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Huge woman shows me the joys of tasting her juices
This is a true story of a rather large woman I was with on many occasions, she was unique among the women I have had sex with for several reasons, but what most sets her apart was her copious discharges of bodily fluids. Here is a recounting of a night with her when my reactions to her “leaking” body were changing from near disgusting fascination to unbridled desire and lust.

I had originally met this woman on a blind date when some mutual friends decided to set us up. When I first arrived at her apartment, I saw her through a screen door and at that point I nearly turned around and left. This girl was quite obese, she was about 5 ½ feet tall but she weighed around 270 lbs. Most of her weight was in her upper half where she had massive udders mounted on her barrel chest. Although her face was really pretty, she had a double chin and big round cheeks and lips. I resolved to be a nice guy and I tried to enjoy the evening with her. She moved close to me as the evening wore on and something about her stirred me, she has a very sexy aura and it was as if she was casting a spell of lust over me with the oozing sexuality spilling from her.

Eventually, lust overcame reason as I moved to her and kissed her, she responded with extreme excitement and I knew then that I had to fuck this woman and feel her body react to me. That night was mostly straight up missionary fucking, and I learned that her extraordinarily hot pussy was wetter than anything I had ever seen. As I fucked into her fat ass, I could feel fluid seeping down my balls and onto the bed and our organs made sloshing, gurgling sounds as my stiff rod repeatedly pounded into her flesh.

Over the next few weeks, my fascination with this huge sex queen grew into a fetish.

On this night we sat on the couch and watched a game show until she started reaching into my pants to fondle my cock. As soon as she saw, felt, smelled, or tasted my cock, she was immediately transformed into a huge mass of horny flesh. She was soon kneeling before me and sucking my stiffening rod into her fat lips. She worshipped my cock. Fucking her fat cheeks was unlike any oral sex I had ever received, it was so soft, so warm, and so fully enveloping when she sucked. She would grip me between her toungue and cheeks by creating suction that firmly collapsed the inside of her fat cheeks against my throbbing prick and embrace it there as I fucked in and out of that magical hole in her chubby face. I asked her to stop and stand up, she whimpered and complained that she didn’t want to leave my cock, but she eventually did anyway. I stripped as she removed her clothes and then stood naked before me.

A stream of slime was sliding from her wet snatch and oozing down her inner thigh. I rubbed my fingers into it and then made her lick her pussy resin from them. Now I pried into the loose flesh that concealed her oily cunt until I felt the heated source of her juices. As I scooped out some slime with two fingers, a long sticky strand remained connected from her crotch to my fingers. Now, for the first time, I tasted her juices. The slime I sucked from my fingers was slightly salty and slightly sweet, not bad tasting at all. I grabbed her huge ass and pulled her to me so that her breasts hung into my face. I inhaled the large nipple on each of her breasts, and was rewarded by the swelling of two pink knobs in the center of her two inch wide, dark nipples. I tongued one and then sucked on it. Much to my surprise, the nipple released an oily discharge into my lips, it had a slightly bitter taste. I investigated her other nipple and when I squeezed it, it dripped clear fluid out onto her hanging breast. I spread the fluids around her nipple with my fingers and then hungrily sucked it into my mouth. I was becoming overcome with lust for the taste of her fluids. I had never eaten her before, I had always imagined it would be very messy and disgusting, but tonight, I wanted to wallow in her overflowing juicy cunt. I led her into her bedroom and laid her on her back on her bed. We kissed and her slobbering mouth and fat, wet, lips sucked on my face.

I got on my knees and retreated to her warm crotch, she cried and whimpered aloud as she anticipated my next move. I spread her flabby thighs apart and buried my face into her pubic hair, no wetness yet. Then I descended lower and with my hands I spread the warm rolls of flesh that concealed her sex. As I pried her open, her pasty nectar spread in strands to each side of her swollen cuntlips. It was irresistible. I lowered my head with my mouth open and toungue hanging out and buried my face in her copious wetness. My entire face was embraced by sticky cuntlips. I licked and swallowed my way deeper into her wet cavern until I was licking on firm little mounds of flesh that were the inner lips of her vagina. She moaned, squealed, and bucked her huge womanhood into my face. I could not breathe, I was suffocating in the wet embrace of this huge sex organ and I was loving it!

I noisily ate her sloppy entrance until her huge thighs clamped down on my head, I began to hear trickling sounds and I felt wetness emerge from everywhere as a deluge of juices nearly drowned my face. My exhaling breath bubbled it’s way out of our union as I reached up with one hand to catch some of her fluids and loudly lapped, sucked, and swallowed her pussy juice. I arose from her crotch and again, sticky strands of her love potion clung to my face and chin, connecting me to her seeping hole. I picked up her heavy legs and lifted them up against her side, I pinned them beneath my arms so that they would remain spread wide and my dick leapt into her dripping snatch as I descended onto and into her.

She seemed to be continuously orgasming as she sucked her wetness off of my face and I pushed my throbbing prick into her flowing tunnel. After minutes of fucking, she said, “OHH! Listen!” and I heard what she was referring to, it sounded like her cunt was giving me a loud sloppy blowjob as I struggled to press through her fat and deeply into her snug pussy! Now I grabbed a tit in one hand and nibbled and bit onto a swollen nipple. As my orgasm approached, I sucked hard and she squealed as her bitter tit juice flowed into my mouth, she then screamed as our climaxing organs spilled their juices into each other. Her cunt released more slime, which mixed with the sperm spilling from my thrusting pole and flowed out of her and onto the bedsheets. I sucked from her other nipple as the last spurts from my cock spilled inside her.

I could scarcely believe that two humans could eject so much fluid; her ass was soaked, lying in a puddle of her slime and my semen. Our faces glistened with juices and her breasts were covered with an oily film of her discharge.

I would later learn that a hormonal imbalance contributed to this woman’s weight problem, unusual discharges, and incredible sex drive. My fetish for female fluids had begun, and this “leaking” girl, would nourish me and my fetish for years to come.


2011-04-28 09:13:35
it would've been fine if you hadn't referred to the female character's wetness as "slime" - 6/10


2008-01-23 14:44:31
wetter the better!!


2007-07-27 15:29:45
That's knowm as a winter girl to keep you warm during those cold months. I'll have 2 to go please.


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2007-03-10 16:57:16
I would not be caught riding a tooth pick or a tobacco stick

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