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mom becomes the family slut and likes it
Sharon was sitting at the breakfast table alone, cum slowly dripping from her mouth down on her naked tits. She'd just finished sucking off her two sons before they went to their summer job, her husband left before breakfast.

She was thinking back when it had all started, it was almost four years ago now. They were living in a nice neighbourhood, both had good jobs and they had two wonderful children, two sons. In their earlier days of marriage they had a wonderful sex life, both very interested in experimenting with sex, they had participated in group sex, they both loved cumplays and other more perverse games. When the kids came, the sex life became more subdued, but they still managed to enjoy each other frequently.

She came home from work one day a little earlier than normal and when she entered the house, she heard moaning from upstairs. Immediately she thought something has happened to one of her children, but when she reached the top of the stairs, the moaning was not because someone was in pain, quite the opposite.

The door to her eldest son's room, age 19, was ajar and she sneaked up and almost gasped at the sight. Rob was lying on his bed, a magazine in one hand and with other stroking his hard cock. She had never seen his cock erect, although she had caught glimpses of it when he walked down the corridor naked on his way to the bathroom. It was a beautiful cock, 8 " long and quite thick, but what impressed her most was his balls, they were very large and looking like they could burst. She felt ashamed looking at her son like this, but at the same time she couldn't take her eyes away from the beautiful sight. Rob started to move his hand faster now, his stomach muscles started to flex, he let go of the magazine and with a grunt he came in huge spurts over himself, some of them almost reaching his chest. It looked incredible sexy and Sharon could feel herself getting wet. She turned around and went downstairs, where she hurried to the bathroom, locked the door and rubbed herself to an orgasm, which nearly took her breath away.

While she was recovering, she again felt ashamed, but the sight of her eldest sons hard cock and the cum spurting from it, really turned her on. She remembered in past times, when she and her husband had played games, she had enjoyed teasing him for hours and then see how far he could shoot, her open mouth always ready to receive his cum.

During the dinner that night, she could hardly keep her eyes from her Rob, thinking how he had turned her on, imagining his hard cock.

The next several weeks she tried to get off work earlier and she caught her son jerking off more than once, always enjoying the sight of his spurting cock. Then one day, as she was getting out of the shower, she was greeted by Rob, sitting naked on the toilet, playing with his cock.

"Oh my god," she said, "what are you doing, Get out of here at once."

"I don't think so, "he said smiling," you have enjoyed me so many times looking through my door, now it's my turn to have some fun."

"What are you talking about," she stammered.

"Don't you think I've seen you watching me, the look in your eyes when I cum"

She stood there naked looking at her son playing with his now hard cock.

"What are you going to do," she asked

"Not much, you have to do all the work. I want you to give me a hand job," Rob said.

"Oh no, I couldn't do that, it's both illegal and also immoral."

"Well, how would you like others to find out you're spying on your son while he jerks off", he asked.

"Please, don't tell" she pleaded, "I'll do it."

She fell to her knees and started to fondle his cock. It was soon throbbing in her hand and she started to jerk him off, moving her hand slowly up and down the shaft. After a while Rob started to squirm on the toilet, Sharon picked up the speed and soon he gasped.

"Oh my god, I'm going to cum, this is so good," he panted.

"Yes, cum for mommy, let me see your hot cum," she moaned.

"Oh yes, I'm cumming"

She looked at the purple head of his cock and soon the hot sperm was shooting out from his cock. The first two spurts covered her hands and then she pushed the cock down, so the rest landed on her big tits. He looked in amazement at his mom between his legs, looking lovingly at his cock while it spurted hot cum over her tits.

Sharon milked the last cum from his cock and the started to rub the milky fluid into her skin. She lifted her hand and tasted his cum, looking at him while she did it.

He stared unbelievingly at this; it was beyond his wildest dream, his hot, sexy mom licking his cum from her fingers after having jerked him off.

"This will be our secret," she told Rob, "if you don't tell, maybe we can do it again."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

After this it became a regular thing, she would come home from work and he would be waiting in his room, lying naked with a hard-on, waiting for her. Sometimes she would jerk him off, making him cum all over her tits, at other times she would suck his cock, taking it all in her mouth when he came.

This worked for a while, but eventually she was caught by her husband, when she emerged from Rob's room with her tits all covered in cum.

Phil couldn't believe his own eyes, when he saw Sharon coming from Rob's room, tits hanging out and glistering with cum.

"What the hell is going on here," he asked an almost paralysed Sharon.

"Ahh, well, it's not like you think," she stammered.

"Well, it certainly looks like cum on you tits and coming from our son's room, it does not take a genius to figure out what's happened."

She just stood there with cum dripping from her tits, didn't know what to say.

Then he did something unexpected. He went to her, kissed her on the mouth and started fondling her tits.

"I hope you enjoyed it, it looks like he's cum a lot," he asked her.

Sharon just looked at her husband, couldn't believe what was happening.

"Yes, he came a lot, just like you used to do. He has a wonderful cock."

Phil took her by the arm, led her to the bedroom and undressed. He almost threw her on the bed and spread her legs, then rammed his now throbbing cock in her pussy. They fucked hard, she managed to cum twice before he came in her pussy.

After they had caught their breath, he said:

"I don't mind you fucking and sucking Rob, but I think it's not fair to Peter, he should have the same opportunity to get laid, after all he's only one year younger than Rob."

She just looked at him, could not believe her own ears. She stroked his wet cock:

"Oh, I would love to do that. Makes me all wet again, thinking about all the cocks I can enjoy now."

After a few days, she had managed to seduce the youngest son as well, catching him in the shower.

"Hey mom, what about a little privacy here," Peter had shouted when she entered the bathroom.

"Don't worry, son, I've seen naked men before."

She had started to undress and it had the desired effect. She could see Peter's cock starting to get hard.

"What are you doing, I'm trying to take a shower."

"Yeah, well you better hurry then, I'm next," Sharon said, now naked and fondling her tits.

Peter could not help himself, his cock was now rock hard, and seeing his mom naked was a dream cum true. He'd often stolen a glimpse of her when she changed her clothes, jerking off like a mad afterwards.

He turned off the shower and stepped out.

"Could you please hand me a towel," he asked his mum.

"Yeah, sure, but why don't I dry you off," Sharon asked.

She took a towel from the rack and started to dry his body. He was a quarterback on the local football team and had a great body. When the back was done, she started on the front, noticing with delight Peter's cock was even bigger than Rob's, not much but still enough to notice.

She rubbed his body with the towel and soon reached his cock.

"Ah mom, I think I better do that myself," he said, blushing.

"No, that's all right, I don't mind. It this because of me," she asked teasingly.

"Well yes, I think you have a beautiful body."

"Nice of you to say so, would you like me to help you a little?"

"Please, yes mom," Peter panted.

Sharon took hold of Peter's cock and started rubbing it. She got down to her knees and kissed the forehead of his cock.

"Would you like me to suck your cock?" she asked.

"Oh yes, please suck my cock, mom," he gasped.

"Looks like you haven't cum for a few days, is that so?"

"You know the coach have told us not to jerk off the week before a game," Peter said.

"What an evil man. Well, I'm gonna change that right now."

She took the head of his cock in her mouth and jerked on the shaft with both hands. She started sucking and soon she could feel his legs tremble.

"Are you going to cum soon," she asked.

"Oh yes, but mom, I've been drank a lot of beers last night and I always cum so much after drinking beers."

"That's ok Peter, just give it all to me."

He looked down at his mom; she had his cock in her mouth and was looking up at him. He let out a groan and started to erupt in her mouth.

Sharon felt the first blast hit the back of her mouth and soon her mouth was full of cum, it started to run from the sides of her moth as well, while Peter was pushing his cock into her mouth. After several spurts, she let go of his cock, looked up at him, showing him all his cum in her mouth, she played with her tongue and then swallowed it all. Peter looked with staring eyes down at his mom, his cock now half erect and still dripping cum.

Sharon got up and kissed Peter. At first he was shocked, but the started to kiss her as well, tasting his own cum.

After that day, she fucked and sucked the male members of the family as often as they liked, now it was easier, all knew and they took advantage of her in every situation. When they had dinner, she was often under the table sucking cocks, while the men ate. After dinner they would retreat to the living room, where she rode and sucked their cocks, while they watched TV.

The sons would often fuck her before Phil came home, so more than once he had arrived home just to find her hurrying down the stairs with cum on her face or dripping from her pussy, ready to serve her husband.

When they had the time in the weekends, the sex was more advanced. The men saved their cum for a few days and then they would use her for hours, with a cumbath as the reward.

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Lucky woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lucky men!!!!!!!!!!


2008-03-28 15:29:06
This is such a wonderful story,that's ever more popoular in today's society,having dad encourage their son's to literally,fuck the arse off their mother for him.
He'd be so proud that her son's will fuck her whenever they want,even before and after school or college.
Life dosn't get better than that,having your own sons,getting inside her cunt for you.


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what a great mom my mom helps me out a lot but i have no dad but i keep her busy


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i want a huge cum bath that would be oh so yummy

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