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It started about two and a halve years ago when I left my wife. I was sleeping with my cousin’s wife and she started to fall for me. I knew I could not let this happen. I was over at their house one day and her little sister walked in. I was having a discussion with their grandmother about how cute I was, when I told her “see your nanny thinks Im cute”. With out missing a beat she said “I know you are”. Oops, she messed up when she said that.
She use to be the babysitter and was always to young to even think about,(13). Now she was 19 and only 100 pounds 5’3” tall with 32 D’s and a nice shapely ass to mach her petite frame. It had been a while since I saw her but once I did I knew I had to have her.

I started going to clubs and hanging out with all my old friends again, you guys know what I am talking about, and we all were supposed to meet at Chances, a local night club, to spend the evening. She wanted to go but was too young. They didn’t know I knew the owner and when I found out she wanted to come I talked him to saying ok, but we couldn’t give her any alcohol. Every one was there, even my cousin and his wife. When no one was looking Trista “my cousins wife” would rub my cock or give me quick kisses, just little thing like that. Lucy “the sister” said that she wanted a shot of tequila, but was told no cause the door man knew she was under age and was told to keep a watch on her. So Trista suggested that Timmy put the shot in his mouth and than squirt it into her mouth. She did not like him at all, so she than suggested that I do it. That Idea was a little better to her and I didn’t mind it at all, so I did it and that was it.

The next weekend came and we decided to go to Stingers, another club in Corpus Christi. Same crowd went, to my surprise Lucy payed me a lot of attention. She never looked at me this way. Trista could tell my thoughts were not on her tonight. We danced and talked and out of nowhere she said she wanted a shot of tequila. So I bought her one and she said that I would have to give it to her like last time. So with out second thought I ablidged. As I pulled away she kind of leaned forward like she didn’t want me to. I blew it off and went to talk to Trista a little so she didn’t get to mad that I was not paying her any attention. I couldn’t stop thinking about Lucy leaning at me, and my cock started to grow with curiosity. My cousin wanted to go, as it was almost midnight, and had to work the next day. When they asked if I was ready I said “no that I was going to catch a ride with Lucy and Brenda, one of her friends that came along. That made Trista mad. She pleaded that I needed to go with them and I wasn’t about to leave. After a few dances, Lucy wanted another shot so I went and got her one. This time when I went to squirt it in her mouth she almost made me gag when she stuck her tongue in my mouth with all that tequila.

My cock got hard immediately and I could not believe she did that. She was not that type of person. It had been two years since she had been with anybody. Everybody thought she was gay cause she never dated anyone. The club was closing and after a couple of more shot she was in no shape to drive, so Brenda got nominated to drive. On the way home she laid her head in my lap and kissed me gently and seductively till we got to Brenda’s house. We went to the spare room and she laid down on the bed and pulled me down beside her. I was in heaven I thought as she rubbed all over me. She allowed me to unleash those big beautiful breasts. I sucked them and savored and kissed all over her bare upper body. When I went to unbutton her jeans she said no. I got kind of disturbed and obeyed her wish. I thought to myself I just need a little while longer “or more booze”. I was feeling better as it became to be about 4 in the morning she wanted to go home. On the way there she wanted to go to my house, I thought alright, maybe she wasn’t comfortable over there. It was the same story every time I got to close to her jeans and tried to slip my finger onto her tight mound she would tell me know. All I wanted to do was touch her little tight hole. My cock was straining at its end as I felt the first signs of blue balls setting in. my lips were burning and I wanted to taste her young virgin like sweetness. I knew if she would let me lick her pussy it would be all over but the crying. As daylight approached she had to go home and I spent the next twenty minutes trying to relieve some pressure with out hurting my now swollen nuts.

The next night I called her and set up a date just the two of us. We went and ate and watched a movie, and ended up back at my place again. We started fooling around like the night before and finally got to undo her pants. When I touched her soft mound over her smooth panties I felt her body tense as I gently rubbed in a small circular motion. I did not want to rush things cause it had been so long for her. I finally worked my way under her panties and wow, it was soaked. I mean it was like she spilled something on her self. There was not much hair but could tell she had not shaven. The heat being expelled from her now oozing pussy was to much to handle. I withdrew my hand and started to kiss my way down to her love hole, I wanted to lick it so bad I nearly lost my load. I went to pull her wet panties off and out of nowhere she stopped me. Damn it I thought, what was this girl’s problem. I knew she was enjoying by the moans and oohs and awws coming from her mouth. So I just kept kissing her and fingering her throbbing little cunt. Her movements were getting faster her pussy tightening around my finger, I knew she was about to cum. Her body started shaking violently and screams of delight poured from her mouth. I could feel her wetness all over my hand and on the sheets. She calmed down and got up without saying almost anything she got up dressed and left. So there I was stroking my swollen dick again.

A couple of days went by and I didn’t hear anything from her. Maybe she just wanted a man to bring her to orgasm, I didn’t know. Early in the day she called and wanted to know if I wanted to go hang out with her, and I readily accepted her offer. We went to the park and talked about what happened a couple nights before and why she did not let me taste that succulent little flood hole. We grabbed a bite to eat and like the other night ended up back at my place. She came on a little stronger this time and I didn’t know what to make of it. I reached for her jeans and got no resistance undoing them and she pushed them off. The smell of her juices flowing got me wound up. She lifted up and pulled her panties off and threw them to the floor. I remember telling her that all I wanted was a taste and she told me to go if I wanted. I didn’t waste no time. She spread her legs and leaned in taking in a full breath of her seductive aroma. I licked around the edges of her swollen folds and she unleashed a river of the sweetest pussy I ever had. I flicked her clit with my eager tongue and soon I was eating it like crazy.

I worked a finger in and she started circling her hips in unison with my tongue. I felt her body start to shake as I moved in and out of her fuck hole. She started moaning louder and louder, than erupted into a very, very wet orgasm. The taste was sweet and a lot of it. I lapped up all I could before she pulled me up and rolled me over started kissing me on my chest than to my stomach. I felt her grab my throbbing cock as she got comfortable and than I could feel her warm moist mouth wrap around my dickhead. She slowly stroked in rhythm with her mouth. I let out a loud moan when she impelled my cock all the way to the hilt. I loved it and could feel my groin starting to burn. I was going to fill her throat with hot thick liquid. She must of sensed it because she kissed her way back up and straddled me rubbing her hot wet pussy on my shaft. Was she going to give in and let me enter her? She rubbed faster and her wetness grew, she leaned up and shifted a little and I felt the head of throbbing cock slip into the tightest little cunt. She pushed slowly and I slid all the way in. I started fucking her faster and she started breathing louder and heavier. I rolled her over and pushed her legs up beside her head and reinserted my cock pushing it all the way in with long slow thrust. She pulled me in and kissed me deeply, telling me that she wanted me to cum inside her. I started pumping faster with all I had. She started moaning louder and her breathing quickened. I felt her pussy tighten up and knew she was about to cum again. I hoped I could hold out a little longer and bust at the same time. I was on edge, I wanted to cum bad. About that time I felt her tense up and I hollered im Cumming. About the same time she started to shake and shudder like a seizure, her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed to a limp well fucked satisfied woman. I lay beside her touching her and kissing her, caressing her body. We cleaned up and said our good buys and she gave me a long passionate kiss than left.

Its been two years and we are still together. We are talking about maybe having kids and getting married. I don’t know what do you think???

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2012-01-25 08:01:35
ok you should really think hard on how you describe your characters, there is no way a girl can be 5'3 have 32d tits and only be 100lbs she would be as big around as a pencil, which is not attractive

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2009-02-17 18:28:22
fuckin class


2006-05-15 15:59:04
So marry her already


2006-04-09 17:33:52
So people leave comments only because they can't writeanything themselves? Is that what the moron below me said? Well, dickhead, I've been a newspaper reporter and magazine writer all my adult life and I don't mind commenting on stories that I like or not like. But I especially enjoy seeing dim-witted morons like you show the world how stupid you are. Meanwhile, this story isn't the best, but not the worst, either. 6/10


2006-04-08 23:27:45
i thought it was really good, but of course, u ass holes just leave comments caue u cant fucking write.

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