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Names have been changed.
For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to catch a look at my older sister. She is one of the most beautiful females that I have ever seen. She is about 5'2", 135 pounds, beautiful 34DD breasts, and a very nice ass. She is not the skinniest girl in the world, but she doesn't have a belly. All her weight is in her amazing curves. and not only does she have curves, she has a very pretty face with nice brown eyes and shoulder length dirty blonde hair. For her sake, let's call her Anne.

Now as I was saying, I have always been trying to see her naked. It has gone from watching her through her bedroom window to standing outside the shower door hoping she decides to come out naked. I had never been able to formulate a very good plan until I found out a little secret about the upstairs bathroom. In the bathroom there is an entrance to the attic. The doors to the attic, however, are the doors with the wooden panels are facing downward so you can see through them easily. Once i figured this out i decided I would stand in the attic and look through the doors. It also helped the there was another entrance to the attic through my closet. So i decided that one day when my parents were out of town I would sneak through my closet and finally get a good look at my beautiful sister.

It was a weekend that my parents were out of town that I finally worked up the courage to follow through. My sister told me that she was going to take a shower so to avoid some suspicion I told her that I was going to go over to a friend's house. After about five minutes or so, she headed into the bathroom and got the water running. Not wanting to miss a minute of the action, I headed straight to my room to get to the attic. I tried very hard not to make a lot of noise as I got myself situated by the doors. As I peered in, I could see my sister standing by the water, fully clothed, checking the temperature with her hand. Then she finally did what I had been waiting so long for, she started to undress.

She was facing me as she started to take off her shirt and pants. Standing there in just her bra and panties, I could already feel my 6 inch dick getting hard. She then proceeded to take off her light pink thong to reveal her hairless pussy. And to my surprise I noticed that she had her clitoris pierced. Finally, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting free those beautiful, vuluptuous breast. As they came free, I nearly gasped, but made sure not to, as to avoid being seen. I could not believe the beauty of those breasts. They were huge with very little sag. And her nipples and aereolas were amazing. The aereolas were about the size of a half dollar and were lightly pink. And the nipples were amazing. About half an inch long and pink, these were the most beautiful breasts that I had ever seen. After I saw those breasts, I could not help but pull my dick out and start to stroke it. The best part, however, is what came next.

She then proceeded to sit on the toilet seat and place her hand right on her beautiful shaven pussy and finger herself. She was slowing going in and out, occasionally bringing her finger to her lips to taste it, while massaging her breasts with the other hand. She then brought her other hand to her clit as she began to flick that and moan slightly. I guess in all the excitement I had accidentally made some noise as she stopped all at once and looked right at the doors. She slowly walked over to the doors as I just stood there in pure shcok, not realzing that I should get the hell out of there. She opened the doors to find me standing there with my erect dick hanging out and my pants around my ankles. The second she saw me she grabbed a towel and wrapped herself as I pulled my pants back up. "Get over here now!" she yelled at me.

"Anne I am so sorry, I can explain..." I started.

"Shutup! How long has this been happening?"

"First time, I swear!""

"And I am guessing you don't want me to tell Mom and Dad?"

"Please don't, I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" With this, she got a very sly smile on her face and suddenly i became a little nervous about what she was going to have me do, but I didn't care, I didn't want my parents to find out. "Get on your knees!" she yelled. As i was there on my knees, she slowly walked towards me and removed her towel, allowing me to see her in all her beauty. WOW! Up close she was even more beautiful, and she shaven pussy was literally inches from my face. "Now stick your tongue out, and began licking!" I did exactly what she told me. Now I had a little bit of experience, so I began to do what I have always done. I slowly started licking right around the lips, to get my tongue wet. Then I slowly moved upwards and started to flick my tongue across her clit while fingering her pussy slowly. She obvious liked what I was doing as I could hear her moan. "Oh yeah, Kevin, lick my fucking pussy, just like that." After a few minutes of this, she grabbed me and pulled me up to her mouth and began to kiss me. Not even thinking about it, I kissed her right back, our tongues tied in each other's mouth. She stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear... "Fuck me Kevin, fuck as hard as you can and I won't tell anybody about this."

"Anything you want, sis!" With that i threw off my shorts and shirt and set her on the bathroom counter. As she was sitting there, I began kissing her again as I was feeling around her pussy with my now once again erect dick. Once I found the hole, I slowly pushed the head of my dick in, feeling that warm, soft, wet flesh for the first time. I slowly inched in further and further until I was completely inside of her. I started off fucking her slowly, trying to savor this moment and not cum too fast, but I couldn't help myself and got caught up in the heat of the moment.

"Fuck me Kevin, fuck me hard bro!"

"Oh my God Anne it feels so good inside you!"

"Don't stop Kev, don't stop! It feels so good!"

"I'm gonna cum Anne, I'm about to cum!"

With that, she pulled me out of her and began to slowly suck my dick as I came right into her mouth. And to my surprise, she sucked up every last bit of cum. She took all of me into her mouth then slowly slid it out, sucking it all in, and topping it off with a few more seconds on the head.

"Oh my God Anne, that was amazing!"

"Just don't let me catch you again'" she said with a wink.

Part 2??????

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2016-04-26 15:38:23
anal would be great and ass to mouth. it does seem to much like a porn movie. slow it down. get the sisters hot friends involved. be more deive in the sex scenes. make longer stories.

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2014-12-11 23:50:20
write a part two. what the hell, tell us more about your sister

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2013-11-04 19:26:28
The story was legit only 5 mins long reading it.

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2012-12-08 23:07:31
complete and total shit

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2012-12-08 23:07:09
complete and total shit

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