Christina Aguilera...
Journal of an Agent: Chapter 5 - Christina Aguilera


Life was good. In my two months since taking over the
talent agency from my father, not only had I fooled
around with some of the hottest women in Hollywood, but
the accountants told me that the firm was bringing in
records amounts of money. And of course there was Alyssa
Milano, my current girlfriend and who I felt was my soul
mate. I couldn't think of anything else to make life
better. I was truly at a plateau of bliss. However, when
things can no longer go up, the only direction they tend
to go is down.

The trouble started when I got a call from Rick Dugan, a
music industry veteran and all around sleazebag with a
reputation of ruining things with clients by thinking
with his dick. When Julie (my secretary) buzzed my office
and told me that Rick was on the phone, I shuddered to
myself and apprehensively picked up the phone.

"This is Dean," I said into the mouthpiece.

"Dean baby, what's up! This is Rick Dugans, head of Spin
It Records. How you doing? That's great. I need to talk
to you about something," Rick said all in one breath
before I could even get a word in.

Dealing with him wouldn't be a pleasant experience, I
could tell already. Nevertheless, this was work, and I
tried to sound open-minded.

"Sure Rick, I'm listening. Go ahead," I replied.

"Well, the thing is, it's this little cunt Christina
Aguilera. Now, don't get me wrong, she is a great piece
of ass. In fact, I've been sticking it to her for the
past year. But listen, she's getting sick of putting up
with me and my shit. So she wants to meet with you about
maybe becoming your client. But no offense Dean, but I
don't wanna let her go, you know? So maybe if I uhh...pat
your back, you can help me keep her on board her at Spin
It," he said boastfully.

I knew right away what he was talking about, any one
could have figured it out. If he paid me some money, I
would help him keep her by making up some bullshit excuse
as to why we couldn't take her on at the firm. At first I
was revolted at the idea of having to deal with him, but
then I started thinking about Alyssa and how even though
we were both well off financially, it would be nice to
have some money I could blow frivolously on her with a
vacation or something. My heart outweighed my logic this
time, and I agreed grudgingly to help him out.

"Yea, I'm sure something can be arranged," I sighed into
the phone "Just set something up with Julie and then I
will see you then,"

"Great! Thanks man. We can arrange the ahem...helping
hand...right before she comes in if you want," he said

"Whatever works for you. Listen I have to go to a
meeting," I lied to him. "I'll speak with you later."

With that we ended the conversation, and Julie took over,
setting up an appointment for me.

Reclining back in my chair, my thoughts drifted to
Alyssa, so I decided to call her up. We met at a Chinese
restaurant for lunch and then went back to her place and
made love for a few hours. By the time I got home that
night at 2 AM, I had totally forgotten about Rick and his
little deal.


Two weeks passed before the deal became a thought on my
mind again. It was only after Julie came in for her usual
10 AM morning visit to tell me about appointments of the

"12:00 you have a conference call with Universal, 2:00
you have lunch with Mr. Blake, head of your father's
finances. And at 3:30, your meeting with Rick Dugan," she
said, reading from her scheduling book. Startled by the
recognition of the Dugans meeting, I stopped Julie in mid

"Dugan? Oh man, I forgot I made that commitment. Oh well,
best to get it over with," I said. Julie just rolled her
eyes and looked at me sardonically.

"Is he really that bad? He seemed nice enough on the
phone," she said.

"Let's just put it this way. If I had to choose between
having a root canal on every tooth or going to a meeting
with him, I'd pick the root canal," I sighed, leaning
back in my chair with my hands behind my head.

3:30 rolled around and I headed over to meet Rick.
Walking into the office of Spin It records, I was in
total disbelief at how a sleaze like Rick could build
such a vast empire. The office space for the company was
extremely nice, with the hallways lined all the way down
with gold and platinum records of some of the hottest
acts in the past 20 years.

Of course, Sony had bought Spin It out years ago, but
Rick still basically ran things and signed new talent.
With a voice like hers, I was amazed that he had managed
to land Christina Aguilera. But then again, I had to give
the guy credit that at least he knew how to work the
business and the people in it. Walking into his inner
office, I was greeted by his secretary and asked to take
a seat, Mr. Dugan would be ready in a few minutes.

Leafing through a music magazine while I waited, the door
opened 5-minutes later and out came a very young looking
girl, no older than 17 at least, who looked very flushed
and was straightening out her blouse as she walked. She
was very attractive, and had a "girl next door" look to
her, complete with the classic blond hair, blue eyes. In
fact, I thought it was Christina herself until I got a
good look at her as she was walking out the door.

No, this girl was a little on the chunky side, she
couldn't be anyone famous. Then I caught myself,
realizing how dehumanizing that sounded. A minute later,
Rick opened the door and invited me in, he himself
looking very sweaty and hot. Right away I could tell that
he was fucking the little girl who had just walked out of
the office.

I was amazed how he could do it when he knew I was
outside of the door, just a few feet away. Shaking my
head in amazement, I walked into his office, checking my
seat for any stains before I sat down. Luckily, the rest
of his office was just as nice as the rest of the
building, and things seemed to be neat and orderly. Rick
got right down to business.

"Alright Dean, let's get squared away. I'll give you
10,000 for doing this, and all you have to do is come up
with some shitty excuse why you can't bring her on as a
client, alright?"

The amount knocked me back a little, but I regained my
composure quickly. Nodding in agreement, I said "Sounds
good. When is she getting here?" I asked.

"Fifteen minutes. IF she is on time, and you know little
bitches like her are never on time," he said disgustedly.
"Listen, I'm going to go grab a quick shower till she
gets here. I got sweaty from uhhh...working out. If you
need anything, my secretary is right outside. Till then,
look around, make yourself comfortable, whatever,"

With that he walked out of the room, and I stood up to
look at all the plaques on his wall. The ones up there
now were big time, current acts. Apparently he relegated
the "lesser" bands to the outer halls. Walking over to
his mini-bar, I fixed myself a rum and coke, and stood
looking out of his huge picture window. Standing there
sipping on my drink and looking out at the city below, my
mind started wandering and I must have ended up in my own
little world, as I didn't hear the door open behind me. I
did however hear it close, and I turned around to look at
who it was.

At first glance I thought it was the young girl from
earlier, returning to pick up something she forgot maybe,
but then I realized no, this wasn't her. This girl was
around the same height and had virtually the same looks,
except her hair had pink attachments in front, and she
was wearing a different outfit than the first girl. A
sheer navy blue tube top like thing and zebra striped
pants that looked like she was poured into, accented all
by a belly button ring, and I knew within a second that
this was Christina Aguilera.

At first I think she was confused as to who I was, but
then I saw a look of recognition cross her face. Walking
over to greet her, we did the typical Hollywood hug and
cheek kiss, though I had to bend down to kiss her cheek.
She was much shorter in real life than I thought she
would be, although just as pretty.

"Hi, you must be Dean. I'm Christina," she said, smiling.

"Yes. I am Dean. And don't worry, I know who you are," I
said, smiling back in a way that I hoped wasn't too
cheese ball.

"Well, I'd like to sort this thing out before that
cocksucker Rick gets back. God damn does that mother
fucking prick make me mad," she said to herself, the
hatred filling the air all around us.

Her colorful language surprised me. Not that I hadn't
heard it before, it's just that she had always appeared
to be this sweet and innocent little girl. Apparently

Jokingly, I said. "Where did a young girl like you learn
such nasty words as those?"

Christina gave me a disapproving stare, and then her tone
in her voice shifted to be a little more throaty and
sultry. "Oh don't worry about what I know how to say. I
can DO things that are much nastier than that,"

Feeling the temperature in the room jump about ten
degrees from just that one sentence, I cleared my throat
and motioned for her to sit down. She did, and I turned
to face her.

"While I was waiting for you to arrive, I have been
looking over your contract. You seem to have such a sweet
deal here, I can't imagine why you would want to leave,"
I said, starting to lay the groundwork for my escape from
bringing her to my agency.

Twirling her hair on her finger, Christina gazed off at
some unknown point and said almost dreamlike "The money
is good. But Rick isn't fucking me the way I like to be

Trying to play it off and change the subject (as well as
quell my growing erection).

"Well, it's not our policy to take talent away from
another firm when they are already under contract. Plus,
right now, we aren't really looking to invest in any more
stars of your caliber. In fact," I started to say, but
was cut off abruptly just by the look given to me by
Christina, whose head snapped forward and who glared
directly at me.

"That prick!" she said loudly. "Rick is paying you not to
hire me. I can't believe it. He stops fucking me for two
days and thinks that I'm all heartbroken over him because
his 6-inch dick can't please me. Well, I'll show him,"
she said to herself.

"No, Christina it's not like that. It's just that with
all the other musicians and," I tried to argue with her,
but she cut me off again.

"Oh save it. I may be young but I know when I'm getting
screwed. I've been in this business longer than you," she
shouted back at me. I was now feeling very uncomfortable
and embarrassed, and I wondered where the hell Rick was
to calm down this diva.

Trying fruitlessly to interject with her again, my mind
raced as I tried to reason with her. "I'm telling you, we
aren't hiring right now. We just don't need you," I said

Christina wasn't even listening to me anymore, she now
stood with her hands on her hips, pondering who knows
what. Her face slowly began to change however from anger
to a look of calm resign. I couldn't even imagine what
was coming next.

Walking over to me, she kneeled down in front of me and
looked up into my face. Her eyes were beautiful, as was
her face, something that I realized was such a rare
trait: a true, natural beauty.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you Dean," she said, almost
whispering. "It's not your fault. Rick caused all of this
and he is the person to blame, not you. But I know he
agreed to pay you to not hire me on. I just need you to
tell me right now if this is true. I have to know before
I can consider leaving him as a representative and a

Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, I tried to
avert my eyes from her face, but to no avail. Sighing, I
returned my gaze back to her.

"Yes. Yes, he was going to pay me. $10,000 to not hire
you. I'm sorry I lied, I shouldn't have gotten mixed up
in this whole thing," I said, starting to stand up to
leave. But suddenly I felt Christina's hand on my thigh,
moving it's way up to my crotch.

"Thank you. That's all I needed to know," she whispered.
I again tried to move, but this time she used both hands
to push me back down. Half knowing what was coming next,
I felt my throat go dry as I asked "Christina, what are
you doing? Let me up,"

"Just sit down and relax. Let me handle things from
here," she whispered again. Feeling her hand move to my
crotch once more, I couldn't help get aroused watching
her small hands move up and squeeze my dick through my
gray slacks. She slowly began to unzip my pants, while my
body relaxed and let impulse control it, despite the fact
that my brain was going a mile a minute, thinking about
what would happen if Rick walked in; thinking about what
would happen if someone else walked in; but most
importantly I thought about Alyssa.

Struggling desperately to keep my dick from thinking for
me, finally I resigned myself that a quick little blow
job wouldn't hurt anything, because no one would ever
know about that. Still, I couldn't quite shake that
nagging little conscience in my head. That is, until I
felt Christina lick the tip of my dick as it stuck out of
my boxer shorts. Resigned to just let it happen, I laid
back and closed my eyes.

But a "quick little blowjob" wasn't what Christina had in
store. Hearing a sliding sound, I looked up to see
Christina stepping out of her zebra striped skin hugging
pants and pull her panties aside right outside her tiny
little slit. Before I knew what was happening, she had
lowered herself onto my cock.

My god was she tight. And so hot and wet, I felt that my
dick would melt inside of her. The velvet of her pussy
sleeve was softer than anything I had ever felt on earth,
and I couldn't believe that I could actually get my dick
into her. It was then that I realized that I wasn't
getting an innocent blowjob, I was fucking another woman.
This time, for the moment at least, my logic won out.
Attempting to pull Christina off of my shaft, I said,

"Christina, I can't. I'm seeing someone and I can't cheat
on her," I said meekly. She was still riding me up and
down as she laughed.

"Ha, ha. You live out her in L.A., you work in Hollywood,
and you worry about cheating on someone. NOW who is
acting like the little kid," she said.

"Tell me," she said sexily, brushing the pink attachment
from her eyes. "Can your woman do this?" With that, I
felt Christina force herself back onto me all the way,
impaling herself. That in and of itself was a tremendous
feeling, but what she did next was incredible. Starting
at the tip of my prick, I felt her voluntarily contract
and expand her pussy muscles around me, creating a ripple
effect that shot all the way down my prick and almost
caused me to blow my load inside of her right then and

Caught totally off guard, I threw my head back and moaned
loudly. Christina smiled devilishly and began riding me
up and down again, occasionally doing the pussy ripple
again. I was totally gone now, driven totally by pure
animal lust and no longer clear thinking. Fuck Alyssa I
thought to myself. Another guy somewhere is probably
fucking her too. She will never know that I fucked this
hot tight little cunt. She...

Suddenly my mind cleared up as I heard Christina say,
through labored breathes, "Ok Rick honey, come in and
join us,"

Glancing around Christina's nubile body (she had pulled
her tits out now and was in the process of sucking her
own nipple as I guided her up and down my cock with my
hands on her hips, I saw Rick Dugan standing in front of
the chairs and desk, stroking himself. Angry that he
might have been there this whole time, I moved to speak,
but Christina beat me to it, kissing me deeply and
keeping me from talking, knowing probably exactly what I
was going to say. While doing this, she lifted herself
off of my dick almost completely.

A primal part of me was mad that she had pulled off
before I came, but then I realized that she wasn't
getting off me at all. She was merely moving her ass up
so that it was in range of Rick's dick. Feeling his leg
bump against mine, I saw a look of total bliss on his
face as he sunk his dick deep into Christina's asshole
slowly and purposefully. Christina moaned into my mouth.

Finally I could tell that he had bottomed out inside of
her, and he began to move his dick and out of her slowly,
building a momentum and tempo. Catching onto his rhythm
quickly, I began to match him thrust for thrust. While I
wasn't happy about cheating on Alyssa, nor was I happy
with sharing a woman with the diseased fleabag that was
Rick Dugan, the allure and feeling of Christina
Aguilera's teenage heat was just too strong.

All three of us fucked like this fucked for what felt
like hours, a mass of sweat and bodily fluids (my slacks
were now covered in Christina's juices) writhing around
on top of a high backed leather chair. Despite having
come in later (no pun intended), Rick appeared to be
coming first. He moaned out loud, as did Christina, and I
felt her shudder all around me as Rick sprayed the inner
walls of her ass with cum.

Pulling his softening dick out of her ass, Christina
focused her efforts on getting herself and me off.
Pushing down and grinding with her pelvic muscle (She was
strong for such a small girl. Must have been all the
dancing) against my crotch, her blond pussy hair
contrasting with my darkened hair that surrounded my dick
and balls, Christina began talking dirty to herself and
to me.

"Oh yea....that's what I like. Oh yea baby, do that
again. Little Christina can feel your big cock in me. OH
YEAH! Do it baby, make me cum. I wanna cum all over your
hot cock. Do it to me, make me cum. Yea, yea, yea! That's
it! AGGhhh! I'm almost there. I can feel you are almost
there. Cum inside of me baby. That's it. That's what I
need. I can feel you expanding in me. Shoot your hot
spunk in me. I want it! I WANT IT NOW!

Her scream echoed throughout the room as she came, her
body shuddering on me. Her pussy rippled once more, and
that was more than enough to send me over the edge, as I
felt the first and second stream hit the deepest nether
regions of her pussy, coating it down with her cum. I
thrust into her again for the final three shots, these
hitting the rest of her inside. The room smelled of sex,
as Christina slid off of me, the trail of her own juices
leaving a small trail down her leg and on to my pants.

Not much was said for the next few minutes. Rick and
Christina kissed while I cleaned myself up, using a stain
remover to clean off the cum stains on my pants. Finally,
when we were all neat and tidy again, I finally spoke.

"This wasn't about you leaving Spin It was it Christina,"
I asked, straightening out my tie.

"No. I would never leave here," she said, kissing Rick.
"This was just a bet that Rick and I had. He didn't think
I could seduce another man enough to let me get double
teamed. But it worked,"

"So then I was used for a bet?" I said, growing angrier
by the second. "What about that girl you were fucking
before I got here Rick?" I asked, trying to score any
points to make up for my total feeling of being used.

"Oh, that's a friend of mine. Rick and I fuck other
people. But we always come back," Christina said,

"As far as being used, yes and no. I'd wanted to fuck you
since you got here to L.A. and your reputation spread.
And it was a fantasy of Rick's to tag team a girl. And
you got to fuck me, so that and of itself is a good deal
for everyone involved, wouldn't you say?" said Christina,
her ego now almost as big as the room.

"And listen, I'll still cut you that check if you want,"
interjected Rick.

I was furious now. Not just about there egos, but about
how I had let myself get carried away by passion and now
how horrible I would feel about things until I told

"Look, I don't want your fucking money. I'm not some god
damn gigolo. I'm warning you though; You ever call my
office again I will go straight to MTV and ruin little
I'm-miss-innocent over there's reputation. You won't be
able to get a job singing for the fucking bum on the

Christina looked hurt and taken aback by this, and I
decided it was my time to leave. Grabbing my coat, I
walked out the door, slamming it behind me.

Driving back to my apartment, I changed and tried to get
the smell of sex off of me. But it was no use. No matter
how hard I scrubbed myself, the stench of cheating felt
ingrained in me. That night I was supposed to pick Alyssa
up for dinner, but when I finally pulled up to her house,
I sat in my car with my face in my hands for 20 minutes,
ashamed at what I had done.

I tried to rationalize how shitty I had been and how it
had been the L.A. lifestyle. But no matter how hard I
tried, I couldn't get around the fact that I had to tell
Alyssa before this got to big. Given the terms I left
Rick's office on, it was just a matter of time before
this became gossip. Resigning myself to fate, I walked to
Alyssa's door and went inside.

It's been a week now since that night. I spoke with
Alyssa immediately about it, and despite my heartfelt
apology, she told me to get out and to never come near
her again. She said that all of her contract work with my
firm would be done over the phone only and that if I
tried to force her to do something she would drop me so
fast it would make my head spin.

As I sit here now, watching television on my couch, I
have made a promise to myself. Never again will I put
myself in a situation where I could hurt the person I
grow to care about. I will live to date again, without a
doubt. But next time, I won't be the one who gets burned.

CHAPTER 6: Eliza Dushku

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