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Chapter 2 -- "A self generated Golden Shower"

Several weeks later she was to have a free week end and instructed me to invent a bondage and humiliation performance to please her. I decided on a variation of a "Golden Shower" I had seen on the Internet. I placed a 10" wide board in the bath tub with one end on the ledge under the faucets and the other end in the tub. This held the board at a down angle away from the faucets. Next I tied a double slip knot in a rope that she could place on my wrists and tighten. I also tied a rope around my ankles, such that when I was lying on the board, with my butt up to the wall and under the water spout, my feet could be pulled up to, and tied to the shower head.

Next I inserted my penis into a length of plastic hose and secured the hose to my body with several short pieces of duct tape. The hose was of a length that the lower end was held over my face. I called her to come into the bathroom and asked her to secure the rope tied to my ankles, to the shower head. After she tied my wrists together under the board, I asked that she start giving me warm water to drink at regular intervals so that I would eventually need to relieve myself. She quickly figured out my predicament and held my nose to force me to drink. She warned me that any attempt to NOT do as she wished would violate our written agreement. Ever 15 minutes or so, she returned to feed me additional water thru out the evening.

"I want you to call me anytime you need to relieve yourself," she said, "as I want to see you pee on your face." She had closed the drain to prevent me from cheating. Several times during the evening, she decided I MUST leave my mouth wide open while I urinated. She did allow me to spit out the pee, once each time. She seemed pleased with my awkward situation as she was giggling most of the time she watched. I think she is getting ideas from the pictures or stories on my computer, as she entered the bathroom after the late news, completely naked and one of her cooking funnels in her hand. "I’m ready for bed, but now I need to pee myself." Saying that, she steps into the tub, places the funnel into my mouth and squats over my face. "There's no spitting this time, as you need to know how I've felt every time you've made me swallow your cum." Cascades of her warm pee spray from her twat, most of it hitting the funnel and down my throat, as I swallow as fast as I can.

After she went to bed, I must have drifted in and out of sleep between the times my bowels decided to relieve themselves. Mostly I managed to get my mouth closed in time before drinking much pee. About an hour later the thought occurred to me that when I urinated for about the umpteenth time, that I must be recycling her pee onto my face. It seems she wasn’t done with me yet though, as she had set her alarm for 2 AM. Coming into the bathroom quietly, she turned on the cold water which ran onto my cock and balls, causing me to released what seem like another gallon of pee on my face as I half woke up spitting. After an extremely humiliating night, she released my wrist ropes around 10 AM Saturday morning, with instructions to clean up the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took a long shower, she must have had enough fun by then.
Chapter 3 -- "You will say "Yes, Mistress" or else"

Unable to catch me with a hard on, to punish me, she decided I should now only answer her with "Yes, Mistress" or "No, Mistress." For each time I don’t, she will be able to punish me with a sharp crack on my bare ass with a ping pong paddle that she insisted I purchase. After two weeks she claimed I have failed to respond correctly 79 times and this Friday it was time for my punishment spanking. Knowing I would never stand still for her that long, she sends me to the cellar with instructions to first strip and then attach ropes to each wrist. The ends of these ropes are to go over the main carrying beam of the house, and are to be as far apart as possible. Arriving in the cellar about an hour later, (she enjoys having me wait, so I can think about what she will be doing to me) she ties off the ends of my wrist ropes to the center support post.

However, as the beam is low, I am still able to move around too much to suit her. She is learning fast, and retrieving 2 additional ropes, she ties one to each of my ankles, and has me spread my feet as far apart as possible, securing them to the beam support posts on either side of me. I am now standing "spread eagle" with both my wrists and ankles spread 4 feet or more apart and am unable to move my rear end more that a few inches. Again, just to make me wait and think about what she is going to do to me, she tells me she is going up stairs to retrieve the ping pong paddle, and three other items. Three OTHER items, what the hell is she planning now? More things to think about.

Returning to the cellar more than an hour later, she says it's now time for me to receive my punishment for my 200 "Yes, Mistress" mistakes. I attempt to remind her that she said it was only 79, and she responds with, "If your not quite, it will be 500." The worst part of the paddling punishment is the anticipation of when is the next strike. First she administers 20 cracks with the paddle, 10 on each cheek, as fast and as hard as she can. Next she continued with a completely random rhythm, waiting some times 30 seconds before the next hit. She also randomly decided which cheek to slap. At least she didn't make me count them. I have read about doing this, and if I were to loose count, the count starts over again.

At what must be 100 counts she stops. By now both of my cheeks are cherry red and stinging like crazy. "How does you ass feel now, does it sting yet?" she asked. Not to give in to her, I unfortunately decide to say nothing. "Well," she continues, "it should sting by now, but seeing that it doesn't, perhaps this will help." Behind my back she puts on a pair of rubber glove, picks up a knife and cuts in half the third item she brought down with her. "I hope you enjoy this. It's way too hot to put into a salad, so I saved it just for my enjoyment tonight!" With that she rubs both of my ass cheeks with the cut sides of a "Jalapeno Pepper."

I don't remember much after that, except I think I instantly emptied my bladder on the floor. I also don't remember if she continued with the other 100 paddles or not. Around 10 on Saturday morning she arrived in the cellar with a bucket and a scrub brush and instructed me to clean up the mess I had made on the floor. I started to complain that my rear was too sore to do that. "Get on your knees and get busy with that brush, or I'll have you licking it clean with your tongue," she snapped, and then added, "and it's "Yes, Mistress" so that's 1 for next time!" It was several day before I could sit down for more than a few minutes at any one time.


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i love the domination of this female women. I can't wait to read the others


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