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Three girls plan and plot sexual encounters with their boyfriends then talk about how things went.
“You know, Karen told me about what Doug likes,” Kathy said.

I had been dating Kathy for a couple weeks. Maybe seeing her outside of work for sex is a better deion. We did have sex in the ‘manager’s office’ once though. She was previously a server and I a cook, but now she was promoted. I was fucking a manager in training.

She and her friends Karen and Amy always talked about sex with each other. It was like some sort of a contest. Karen had come up with the ‘thing to drive a man crazy’ of the week and Kathy wanted to report back to the group her result. She tells me in the middle of my shift so I will be dying when we get in bed later after work.

“She was riding him until he was ready to come and then she went down on him and took his load in her mouth,” Kathy said. “It tastes really good to have all the juices mixed up and I guess I was thinking we might try it.”

I had to adjust my hard on which went from flaccid to full mast in less than three seconds. She knew before she had said anything that I could be convinced to try it, but now she knew I was enamored with the idea. I had come in a girl’s mouth before but never had the girl been the one to jump off and go down for the surprise at the last second.

When on top Kathy made her hips gyrate in a magical way. It felt as if she could pick which part of her pussy lips she wanted to rub on which part of my dick as she slid forward and back. She could make the top of her pussy just below the clit slide up and down on the top of my dick or she could make the bottom part just next to her anus slide up and down on the bottom side of my cock. Sure she had her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock either way the whole time, but the extra pressure that would stimulate parts of my dick and draw the attention of my minds eye to that particular region was something only she could do.

She was very fit and did not weigh much so she seemed able to lift her body into positions that defied gravity and allowed her to find and then hold those impossible positions that most guys probably never even have the chance to experience. It was just one of those positions she used on me that night. Her “C” cup tits were firm and nipples erect and after several minutes of sex her body was glistening from a slight formation of perspiration. She held a good portion of her weight on her arms and made her pussy swing in a u-shape from front to back. She would thrust her pelvis forward and lift up as she moved slightly closer to my face and then after the down stroke would lift herself back up but this time twisting her hips back and sliding down away from my face. It was a two stroke motion forward up and down and then backward up and down. All of the zones of my cock were slicked up with her creaming slit and overwhelming my senses.

I told her I was getting close and on the very next up stroke she just kept on going up moving down my body like a gymnast dismounting her piece of equipment with practiced precision. Her arms, straddled on each side of my chest, pushed down on the bed and her mouth opened and dove downward to my cock before her knees had even come back to land on either side of my legs on the bed. She had her mouth sucking the juices of her pussy off my dick and bobbing up and down until I would finish. The change of tempo from her nice rhythmic fuck to her “crazy for come” sucking blow job jolted me into a different groove. I have always found it strange how the same tempo, no matter what changes in positions, seems to be the key to the steady march to an orgasm. Her mouth being in the full horny state was bottoming out right from the start where normally a few minutes of sucking are required to get to that point of sexual bliss where she didn’t care how bad it made her eyes water to take it into the top of her throat.

The slight delay of my orgasm was probably not more than ten seconds. Prolonging the exquisite feelings she was producing on my tool made me feel like I had entered some sort of tantric state where my orgasm was impending but was currently in a state of anticipatory suspense. My sperm began to rush out in squirts. My orgasm pumped out fluid on at least eight or nine contractions in a row. It had been a week since I had last come and so this load was extra thick and creamy white not at all translucent.

It was as though she was performing an experiment and wanted to make sure the conditions were precisely met. Karen had coaxed a load out by fucking and then sucked it all up to swallow, or so she said, which made Kathy want to take the entire load into her mouth and then swallow it. She had been told it was a delicious mixture of pussy juice and hot spurts of jism, so she was bound to complete the task exactly as described so she could then judge for herself. The large thick load I think surprised her. How could she have known I hadn’t come at least by my own methods in a week? I just happened to have been busy or tired each night when it might have otherwise happened.

One thick salty bead managed to leak out onto her chin and stuck solid in the tiny little invisible facial hairs. The vision is one that dances through my eyes regularly to this day. She lifted herself up, a giant squirt of thick come pasted to her chin and her shiny lips wet with her pussy juice smeared around her face like a little kid eating a vanilla ice cream cone. Integral in the passions invoked by the thought is the fact that while raising herself up her head nodded clearly forcing herself to swallow. The pure lust in that moment was not ruined by a facial expression of horror commonly found on a submitting wife, rather it was simply an unexpected obstacle and her physiology was not letting her easily swallow a pungent load of salty juices without the use of a bit of willpower. As her head came back up from the forced swallow a sly grin crossed her face as though she was proud to have completed her stated task. Painted across my face was the look of bliss that said everything she needed to know as to whether or not I enjoyed myself.

She felt the presence of the blob on her chin and gave a weak effort at licking it up into her mouth but was only successful in pushing it along to a spot that she could no longer reach with her tongue. Now she smiled mischievously as she moved in for a kiss.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander I figured and let her kiss me and share the mess we made. It was the least I could do for a girl that went to such an effort to please me in every way she could.

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plK4Rh Sorry for the off-topic, could you tell where I can get such a nice pattern for my blog ?!...


2006-12-05 00:32:41
Great fuckimg story, Hey bre. can i borrow your cock=sucker for a year or so? I will give her back.


2006-10-19 22:33:36
to me, this was so damn good that me thinks thou art both male and female. You are very good in your deions. Your metapours ensconced me. You achieved, in your writing, that power you have in your words by knowing you did what you knew you could. feels damn great dosent' it. I will meet you in the writing honor of the New York Times.

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