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My Intro To Real Bondage - F/m

Preface: I am a heterosexual male who is a bit older than 55 and on my second marriage. Both of us are previously widowed. As we have gotten older, there is now less sex in our lives, so I started looking at pornography on the Internet about two years ago. I found I was really turned on by the bondage I found there, and downloaded lots of pictures and stories. Unfortunately for me, she found all of this on my computer about a year ago, and in discussed, she wanted a divorce. After much pleading on my part, she agreed we could stay married, if I agreed to the following 4 conditions, which I had to put into writing and sign. She explained that this was her form of payback for my earlier indiscretions.

1 I must devise self bondage that pleases her.
2 I must perform it for her, whenever she requests it. See times below.
3 I must continue to think up new things to do to myself, just to please her.
4 I am to be available any weekend, from after work on Friday, to midnight Sunday.
5 She is allowed to have male company, during the above times. This was an addition by her several months later.

Warning: Some of this is true, some is fantasy. Some situations have been tried, and some have not. If you attempt any scenario, you should be very careful to not permanently hurt yourself or your partner. There is a fine line between "good pain" and "bad pain."

Explanation: Several times I could have freed myself from a scenario, before she learned how to secure me with better knots. Either I was afraid she would divorce me, OR I enjoyed what she was doing. You can decide that for yourself.
Chapter 1 -- "You don't need a hard on"

She decided right from the beginning that I no longer needed to have a hard on, and if I were to be caught with one, she assured me I would be punished. That was easy for me to do until one night when I was on the computer looking at porn after she had gone to bed. She managed to get into the spare room where I have the computer set up without me noticing her. The pictures I was downloading was taking all of my attention. She reached around from behind me, grabbed my hard cock thru my shorts, and screamed that she had finally caught me.

For punishment that weekend, she told me I was to tie myself on my back, naked and spread eagle on the bed, where she would take care of my wish to have a hard on. With some worry, I picked up a 100 foot length of 5/8" polyester rope from the local hardware store. This I could cut it into the lengths I needed and it was soft and had just the right amount of stretch. Her bed is a huge Victorian four poster that her parents had given to her. When Friday evening arrived, I cut 4 lengths of rope that would reach from where my wrists and ankles would be, then around the posts and under the bed to the opposite corner post, where she could tie the ends. After undressing and taking a shower, I placed 2 over stuffed pillows under where my rear end would be on the bed, as she had instructed. Tying a rope to each ankle, I laid down with my ass on the pillows, secured my wrists to the two remaining ropes I had previous place under the bed and waited.

I must have drifted off to sleep as the next thing I knew, she was shaking my shoulder and I realized she had already securely tied off the ends of the ropes to the opposite corner bed posts. She had also undressed and had put on one of the bright red shear night gowns I had purchased for her when we were first married 14 years ago. She still has a trim body and nice tits for a 50 year old lady. I could see as the front of the gown was opened slightly, that she was not wearing panties. I also think she had freshly trimmed her bush as her pussy looked delicious. It also appeared to be quite damp, as if she had just fingered herself. All of this took only a few seconds and already my cock was coming to attention. She quickly reminded me that a hard cock was NOT what I was going to keep this weekend, and she wanted me to remember how she looked. With that remark, she laid a towel over my eyes.

From what I could tell from the feeling, she then wrapped a terry cloth hand towel around my cock and balls. I could feel my cock starting to rise, but having lost my sight sense, I was completely surprised by what happened next. She did warn me by saying, "This ice will take care of THAT thing!" as she quickly placed two Ziplock bags of ice cubes on either side of my cock and balls. "That towel will protect your skin from freezing, but be assured, you are going to experience great discomfort this weekend, as I still have most of the 5 - 10# bags of ice I purchased, still in the freezer. You are going to melt all of it before this weekend is over!" she continued. "And just to remind you of what else your missing, I have another surprise for you."

I felt the bed move, and realized she had climbed on, and up by my head. "I know you can’t see, but you can smell, so enjoy this while you think about your DAM porn pictures!" With that remark, she straddled my face and rubbed her wet cunt over my nose and mouth. To quickly for me to enjoy the situation, she jumped off the bed and repositioned the ice bags to be both under my cock and balls as well as on top. All of this had taken less that a minute and now I started to feel the cold on my genitals. My cock was retreating faster then the French Army ever did. "I’ll be back every hour or so to refresh the ice and perhaps your sense of smell, so don’t go any where," she snarled. It was not a fun weekend, at least for me, as the ice lasted to Saturday evening. Because I was not allowed to use the bathroom, I soiled the bed. She made me wash the sheets and mattress cover and remake the bed, but she was annoyed and told me that I was no longer allowed in her bed.


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