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Ann gets her first experience.
Ann had just turned 12 a week ago and her step mother (Debbie) had bought her a couple new outfits. She got a black bra and panties. The bra, 32-c was designed to just cup the lower side of her tits which she questioned why that type bra. Debbie said it was to be worn with her new strapless dress. The dress was also black and barely covered her young ass, and bending over at all would expose her privates to anyone who happened to be behind her. She had also asked if she got new panties and Debbie told her that she didn't need to worry about new panties right now. She didn't like the outfit except the high heel shoes which she thought made her taller then her 4' 10" height. Ann was developing into a very beautiful young lady and her curves were just forming, but anyone could tell she would be hot. She already had the face of a model and her body would soon cath up with her face.

Her father had missed her birthday again being out of the country on something to do with his work and she knew he wouldn't be home for another month, if then. He did call to wish her a happy birthday but as soon as he had told her that asked for Debbie so Ann barely knew he had called. She hated his job because he was always gone for months at a time. She knew as a diplomat it was what he did but not having him around meant Debbie was in charge and she treated her like she was her little slave. If Debbie wanted a drink Ann had to fix it. If the house needed cleaning Ann did it. The only thing Debbie did was invite her friends over and party while dad was gone. Ann knew Debbie had several men who would come over and many times spend the night. Ann knew about sex not only from sex education classes but had heard Debbie and the men late at night when they had sex. Many nights she had been awakened by Debbie screaming " Oh yes fuck me harder!" or "God yes give me your cock. Fuck me." She had even peeked into her father's bedroom and watched Debbie getting fucked by one guy or another on several occasions.

Each time she had returned to her bedroom with a funny feeling between her legs from watching the fuck session. She tried to think of anything other then sex but found her mind kept coming back to it. She had been playing with herself for over a year and knew how good it felt to slide her own fingers in and out of her young pussy. She also knew her real mother (Lynn) had told her many times how it was wrong to do it, since she had caught her fingering herself when she spent the weekend last summer.
She was brought back to the present when Debbie yelled for her to come down and show off the new outfit. Ann tried to pull down on the dress but it wasn't going any lower. She had put the outfit on as she had been told except she had put on a pair of white panties even though Debbie had told her not to worry about panties with the outfit. As she walked into the living room she felt ashamed that so much of her was exposed. The dress barely covered her titties and came just a couple inches below her ass. She had her hands attempting to cover her private area in front until Debbie ordered her to remove her mands so she could see what she looked like in the outfit. As soon as she moved her hands Debbie told her to turn around slowly so she could view the back. As Ann turned around Debbie reached over and pulled the back of the dress up.

" What the fuck is this? I said no panties didn't I you little bitch." Debbie screamed at Ann. Then she ripped the panties from Ann's young ass, swung her around and slapped her hard across the face. "Next time I tell you anything you better do what the fuck I say!" Debbie then grabbed Ann's long blonde hair and pulled her to the sofa where she threw her on it, and jumped on top of her. She punched Ann hard in the stomach and kneed her between her legs causing a pain that almost made Ann pass out as the pain shot throught her virgin pussy and spread throughout her whole body. Debbie continued to scream and cuss Ann. "You little stupid fucking cunt! When I speak you listen bitch! If I tell you toshit you better ask how much you little fucking slut! Fuck with me again and I will kill your fucking ass! Do you understand me bitch?" Debbie then drove her knee into Ann's virgin cunt again and this time Ann passed out from the pain.

Ann had no idea how long she was out but when she came too she was lying on her own bed. She laid still for a minute then tried to raise up. " Don't move bitch" Debbie ordered."We are going to have a little talk about who is the boss! Or I am going to talk and if you have any brains you will keep your mouth shut and listen. What I did to you downstairs is nothing compared to what I can and will do to you if you dare resist me. Do I make myself clear cunt?" Ann had been cussed by Debbie before but she had never touched her until today and that was something Ann didn't want to happen again. She tried to think of something to say, but all she could do was nod her head yes.

Debbie had been planning this day for months. The plan had started when Ann dared try to tell her father that his beloved wife was fucking her brains out every time he wasn't home and with anyone with a stiff dick. Of course she had convience her husband that his darling little girl was just trying to get back at her because she wouldn't allow Ann to go with her friends on an overnight trip. This little cunt was going to find out first hand why when her old man wasn't around Ann still needed her pussy taken care of and be damned if she was going to be satisfied with just using her vibrator. She loved real cock and she got it where and when she could. Yes soon daddy's poor little virgin would be transformed into a cum hungry slut that couldn't wait for just one cock to fill her pussy. Months of careful planning and tonight all of her plan would happen.

Ann's father (John) was due home around 6 this evening and Debbie wanted to make sure Ann and everything else would be ready for the home coming. She had put up with this little bitch and a husband who came home about once every two months for a few days then be off again for another couple months. The dumb bastard expected Debbie to do without and just wait for him. Fuck he did have a 10 inch cock and it was very thick and the fucking asshole knew how to use his tongue as well as his cock. Debbie thought to herself, "If John would change his job position so he could be home everyday to satisfy his wife, none of this would be needed or about to happen. But John wasn't about to change jobs so she had come up with a plan to force him to change."

Just then Ann twisted on the bed which immediately caught Debbie's attention and broke her train of thoughts. Debbie looked at Ann and informed her in no uncertain terms that she would hurt Ann seriously if the little cunt tried to do or say anything except what she was told to do. " Your stupid fucking father will be here around 6 and you will wear your new outfit to dinner and you better leave the fucking panties off!" Debbie said and by the look on her face Ann knew it was a demand that she better follow. Debbie continued, " When he gets home I will tell him you are getting ready for dinner and not to bother you because you want to surprise him with your new clothes. You are not to come down until I call you the second time. When I call you the first time you will answer that you are drying your hair and need a few minutes."
Ann started to speak and Debbie drew her hand back causing Ann to stop cold in her tracks. Debbie continued, "Ann shut the fuck up and listen or I will make you regret it. Bitch remember your old man will only be here a couple days and then you will have to deal with me, and you know what I can do to you then. Where was I? Oh yea. When I call you the second time you will say just one minute while you finish dressing. Wait a minute then yell Get ready and come down the stairs. Wait for your father to come to you and do not run to him. UNDERSTAND?" Debbie yelled. Ann nodded her head, and Debbbie took up were she had left off. "When he gets to you hug him and give him a kiss. Then ask him what he thinks of your new outfit and spin around. No matter what he says or does you will tell him I disaproved but you knew he would love it." Debbie gave Ann a look that could kill. "Fuck this up and I will hurt you far more then your little fucking brain can conceive. You better do it just as I said or not even dear daddy will be able to save you." Debbie instructed Ann to get her bath and get dressed and ready even though it was just 4:30 and she had plenty of time.

John arrived home at 5:45 and of course his first question was where was his darling daughter. Debbie knew this was always his first question and had her answer ready. " Oh she is getting dressed up in her new clothes. The ones she insisted on getting for her birthday. I tried telling her they were to short and exposed to much of her but you know how she gets so I just let her get them." While she was talking she was fixing John a special drink. " When she comes down just tell her how great she looks and don't raise hell at her ok? She said you would love what she picked out so don't disapoint her." Debbie handed John his drink and yelled for Ann telling her Dinner was ready and her dad was home. Ann replied right on cue, " I'm drying my hair and need a few minutes ok? " Debbie smiled to herself and said. " John are you ready for another drink while we wait for our little girl?" Without waiting for an answer she prepared another drink and made it even stronger then the first one. Debbie walked over with the drink and rubbed her husbands crotch area which contained a ragging hardon. " Well well I can see you are glad to be home but I'm afraid you will have to wat a little longer honey. Remember Ann has gone through a lot of fuss for you."

John drank the second drink and Debbie fixed him a third one. He was feeling horny as hell and his cock was so hard it really was hurting. As Debbie walked by he grabbed her ass and gave her a squeeze. " John quit that." Debbie laughed and then said, "Besides I have a very special surprise for you tonight. You will never forget the surprise as long as you live honey. Ann are you ready yet?" Again right on cue Ann yelled back "Just a minute I am almost finished dressing." Debbie looked at John and could see the buldge in his slacks. So far so good, The drink was working just like it was suppose to. She walked back over and fixed yet another drink for John. When she handed it to John He asked " What the hell is in this, I can't remember ever being so damn horny. I'm not drunk and don't even feel high." Debbie cut him off. " John you have been away amost three months what do you expect? Look coming down the stairs."

Ann walked down the stairs and knew that from where her dad was setting he could see her private area since she had followed Debbies instructions and had left her panties off. When she reached the bottom step her father slowly walked over to her and she gave him a huge hug and a kiss on his check. She then twirled around which caused the bottom of her dress to fan out exposing her ass and pussy to her father's eyes. The view wasn't wasted either, her father's eyes were glued to his young virgin daughter's ass and pussy. Ann asked him what he thought and he replied, "WOW you are sure growing up fast and becoming a very desirable young lady."

Debbie said, "Ok lets go eat. I have a lot planned for this evening." She ushered them into the kitchen and got them seated. She poured both a drink of cola and fixed herself a sprite. As Ann drank the cola she started feeling very warm between her legs. Her mind started wandering and she thought about seeing Debbie fucking the many different guys and realized she was wondering what her first time would be like. John was also thinking about sex. He couldn't get the picture of his daughter's young exposed pussy and ass out of his mind. He kept wandering if she was still a virgin and what it would feel like to fuck a girl so young. As the scene was unfolding in front of her Debbie was planning the next stage of the evening events. As soon as they finished dinner she told John to go in the living room and relax while Ann helpped her clear the table and do the dishes.

John left and Debbie turned to Ann. " I saw you looking at his cock, think you would like to see it? Ann couldn't think how she should answer but after a minute said yes she would, immediately turning red. Debbie laughed and said " Well you will see it tonight and a lot more. You will suck it and your old man will fuck you.!" Ann said "Huh what do you mean? He wouldn't do that. That wouldn't be right!" " Shut the fuck up you smart ass little cunt. Debbie shot back. Both of you will do as I say tonight and you will like it. I have given you both something that will make you do it. So bitch start thinking how good it will feel to have your dear daddy's cock pumping his cum deep inside you. " Ann had already had thoses thoughts before when she would finger herself. She knew if her dad would love her she would never want anyone else unlike Debbie. Just then Debbie shoved her toward the living room.

John was setting on the couch and rubbing his cock through his slacks. As the ladies entered he stopped and tried to squirm atround to hide his hard cock. Debbie smiled and asked, " John isn't it kind of hard to massage your cock in your pants?" Then she walked over to him and said, " John take your cock out so we can see it. Your daughter wants to see your cock so pull it out." As if possesed John undid his belt and zipped his pants open then slid them down to his knees, along with his boxers. His cock stood straight up and Ann's eyes were fixed on it. Ann's lips suddenly became dry and she licked them to try and make them moist. Debbie looked at John's cock then at Ann, then back to John. "Ann come over here so you can touch it if you want to. You want her to touch it don't you John?" John shook his head yes and motioned Ann to come to him. He knew what was happening was wrong and he should stop it but not only couldn't he, but he didn't want to stop it. In fact he wanted to shove his cock in his daughter's mouth and in her pussy and yes even in her ass. Little did he know the drug his wife had slipped him was what was making him want to fuck his daughter, and it was also keeping him from using common sense and stopping it. Ann moved forward having much the same thoughts as her dad. She knew it was wrong but she knew that right now she wanted what she was heading for. Even before she got to her dad she was reaching out for his cock. Finding her desire she took hold of it and slowly stroked it up and down. John reached out and grabbed the back of Ann's head and pulled it toward his crotch. Ann didn't fight her father pulling her to his cock. The drug and natural urges working together made her want him in her. "Kiss his cock" Debbie demanded. Ann lowered her head and kissed the head of it. She was acting on instinct and so did her father. As his daughter's head reached the head of his cock he wrapped his fingers in her hair and forced the head of his cock into her mouth. Ann took as much as she could until it hit the back of her throat. John wanted more of his cock in her mouth and pulled her down until she was gagging. It took a few minutes for Ann to control her gag reflex, but each time her father would thrust forward and pull her head down more of his cock entered her mouth. It wasn't long before she was deep throating her dad's cock, and loving the feeling. By now animal instinct took over and Ann and John forgot all about being father and daughter. He pumped his cock into her and as he reached his first climax he pulled his daughter tight to his crotch. Debbie was also loving what was happening it was fitting perfectly into her plan. John screamed at his daughter " Oh God baby I'm cummingggg! Take it baby " He unloaded his cum into her mouth and Ann did her best to swallow each spurt but due to the force of his orgasm much of his load ran down the sides of her mouth. As John emptied the last of his load he fell back and released his grip on his daughter's head. Ann started to pull back but Debbie had other plans for the pair. Debbie yelled " Don't quit dear. You need to suck and lick him clean". When Ann didn't move fast enough for Debbie she screamed, " Suck him bitch and make him hard again or you know what will happen!" Ann licked and sucked and after a few minutes her father's cock grew hard once again. As soon as Debbie saw her husband's hard cock she said in a calm voice, " Ok John it's time to fuck her. You both want it so give it to her." John didn't need any more encouragement he went to work on getting Ann's clothes off her and then tore his shirt off and removed his shoes, socks, pants, and Boxers. He shoved Ann back onto the carpet and turned so he had access to her pussy while he pumped his cock back into her mouth. The heat between them was unbelievable. John had started eating his daughter's virgin cunt while she sucked his cock. Caught up in the passion of the moment, Both had now forgot totaly about Debbie even being in the room. This also fit right into her plans. She had the cam corder and was filming the entire scene to use later.

After several minutes of devouring his daughter's virgin love channel she reached her first climax and her whole body shook. Moments later John pulled his cock out of her mouth and spun around so his cock was aimed directly at the entrance to his virgin daughter's pussy. John was possesed with getting his cock deep in his daughter and had no plans of being gentle about it.. He twisted Ann's Hair around his fingers and held her in place with his weight. He moved the head of his cock to her pussy lips with his free hand. In one swift movement he thrust into her causing her to scream from the sudden pain of being violated for the first time. John didn't stop until he had all 10 inches in his daughter cunt. He waited a minute, not to allow her pussy to adjust but to take a deep breath. Then he started fucking his daughter in earnest. He didn't care if it was hurting her or about it being wrong to fuck his daughter. His only thoughts where enjoying this tight pussy and filling her with his cum. He wanted his own satisfaction and to that end nothing else mattered. Ann was having her own feelings about her first time. It had hurt like a motherfucker when her father shoved into her so hard but her body was also excepting the sensation of being stimulated by a hard cock pumping in and out of it. The pain had ended and the feeling now was pleasure. More then anything she wanted her father's cock to fill her inner being as much as possible. All thoughts for her too was centered on one thing her own gratification. The cock pumping in and out didn't matter who it belonged to at the moment. She had it in her and that made it her's for the time being and she was enjoying each thrust and withdrawal of the massive cock filling her pussy. It was as if they had become one, with one goal, their sexual satisfaction. John was pumping her fast and hard and Ann started yelling as she reached her peak. " Oh God Yes! Yes fuck me faster! Oh God I'm cummingggggg! Her screams pushed John over the top and he too strarted yelling. " Oh fuck! Goddamn it! I can't hold it any longer! Fuck I'm cummingggg!" John emptied his fertile seed deep in his daughter's cunt at the same time she climaxed. They continued to fuck for another couple minutes until both were completely spent. John colasped and rolled off his child. They lay side by side for about fifteen minutes as they came down from their climaxes. Ann was the first to stir as she wiped her pussy of the cum that had ran out and licked it off her fingers. John seeing his daughter willingly eating his cum made him hard again and now he knew what he was going to do. He rolled back over and layed on top of his daughter. He licked her tits and sucked on them a few times. Ann wanted her father inside her again as much as he wanted to be in her. She spread her legs as far as she could and John slid forward until his cock was at the entrance to his daughter's recently virgin pussy. Some powerful feeling caused him to stop. He knew this shouldn't be happening and he had to take control and get off his daughter. Ann was humping against his cock trying to get it inside her. But John was slowly trying to move back from his daughter. His mind was really fucked up. he wanted so much to drive his cock into her and then he knew he just couldn't do it to his daughter. His mind went back and forth, fuck her-get off her-fuck her- get off her. Debbie seeing what was going on yelled at John, " Go on John give it to her. Can't you see you both want it. Ann tell your daddy you want his cock in you now!" Ann didn't hesitate, " Yes daddy I do want you in me again. I want you to take me. I want you Dad." That did John in, he could no longer fight the drug, Debbie, and Ann all urging him to fuck his daughter.

John positioned himself to enter his daughter and then raised her legs to open her so he could enter her a little easier. He leaned forward, bracing himself with his arms while also holding Ann's legs up and apart. He lunged forward and forced the head inside his daughter's ass. He only got about two inches in with the first thrust but quickly forced another two inches into her. He pulled back a little and the plundged forward with a quick thrust streaching Ann's anal ring and hitting the back of her bowel. He was all the way in and Ann had tears running down her face. He slowly withdrew until just the head of his cock was inside his daughter. Ann begged him, " NO daddy don't pull out. I'm ok. It just hurt for a minute but I'm ok now." Debbie chimed in, " John she is asking you to fuck her so what are you waiting for? " John shoved back in and then slowly got a good pace going. He kept pumping his cock in and out of his daughter and she seem to be enjoying it. Ann started moving with her dad trying to get more of him in her. Her movement spured John on and he picked up the pace and started fucking his daughter in earnest. He was sweating driving his cock into his daughter with the passion of a unleashed animal. Right now the only thing that mattered was busting a nut inside this young ass and he was driving it in her harder with each stroke. John could feel his nut sack tighten as he reached his peak. Ann was doing her best to match her dad's thrust and each time could feel him hitting the back of her now open anal canal. Debbie yelled at John again with insructions. "If you are going to cum put your cock back in her pussy and fill her good." John pulled his cock out of ann's ass and plundged deep into her pussy. After just a few deep thrust John gave one final thrust and burried his cock as deep as possible in his daughter. He held her ass tight against his crotch and filled her with his cum. He came and came and it felt like he was going to keep cumming forever. Spurt after spurt erupted into his daughter's pussy until at last his climax began to end. Now his cock was just ozooing into her and his dick was starting to shrink. When he had emptied his load in his daughter's deflowered pussy he colasped on top of her, allowing his cock to slowly slip out of her as it shrank back to it's limp size. He then rolled off his daughter and for the first time kissed her as his lover instead of his daughter. Ann kissed him back and took his cock in her hand and lay her head on his shoulder.

Debbie applauded the preformance, turned off the camera, and then told Ann she needed to lick her daddy clean.

If you enjoyed chapter one let me know and I will post the next chapter.

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