An angel appears out of nowhere
It was one of those hot, sticky February nights and you awaken suddenly, knowing something is not quite right. You can feel a presence somewhere in the room. Not knowing how you know when all is silent around you, but then just faintly there is someone breathing. A whisper, just a small breathy sigh 'Barney'. You listen harder wondering if its your imagination or did someone, a woman, just say you name. You wait want to hear the whisper again....

'Barney'. Now you know you werent hearing things. Through the moonlit room you see what can only be described as a vision. Something so real that you are not sure whether you are dreaming or not, gliding towards the bed, she whispers your name again in that sighing, almost breathy sound. You ask 'who are you?' The vision replies 'Just a figment of your imagination.' She reaches the bed and for the first time you see her face, her body sheathed in white. She looked like a virgin....

except for the look in her eyes which were filled with lust and wanting. Knowing this woman needs you and wants you gives you a heady sense of power almost invincible feeling. You swing your legs over the side of the bed and sit on the edge reaching for her arm, its covered in a filmy material that is as light as a feather. Running your fingers up her arms causes her to shiver in delight, you reach for her shoulder and pass your fingers between her breasts and then run them down her body. She says three words that are music to your eyes 'i want you'. You stand up and kiss her lightly on the lips, the cheeks, her nose and eyelids all the while running your hands lightly down her back.

She moans, just quietly, so that you only just hear her. You gently lay her on the bed and just gaze into her eyes. She know that you wanther too feel your erection pressing into her stomach. She smiles with a dreamy look on her face and you know that you now have her to do what what you will, kissing her face once more you then start to move down to her neck and ears, just below her ear you kiss her and then blow on her neck then gently nibble on her ear which sends her writhing under you, he moaning starting to get lowder now. You move down towards her shoulder and slip the straps down and kiss all the way from one shoulder to the next all the while easing this silk like outfit down her body and kneeling up to remove the rest she whimpers at the loss of your body, your heat, your kisses.

She lies there naked before your eyes, you start at her breasts and your gaze moves down her body, her breathing starts to increase and she holds her arms out towards you begging for you to come back and lie with her again. You move down into her arms and give her a long drugging kiss that leaves you both reeling like your heads are in a spin. She gently starts undoing the ties of your pyjama bottoms and them moves her hands around to the back of you under the elastic and gently slides them down, you help her by taking them completely off then lying skin to skin - the first touch is electric and she throws her head back in bliss. You move back over her and start those drugging kisses again but this time you start at her lips and work you way around her neck, down to her breats and start sucking at her nipples making her moan in absolute pleasure. You suckle one breast and rub the other nipple between your finger and thumb. Her breathing is getting heavier. Your left hand travels down her stomach making lazy circles until you hit the most intimate part of a woman. You rub the palm of your hand against her pubic mound making her moan even louder, you know she just wants you to slip a finger insider her wet folds. Your hand moves further down and you use your finger to slide straight down the centre to find the one thing you know that she wants you to touch. Circling her clit with your middle finger her back comes off the bed and her head thrashes side to side.

"More, please more" she begs you, so you comply and start rubbing faster, pinching gently and circling with your finger. Her hands reach for your body running them all over you, she grabs your head and kisses your lips in small butterfly kisses and before you know it she has taken the lead and rolled you onto your back so now she is lying half on top of you pushing her tongue into your mouth. You can feel her hands making their way down your chest, touching, caressing and moving toward her main goal. She follows her hand with her mouth, kissing and nibbling your chest, your nipples tonguing and laving them until they are tight little nubs

She has now found what she has been looking for, what you have anticipated for the last five minutes. She touches you lightly carassing you from the head down the shaft and then back up again. her mouth moves down over your stomach towards your throbbing cock. She sits up a bit and watches it twitch with anticipation. then slowly lower her head to take you into the warm cavern of her mouth and slowly takes the head and sucks, starts to run her tongue round the head then takes you all the way in her mouth. You have never felt such a sensation as this, you are torn whether to grab onto her head and help guide her or take the lead back and take her swiftly. Wanit this to last you decide that you will let her continue - tasting, licking and sucking till your nearly out of your mind. Knowing that you are close to coming, she stops and looks up at you with a desire thats burns right throught your soul. She slides up your body and kisses you on the mouth. Deciding to take control you roll over taking her with you. Kissing her face and neck she is moaning louder now begging for you to take her. You comply and thrust inside her and just hold yourself there. she shudder with your first entry and starts to move her hips trying to get you deeper inside her. She wants you to move faster but you want the torture that she is going through to last longer. You withdraw...

She whimpers for more and once more you enter her. She lets out a satisfied moan and now you set up a steady rhythm while lickin and sucking on her breasts at the same time. She wraps, digging her nails, breathing starts to quicken you know she is getting close to coming. Wanting to make this perfect so you can both come together you quicken your pace driving into her with more force and just watching her flushed race. She crises out 'Oh please now' and with your heart feeling like it is about to explode you thrust into her again, she throws her head back in ecstasy, bliss written over her face as she is coming you feel yourself so close now one more final thrust and you spill your seed deep within her taking you both so far over the edge. She gently runs her hands down your back making pleasure noises in the back of her throat. You collapse beside her totally spent thinking this has got to be one of the best experiences of your life. She kisses your face, neck and chest and cuddles in close. Gradually you both fall asleep in each others arms. You wake with the sun warming you chest, rolling over to find that fantasy woman, you find that she has gone, now wondering if it was all a dream, you sit up in a tangle of sheets and look around the room. The only thing you notice that is different is a slight smell of roses - her scent, wondering if you will ever see her again you fall back on your bed with a satisfied smile. You now know she was real hoping amongst all hopes that she will again visit you soon.


2006-12-10 00:40:24
this is awesome bro


2006-04-13 09:05:56
Great story the best one i have read
keep up the writing


2006-04-13 08:49:54
hey respect this story was great 10/10
u really understand how to describe
keep on writing like that...

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