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Wife is gets involved in incestuous affair with her husband and his mother
The most frustrating thing about my affair with mom was the huge difference in our sex drives. When she wants it, she is as hot as any woman I’ve known. But her need only grows to the point where she will accommodate me once every 3 or 4 months. I, on the other hand, would be happy to empty my nuts into her 2 or 3 times a day. Thankfully, my wife is there to take care of me in the meantime. This brings me to the next phase of my incestuous exploits which started with my wife growing suspicious over me cheating on her.

I don’t know what clued her in, but she began confronting me and asking questions about some of my nights out of town. Most of the time, I had a perfectly good alibi, “I was staying at mom’s house” and my mother could verify this. Now, I have always been pretty open and honest with my wife, I had long ago disclosed to her that I had lusted after my mother after catching her fucking someone years ago. Her fears of me cheating on her were taking a toll on our relationship, so I decided I might as well tell her part of the truth of what was happening.

I explained “you know how much I love my mother, but you don’t know that I am still very attracted to her sexually, I am jealous of her and don’t want her running off with some old man at this point in her life, I feel that she sometimes needs some close company and I want to be the one that is there for her”. Now came just a little white lie, “To be honest baby, mom needs a man, I have told her how much I have desired her all these years and we have even been making out and petting each other some”. Of course now my wife demanded to know exactly what we had done and other details. I kept on with my mostly true story, “I know mom and I want each other, but we are both struggling with crossing the line into a full blown sexual relationship, Mom also worries about how it may affect you if I were to sleep with her.”

We discussed this topic for several days, my wife’s father had remarried in his last years of life and as a result, nearly all of her inheritance was taken from her. I spoke of how the same would likely happen to mom if we didn’t intervene somehow. My wife had role-played my mother in some of our sex scenarios in the past and she knew of my lust for mom. She was finally convinced that it would be ok but only while she was present, she wanted to be assured that my affections were not being stolen from her. My wife being a bit of an exhibitionist as well as having tasted some pussy herself was convinced that we would give mom a show during our next visit with her and see how she reacted. I was reasonably sure that whether she joined us or not, mom would never tell my wife about the incestuous things we had already done.

A month or so later we arranged a trip to mom’s and enjoyed a routine visit until late that night after we had put the kids to bed. My mother, my wife, and I were sitting in the living room talking as we watched TV. My mother sat in her reclining chair and my wife and I sat opposite her on the couch. After thirty minutes or so, mom began dozing off in her chair, as was her usual custom. My wife asked me if I was sure about carrying on with what we were about to do, and when I gave her my enthusiastic reply, she began stripping off our clothes and tossing them aside. My wife was shaking from fear or excitement as I started loving on her just feet in front of my sleeping mother.

I started by getting her really wet licking around her pussy as she lay with her back on the couch, then I had her climb up on the couch and straddle me and lower herself onto my stiff rod. I was now faced straight towards mom, my wife faced me so that when mom awakened, she would just see my wife from the back. Only then did we begin to make noises, my wife’s big ass slapped against my thighs as she began riding me and her pussy was making slurping sounds as my cock shoved through her wet lips. We both began to moan loudly.

I was watching mom’s reflection on the blank TV screen as she stirred and lifted her head, she looked quizzically at us for a moment and then her eyes flew open and her mouth opened wide as she watched us fuck. She didn’t know I could see her as she raised a hand up and covered her mouth. I silently mouthed the words, “she’s awake!” to my wife. This turned my wife on, and she smiled at me and started lifting herself all the way off of me and then dropping down onto the length of my cock. She leaned into me, kissed me loudly, and bowed her ass up into the air, this gave my dick a new angle to penetrate her and also exposed more of our genitalia to mom’s view. In the close confines of mom’s living room, my wife’s ass was just a few feet from the edge of mom’s chair.

It must have been a sight to see, her son’s hands spread her daughter in law’s plump ass cheeks as she rode up and down on his stiff cock, his hairy balls hanging there as his large member stretched her juicy opening and caused her asshole to pucker out. Next time I looked at mom’s reflection she had a hand on her crotch and had not moved from her chair. She just watched intently as my wife fucked herself silly on my stiff rod. We carried on for a few minutes until I was convinced that mom was over the shock and was responding to the sight she beheld. Then I winked at my wife.

My wife then rested her weight on me, sat up, turned around and looked at mom and said, “I just love your son’s cock!,” she then leaned back and grabbed mom’s hand, “feel how hard it is!” she gently pulled mom’s hand down behind her ass and held it to my shaft as she slowly lifted her snatch towards the head of my dick. I was still watching mom’s reflection, her face showed complete surprise and shock, but she was obviously totally mesmerized by the scene as she slid from her chair and knelt at my feet. I could feel mom’s cold fingers as she tenderly started rubbing up and down my shaft and over the soft, wet skin between my wife’s ass and pussy. “Does it turn you on to see your boy fucking me?” she asked. Mom just nodded her head. “You wouldn’t believe how good it feels to have this prick inside you!” my wife said as she rose off of me and quickly knelt opposite my mom, “and how good it tastes” she said as she took my purple head into her mouth.

She again grabbed one of mom’s hands and wrapped it around my dick, she interlaced their fingers so that each of them were sharing in stroking me as she slurped on the leaking tip of my member. Now, she lifted her head and asked, “you want to taste?” as she aimed my dick towards mom’s face. Mom looked at her incredulously, but then slowly lowered her face and started licking my swollen head! My wife lifted herself and kissed me and asked aloud, “we can share this with her can’t we baby?” I answered in a heavy moan “ohh yeah!” as mom started sucking me in earnest. My wife returned to my crotch to closely watch the fascinating scene of mother eating her son.

The two knelt there, taking turns demonstrating to each other how they could love my swollen prick with their mouths. My wife would lick my nuts and plant gentle kisses to my mother’s face and lips while mom had my cock in her mouth. My wife helped mom to remove her pajamas and caressed her tits. At one point the two kissed and tongued each other’s mouth briefly until I lifted my throbbing cock between their loving mouths.

My wife stood, straddled me with her ass facing me, and spoke, “put his cock inside me”. Mom held me in both hands and pointed my head towards my wife’s cunt, my wife slowly lowered herself as she used her fingers to pry apart her flesh to expose and open her beautiful pussy. Mom watched closely as my shaft pried through my wife’s opening and continued sliding deep inside her. Mom then began fondling my balls with one hand and rubbing over the exposed flesh where my wife and I were joined with the other. My wife was panting, “OH! GOSH!” as she enjoyed the attention of mother and son. After just a dozen or so trips up and down the length of my cock, my wife lifted up until my glistening shaft fell free from her warm embrace, she grabbed my dick by the base and pointed it at mom. Mom engulfed my rod without hesitation and my wife urged her on by grabbing the back of her head and pulling her further onto me. I could see over my wife’s chest as mom excitedly sucked on me while my wife fucked her head onto my dick with both hands. “There, get him good and wet so he can shove it up inside me!” my wife said.

When mom lifted her face, my cockhead was dripping with her saliva. Mom began rubbing it over my wife’s clit. Mom aimed my dick into my wife’s cunt and started thumbing at her swollen clit as my wife descended down my glistening pole. Her hips shook as she lost her breath when my mom began licking and kissing at the union of our bodies. Mom was softly moaning, and although I could not see her now, I felt her tongue lick over my balls and along the base of my cock that was pounding into my wife’s dripping pussy. Moms hands came up and held onto the fat sides of my wife’s hips as she licked hard against the base of my shaft. Each time my wife’s cunt slid far enough down my cock, she was rewarded with the feel of mom’s tongue mashing onto her clit.

My wife sat down hard on my dick and rolled her groin up and forwards to expose her little knub to mom’s tongue. I leaned to the side to try and see mom eating us, most of her face was hidden buried in our crotches, but I could see her closed eyes and her wet nose and upper lip. As my wife stiffened and arched her back I could feel her juices mixed with mom’s saliva begin to flow over my nuts and drip onto the carpet. Her warm cunt began to contract and throb around my cock as her legs came forward and enclosed mom’s head in her flabby thighs. Her orgasm lasted for nearly ten seconds as mom’s muffled cries urged her on.

My wife fell beside me panting and out of breath while mom looked at us, smiled, and kept licking the wetness on my nuts. When my wife had caught her breath she said, “I want to see you guys fuck… I want you to let your son fuck your pussy… OK?” Mom’s only response was to take my rigid dick in her mouth and softly moan. Mom would not answer my wife. After recovering from her orgasm and becoming frustrated with my mother’s silence, my wife slid into the floor and wiggled herself beneath mom’s hanging breasts and lay there fondling them with her head aimed at mom’s belly.

I didn’t need any coaching from here, I could see my wife’s intentions. I grabbed mom’s head in my hands and began sliding myself towards one end of the couch with mom’s head locked onto my dick. This forced mom to leave her kneeling position and move her legs to keep her balance. When she did, she ended up straddling my wife’s head. My wife wasted no time in sliding off mom’s pajama bottoms and panties, she then shifted herself beneath mom and lifted her face to her crotch.

The feel of my wife’s tongue took my mom’s breath away, she closed her eyes, held onto my prick like it was some kind of handle and began rolling her hips around. She was so concentrated on her groin that I had to free my prick from her grasp and slap her cheeks with it to remind her that she was to attend to me too. I tried to stand and fuck her face but it was no use, my wife was eating her so well that she could no longer properly suck. I left my place and re-positioned myself kneeling behind mom’s pale ass. My wife’s hands wrapped around mom’s legs and her hands pulled mom’s asscheeks apart. WOW! What a sight!

Mom’s stretched asshole puckered out and her wet cuntlips were pulled to each side exposing her leaking slit of an opening, my wife’s face was half buried there and occasionally I saw her tongue leave mom’s clit to snake out and taste her wide spread opening. I straddled mom’s ass and knelt down to guide my throbbing knob towards the warmth of mom’s cunt. My wife watched from inches away as my cock pressed easily into my mothers steaming snatch. My dick had grown to beyond its usual erect size, and the way it was bent downward just served to offer up even more of its length to mom’s hungry cunt. I eased deeply into mom’s superheated crevice until my nuts firmly pressed into the stretched mouth of her opening. As soon as my wife returned her attention to her clit, mom started coming, my wife hungrily lapped at her lips and swollen clit while I continued thrusting my entire length deep into her spasming crevice. Soon mom was begging us both to stop, but we were intent on making her suffer through more pleasure.

As I continued to fuck mom deeply from behind, my wife licked my nuts and all over mom’s hairy wet lips. I reached forward and pressed mom’s head downwards into my wife’s crotch. I have no idea if mom had ever eaten pussy before today, but she was going to now, I was determined to see her tasting my wife while she received my firm fucking. I watched as mom first gently licked at my wife’s sex, then, as I continued plowing deep into her, she pressed her wide open mouth firmly into my wife’s crotch and hungrily gnawed into her cunt.

I was thankfull that my dick had gone “cold steel”, and I was able to last this long, but as I watched and fucked into the glorious 69 between these two beautiful women, my passions began growing beyond my control. When I sensed that my own long awaited blast off was growing near, I made the announcement, “OHH MY GOSH! IM JUSSTA BOUT TO CUM!” My two lovers were thrilled to hear this and they both moaned their approval as they sucked and swallowed each others nectar. Their muffled, frantic, squeals and moans grew louder when they heard my next words, “OHH! SHIT! IM GUNNA CUM IN MOMS PUSSY!” I tightly gripped mom’s shoulders as I pressed myself impossibly deep inside her and started squirting thick love-potion out of my cockhead that was pressed hard against some unknown body part deep in her gut.

I don’t think that any of the three of us were prepared for the ferocity of the orgasms that began ripping through our conjoined bodies, it was like a tornado that caught us all unaware and blew us away into a heretofore unknown realm of bliss. My head pounded as I was lost in another world while my body took complete control over me. All of my well conditioned sex muscles contracted strongly in a great throbbing rhythm as they jettisoned my seed as deeply into my mother as possible. I could vaguely make out the sounds of labored gurgling gasps escaping from the mouths of the women as they struggled to eat the offerings of each other and at the same time, get oxygen into their orgasming bodies.

Even as my mind numbing pleasure began to subside, I held my distended member inside it’s ancestral home and continued to relish the warm massage that mother’s cunt was giving me. My “girls” were still gently rocking their hips into each other and continued wetly kissing groins as they caught their breath. Both of their faces glistened with our juices, my wife had my cum seeping out of mom’s pussy and into her face, and mom had the juices of my wife’s very wet pussy lathering up her nose, lips, and chin. The room was filled with the powerful scents of sex.

Those ten or fifteen seconds we shared as we orgasmed together would be a defining moment in our lives. Just like the moments long ago when I first learned lust as I crouched beneath my neighbor’s window, these moments brought profound change to our sexuality. The three of us would be powerless to resist the magnetic attraction of our bodies, and the prospect of this ultimate pleasure keeps us frequently visiting each other. Mom is now like a sister to my wife, and a second wife to me. For each of us, sex without the other two is kind of like masturbating, just something to get us by until we can all join again for the ultimate experience.

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