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As the weeks quickly went by my breasts grew. I don’t really know if it was due to the hormones or all the cum I was swallowing or Kim playing and nursing on them. He loved watching them grow and I loved his nursing on them whenever we had the chance. I started spending more time at Kim’s place, momma didn’t mind as long as I gave her the money from my “dates” and got a small allowance back. By the time my 18th birthday came I was filling out an “A” cup bra. For my birthday Kim gave me a diamond pendant. It was beautiful and he kissed me deeply as he put it around my neck. I took off my shirt and bra to show it off hanging between the folds of my growing cleavage. Kim cupped my breasts and kissed me again deeply and as our tongues played in my mouth I knew what I wanted then and Kim did too. He led me back to his bedroom and spun me around and slid my skirt down as he kissed me passionately. I opened his shirt and kissed his chest as I made my way to my knees. Finally in front of my loving target I opened his pants and took his flaccid penis in my mouth. Kim moaned as I made love to his penis with my mouth and soon I was rewarded with a rock hard penis to make love to me. He gently pushed me back on the bed and kissed his way down my neck to my developing breasts. After a few minutes of licking and sucking on my nipples he looked up at me with puzzled look. I asked what was wrong and he said that it started to taste funny when he was suckling my breasts. I looked down and saw a drop of clear fluid on the end of my nipple. Kim licked it and was not discouraged by the taste so he continued to nurse on my young breasts. Our love making continued and while I could not decide where I wanted Kim to give me his seed he did and I was not disappointed.

I woke early and stayed in my panties without a top as I fixed Kim’s breakfast. I found that I liked the feel of my chest moving and jiggling freely as I moved about. Kim came in and also commented that he liked the look of my naked chest so it was an unspoken rule that I would go at least braless around the place when I was here. When I arrived home I told my momma of my concern of the fluid from my nipples. She looked at my chest and after much discussion she told me that with the added and constant stimulation that my breasts were trying to produce milk. I started to cry because I was so happy then it dawned on me that I was no longer just a man dressed as a woman, but that I was becoming a woman. We talked for a little while not as mother and son but more like mother and daughter then I had to get ready for my “date” with the photographer.

I went to the studio he had set up in an apartment and things went as usual. We had some drinks and talked about what was going to happen while he got the cameras ready. The two hour session went as before with me posing in various positions and slowly undressing. Once fully nude he would have me pose and masturbate while he took many pictures. After we finished and he said he had enough photographs of me we settled down and he made love to me. After we finished I went to the bathroom to let his seed drain from me. When I came out I saw him looking at the pictures on his laptop. I looked over his shoulder and admired the way my skin had softened. How my hips had rounded out and my budding but firm breasts were developing. Then the horror hit me. I saw that my backpussy no longer was the puckered little bud, it was a small gaping hole left slightly open from the many times it had been used. Jason paid me well and gave me a kiss as I left but the thought of my little hole disturbed me as I thought about it on the way home.

I saw my sister sitting in a little shop and went in and joined her. We talked for a few minutes and then headed for home. On the way she asked me what was wrong; she could tell I was troubled about something. I burst into tears as I told her of my abused hole. She put her arm around me and quickly calmed me down and said that she knew some exercises that would help me and that she would show me when we got home.

When we arrived at home she took me to her room. She told me to lift my skirt and get on her bed on my hands and knees. After I got into position she took her hands and gently spread my cheeks. I felt her fingers gently probe and massage my tired hole as she said that I definitely needed to exercise back there. “Let’s get naked and I’ll show you what to do.” She said as she got up. We both stripped our clothing and got back on the bed. She got on all fours and presented me wither backside. Even though it was my sister, it was the first vagina I had seen since I started this oddity as a woman and the sight was arousing me. She showed me how to contract and relax the muscles to exercise them “Now it’s your turn.” She said as I took the position. I started to contract and relax the muscles as she taught me. As I worked out I heard her breathing become heavy. I felt her hand cup and massage my penis and scrotum as she said it had been a long time since she had felt one of these things. You see, since she had started as a working girl she has gone exclusively to women who are more gentile and pay more. This attention to my member was getting me aroused and I stopped my exercises and rolled over on my back. She leaned forward and brought her lips to mine. Our breathing got heavier as we passionately kissed and our tongues danced together. “I need this now.” She exclaimed as she lifted up and reached between her legs and took hold of my now hard penis. She guided the head to her warm and wet womanhood and sank down on it. We both let out a soft moan as we became one. It had been about a year since I had another woman and while I had grown to love the feel and taste of a hard penis this was something I also missed. She started moving up and down on me as we made love. Her hands cupped my breasts and she was massaging them as she slid up and down on me. We made love for many minutes when she began to moan and breathe heavily. I knew she was about to have an orgasm. When it hit her she sank down and buried my penis all the way in her and started shaking. This triggered my own orgasm and I unloaded a massive load of my seed into her. Sexually exhausted she fell on top of me and we both went to sleep satisfied.

The sun was just coming up when my eyes opened and I felt the soft lips of her mouth on my penis. I softly moaned as her mouth made love to me. She sensed I had awoke and moved so her womanhood was above my lips. As I licked her lips I could taste some of my own seed I had deposited the night before. Eagerly I cleaned her out and then rolled her onto her back. We made love again and after another powerful orgasm we cleaned each other with our tongues. Oh how I fell in love with the taste of my own seed dripping from her. We showered together and got ready for our appointments, hers with an older woman and mine with a slightly older man.

When I arrived at the meeting place he was waiting for me. He was eager for me and wanted to waste none of his time he was paying for on small talk. Once inside his room we quickly got naked and I knew what I had to do. For the next two hours he used me as nothing more than a receptacle for his penis and seed. Oh how I hated these sessions. I was sore all over and sticky with his seed all over me, both inside and out. As I left he paid me well for my abuse and I headed to Kim’s place where I would feel safe and loved.

As I entered the door I fell into Kim’s arms held him tightly. Kim could tell something was wrong but did not pursue the matter, he just held and cuddled me all night long. I woke first the next morning and went in the kitchen to fix breakfast. I didn’t hear Kim until his arms came around me from behind. I leaned back into him as he kissed my neck and whispered how beautiful I was. As I leaned forward to tend to the cooking I felt Kim probe my bottom and slip inside me. I just stood there and moaned as he rocked in and out of me making love to me in the morning the way he liked it. I lost all track of the task of cooking breakfast as he made love to me. When I finally felt him stiffen and release his seed into me I smelt that breakfast was starting to burn. He pulled out of me and I turned the oven off as I felt his seed run down the inside of my legs. I started to cry about the burnt food and Kim quickly hushed me saying we could make our own breakfast. I wiped the mess between my legs with my fingers and sucked them clean as we headed to the bedroom. He lay down and I climbed on top of him and took him into my mouth to suck his nourishment out of him. He must have been really turned on because in about 5 minutes he filled my mouth with his delicious seed. I swallowed every drop and lay down spent from my work. Kim rolled over and started to suckle on my now milk producing breasts. It had been a couple of weeks since that first time Kim noticed the fluid leaking from me and now I could produce proper milk. He drank from me till I was empty and this turned him on so much that we made love again.

Some of my customers liked the fact that I was producing milk and some didn’t care. I was making good money for the family and despite the profession, my family was proud of my sister and I. For two years now we had not shamed the family.


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