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Sister in Law
She was 16 when we first met. Her sister and I had just begun dating. Her sister was 17 and I was 19. Louisiana is pretty lax on adult hood. Pretty much if you could get a hard on or ride a hard cock, you were of legal age. Darla was petite, a whopping 100# soaking wet. Vicki was pretty much the same. You could tell they were sisters. Neither looked their age, and still don't. Vicki had red hair, Darla was a brunette. They both wore size 3 petite clothes, when they were wearing clothes. For the most part, they wore very short shorts and braless t-shirts. Darla had the perfect set of breasts, and nice juicy nipples. We had only dated a few times when we finally managed to do the dirty in the back of my '66 Caprice Classic. I was her first, but will never be her last. The woman can fuck, let me tell you. I still go see her every once in a while. We are pretty good friends, and she still makes me hard, and I can still get her very wet, so we still do fuck occasionally. She is the first girl I found to be multiple orgasmic. It was nothing for her to cum six or seven times in an early evening of plain fucking.

Darla was having a birthday in a few short weeks, Vicki pulled me aside one afternoon that we were visiting and told me what Darla was expecting for a present, as well as wanted to make plans for a surprise party away from the family, just a few close friends. So, we began to plan it out. It was pretty much done in a few minutes, as Vicki made a few phone calls to verify who would be coming, etc. She was siitting across from me in her white shorts and Texas Ranger T-shirt. I couldn't help but notice that with her legs spread apart, I could see the red bush between her little legs. In fact, I could see the pinkness of her pussy, and the unmistakable moisture , gently seeping out her virgin slit. She was sexually aroused and I just couldn't pass up asking her why. I got up and went over to her and whispered that I could see her pussy and that it looked real inviting, and wanted to know what was the big turn on. It did embarass her slightly, she pulled her legs together and refused to answer. We finished our party planning shortly after that. Vicki got up and came over and apologized and said she was just feeling horny, and had been all morning. She gave me a little hug and left me just as Darla came back into the room.

Darla came over and we both sat on the sofa, talking about what movie to see that night. The French Connection was new in town, so we decided we would see it. Having a lot to do that afternoon, I excused myself and headed home, with plans of returning in a couple of hours.
I had just gotten inside my apartment when the phone rang. It was Vicki, wanting to talk to me, but didn't want to talk over the phone. We made plans to meet at the Dairy Q in a few minuites.

She was still wearing those killer white shorts. sitting across from me, she continued to give me the beaver of all beavers as we discussed how Darla and I felt about each other. Finally, she stopped our conversation and said, "I have the hots for you. I laughed a little then explained the age difference and that sixteen was just too young to be thinking about sex. It was obvious she had a big crush on me, but I really didn't want an indecency with a minor hanging over me.
I must admit, it turned me on a lot., and I told her that, but also said I would not have sex with someone so young. She pointed out the fact that her sister was really not legal in most states and she knew we had been fucking already. I acknowledged to her our escapades, but made no excuses. We left on pretty good terms and for a while it seemed she was going to do okay.

The birthday party was a great success, Darla was surprised, she got all she wanted, and we were celebrating with Rum And Coke. Vicki was serving the mixed drinks, and it became evident was also sampling the drinks. Everyone was leaving my apartment, It was midnight, and Darla went to put some things away, Vicki was smashed. I knew we couldn't take her home that way, so Darla called her parents and asked if she could stay and help Vicki and I would bring them both home in the morning. It sounded good and harmless to them. We tried sobering up Vicki, wihout success. Finally, I had Darla take her to the bathroom and put her in a bath tub of cool water. Between crying spells and vomiting, it looked like it was going to be a long night. Darla finally got her out of the tub and dried off, slipped a robe on her, and called me to help put her to bed. She was passed out by now. I picked her up and put her on the sofa and we both went to bed.Darla passed on a good fuck for the night and said she was close to her period anyway and we probably should pass. It sounded okay to me, too, so out went the lights and soon everyone was asleep.

I awoke to see Vicki standing at the foot of the bed, crying, and wanting me to come visit with her for a bit. I looked over to Darla, seeking her approval, but she was out cold. With great second thoughts, I got up and went into the living room. She was watching an old John Wayne movie on the tube, so, we sat down and began small talk over the movie. She was still pretty plastered, but was coherent and her color was coming back. She was laying belly down, elbows on my lap and was talking about finishing high school, college, etc. With out warning, she reached into my pajamas and grabbed hold of my soft dick. Putting her fingers to her lips she said," if you resist,
I will scream." Her continued stroking of my softened cock was now having the desired effect on its appearance. "If you will play with my pussy and make me cum, I will jack you off and Darla won't be the wiser, and we will not have even fucked each other." Many thoughts clouded my mind, and I started to get up, but she had a firm hold on my hard cock. Her robe was completely open in front, so it was an easy choice to reach down and started fingering her little clit. I figured itr wouldn't take long to get her to cum, so I slipped my little finger into her asshole, my middle finger into her twat, and used my thumb to tease her clit. She was tight in all the right holes, but her arousal was evident by the leaking of her juices, that were almost creamy white. In a few minutes, she did release her desires, silently trembling on my lap, with a few sporadic spasms every few seconds. Her sweet mollasses slipped into my hand as I kept my intrusive digits in place. "Please, let me ride your cock," she begged. I declined, reminding her of our deal. She decided to make good on her offer and began to jack off my throbbing cock. Her excitedness and the wetness I was holding in the palm of my hand had brought me to the brink of ejaculation, and finally, I shot my wad. My heavy cum was all over her hands and face.

It took us a few minutes to get cleaned up and back to the movie. Vicki was still pretty loaded and soon passed out. She was leaning on me slightly, her head on my shoulder and her legs were spread apart, revealing her red haired pussy through the fronto of the gaping robe. The sight made me hard again, and I longed to feel my cock deep inside her pussy. I reached over and began to stick my finger into her virgin hole. I got it un up to the first knuckle and stopped to see if she would wake up. She didn't appear to be conscience and her breathing was pretty slow. Easily, I moved her ass over to the edge of the sofa, laid her head back on the head rest, this put her pussy on the front edge of the sofa. I got in front of her and easily lifted her whole body up and guided my hardness right to her pussy lips. I then easily sat her down, a little at time while my stiffness nudged the virgin linings loose form her cavern walls. Her unfucked pussy was unfucked no more. My hardness peeled away her virginity and finally came to rest with my balls resting on her ass.

Breathlessly, I waited for her to respond, when she didn't respond, I withdrew from her tight twat slightly, and slowly began pumping her up. The incredilble tightness of her pussy made my dick seem a little raw, but the tightness itself was drawing me closer to ejaculation. I felt her slickness of sexual success seep from out of sexual union. The stickiness of her love juice and the tightness of her pussy acted as a drawing salve and she squirted again. I knew I shouldn't cum in her. I withdrew my pulsating peter from her sheath of love and jacked off onto her inner thighs. I then went to the bathroom, got a fresh wet cloth and cleaned both of us up. Gingerly, I laid her back, threw a sheet over her sleeping body and headed to bed. "Thanks for the fuck, but you could have cum inside me," she giggled, as she uncovered herself and got up and came over to me, giving me a peck on the cheek and a big hug.

Darla was still asleep as I went on to bed. Morning was just a few hours away and I was getting tired. Quickly, I dozed off to sleep, only to be awaken by someone sucking on my cock. It was Vickie. Absolutely nude, I could hear and feel the vacuum effect she was having on my hardness.
I continued to enjoy the feeling with closed eyes, Suddenly, she stopped sucking, and quietly mounted my rigidness.She gasped as she took the length into her tight twat, slowly peeling back the walls of her fuck chamber. Silently, she rode the hardness that she impaled, gasping as shuddering slightly with each slow and sure thrust upon the object of her passion. Her wetness was spreading onto my abdomen and running down my balls as she squirted her first round of orgasmic pleasure. She grinned in delight as my hands moved to grip her tight ass cheeks, She leaned forward and kissed me as she continued her raunchy ride upon my rigidness. I could smell the excitement of joy juice as we both enjoyed the very act of fine fucking. Her pace had quickened and her second cumming was just moments away. Silently, she spewed her waters of joy from her pussy. She withdrew herself from off of my rigidness and slowly began to blow me, alternating between blowing my cock and licking my balls. I pulled her around to where her little ass was in my face. Slowly, I began a swabbing action between her clit and asshole. The taste of cum was strong as I would lick her clit, then slide down the length of her pussy to her winking asshole. Each time I would stick my tongue deep into her asshole and she waould quiver and shake with delight. My balls were ready to explode as she continued her oral assault upon them adn my cock. She spewed her third orgasm as I shot my load deep into her throat. Swallpwing my load, she whispered," "we're even now, go back to sleep," as she journeyed on back to her sofa.

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