Getting to know a sweet little girl.
We moved into our new house a little over two years ago. Our neighborhood is in a small town and there really aren’t that many houses around. Everybody has huge yards and all of the neighbors look out for each other. We got to know the people around us pretty quickly and it was easy to build trusting relationships with the families next door. That became evident about six months after we moved in when our neighbors Jim and Rebecca began asking us to babysit their eight year old daughter Aimee. Jim is a Market Analyst for major investment firm in a nearby city and Rebecca is a Pharmaceutical Rep. who spends a lot of time on the road. They both have very successful careers but that leaves them little time to spend together. So, often on the weekends and once in a while during the week we watch Aimee so they can spend some time together.

Aimee is a beautiful young girl. She’s ten years old now an about to start fifth grade when the summer ends. She’s extraordinarily smart and equally funny. She has beautiful auburn hair and big, big brown eyes. She always wears little sun dresses in the summer that show off her slender legs and petite figure. She has the cutest little smile you’ve ever seen outlined by a few light freckles on her cheeks.

When we started babysitting for Aimee it was always a treat to have her around. She brightened up the house and there was never a dull moment when she was there. She is always laughing and giggling but I noticed there was something different about Aimee than other girls her age. Sometimes I would catch her looking at me in a way I can’t even describe. Her eyes looked deep into me and it seemed like she was trying to tell me something but I never knew what. When we first watched her my wife and I were both always there. We would play games and go out for ice cream together, almost as a family. After about the first year the novelty of having Aimee around seemed to wear off for my wife. She seemed to have more housework to do and errands to run when Aimee was around which left the two of us alone much of the time. It was then that my feelings for Aimee changed.

I had never had sexual feelings for young girls before last summer. I had always looked at Aimee like a daughter but something happened one night that made everything change. My wife had gone out to pick up some detergent and Aimee and I were at the house alone. We were out on the deck and I was holding her hand as she walked back and forth along the railing. I heard the phone ring and ran inside to get it telling Aimee to wait until I got back. I was only on the phone for a minute or two but when I hung up to go back outside I heard Aimee scream. I ran out as fast as I could and found Aimee straddling the railing, holding on with both hands in front of her, with tears in her eyes. I knew immediately that she had fallen and it must have hurt pretty bad. I picked her up and carried her inside to the living room. I immediately called her mother while Aimee lay bawling on the couch. I got no answer on her cell phone or Jim’s. My wife still wasn’t back and I had no idea what to do. I picked up Aimee and held her in my arms, trying to console her. I asked her where it hurt and she pointed between her legs. I told her I would be okay and it wouldn’t hurt in a minute. Suddenly she asked me “is it bleeding?” “What!?” I asked her. She said that sometimes mommy gets hurt down there and it bleeds. I told her that was something different but she begged me to look and see. Then to my surprise she leaned back on the couch, lifted her legs in the air and spread them apart, pulled her dress up and pulled her panties to the side. “Is it bleeding?” she said. My jaw dropped as there before me was this sweet, hairless, slightly red and swollen, nine year old pussy. I had never seen anything like it. I couldn’t say anything as I instantly felt my cock begin to swell inside my shorts. I stared for what seemed like an eternity until she said “well, is it?” “ it’s not.” I stuttered. She let her panties go, swung her legs down and pulled down her dress. “Holy shit!” I though to myself. “What just happened?” I had just seen the sweet pussy of a nine year old girl and it totally turned me on. I couldn’t get the picture out of my head. Nor did I want to. “What’s wrong?” Aimee asked as she saw the stupefied look on my face. “Nothing,” I said. “Are you okay?” She had stopped crying but still had a tear on each cheek. I wiped them off just as my wife walked in the door. “What happened?” she asked. I explained the whole thing to her and told her Aimee was okay now. “Well, you two need to be more careful” she said, and continued on to do the laundry. A little later Aimee’s parents picked her up and my wife and I went to bed. That night my wife and I had the best sex we’d had in months. I thought about Aimee the entire time and imagined what it would be like to get inside her sweet virgin pussy. I came in my wife and collapsed on the bed next to my wife. “Wow, what got into you?” she said. I fell asleep and dreamt about Aimee all night.

After that night I couldn’t get the thought of having sex with Aimee out of my head. Now I really couldn’t wait for her to come back over. She acted different now too. The first time she came back I pulled her aside and asked her if she had told her parents that I had seen her privates. She hadn’t told them so I told her it would be better if we kept that between us. She agreed and we went about our normal activities. Later that evening I left Aimee on the couch watching T.V. and went to the kitchen. When I came back she was sitting on the couch with her knees pulled up in front of her and her dress pulled up over them. Suddenly she pulled her dress up and spread her legs exposing her pantiless crotch to me for just a few seconds. She looked me in the eye and giggled. “What are you doing?” I said. “And where are your panties?” “I took them off” she said. “I saw the way you looked at me last time. It’s the way my Daddy looks at Mom before they have play time. Don’t worry, I wont tell anybody you saw between my legs.” “Put those back on before somebody else sees you” I told her. She slid her panties on and plopped down on the couch just before my wife came into the room. My heart was racing as I quickly sat down to hide the growing bulge in my shorts. I was sure she would notice but she just sat down and flipped the channel. That night my wife and I had great sex again. And the whole time I was thinking about Aimee.

Over the next couple of months this became a little game for Aimee. She could tell that I loved seeing her tiny little slit and I never did anything to stop her. Any time we were alone for a second she would flash it at me with a facetious smile. It drove me nuts and she knew it. I always thought about taking the next step and asking if I could touch her there but I didn’t want to freak her out and have her stop letting me see it. So, I settled for that. Over those months my wife and I enjoyed a very active sex life thanks to Aimee. I needed to fuck every night after I saw that little pussy or I felt like I would explode.

Then a few months ago, just after Aimee’s tenth birthday, everything changed again. Rebecca called and said she had a huge favor to ask. Jim was out of town on business and she had unexpectedly been called away to meet with an important client in New York. They would both be out of town for the next three days and needed somebody to watch Aimee. Of course I was more than happy. Especially since my wife was also due to be out of town at her sisters house for the rest of the week. Rebecca dropped Aimee off and told me to call if we needed anything. I, of course, neglected to mention that my wife was out of town.

So, there we were, alone for three days. I was in heaven. We went about our normal things. Aimee seemed to really be showing me her pussy a lot since my wife wasn’t around to catch her. It drove me absolutely insane to be there alone with her, seeing her virgin pussy all day, not being able to touch her. That night I put Aimee to bed and went back downstairs. “Now what?” I thought to myself. My wife was gone so I wouldn’t be getting laid tonight. I was frustrated and went to the living room to find a porno. I threw it in the DVD player and sat back on the couch to pleasure myself the old fashioned way. I watched for a while jerking off and then threw a condom on as I often do while masturbating so I don’t have to worry about making a mess. I blew my load and felt somewhat disappointed. “There’s nothing like the real thing” I thought. I threw out my rubber and headed to bed for the night to dream about Aimee.

The next day we had a great time together. We went to the park down the road for a while and since it was a hot summer day we headed back to the house for a dip in the pool. I love to watch Aimee in the pool. Her swimming suit tightly hugging her perfect young body. We swam for a while and headed into the house for lunch. She went into the bathroom to take off her suit and came back out wrapped only in a towel. “I want you to dry me off” She said. I wasn’t going to tell her no. She walked over to unwrapped her towel and held it out to me in her hand. There, for the first time, I saw her completely naked body in front of me. I almost had a heart attack. My heart was beating so fast and so hard I could hear it in my ears. My cock immediately began to swell and it was obvious through my thin swimming shorts. I took the towel from her and she stood in front of me with both arms up in the air. I dried off her right arm and then her left. I knelt down in front of her and reached around behind her to dry off her back my hands slid the towel down over her firm little ass where I gave an extra squeeze. I brought the towel back around the front and gently dried off her chest and stomach, stopping just below her belly button. I bent over a little further, putting my right hand on her right thigh and my left hand outside of her leg. I slid the towel down her leg and as I looked in front of me there it was. Her naked, hairless pussy was only inches from my face. I almost came right there out of sheer excitement. I repeated the process on her other leg and then leaned back and held the towel out to her. I was shaking and speechless. I had just had my hands all over her sweet body, separated only by a cotton towel. “I saw what you did last night” she said. “What?”“I saw what you did while you were watching your dirty movie last night. Mom and Dad have dirty movies too you know. I’ve watched them” I couldn’t believe it. She had watched me masturbate last night. Shit. And she has seen pornos too?! No wonder she is always showing me her pussy. “I want you to do that to me” she said. “Do what?” “What they do in the movies. I rub myself down there sometimes and it feels good. I want you to rub me.” I was devastated. There she was, standing naked in front of me, asking me to fuck her and I couldn’t do it.”I can’t do that” I said. “I could get in a lot of trouble if I got caught doing things like that to you. I could go to jail.” “You have to” she said.”I’ve wanted you so bad. You have to.”“I can’t.”“Then I’ll tell” she said.”What?”“I’ll tell them you did it anyway and you’ll get in trouble.” She ran to the garbage can and pulled out my cum filled condom from last night.”I want you to come in me” she said.”And if you wont I’ll rub this cum on my pussy and tell them you did it!” Holy shit. I was being blackmailed by a ten year old who could put me in prison. I knew then that I was about to experience something unlike anything else in the world.”You really want me to do those things to you?” I said.”Please” she begged.”I love you. I want you to fuck me!” “Unbelievable” I thought. I couldn’t believe this was going to happen. Everything that I had dreamed and fantasized about was going to happen right now. I went over to Aimee and knelt down in front of her. I reached out and pulled her naked little body against my bare chest and gave her a long passionate kiss. Our lips met and almost immediately her tongue reached out to meet mine. I have no idea how a ten year old girl knew how to kiss like that. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I layed her down on her back on my bed and leaned down over the top of her. I began to gently kiss her neck moving slowly down to her chest. Her skin was as soft as silk sheets. I carefully licked each of her little budding nipples. Taking them into my mouth one at a time and swirling my tongue around them. I felt her begin to squirm under me and she let out a soft moan. I continued down her chest to her smooth little belly kissing her softly all the way down. Moving slowly wanting to memorize every inch of her body. I continued cautiously, moving closer and closer to her sweet little cunny. I stood up for a moment just to admire the beautiful little girl laying before me. I reached down and put a hand under each leg behind her knees. I lifted her knees up and slowly parted her legs to expose her pussy. I knelt down next to the bed and slid her to the edge. My mouth was watering just thinking about tasting her sweetness. I pushed her legs a little further apart and leaned in to kiss her inner thighs. First her left, then her right. Each time I could feel a shiver run through her body. The time was here. I leaned down and pressed my lips gently against the folds of her hairless pussy. I kissed her there a few times and then gently slid my tongue between the moist folds of her little slit. I will never forget the aroma and the taste of that sweet young pussy. As I pressed my tongue into her she began to squirm.”Oh yes, that feels so good” she moaned.”It’s so much better than when I rub myself. Your tongue feels so hot in my little pussy.” I continued to work my tongue into her tight virgin slit. She began moaning and breathing heavily. I worked my way up closer to the top of her slit. I slid my tongue over her swollen little clit and she let out a gasp.”Oh, please don’t stop” she moaned. I worked my tongue around and around inside of her lovehole while she gyrated underneath me. I reached up and slid my pinkie about an inch into her tight hole and she bucked down on it.”Oh yes, put your fingers in me.” The juices in her pussy were really starting to flow. She was breathing heavier and heavier. I could tell she was about to come. She reached down and grabbed my hair pulling me down harder on her wet pussy. She moaned and began to convulse as I sucked her little clit into my mouth. “Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Yes!” Her body spasmed and then lay still with my mouth still covering her slit. I was so fucking hard I had to get those shorts off. I stood up and dropped my shorts and almost by instinct she sat up and grabbed my rigid cock. She looked up at me and leaned forward to put the tip of my cock against her lips. She slid her hands up and down the shaft of my prick as she licked around the head with her tiny tongue. I moaned in ecstasy as she tried to swallow the head of my cock. Her little mouth was so hot I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much. She worked the tip of my member and I felt the cum swelling up inside me. “I’m gonna cum” I said. She didn’t budge. I shot rope after rope of hot cum into her little virgin mouth. She tried to swallow it but couldn’t keep up. White cum was pouring out the sides of her mouth as she continued to suck me off. I had never felt like this before. I had just shot my hot load in her mouth but I was nowhere near done. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she reached up to wipe my hot cum from her chin and face. “That tastes so good !” she said.”I want you to fuck me, please fuck my pussy. I don’t want to be a virgin anymore.” She layed back on the bed and naturally spread her legs for me. She then stuck a finger in her pussy, something I had never seen her do before. She pulled her finger out and said “please put your dick in me.” “You know this is going to hurt” I said.”I don’t care, please just put it in me” she begged. My dick was still hard as a rock. I looked down at her and couldn’t believe that I was about to take her cherry. I pulled her close to the edge of the bed again and leaned in toward her. We were both well lubricated already so I gently touched the tip of my cock to her little slit. I rubber the tip of my cock up and down her slit savoring every moment.”Please put it in” she moaned. I lowered my cock to the base of her slit and gently pressed into her. I gave my cock a shake as it penetrated the outer folds of her pussy. I looked down and saw the tip of my cock pressed between the tiny folds of her little pussy and almost blew my load right there. I pressed a little harder watching as the head of my cock disappeared into her tight little hole. She let out a little moan as the tip of my cock met with her hymen. “Are you ready?”I asked. “Yes, please do it!” With a firm thrust I felt my cock explode through her hymen into the unexplored depths of her love hole. She let out a little scream and her legs squeezed me tightly as I felt her entire body tense up. She was biting her lip and I saw a tear welling up in each of her eyes. I leaned forward as she took a deep breath and kissed away each of her tears. Then I pressed my lips against hers and we kissed passionately as my hard cock lay trapped inside her vise gripped pussy. She began to rock her hips back and forth as the pain subsided. I stood up again and partially withdrew my cock. I pressed into her and watched it disappear inside again. This time she let out a little moan and began to rock her hips again. I began to slowly withdraw my cock from her little pussy and slide it back in again. I had never felt anything so tight in my entire life. I was loving it. I began to pick up the pace watching my dick slide in and out of her little hole. She was really getting into it. Rocking her hips back and forth to meet my thrusts. She was breathing heavily again and letting out little moans. I could tell this wasn’t going to last long for either of us. I reached down and pressed my thumb against her clit and began to rub as I thrusted into her. Her body began to convulse as she was about to orgasm. She screamed and started to cum on my dick. I felt her little pussy squeezing even harder now as the wave of orgasm passed over her. I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot my load deep into her little pussy. I came and came inside her and filled her up as she came on my dick. When our orgasms were over I collapsed on the bed and rolled her on top of me. We layed there in silence, with my dick still in her pussy, for at least ten minutes. Our naked bodies pressed up against each other. She looked up and gave me a kiss.”Aren’t you glad we did that” she said. “Hell yes!” I replied. “ I love having you inside me, can we do this again?”“We can do this anytime you want” I told her.

We had sex twice more that day. She slept in my bed that night wrapped in my arms. The next day was a repeat of the last. We have since become steady sex partners. She sneaks over anytime my wife is gone for a long love making session. I feel like I am the luckiest man alive to have this ten year old nympho living right next door. I look forward to continuing our relationship long into the future.

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Good story, age wasn't to my taste but good nonetheless. As someone previously stated that long wall of words was killer on the eyes, should use more paragraphs and what-not. Also to the people saying hes sick and deserves to go to prison or die? This is a story, 's not like he actually did do this to a ten year-old girl. If it were true then he should definitely die or go to prison much like the other commenters admitting to this sort of foul thing.

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