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After Kayleen got schooled and dismissed, Jimmy & Beth teaches the twins how to fuck a REAL woman.
FROM THE AUTHOR: This is really the fourth & final installment of 'Babysitter Gets Caught, Babysitter Gets Schooled'series. After Kayleen leaves, that's when the twins decided to help breed their mom. So their dad teaches the pm a lesson on how to seduce an older woman. Be sure you read the EPILOGE at the end of this story. There might be a spinoff, depending on the reviews. Thanks and enjoy.


After the twins all came back the kitchen into the living room with their large cold drinks, we all settled in after my wife cues up the film. It really was a rather hilarious flick. We all laughed our asses off. The movie maybe lasted just over and hour and a half. But by this time, none of us were tired yet. After all, the boys were supposed to go away this weekend. Therefore, they would've still been up for at least another couple of hours. So their mother & I came up with an idea and says, "Well since you two fucked an inexperienced no-good whore of a cunt, how about you too make sweet love to a REAL gorgeous woman.., like me?"

One of them says in shock, "Seriously!?"

Then I said, "You're mother's right. Since the three up us taught the babysitter a lesson, I think it would be best if your mom & I teach you both how to please a real cougar of a woman." This of course, is making them both really, really horny. They've both told me that they've always wanted to get it on with e real woman. And since it's been almost and hour & 45 minutes, all three of our nutsacks are full of fresh protein again. But I'm still gonna hold off until I carry my wife through the threshold into our bedroom, where I could really give itto her. Then their mother asked, "Well, are you horny boys ready to fuck your mommy?"

"Hell yeah!" Jason exclaimed with excitment. Then I said, "I want you to fill your mother up with your baby seed, I want you both to enjoy this from a real woman." Then my wife says, "But first, I want one of you guys to eat my sweet, cougar pussy and get me aroused. Then, I'll blow the other and swallow your load."

"Okay, let's do this," Joey said. And so since Jason was the last to pound the babysitter, he got first dibs. So he goes in between their mother's legs and begins teasing her slit up and down a little, then he started sucking her clit. This made both so aroused that she began to moan with pleasure. Meanwhile, Joey gets on his knees and puts his cock slowly into his mother's mouth. She started bobbing her head before too long as she continues to moan. Both her and I were besides ourselves, not just the fact that Jason was seriously getting aroused. But the fact that my son can eat a twat so good. He might e done it on his old girlfriend from high school.

But somehow, Joey wasn't even gonna last very long, because he said, "Oh, oh.., mom., I'm gonna cum in you mouth." But at that moment, I could see his shaft swell up in his mom's mouth. That's how horny he was, because right then, it happened. Joey said with a loud grunt, "OHHHHHH, SHHHHIIITTTTT!!!" I could see his cum dripping though and down his mom's throat.

And no sooner after Joey shot his load, my wife reached her climax. She lead out a giant moan. "OHH SHIT! I GONNA CUM!!" Sure enough, as my son Jason is still eating her pussy, I could see as she us in his mouth because I could see white jazz on her slit. Then my wife asked Jason, "Well, how did I taste?" Jason replied with a smile and a sigh of relief, "You're nice & tasty." And they took a quick breathet, then they switched- like they did with the babysitter. Both the boys were in sync with their mother a d they were going to town. Beth is sucking Jason's cock and Joey's eating out her sweet pussy. And just like before, both Jason and Beth were about to come again. Their mother said she'd never tasted anything sweeter, and the boys said theye never tasted anything better. Then I told both of them, "An older woman is like a fine wine, she gets better with age.

"Which one of you boys want to breed me first?" Beth asked. Then Jason said to his brother, "Joey, why don't you pump the seed into her womb"

"Okay," Joey said. Then he says to his mom, "Are you ready for me to stick this giant cock deep inside of you?"

"Yes honey,"their mom said. "Oh, and one more thing, call me Beth instead of mommy instead. Okay baby?"

"Sure Beth," Joey said. And so he slowly puts his cock inside of his mother's pussy, only it isn't as tight this time ariund. So Joey had no trouble pushing it in . But then said to joey, "Hey baby, be sure you don't hit my cervix. Okay? I'm afraid you might puncture it. Same with you Jason."

"Okay Beth," Joey said, "I'll go slow at first so I don't hurt you." Then Beth said, "That's a good man." And so I see Joey go really, really slow on her first over a series of a few light &easy strokes until he knew where NOT to hit. Then as I see him pick up the pace a lot, Beth starts to moan even louder. She says in between breaths, "OH.L, OH.., OH.., HOLY.., FUCK!!!! YOUR...., FUCKING..., COCK.., FEELS.., SO.., FUCING..., GOOOD!!.. OHH, DONT.., STOP!!!!! I now knew Joey and Beth were both in rythem and in sync. Then Beth begins to moan loudly again, "I., I..., I'M ..., GONNA.., CUM!!!"

"SO.., AM..., I!!"Joey said in between each breath. Then it happend, another simultaneous climax as both Joey and Beth came at the same time. I couldn't see that Joey's cock shaft was swollen. Somehow, he was deep inside of het. But one thing was clear, I could see white jizz oozing out between Joey's cock and Beth pussy walls. But after only a minute, it was all over. Joey collapsed on his mom's tubes. He was so exhausted after a night of sexual escapades and a taboo. After about a couple of minuts, he pulled his now softened cock out of his mother. Sure enough, all of his cum came running out of Beth's now loosened pussy. Joey was finally done for the night, so he sat on the couch as Jason begins to go to work on his mother's pussy.

"Oh, Beth," Jason said, "dad and Joey may have used you but your pussy is still a bit tight." Then Beth says to Jason, "Oh, oh, oh, Jason.., pound the shit out of my pussy. I've noticed that Beth was starting to get exhausted. She wanted nothing more than to hurry up and have another orgasm. But thankfully, she didn't have to. No sooner did Jason started pumping inside of her, both of them were right about over the edge. They both grunted loudly.., "OOH.., FUCCVKKK.., I'M CUMMING!!!" And it happens. But they lasted a bit longet. After about several minutes of hard pounding, Jason pumped his sweet baby seed deep inside of his mother's womb. He finally pulls out. Like Joey's, Jason's semen is running, dripping out of his mom.

Then after they all recover, we both asked them, "So, how was it? Didn't I tell you both that your mother is the best ever?"

"Now.., that's what I need," Jason replied. "I need a real woman that can understand a man's need. And I've never had it so good." Then Joey chimes in, "It takes a REAL woman to turn a youngster like us into REL men."

"Well, I'm glad you guys were able to get it on with a real woman like me," my wife Beth said. "This originally was just supposed to be just your father and I alone on our 20 wedding anniversary. But it all went awry. But the night's not done for the two of us yet."

"But there's one thing," I said to the boys, "all three of us men have a striking resemblance. So in case your mother should in fact concieve, don't worry about it." Then Beth makes a final statement before we all turn in for the night, "The reason your father says this is because the baby would look like all of you, they'll think it's your father's" And so with that all being ssid, we all got up, put our robes and boxers back on. The boys went in the kitchen and put the glasses in thesink. My wife and I said goodnight to both of them before they went to bed. We put the wine in the cellar, then folded up t.

EPILOGE: Well, it wasn't long before we though would happened, happened. Kayleen just never knew when to mind her own business nor stay out of trouble. The only good thing about this is that she didn't get pregnant, regardless of how much of the baby seed we've pumped inside of het. Then I found out a rather interesting revelation. As it turns out, Kayleen had her tubes tides when she was in her early teens. It was later discovered that she had a rare disease with her reproductive system. Thetefore, she was considered EXTREMELY high risk. But it didn't matter. About six months later her and another friend broke in to somebody's housr. It didnt end too well. Her accomplice was killed at the scene, she was picked up and charged with murder. So Kayleen is now out of the picture.

As for Beth and I, well, Beth got pregnant that night on our anniversary. About a couple of hours after we all went to bed, I gave her another pump & push. And in April the following yesr, Beth gave birth to a healthy, beautiful 7lb., 11oz. baby girl. We named her Brianna. Turns out, it was in fact, my baby after all in read of the twins. The exact feature was baby Brianna had my eyes, and the twins didnt. So the twins got off the hook.

As for Jason and Joey, they're freshman in college,. But fortunately, they were there for the birth of their baby sistet. They were in tears, like I and Callie were. Callie couldn't be more happier, now that another princess has srtived. Callie is old enough to be considered a big sister. Things will work out.



THANKS FROM Speedinator72..

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2016-05-11 14:08:02
All in all a very good series and a very enjoyable read. Yes I would like to see you continue this wonderful series. On eye color, my parents and brother all had brown eyes, mine are light blue. Blue colored eyes come from a rececsive gene with brown the dominant gene. In the joined chromosones at feterilization for some reason the recesive gene becomes the dominant gene and blue eyes are the result. So that is why the twins have different colored eyes, not that Mom had been sleeping around. From the story both were very happy in their marriage and had no desire to sleep with anyone else but their spouce. The way the genes combine at fertilization is what gives a child chatacteristic dfference from the parents and can be influenced by genes from past generations. That is why a child can have red-colored hair when everyone else in the family has brown hair. Retired Army NCO

Anonymous readerReport

2015-05-20 13:43:45
The story didn't mention who's colored eyes the twins have. It doesn't mean that the wife was fucking around. Maybe the boys had their mothet's eyes. As for a few typos, pissed on them. It was a great series nevertheless. As for kayleen, if you read the EPILOGE, it states that she's now behind bars. But who knows?? As for twins, their mother I thought wax the real deal- what their dad's approval of course.

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2015-05-20 11:17:48
Would have been better reading if your work on your proof reading. It caused serious hiccups. Kind of a buzz kill.

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2015-05-20 08:26:44
What a great series! Maybe down the road you could bring Kayleen back just for fun or perhaps some lesbo play then say bye to her again.

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2015-05-20 05:45:46
the twins had different coloured eyes, sounds like the wife was fucking around.

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