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I got more than I bargained for!
This story is fictional. The only similarity with my life is that when I was 13 I lost my cherry to a woman of 23.


What am I doing here? Why has everything gone wrong? Remember these words.

It all started when Jan, short for Janice, started at our school. She was allocated the desk next to mine in Mrs Briggs’ sixth grade class. I was rapt. My first impression was of a vision, a mass of long blond curls, an angelic face and long legs: I was smitten. I had just turned eleven, discovered girls and was hoping that soon the girls would discover me. What? Girls notice me? Time for a reality check. I was small for my age and looked more like an eight year old than eleven. I never knew my Dad; he was killed in the war in 1944. I had only seen photos of him. One picture showed him standing next to Mum. He looked to be about two inches taller than her five feet one inch. Obviously, I was never going to be a giant. You can’t beat your genes. At least I had inherited both of their looks. They were both blond, blue eyed and slim.

At the end of school that day Jan and I followed the stampede out the school gate. Jan walked over to a man who was waiting for her. He said a few words to her and they both looked in my direction. I made my way onto the school bus and headed for home.

The next day in the schoolyard before class Jan came up to me and started talking to me. She had just moved from another town about two hours drive away. It was the third time she had moved in the last five years. She asked if I wanted to go her house the next day, Saturday, just to hang out and have me tell her all about our neighbourhood.

Around nine the next morning I knocked on her door, which was opened by the man I had seen with Jan at school.
“Hi, I’m Jon, Jan’s Dad. You, must be Mark. She’s in her room, go on up,” he said.

As I climbed the stairs I could hear music playing and followed the sound to Jan’s room.
“Come in and close the door,” she called over her shoulder from desk.
“Great room,” I exclaimed as I took in the feminine décor. The room was all pinks and whites, frilly curtains and matching bed linen. I closed the door as instructed. The room was quite bright with the morning sun streaming in the windows.
Jan got up from her desk and sat on the side of the bed. “Come, sit beside me so we can talk,” she instructed. I did as she asked but I was feeling a little apprehensive about being there. In the dark ages of the fifties kids of the opposite sex weren’t supposed to be in closed rooms together – decorum and all that stuff. We were sat side by side on her bed when she took both of my hands in hers and held them in her lap. “Gee, thanks for coming today and for being such a help to me at school,” she said, “some of the other kids have been a bit standoffish and haven’t made me feel welcome.”
“The girls are put out because you’re so pretty,” I said.
That seemed to cheer her up and she gave my hands a squeeze then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re so sweet, do you really think so?” She whispered in my ear.

There must be some kind of nerve connection between my ear and my dick; the feel of her soft breath on my ear gave me that familiar warm feeling in my crotch and my dick started to swell a little. I didn’t know what to feel, this was outside my experience. I knew very little of sexual matters; Mum hadn’t had “that talk” with me yet. All I had to guide me was some schoolyard here-say. My ears felt hot, I knew I was blushing and could only manage a stammered, “yes.”

“You haven’t done anything with a girl before, have you,” Jan asked.
One good thing about being small like me is nobody expects you to be a macho man so I said, “no, but I have thought about it often enough.”
“What do you do when you are thinking about it,” she asked.
I didn’t know how to answer that one. If I said, ’I have a tug while I think about it’; she would probably call her Dad, who would boot me up the bum and throw me into the street. I was lost for words. I hung my head and felt my ears burning even more.
“Hey, be cool,” she said in a soothing voice as she released her grip on my hands. Then, placing her right hand against my chest pushed me back onto the bed. I was lying on my back with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed as Jan rolled half on top of me with her right thigh between my own. I could feel my cock starting to swell more and tried to move away a little so she wouldn’t feel it pressing into the top of her thigh: I couldn’t move, she had me pinned. Her lips came down onto mine and she kissed me softly.
“Relax, loosen up and open your lips a little,” Jan instructed before replacing her lips on mine. I became aware of her lips moving on mine and responded naturally; some responses must be imprinted in our genetic make up and not require any conscious thought. Another response was in my cock; it was now so hard I could have pole-vaulted off the bed. After a while Jan rolled off me and lay on her side with her right hand caressing the inside of my thigh. Her hand progressed up my thigh until her hand reached my swollen cock, which was sandwiched between my stomach and my Y-fronts.
“Mmmmmm that feels good,” she said; giving it a few rubs and a squeeze. Can I see it?”
Without waiting for a response from me she undid my belt and the zipper of my jeans.
“Lift your butt, Mark,” she ordered. As I did as she asked, she pulled my jeans and underpants down my to just above my knees. My dick was standing proud away from my stomach now. Jan wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly pumped up and down on it. “I love the way a circumcised cock looks,” she said. “All neat and tidy and easy to look after.”

I was in heaven; with this lovely girl giving me my first hand job. Well, the first one that wasn’t self-administered. I lay back with my eyes closed and tried to hold on for as long as I could. I didn’t know if this would ever happen again so I wanted to savour it for as long as possible. Jan must have had some experience at this because every time I was close to cumming she would slow down and keep me simmering. After about five minutes I felt a strange sensation around the head of my dick. Lifting my head and looking down I saw Jan had put the head of my dick in her mouth and was running her tongue around it. All of a sudden I couldn’t hold back; I was going to cum; I knew the feeling. I tried to pull away from her, I tried to warn her; but the warning only came out as strangled moan. I couldn’t help it, I was going to cum in her mouth. What would happen? Would she scream and shout? Would her Dad come and beat me up – call the cops – what??? ………. I was sure as hell going to find out because I could feel my cum spurting from my cock and into her mouth; spurt after spurt after spurt. I lay there in a daze and it took me a while to realise there was no screaming and shouting; no sirens. There was only the feeling of Jan’s soft hand caressing my cheek and her soft voice saying, “How did you enjoy that?”
“I loved it; but what about you? What about …………… ?” I asked.
“Don’t worry, I’ve done it lots of times and I love it too. It feels good to make someone else feel good”
“Yes, but what about …err………um…….?”
“Oh, Thaaaat! I swallowed it. It tasted so good.”

Around this time I became aware we weren’t alone in the room. I looked up and her Dad was standing there; both his hands held up in front of his head, holding something. A GUN!!!! ……………. No, wait on. A camera: a Super 8 movie camera. He lowered the camera. Is that the start of a smile on his face? What the fuck is going on?

I looked to his left and saw a girl of about fifteen dressed in a loose shift and obviously pregnant.
“You have met my Dad,” said Jan, “say ‘Hello’ to my sister Sally. Sally, this is Mark.”

Sally ignored me and looking at her father said, “ that was a waste of film, for sure.”
“Nah! A snip here a snip there and we’ll work it into the plot somewhere.” He replied.
“That’s your answer for everything. We’ll work it into the plot somewhere.”
Taking Sally by the arm he said, “lets get out of here. I think Jan has some explaining to do.” He nodded to Jan and me as he propelled Sally out the door and down the stairs.

“He’s right! What is going on? How come he didn’t call the cops or beat me up or, or , or something; and what’s with the camera? Was he collecting evidence?”
“Calm down and listen. You are not in trouble. We’ll start with the camera, OK? Dad makes films; but not the kind of films you see in a regular cinema. Dad makes films about people having sex or more specifically adults having sex with children or children having sex with children. Do you get the picture?”
Suddenly the picture became a little clearer. “I understand, but where do I fit in?”
“Mostly the films Dad makes are a family affair. The actors are, me, Sally, Mum, Grandma and two of my male cousins. The problem is the cousins are now in their mid- teens and Dad needs a young male for his films. He thought you would be great because you look so young and you are small enough to pass for an eight year old.”
“If your Dad wants an eight year old why doesn’t he use an eight year old,” I asked.
“Silly, an eight year old can’t get an erection and he certainly can’t cum,” she explained.
“Won’t the people watching the films know an eight year old can’t get an erection.”
“Dad says the films are fantasy and not based on science and the audience don’t care one way or the other, anyway.”
“Aren’t you worried people who know you will see the films,” I asked.
“Our films are sold overseas to provide some safety to us. Now, I have to ask you; are you interested in being in our movies? If you are, you must never tell anyone about it or Mum and Dad could get into a heap of trouble.”
“Who would I have to have sex with; that is, if I agree,” I asked.
“Just the females I mentioned before and occasionally someone else. There are women out there who like to have sex with young boys so Dad organises it for them as long as he can film some of the action. You won’t have to do anything with males if you don’t want to.” Jan reached for my cock, which was still exposed and started to stroke it. “Can I help you to make up your mind.” She asked with an impish look.
“You have made up my mind for me,” I replied.
“Fix yourself up while I go and give Dad the good news,” she smiled as she went through the door.

I had just straightened my clothes when Jon came in the room and sat down on the bed.
“Glad to have you aboard, Mark,” he said, while shaking my hand. “Now to get down to work. As you know, movies are made up of a series of scenes and they aren’t necessarily shot in the order they appear in the film. For example the first scene shot may be the actual ending. In our film you may just have had an orgasm and can’t get it up again straight away: so, we go and do one of the backgrounder scenes for the plot development.”

“OK, the movie we are doing today goes like this. It’s about family sex. You come home and find the only person at home is Jan, your sister in the movie. You start to make out and she gives you a blow job: that’s the bit of film we have shot so far. Later on when you need a break we’ll film you getting home; right, so far?”
“I’m starting to see how it works,” I replied.
“Good. The next bit we are going to do is my wife Anne, your Mum in the film, catches Jan giving you the blowjob and sends her downstairs. Anne then sees your cock is still hard and hanging out so she can’t resist and takes over where Jan left off. Anne has done it all many times before, so follow her lead. If she wants you to say something for the sound track; she’ll whisper it in your ear. OK, are you right to start.

I was disappointed; I had been hoping to fuck Jan. Instead I was hooked up with Anne, who I hadn’t even met yet. Hiding my disappointment I said, “ I think I’m ready.”
Jon brought in his photographic gear, set up the cameras and lights and reflectors. He brought Anne and Jan into the room. Anne was about thirty-five, Five feet five, blond and really quite attractive. I couldn’t see much of her figure because she was wearing a loose housecoat.

Anne called me over to her and enquired, “Is it true what Jan tells me? You haven’t had any experience with a woman before today?”
“I’m sorry, but it’s true. I hope I don’t make a mess of things.”
“You won’t, Honey,” she said taking my hands in hers and giving them a reassuring squeeze. Then to Jon and Jan, ”You two, out of here for a while. My leading man and I need to practice our lines - in private.”

When we were alone she said, ”you will probably need a guided tour of the female body so you can find your way around it for the camera. The first thing you will need to do is play with my tits; it’s probably been a while, yes?”
Nodding, I said, “about ten years.”
As I nodded, Anne untied the sash that had been holding the housecoat closed and I had my first look at a mature female body. She was in very good condition with firm B cup breasts and firm straight thighs. I was riveted at the sight of her pussy. It was cleanly shaven but for a small tuft of dark blond hair above her pubic bone. It was the first pussy I had ever seen. Nudie magazines of the day air- brushed out the pubes of the models. “Thank goodness she looks nice,” I thought; I wouldn’t have fancied a plumper.

Anne lay back on the bed and motioned for me to get up beside her. She placed her hands on her breasts and told me to put my hands on top of hers. When my hands were in position she started to massage her breasts with a circular motion. After about a minute she stopped and said, ”now you try.”
I went back to work with my hands where hers had been. “Gently roll my nipples between your thumb and forefinger.”
“OW! Gently, I said.”
“Sorry,” I replied. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
By now her nipples were quite firm and standing up proudly. “Put my nipples in your mouth and roll your tongue around them. The camera can’t see what your tongue is doing but I like the way it feels.” I did as she instructed and after a little while she pulled my head more firmly to her breast. “Now the other one, Honey, you’re doing great.” A couple of minutes later she lifted my head from her breast and said, “back to business; pity we didn’t have more time.” She spread her thighs and parted her outer pussy lips, which were glistening with moisture. “Take a good look, take your time; then you can play some more.” I didn’t need any encouragement; quickly finding a vantage point between her thighs. Anne gave me some time to get familiar with her pussy the removed her fingers which were holding her outer pussy lips apart. “Run your fingers up and down my slit to see how it feels,” she instructed. I did as instructed and found her moist pussy lips parted slightly with the touch of my exploring fingers – oh, it felt so good and warm and slippery. A minute later Anne said in a voice which sounded a little huskier than before, “you saw where my pussy hole is; now ease your middle finger in there as far as it will go.” I eased my middle finger through her entrance and felt it being engulfed in her warm wetness. “Now move it in and out a bit.” I complied and half a minute later she said, “put another finger in and keep moving them in and out.” Another half minute, another finger: I kept them moving until she said, “OK, you pass; lets get something on film while I’ve got the energy.”

Anne got off the bed and took up her position by the door. She called Jan and Jon to come in and make a start. Jon explained that we weren’t to use our real names on film – Jan would be Kate, Sally would be Kelly, Anne would be Sue, Jon would be Paul and I would be Eric. He turned on the lighting and got behind one of the cameras. Jan took her position on the bed in the position she had finished the blowjob she had given me before. My jeans and underpants were down at my knees again.
“Are we OK to go,” asked Jon. We all nodded and he announced, “Action.”

Anne banged the door open. “Kate, you slut; leave your brother alone and get out of here,” she hissed in a loud voice. Jan let my cock go and scrambled from the room.
“What do you think you are doing, Eric, getting a blowjob from your sister?
Anne came and flopped on the bed beside me and whispered my line to me.
“I’m sorry Mummy; I was so horny when I got home and I thought you were out. I was playing with myself when Kate barged in and finished me off.”
“You naughty boy. I hope you have something left for Mummy,” said Anne, standing and removing her housecoat before lying on the bed on her back. “Get those clothes off, now!” she directed. I kicked off my shoes, dumped my jeans and underpants and pulled my shirt over my head.
“Come and make Mummy feel better; she’s had a hard day,” Anne invited.
I lay on the bed snuggled beside her, my right hand cupping her left breast and my rock hard cock pressed against her right hip. Anne rolled me over so I was half lying on her and guided my mouth to her right nipple. “Just like before; massage my left breast and run your tongue around my right nipple,” she quietly coached. I could have stayed like that forever; it felt so good, so natural.

After about a minute Anne whispered, “this feels so good, Honey: but we have to get on with the . Move your right hand down and finger my pussy like before.” After I had worked three fingers into her pussy and was working them in and out rhythmically; she said, loud enough for the sound track, “that’s it Eric. Make Mummy’s pussy all nice and wet. Make it warm and wet for your pretty penis.” Then she whispered, “keep your fingers moving and suck my other nipple for a while.” I did as directed, feeling the lovely warm wetness of her pussy. Hang on! What had she said about making it ready for my dick? I was going to get to fuck her, and soon. My poor cock was aching. It had been rock hard for almost an hour – relief was in sight. Her pussy felt so unbelievable; what would it feel like accommodating my cock.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Anne spread her thighs and lifted her knees. “Here we go, Honey. Get between my legs and let me guide your willie into my pussy. (At that time my cock was only four and a half inches: so I suppose she was entitled to refer to it as a willie). I got between her legs and felt her hand find my cock. Gently guiding me by my dick she drew me towards her pussy lips. I had done a good job with her pussy; it was dripping as I felt the head of my cock encounter its warm wet entrance. Anne rubbed the head up and down her sopping slit until the head entered her canal. She transferred her hands to my hips and with a rocking motion worked me fully into her warm, wonderful, velvety pussy. “That’s it, Baby; now fuck Mummy’s pussy and make her cum,” she said for the camera; then whispered to me, “lift your body up from mine so Jon can get footage of your willie going in and out of my pussy.” I lifted up and as Jon moved into position I looked down and watched as I started to pull back and thrust into her. The sight of my glistening cock disappearing combined with the feeling was a huge turn on. Anne must have sensed my excitement. “Fuck Mummy harder, Baby,” she said as she began to thrust her hips against mine. My breath was becoming laboured and Anne was letting out little grunts as we thrust at each other. All of a sudden Anne wrapped her legs tightly around the backs of my thighs; I could feel her pussy spasming around my prick, “Ohhhh I’m cumming, cummmmmiiiiiing, cummmmmmmiiiing,” she cried. Her body was rolling around with me firmly locked into her pussy and spraying her canal with shot after shot of my cum. I collapsed on top of Anne feeling like I had just run a race. We lay together until our breathing returned to something like normal.

“Take a break,” said Jon. “Nice work Anne, but the faked orgasm was a bit over the top.”
“Who says I faked it,” she retorted. “I found it exciting that I was getting his cherry; that put me over the top.”

After the break Jon had Anne and me get back on the bed and engage in post coital caressing with ‘dialogue for the punters’; as Jon calls it. Anne had to say things to me like, “Mummy loves how you make her cum, Baby,” and “you make Mummy’s pussy feel so good.” My lines were like, “I love to fill your pussy with my cum, Mummy.” By this time, if the ‘punters’ hadn’t figured it was an incest movie – they never would. Talk about overkill.

“OK, Mark, that’s it for today,” said Jon. “See you at nine in the morning.”


To be continued – unless I get too many crappy comments.


2007-06-18 00:51:29
See, here's the thing. Even if parts were unrealistic, it was still an alright story. The people who go over the top yelling at you about how shitty it is are actually the nerds who have never been with a girl. They probably couldn't do any better, so they're jealous.


2007-03-03 18:21:14
fucking bullshit. 0/10. ure in the pregnant category. who gets pregnant in this shitty ass story. not mum, not sister, not even dad!!!!!!!!!!! lame ass story./ totally blew my nut that i could have otherewise gotten if ure story was right for this site


2007-03-03 17:39:59


2007-01-25 11:02:59
So where is the incest so far? Just m'kay...


2006-08-29 15:21:09
It was good. I'd like to have Mark's mother brought into the fucking as well. Every dad should fuck his daughter and every mother should fuck and suck her son.

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