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At 13 years old, Rachel was a striking young girl. Her slightly longer then shoulder length bleach blond hair contrasted beautifully with her perfectly tanned skin. Standing 5’ 7” tall, her 110 pound body was athletically toned. Imagine a 25 year old female fitness model on a 13 year old body; muscular arms, v-shaped torso attached to a tiny waist, flat tummy, muscular thighs and perfectly toned calves. Her body was toned to perfection through a combination of gymnastics, cheerleading, and hours of work on her trampoline since she was 7 years old.

Rachel was my daughter Lynn’s best friend. The two were inseparable. If Lynn wasn't spending the weekend at Rachel’s then Rachel would undoubtedly be spending the weekend at our house. My wife and I enjoyed her company and she was a well-behaved young lady. She was such a common fixture in our house, she sometimes seemed like part of our family.

Little did Rachel know my secret. I wanted to fuck her from the moment I saw her. Although it certainly was not intentional, Rachel liked to flirt and she had a very sexual aura about her. If she wasn’t dressed in her usual tight jeans, she could be found it a tight white tank top and very short athletic shorts; shorts usually high enough that I was able to see the point where her toned hamstrings transitioned to her tight glute muscles. Just looking at her incredible young body would make any man lust after her.

Although I certainly never thought I would act on my desire, Rachel unknowingly did something a couple months ago to change that. It was a Saturday afternoon. Rachel and Lynn had been jumping on our trampoline. Both girls walked in the house for some bottled water and decided to rest on the couch. Rachel plopped herself on the other side of our sectional sofa and leaned back as if to exaggerate her exhaustion.

As she did, her legs were spread open and the right side of her shorts happened to be in a position I could see straight under the material. I could not help but notice and as I looked, my heart stopped beating. Rachel wasn’t wearing any panties and her young pussy was clearly visible. Her pubic hair was a sexy mixture of light brown and blonde hair and her young pussy lips beckoned to be kissed. My cock became rock-hard immediately.

I am certain Rachel didn’t realize she was exposing herself to me but nonetheless, a dark voice inside me was trying to convince me otherwise. I fought the urge to tear her shorts down her legs and shove my face between her legs and teach this young girl a lesson about teasing men. I quickly dismissed the idea and turned my attention back to the television.

After seeing her pussy, I was no longer able to look at her the same. She became an object of my secret desires and twisted fantasies, so much so I had discussed my desires for her with my daughter Lynn.

While this may seem strange, Lynn and I had become incestuous lovers almost 6 months ago. Lynn was a nymphomaniac; she absolutely loved to be fucked and fucked often. She loved the feeling of a cock buried deep inside her pussy and I made sure I fucked her as often as I could. Lynn loved cock so much I had arranged a gang-bang with her and four of my friends from work. The more cum Lynn had inside her naughty little cunt, the happier she was. The happier she was, the more she fucked me so I made sure to do what I could to feed this twisted cycle of lust and desire.

Lynn knew how bad I wanted to fuck her friend but had repeatedly warned me that Rachel was a virgin and was not interested in sex. She also warned me she believed Rachel would report me if I tried anything. I had almost given up any real hope of ever experiencing the pleasure of feeling her young body against mine until last weekend.

Lynn and Rachel were scheduled to compete in a regional cheerleading competition in Los Angeles. Originally, my wife was supposed to take the girls to the two-day event. However, at the last minute, she was called away on a weekend business emergency so I was left to take the girls.

My wife had made the motel reservation weeks ago and I discovered there were no other rooms available when I called to reserve myself a separate room. I would have to share a room with the girls, certainly not the worst thing to have to bear. We left Friday afternoon for LA and checked into the room around 8:30 P.M. The first evening was uneventful and the girls went to sleep early since we had to be at the Anaheim Convention Center at 7 A.M.

The first round of competition was finished by 3:00 P.M. Saturday so we had the afternoon and evening free. After the girls showered, the three of us went to Dave and Buster’s for dinner. After dinner, the girls played games for about an hour.

On the way back to the room, I told the girls I was going to stop at a liquor store and buy myself some Crown Royal and Coke. I joked with the girls and asked them what they wanted. To my surprise, Rachel said she wanted some Bacardi Silver.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

The girls giggled as Rachel answered, “Yeah, I’ve drank before!”

“I’m sure your parents would be real happy if I did” I answered.

Rachel immediately replied with a devilsih grin on her stunning face, “I won’t tell if you don’t!”

I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not but I decided to take a chance. Once inside the liquor store, I grabbed a bottle of Crown Royal, a 2-Litre of Coke, a bottle of Bacardi Rum and 7-Up for Lynn and 6-pack of Bacardi Silver for Rachel.

Once we got back to the room, I sat the alcohol on the small refrigerator and poured myself a drink. Lynn mixed herself a drink and turned on the television. Neither of us said anything to Rachel but I could see her eyeing the alcohol as we watched TV.

“Rachel, grab one if you want. Like you said, ‘I won’t tell if you don’t’ hunni!” I told her.

The three of us remained in the room for the remainder of the evening, polishing off our drinks and eating junk food. I could tell Rachel was getting drunk. She was getting really giggly and I could tell her usually graceful movements were affected by the alcohol.

Lynn was passed out by 9 P.M., sprawled across one of the two double beds in the room. Rachel continued to watch TV as I surfed the internet on my laptop computer.

Around 9:30, Rachel tossed the remote control on my bed and stood to walk to the bathroom. “I’m gonna change for bed!” she proclaimed.

I answered with a simple “Okay.”

Moments later, Rachel emerged from the bathroom wearing an over-sized white football jersey. Her red thong was clearly visible through the jersey as she walked passed the television. She had removed the pony-tail from her hair allowing her blond locks to hang free below her shoulders.

Rachel walked to the bed she was sharing with Lynn and laid down.

“Good night…I’m beat” Rachel proclaimed.

“Night hunni!” I replied.

I continued to surf the internet as I waited for Rachel to fall asleep. It didn’t take long as her mind quickly drifted off, certainly accelerated by the alcohol in her system.

By 10 P.M., Rachel was fast asleep. She had passed out on her stomach, her left arm on the pillow above her head, her head turned towards the area between the two double beds. I stood over her and soaked in her beauty for a moment. Her jersey was pulled up exposing a good ¾ of her slender legs.

I removed my t-shirt and shorts. Now dressed in only my underwear, I was ready to make my move. Rachel was no longer a young girl to me. My desire allowed me to only see her as a sexual object; an object I would now violate.

I crawled onto the bed and placed my entire body over Rachel’s. Slowly, I lowered myself onto her, my chest pressed against her back. As I came to rest on her, I made sure my cock rested squarely between her young, plump ass cheeks, separated only by my underwear and her shirt. Rachel stirred beneath me as she felt my 180lbs pressing against her. She woke disoriented and confused. Rachel tried to sit up but couldn’t.

I placed my face next to hers as I put my hand over her mouth, “Shhhhhhh” I whispered, “Don’t say a word Rachel!”

As I was whispering into her hear, my hips were gyrating back and forth, dry humping her ass cheeks. My cock throbbed with anticipation.

Rachel was still confused as the alcohol and the fact she’d been startled awake clouded her ability to focus.

I took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of her hair and skin. Slowly, I began sensually kissing her neck and the top of her shoulders as I pressed my body into hers.

That’s when Rachel realized what was happening. I felt her body tense as she tried to push me off her. She tried to scream but my hand was pressed tightly over her mouth. Rachel began to panic and struggled to get free. As she did, I worked my free hand over her shoulder and around her neck, grasping her throat in my hand. Once the vice-like grip found its’ target, I whispered, “Stop fighting or I’ll kill you!”

Rachel was unable to breathe as a feeling of ice-cold terror swept through her body. She trembled uncontrollably and struggled to breath. Her face was wrought with fear and she began to cry, a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“Just relax and be quiet and I won’t hurt you!” I whispered. “Do you understand?”

Rachel shook her head yes.

“I’m gonna move my hands. Will you be quiet?”

Again, she shook her head yes. As she did, I slowly released my grip from her throat and moved my hand from her mouth.

Frightened, Rachel asked between sobs, “W-w-w-h-h-a-a-a-t are, are you do- doing?”

“I won’t hurt you Rachel, I promise. Just relax!” I replied.

As I spoke, I continued to grind my hips into her back-side. I felt the damp feeling of my pre-cum against my leg as I grinded into her ass.

I could sense Rachel’s fear; her breathing was heavy and her body shuddered beneath me.

I reached down Rachel’s side until my hand found the bottom of her jersey. Grasping the cloth in my hand, I pulled the jersey up her body. Much of the material was trapped underneath her so pulling it up was difficult with her body weight and mine pressing into the mattress.

I wasn’t able to move the jersey up as far as I’d have liked so I was forced to use my other hand. Violently I pulled hard enough to force the bottom of her jersey above her ass to the small of her back. I felt the wad of material against my stomach as I continued to blanket her body with mine.

Rachel continued to sob as I worked to expose her body.

My mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. Every action was directed toward attaining that goal. My face was still pressed against the side of hers allowing me to smell her sweet scent as I inhaled. Her wonderful aroma was exhilarating, a combination of her vanilla body wash, soap, shampoo, and a hint of her perfume.

My cock ached as it pressed against my shorts. I quickly worked my hands to the top of elastic band of my shorts and worked them down my thighs. As I did, I felt my cock fall against the back of Rachel’s leg, immediately soaking her skin with my pre-cum. Her skin felt so soft and sensual.

“Noooo….please” she begged softly. “Please don’t do this”

“Shhhh hunni” I whispered, feeling my voice quiver with eager anticipation.

The only thing remaining between my cock and her innocence was the small swath of cloth of her thong that covered her pussy. I wasted no time sliding my hand between her body and mine until my fingers found the thong. I then slid my fingers under the cloth and used this material as a road map to her pussy. My hand slowly crept between her plump ass cheeks along her thong. Once I reached what I guessed was her tiny cunt opening, I pulled the material outward away from her body and to the side, leaving her exposed.

As I held the material to the side, I lifted my hips higher and slid my other hand between our bodies until I found my throbbing my cock. Wrapping my hand around my thick 7 ½ inch shaft, I pointed the tip towards Rachel’s ass and lowered myself onto her. As my cock made contact with her young skin, she again begged, “Please don’t do this….pleeease!!!”

“Relax Rachel….it won’t hurt, I promise!” I whispered.

Not being able to see, I maneuvered my cock up and down and pressed into Rachel, probing for her tight virgin opening. My cock continued to explore, pressing into Rachel. Unable to find her opening, I began to use my finger, starting at her clit and tracing backwards between her soft lips until I found her tight hole. Using my finger as a reference, I pressed my cock into her.

Rachel was tight and I had a difficult time even getting the head of my shaft inside her. My cock was covered with my own slick pre-cum. Pressing into her harder, I felt her tight pussy give way as my cock plunged partially into her.

Rachel screamed, partly out of fear and partly out of pain. I felt the end of my cock stop as it reached her thin hymen. I placed my hand over her mouth once again knowing more screams were forthcoming.

I tensed my ass muscles and pushed hard with my hips, tearing her thin membrane as my cock plunged deep inside her.

Rachel let out a deep pain-filled groan; a groan muffled by my hand.

I remained motionless for a moment. My cock was buried all the way inside her tight young cunt and my balls rested against her ass. Her pussy felt like my cock was inside a very thick, fluffy sleeve of soft cloth. Just being inside her almost made me cum and I had to take a few breaths to regain my composure.

“Relax Rachel, the worst part is over” I said, reassuring my young victim.

Rachel sobbed harder as I slowly began to pump my cock in her tight hole. Her legs were closed tightly which only worked in my advantage by making her feel extra tight. My throat was filled with lust; lust that made it hard for me to swallow.

As I began fucking Rachel, ravaging her tiny pussy, I raised my upper body and looked down toward her ass. As I withdrew my cock slowly, I saw my shaft covered with thin streaks of blood; blood certainly caused from her broken hymen.

I plunged my shaft harder and harder into her. With each powerful stroke, I heard Rachel grunting in anguish, my thick cock stretching her young body to its limit.

My goal was simple. I didn’t care about Rachel’s innocence or her pleasure. My goal was to fuck her hard and to cum inside her. I lowered my upper body and slid my arms under her arms and worked them between the front of her shoulders and the bedspread. Pushing them forward, I turned my hands upward and grabbed her shoulders. Using my hands on her shoulders from beneath her as leverage, I began to slam my body into hers. With each stroke deep inside her, I pulled down on her shoulders, causing her body to move below me to meet my thrusts. I pumped into Rachel, harder and faster, feeling my cock begin swell. Rachel continued to grunt in despair as I violated her cunt.

I felt my cock throb one last time as I exploded inside Rachel. My sticky cum coated her insides as I continued to pump her to the rhythm of my orgasm. Wave after wave of cum drained into her tiny hole.

I grunted in ecstasy as I came. As my cock grew sensitive, I gradually slowed the pace of my assault inside her until I finally came to rest once again.

I felt my heart pounding as I caught my breath.

Rachel remained motionless, crying hysterically.

I stroked her hair as I spoke, “It wasn’t that bad was it Rachel?”

Rachel didn’t respond. As I withdrew my cock and rolled off of her, leaving her between me and Lynn, Rachel drew her legs to her chest in an attempt to cover herself.

“Don’t breathe a word of this to anyone Rachel!” I said sternly.

Rachel didn't answer.

The room was silent until Lynn's words broke the silence, “How was she daddy?”

“Oh baby, her pussy was so tight!” I answered.

“I’m glad you liked it daddy!”

Rachel spoke between sobs, “You knew about this Lynn?”

“Yep” Lynn answered, “and you won’t say a word to anyone. He knows about our little drug stash and if you say anything to anyone, I’ll deny anything happened Rachel! It's our word against yours!"

“But Lynn…I don’t….” Rachel began.

Lynn interrupted her best friend, “Shhh. The first time always hurts the most. It gets better Rachel and next time, daddy will make sure you cum!”

- The End -

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2013-09-21 22:40:17
What is with all the racist stuff? And the death threats? Like you will ever find the author. I would laugh if it was your mother or sister! would you still tell your homies to "put a cap in them"?

Most of all, learn to spell., Spellchecker is their for a reason! Use it.

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2011-12-14 05:22:12
It's fantasy. Daddy should a have been Jerry Sandusky

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2011-09-20 05:53:48
A real fucking hot storie. I unloaded a gallon of cum on this one. Love stories about underage rape of hot little sluts. Lynn and her daddy can now pass Rachels young ass back and forth and have a great time using her cunt, mouth and ass hole. Wright more, much more.

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2010-08-16 00:23:49
Excellent! I'm so glad you didn't write it where the rape victim gets off on it or enjoys it. This is much more realistic.


2010-05-24 18:05:40
Good Story as long as it is Fantasy

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