying your body along mine, your head resting on my leg, just inches from my cock. I can still feel your hot breath washing over the length of my cock. I moan slightly and start to struggle again. Wanting free so I can play with you as you play with me. As I be to be let go you just shake your head. When you do your hair swishes over my rigid shaft. The silky strands caressing it like a thousand tiny fingers. You hear my sighs as your hair tangles about my cock; you smile and move it out of the way.
You finally decide that the teasing is over. You tilt your head forward, your tongue flashing out and licking the entire underside of my shaft, from the base near my balls all the way up to the very tip. You moan as you taste both the juices that your pussy put there earlier and the taste of my salty precum. The tastes drive you even wilder. You wrap your fingers about the base of my shaft, pulling down so that my cock looks even longer than it already is. Moaning deeply you ravenously start to lick up and down the whole of it, covering every inch of it so that you don’t miss even a little bit of your taste. You finally finish cleaning all of your taste off of my cock, as you do you look up at me and smile at what you see. The feelings that your tongue is causing is so good that my eyes are shut tight and I just lay there limp enjoying every touch of its hot length.
I feel you stop for that moment and look down at you almost whimpering for more. I look down to see what you are doing through my hooded eyes. I glimpse one of the most beautiful sights in the world. You are getting more comfortable since lying on your side is not the best position to suck a cock. You try and decide how you want to sit; all the while I’m watching your hand move up and down my cock, its length not 3 inches from your hot dripping pussy. You notice where my eyes are riveted and that gives you an idea. You suddenly straddle my chest, your hot wet pussy just a few inches from my face. I can see every little detail of your glorious pussy. The curve of your outer lips, the sweet little opening between your inner lips. It looks as if it just wants to be filled. I can just taste the sweetness of the pussy juices that are dripping down over your clit. I smile and strain, trying to taste but my tongue doesn’t even come close to brushing even the outer lips of your pussy. I feel you lean forward, moving your mouth ever close to my cock. I sigh as I watch you head go down, waiting for my cock to be enveloped in your hot mouth.
You get closer to my cock, the tip not more than an inch from your face now. I can feel your breath slipping over it as you get so close to it. You smile and slip your tongue out and start to lick and tease about the tip of it. I growl as you lick the little hole in the tip, drops pf precum oozing out to be lapped up by your twisting tongue. I finally start to beg, the need to cum so intense. I ask for you to suck my cock, to suck the cum from my balls. You’ve teased me enough and I need it now.
All you do for an answer is instantly deep throat me. You force your mouth fully onto my cock, your throat widening as it seeks to accommodate my enlarged head. I moan in absolute bliss as you suck hard on the whole of my manhood. My hips push upwards trying to get more of my cock into your throat. You smile as you feel my pleasure. I growl low in my throat as you suck, you answer my growl with one of your own. The feeling of it is so wonderful, the vibrations rocking around my cock. My body shakes as you growl driving me beyond bliss. I moan, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. You can taste a constant stream of precum flowing from my cock. I twist and moan on the bed, my cum wanting out.
With me so close you’re done teasing and want my cum. You start sucking hard on my shaft. Your head bobbing up and down, your mouth sucking deep and hard on the whole length of my rock hard cock. Every time you draw back you wrap your tongue about the head, whipping and flicking the supersensitive underside. You hear me moaning incoherently though you think you hear the word cum. You wrap both your hands about my shaft, one on top of the other, you start jerking up and down fast as you suck hard on the tip, your tongue twisting and twirling about the head. Then you remember your nails. With a little purr you bite lightly on the underside of my cockhead as you suck deep. The feeling is so intense that I scream like I’ve been murdered. The pleasure is so intense that my body turns rigid as a steel beam, my cock exploding into your mouth filling it quickly with my hot, sticky cum. You try and swallow all that comes rushing out in my orgasm but you don’t succeed. My cum gushes down your throat and oozes down my burning shaft. Ravenously you suck, drinking and swallowing every drop of my thick semen. Your hands pump viscously at my cock, milking every little drop of my creamy fluid. I moan for you to stop, the pleasure quickly turning you blissful pain. You ignore my moans as you slip your mouth from my cock and quickly lick the shaft, catching any dribbling that escaped your sucking mouth. You slowly clean my slowly softening cock. You moan as you taste every last bit of my cum. As you lick, I moan again and suddenly you get another splash of cum across your face. I can’t believe it but I’m cumming again. It’s not much but a few little spurts that shoot onto your face and into your hair. You giggle at me and whisper that you didn’t know men could cum twice in a row. I just sign in rapture as you finish licking the second load of cum from my cock. My body goes limps as you get the last of my cum, my hands hanging from the ties. As if on their own accord, the ties fall from my hands the strain finally snapping the worn string. You smile lightly as you gently cradle my softening cock in your hands putting little kisses on it. Each kiss making me jump just a little.
You still think my hands are tied and you are free to do what you want. You grin and gently trail your nails up and down my legs, lightly enough to be ticklish. I giggle lightly light as I gently move so that I can get you your sweet pussy that is still only inches from my face. The mouth of which is wide open and glistening with your juices. I smile because you haven’t even looked back yet to see me untied. You hear me growl to stop, but you just ignore me and continue to tickle me. My voice grumbles that you are going to regret this but you just laugh and keep on tickling me.
I position myself just right, covering it up in your tickling. My face is just an inch from your pussy, my hot breath flowing over it. You feel the sensations but in the fun of the moment you don’t even notice it. All of a sudden my hand slap down on your hips, my fingers digging into flesh and pulling you fast to my mouth. You are so startled, you almost kick me in the head, but your legs turn to Jell-O as my mouth latches down on your clit, my teeth biting down and my tongue wrapping around it. The immediate pleasure of the moment turns you to jelly, just falling on top of me letting my tongue and mouth do what I want to you. Your sighs quickly turn to screams as my tongue lashes against your clit, my lower teeth scraping against it. You try and pull away my ministrations driving you slightly mad with pleasure. My fingers just dig deeper into your hips holding your sweet pussy to my face. You scream as my tongue quickly invades your pussy, twisting and licking your insides. Once my tongue enters you, you start to rock your hips, fucking hard on it. In your insane pleasure you grab my soft cock and start sucking on it again. I growl against your pussy my voice rumbling down your canal to your insides. Your mouth amazingly brings my cock back to life, its full hardness now filling your mouth as I fuck your pussy with my tongue. On of my hands reaches around and gently probes at your puckered hole. You groan and pull away, telling me that you don’t want there. I smile into your pussy and move my finger away; instead my hands reach down and start to play with your tits. At first gently massaging them, then getting more violent as you suck hard on my cock.
I pull and twist your nipples as your tongue whips at my cock. I moan into your pussy then you feel my hands leave your tits. You whimper at the loss of pleasure. Then you make a startled squeak as I pull you up off my chest and push you forward onto your hands and knees. I slip out from under you and arrive behind you. You look over your shoulder at me, your eyes begging me to fill you. You hear my voice growl as I lean down and bite first one cheek of your ass then the other. But now I’m ready to finish teasing you.
I lean forward looking down at you. You moan at me that you want to feel my cock inside of you filling you. Then you just hang your head down waiting for my cock. I grin and rake my nails down your back so hard that they feel like claws. Several lines of blood appear as you startles moan escapes your lips. At the sight of your blood I lean forward and run my tongue up each line of that sweet drug. Each line my tongue makes you moan for more, asking me to fuck you, to use you, to fill you with my cum. I bite your shoulder as I lick the final line and lean back again my cock now resting against your pussy. You can feel its length nestled between your pussy lips. You whimper, wanting the feel of me inside of you. You move your hips trying to get my cock to press into you. I just smile and grab your hips and stop them. My hips start to move forward and back, the whole length of my cock running up and down your slit. I moan as your wetness slides along me, my cock getting harder as I tease both of us. I slowly pull back and slip a hand down to guide my cock into your pussy.
You moan in anticipation as my fingers gently rub your pussy before they grab my cock and guide its head to your dripping hole. You can feel the head pressing against your open outer lips. You push your hips back, this time I let you and my hand guides my cockhead into you. You sigh as the head pushes past your outer lips and starts to enter deeper into you. I moan in pleasure as your pussy sucks onto my cockhead. You push back further trying to get all of me into you but I don’t want that quite yet. My hands reach down and grab your ass, holding you where you are. I let your pussy wrap about the head of my cock. Then I slowly start to move back and forth just letting the head of my cock fuck you. You moan and squirm in my hands trying to force yourself all the way on my cock. You beg for me to fill you, to ram my cock hard into your tight pussy. But all I do is thrust just the head of my cock inside of you, in and out slow deliberate strokes. You can feel my nails digging into your ass as I thrust my cock. The pleasure of your pussy about my cockhead is so wonderful. Every time I pull out it feels as if you are trying to suck the whole of my cock into your pussy, it is a struggle not to let you pull me in but I tease you for only a few more strokes.
I am finally ready after you moan and beg for me to fuck you. But it isn’t the quick strokes to fill you, that’s you want, instead , the slow strokes that were just letting my head enter you start to get just a little bit longer. Each stroke lets more and more of my cock into you. Slowly you feel inch after inch of my rock hard shaft fill you. I slowly pull all the way back, just the head of my cock inside of you then I slowly slide all the way forward again. You can feel my cockhead hitting the back of your pussy, the length of my cock and your need for it causing me to fill you completely. You moan as my slow strokes begin to pick up speed. My hips rock back, then forward. As I pick up speed I let you start to rock with me. Even though I’ve picked up speed, my thrusts are long and hard. Each time I thrust forward you whole body rocks with the force. You scream in pleasure as my nails rake down your back again, my body curving down so that I can bite you on your neck. You whip your head to the side to look into my eyes, the animal exposed in both of us. You snap your teeth at me wanting to taste my blood. I just snarl in animal passion and bite your shoulder hard enough to make it bleed. Your blood fills my mouth; I swallow, drinking your hot metallic liquid. You groan and growl as my thrust slam into you long and fast. Each thrust forward punctuated by another bite on your back and more blood flowing from your body. I drink more and more, each wound I leave bleeding your precious fluid onto the bed. You moan, your arms getting weak as you get light headed from the loss of blood. My hands reach down and fondle your breast, running my nails around your nipples as my thrust get harder.
Suddenly you lose all feeling in your arms and collapse forward; my hands slip up and grab your hips. My fucking gets more intense, you feel as if you cannot even feel me fucking you though the haze of loss of blood and pleasure. You moan for me to cum to finally fill you with my hot cream. I smile down at you and whisper that it is not quite time. You whimper for me to, you want it so bad, but you cannot try and force me you are that weak. Now I just pull my cock from you. You feel me leave you and it is like a void opens inside of your soul. You cry for me to fuck you more. You try to move to make me finish, but the slow bleeding that has been going on has left you close to death. My gently hands slowly lay you down and turn you over. I softly position you on the bed, the sheets sticky with your blood. You look around; trying to find me but all you can see is the darkness of the void. You start to cry finally realizing that I’ve killed you, that some one was murdered in this room, and it was you. The darkness folds about you, gently caressing your flesh. You cry more, whimpering that you don’t want to die, that you don’t want to leave the world yet. You hear whispers in the darkness; you think that the voices are the ones to take you away. You moan in sickness, wanting to live, and then you realize that you recognize the voice. It is mine; the whispers are me telling you that everything will be alright. That you are not dead, that you are alive, just between life and death. Your cry to me, telling me you cannot feel anything, that the world is gone. I just smile and kiss away your tears. That you feel, you feel my hot breath on your face, you can feel my tongue flicking out to lick the tears from your face. You can feel my breath as I whisper into your ear, telling you that I’m going finish now, that I’m going to cum inside of you, filling you with my hot cum. All you can do is moan in the lethargic aftermath of your blood loss. You can just barely feel my hands drifting over your prone body. The feeling is as if a light fog is caressing you skin. You cry a little bit more as even that feeling drifts away. Then you hear my far distant voice, it sounds as if it’s a million miles away. So far in fact that you cannot make out my words. But the sound of it calms you.
I look down at your blood covered body, the rivulets from your back drying across your breasts and nipples. The sight of your even whiter skin covered in your own blood making the animal in me want you even more. I look down to your spread legs, my fingers dancing alone your skin, heading towards your dripping pussy. I grin and gently pull my hands away; as I do you whimper more. I just smile as I gently touch you again to reassure you. I know that you are dying, that you’ve been bled almost dry. I lean forward and slowly position myself between your legs. My hands reach down and spread your legs wider hooking them at the knees. Then I push forward with my cock, the head barely fitting in your sucking pussy, now that it is engorged with the blood I’ve taken from you. Slowly I move my hips forward, my cockhead slipping past your outer lips and into you. I move ever so slowly so that I don’t rip your insides with my now huge cock. As I finally slip all the way to the hilt inside you, your eyes snap open and focus on my face. My eyes focus on you and you see me smile as our eyes lock. You moan deeply as I start to move my hips making my cock slip in and out of you. At first you whimper each time it slides out, but you stop as soon as you realize that I’m not teasing anymore. I am going to give you want you want.
You try and lift your arms to wrap about me, to pull me down, hold me to you as I fill you with myself. But you cannot, I’ve drained you so much that you cannot move. You moan as I thrust slow and hard into you. You smile as you hear me growl and groan with the pleasure you are giving me. I lay further down onto you, my body laying along yours, my arms slipping behind you and pulling you up off the bed a little. Once I do this my thrusts turn fast and hard. You feel the shock of my plunging cock throughout your weakened body. The true shock is that slightly warm feeling that is building inside of your belly. You try and make sense of the distant warmth that is slowly starting to turn all your nerves alive. The slight tingling has now turned into something more. You look up into my eyes and see pure pleasure mirrored there. The warmth has now grown to cover your whole body, but the center is still in your belly, the place where my rock hard cock is thrusting away. You moan slightly, finally realizing what is happening. I hold you tighter to me, my nails like pin pricks into your back, just enough to add to the sensations.
You still try and raise your arms to hold me down but you cannot. My hips thrust harder into you. My murmurs in your ear turn to growls as I tell you I’m getting closer to cumming. You just whimper as the glow of your own orgasm slowly laps at your consciousness wave after wave. Each wave larger than the other, matching the rhythm of my pounding cock. You slowly close your eyes, letting the wave take over your soul, the bliss of pleasure rolling over you like a thunderstorm. I feel your pussy clenching about my cock every time I plunge deep into you. My mouth covers your pulse again, my fangs extending out to pierce your skin. In the throes of your building orgasm you don’t even notice the pinpricks. I suck deep what little blood is left inside of you pumping out and down my throat. I pull my mouth from you, your blood filling me, driving me over the edge. You hear my far off scream of pleasure, even as you feel the gently explosion of my cock inside of you. I cum hard, my hips melded with yours as my cock pumps load after load into you. All you feel is each tiny explosion, and with each you feel the storm of your orgasm crack over your body. I look down at you as I fill you my body wracked with each lightening strike of your orgasm as it pulls the cum from my cock. I smile down at you your breathing slowly coming to a stop, even as your body dies your orgasm continues. You gently pass from the world in a blissful storm, your soul rolling with the clouds of pleasure.
However, I’m not going to let you ride that storm to the hereafter. I growl down at you, telling you that you are not going to leave me just yet. I pull out of you, my cum gushing out of you onto the bed as your continuing orgasm makes your pussy quiver. I smiles and look down at you. You skin has turned almost translucent with let loss of blood. I stand up from the bed and slowly walk around you, letting your soul enjoy the most of your bliss. I stand near the foot of the bed, just where your head is and I drop to my knees. I reach out and caress your cheeks, moving your hair from your face. I just sit there letting you flow with the pleasure. Sighing in pleasure I rake the nails of my hand across my wrist. They cut deep and a gush of blood splashes out and across your face. The deep red like a slap across your cheek and lips. Just a little of my blood drips past your slightly open lips and glides down your tongue to touch your throat.
The storm you are riding suddenly tinges red, the pleasure lightly interrupted by a bit of pain. I watch you, your eyes lightly flickering with the light taste of my blood. I grin as it reach up and pull you chin down, opening your mouth for the next gush of blood. It fills your mouth and the stream slides down your throat. As it slips down into your belly your eyes snap open and your screams split the air. The screams are of pleasure unbound and loss like no one has ever felt. But as you see my bleeding arm your instincts take over. You reach up and grab it, pulling it down to your mouth and biting hard at the open wound. Once you bite another fresh gush of blood fills your mouth which you swallow greedily. You purr with another form of pleasure as drink from my arm. I just look at you with sweet desire, my body getting a little lighter as you drink. You devour another few mouthfuls then you push my arm away, shocked at what is happening.
You look over to me, the storm of your orgasm still rumbling in the distance. My blood thrumming through yours changing you in ways that you never dreamed. You start to ask me questions, a million of them at once, but all I do is slip my fingers over your mouth and smile. I tell you to be quiet and I will answer your questions, but first we have to get cleaned up and leave before the police come. You look at me, and I smile and inform you that your screams must have waked the dead. I laugh and take you into the bathroom, and start the shower. I advise you to clean up quickly so that we can leave without answering any questions the police might have. You smile weakly, still trying to figure out what happened. The hot water splashes against your flesh, all the dried blood slowly drifting down the drain. I step into the shower with you, my hands gently taking the soap and cloth and start to scrub at your back. You expect pain from the wounds that I inflicted but you feel nothing. Shocked you look down at the bites that should be on your breasts, and you reach up to your neck for the wound that killed you, but they are gone. You look over your shoulder at me, but I just smile and whisper that I will tell you later.
My hands deftly remove all traces of blood. The tub is red with the washing but as we step out our bodies are once again white and clean. I towel you off quickly and roughly. My touches lingering just a little on your breasts and your pussy. You moan at my touches but I stop so that I can dry myself off. I watch you as you walk back into the room. You breathe in a sharp intake of breath at the carnage on the bed and even the walls. It truly looks as if someone had be murdered, the amount of blood spattered on the walls and soaking into the bed. You gasp and look at me; a playful smirk crosses my face as I tell you that most of the blood is yours. The situation is too much for you and you begin to faint, but I’m suddenly there and hold you up. I tell you that we need to leave.
You just nod and let me support you. I grab my jacket and wrap it around your naked body. Since you didn’t bring any other clothes. I whisper to you that it was silly not to bring a change of clothes, but all you tell me is that you didn’t expect to be wearing any. I laugh and slip some pants and a shirt on and then we head out the door. As we do, I see people in the hallways, trying to figure out where the screams had come from. I put on an appropriate bewildered look and head for the elevator with you arm and arm with me. We reach the elevator and step into it; we reach the lobby, just as the police enter the other elevator and head up. I breathe a gently sigh as we walk out the door. We turn a corner and you whisper that your car is in the garage.
We head to your car; I unlock it and help you into the passenger side. You smile up at me, your body lethargic with the pleasure of the change. I lean down and kiss you hard on the lips, my tongue snaking down and playing with yours. I break the kiss, moving to the driver’s side and starting the car. We drive out onto the road and just in time to see the police sealing the hotel. I smiles at you, my hands reaching out and caressing your sweet face. My nails raking down your cheek. You purr and leans your head back, suddenly falling asleep. My whispers just barely reach you, telling you to sleep and that all will be better when you wake.
As you fall asleep, I take out my cell phone and call another friend of mine in London. I ask her if we can stay a few days with her and she agrees. We drive off into the night, you asleep and me wondering how to explain the night to you and how to get you some one to feed upon.

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I love it! Truely excellent! I want more!


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yeh, great!


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yeh, that was excellent


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That story was fantastic. It reminded me a lot of when my hubby and I have sex, we're animalistic like that, and tease eachother unrelentlessly. Although we both enjoy blood, I can't quite say we're vampires... ; ) Definite 10.


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Awesome story, I love vampire stories... Great job, 10/10 easy

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