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I don’t normally do house calls sweetie, but for you I’m going to make a difference.
I don’t normally do house calls sweetie, but for you I’m going to make a difference. I’m going to “cum” round there and I’m going to make your life a misery, but you’re going to enjoy every single moment.

You will call me Miss and you will follow each and every one of my instructions, and if you argue or don’t do exactly as I say you will be punished.

I’ll be around there in an hour or so, you better be ready. I’m going to require a bed so I can thoroughly examine you, all of you. The rest of the equipment I will bring and today, I will be your own personal nurse, your naughty nurse.

In about an hour you will hear a knock at your door and you will open it and find me stood there. I will be wearing my tight, white nurse’s uniform and be carrying a bag; you will see a pair of handcuffs hanging over the side of the bag. You will lead me inside and take me upstairs. I will accidentally drop the bag on to the floor and the handcuffs fall out. I bend down to pick up the handcuffs and you see I’m not wearing any panties beneath my tight, white nurse’s uniform.

Turning round I see you staring at me with lust and passion in your eyes. Walking seductively towards you, you can concentrate on nothing but my creamy tits that are easily visible through the tight, white nurse’s uniform. Stood close, skin on skin, I push you, hard, your legs against the base of the bed and you fall backwards. I crawl on top of you and straddle your chest. Kissing your neck, you’re still entranced by my creamy breasts and my large, hard nipples and barely notice me attaching the handcuffs to your right wrist and the post at the top of the bed.

You reach up with your free arm, trying to take a hold of my breast and I slap your face, no, not yet sweetie. I see a red imprint of my hand left on your face and I smile; how I’m going to enjoy this sweetie.

Getting up off of you, I head over to my bag and take out another pair of handcuffs and attach your other wrist to the other post. Now, that just leaves your legs sweetie. Taking out some chains from the bag I attach your legs to the posts at the base of the bed. For the first time I notice your hard on.

Again, I smile and sit between your legs, now stretched tight and obviously uncomfortable. I don’t think the jeans and your boner are helping are they love? Don’t worry; I’ll take care of both.

Undoing the zipper and button on your pants you help me as I pull them down, raising your ass off of the bed, your big, hard cock moving closer to my face. With your jeans around your ankles I can see just how big it is.

Leaning forward I take it in my mouth and you feel my warm breath on you making you twitch in anticipation. I give it a gentle lick from the base of the shaft all the way to the head and then move away from you. Each and every moment I’m going to tease you sweetie, get used to it.

I take a pair of latex gloves out of the bag and slap you across the face with them before I put them on. Hurting you makes me feel good sweetie. I’m going to keep hurting you, and you WILL enjoy every minute.

I rip apart your shirt and for the first time you notice the scissors in my hand. I run the cold metal up and down your chest, not letting it cut you. I look into your eyes and wink at you; I run the scissors down your chest, hard, causing it to bleed. Not too deep, but enough to make me want to hurt you more and more. I lean forward and lick the blood off of your chest, eager to taste more and more of you.

I take the scissors to your throat and run it across tenderly, you gasp and, taking the scissors away I slap you, hard. You will be quiet sweetie; I don’t want to hear a word from you. You’re not to move and you’re not to make a sound… understand?

I move away from you and standing at the base of the bed I take off my tight, white nurse’s uniform. I stand before you wearing nothing but my latex gloves.

Crawling onto the bed I start to rub your massive cock. I know you love the feel of the latex on your skin. I lean forward and take you in my mouth, sucking on you gently, every now and again moving my tongue to caress your head. I must admit, you’re being good you’ve barely moved nor made a sound. But, I want to hurt you; I want to see you squirm. I bite down gently but firmly on you cock and I enjoy your pain.

I sit up and untie your legs. I tell you to lie on your front, you protest as the handcuffs are restraining your arms. I slap you hard and you do as you’re told.

Sitting on your back, I start to spank you and I won’t stop until your ass is red and raw. Do you like that sweetie, do you want more? I lose track of time as I’m spanking you, I can hear an occasional gasp into the pillow, that’s when I hit you harder.

I finally let you roll back over and I kiss you, deeply and passionately; my way of saying sorry. Stroking your face I whisper into your ear and tell you what I’m going to do next. I see you smile, I know you want me and that makes me feel special. I sit over your face and you instinctively start to lick my slit.

Want more sweetie? I don’t think you deserve it; you’ve been a very bad boy. Hmmm, maybe I’ll write more for you later sweetie…

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-18 14:02:12
you are sexy

Flesh of the Fallen AngelReport

2009-02-27 17:36:00
I really like it.


2007-09-24 20:29:18
omg why did you stop. . my dick was so hard

wwrite some more. Id love to be your slave . * rawr *


2006-04-22 09:00:19
Creamy coloured and I'm writing the second part soon.


2006-04-16 20:25:06
WOOOOOOW... reallyy very nice stroy... i give it 100000/10 it is more the just perfect.... but it need more.. it need to be more longer... keep going... i would like to be urs

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