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Desecrate my body, fulfill your whim.
Slide the blade deep, pain only I shall bear.
Please proceed, the sky is forever dim.
Show me no mercy, my mistress, my dear.

Graft me to the rack, tear through my chest.
My screams silence, sweet dirge of murmured drone.
Your teeth, so sharp, my pains eternal test.
Don’t waste a drop, my life drips to the stone.

Slowly sever through muscle and tendon,
Pull forth a saw to split my bones in half,
Grasp my heart, slow the beat, make my life done.
Take my back and carve in my epitaph.

Without my life, there can still be pleasure.
Bliss embodied by death’s erotic lure.

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2012-11-22 10:19:34
You mean I don't have to pay for expert aicdve like this anymore?!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-02 04:50:52
I like it i gonna be killed next week and i like it


2008-02-12 03:16:49
the victim is heard as life is taken


2007-06-30 22:48:32
im sorry but i couldnt undersatnd anything, but i like the mood it made it seem that their was a secret pleasuer to it


2007-05-24 17:08:30
You actually gave this in? o.o

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