Tracy gets introduced to a very different kind of sex life ( in 2 parts )
This is a true story...Tracy and I have been friends for 15 years,we have no secrets and are not afraid to divulge anything
Well it all stems from when i met my fella Tom,in an internet chatroom,we got on very well and had a lot in common..we exchanged phone numbers and eventually met up..the attraction was instant ,despite the age gap,and we fucked that same night,his young body firm and muscular,his cock an impressive 8 inches and very thick,and his spunk very thick and salty and buckets of it
We enjoy a very broad,varied sex life and we had done everything most people do,in particular we love anal sex cos Toms cock is so big and thick its just ideal for a good arse shag...One night,about 1 year after we had properly met, as we were having a fuckfest,my mate Tracy rang so i stopped sucking Toms cock briefly to talk to her..she asked if she had disturbed us and i said with a laugh "yea but we can fuck anytime dont worry about that "she was silent for a minute and then said"leave the phone off the hook when you go so i can listen in" I was quite taken aback by this,she had never said she was a bit of a voyeur,but as her husband was a soldier serving in the Gulf i guess she was feeling alittle lonely and neglected so i agreed,I didnt tell Tom at first cos i didnt know how he would react,so we said goodbye and i pretended to hang up the phone,leaving it off the hook and then carried in with our sex session
We started deep kissing as Tom moved his fingers down to my already sodden wet pussy,and proceeded to finger fuck me,whilst probing my mouth with his tongue,it wasnt long before i came and i moaned out loud knowing she was listening,then Tom turned me round on to my hands and knees and fucked me doggy style,really hard and fast,by now i couldnt care less whether tracy could hear or not ,i was in the throes of a long deep orgasm,when he withdrew his gorgeous big hard cock and pushed it against my arse,then let it slide in my arse crack.I screamed out in pure ecstasy as his cock pounded away at my throbbing arsehole and he eventually came inside my arse,i discreetly put the phone on the hook properly this time....Later on that evening when Tom was at work Tracy rang me again and said she had never been so turned on by what she had heard and that shed love to watch sometime or maybe even join in...I wasnt the slightest bit fazed by her request as I have always been slightly bi curious and then started forming a plan...When Tom came home the next day i told him what Tracy had said and he was really up for it,said yea lets start something up so i rang tracy that day to say that Tom would approve of whatever we had in mind
She asked if I would send a couple of pics of Toms cock via our cam phones so she could see what she was getting so i took a couple and sent them and she was very impresse,said she couldnt wait to get a mouthful of his manhood,the fact that she fouind my fella attractive really turned me on and I gave him one of the best blowjobs hed ever had there and then
2 weekends later we were able to go visit tracy at her house,so we drove down from London,even managing to stop for a fuck on the way in a little secluded place we found just off the motorway and for most of the way I had Toms cock out,giving it a suck every so often
We arrived at Tracys house in good time despite the fuck on the way and she was very pleased to see us,and was very impressed with Toms body judging by the way she was looking at him
Me and Tracy are very dissimilar in appearance,shes small and blonde,about 5 ft 5 whereas im over 6 ft tall and dark so we contrasted pretty well,small talk was excahnged,and various pleasantries and then i asked what the plan was.Tracy replied that as it was a nice evening maybe we could walk to the local pub just 5 minutes down the road to have a few drinks to loosen up a bit,we agreed this was a good idea,so after freshening up we set off.
We took turns to buy drinks and started to feel loosened up and relaxed so after about an hour and a half we returned home,I was feeling pretty much turned on by this time cos i knew what was about to happen.Me and Tom went for a shower and had a quick fuck in there and when we had finished we went into the bedroom where tracy was waiting.She had already lit candles and put nice music on the stereo,it felt a little awkward for a split second,then Tom said to Tracy"seen anything you like"? and she replied "yea plenty"I was wearing just a long t shirt and a small thong,Tom was in boxers only and Tracy was in shorts and bra top looking very nice i thought
Tom led me by the hand to the bed where we sat down next to Tracy,one either side of her and Tom started to stroke her legs,which were brown and slender...We had already agreed that Tom wouldnt kiss Tracy as thats something i feel strongly about
I could see that Tom already had a decent semi thru his boxers so i got up and walked over to him and got down on my knees and pulled his cock from his boxers....Tracys eyes never left the sight of Toms big knob in my mouth as i sucked away feeling it get bigger in my mouth,then she said to me "move over now i want a taste" so i moved up to kiss Tom as she took him in her mouth.I felt him respond as i kissed him and she sucked him,and she was clearly enjoying blowing my gorgeous fella...After a couple of minutes Tom said come on lets lay down,and he laid flat out on the bed.Tracy and i took over now,i directed her to straddle his cock whilst i sat astride his face so he could eat my pussy,as she lowered herself down on his beautiful fully erect cock i could hear her groan in pleasure as he started to fuck her while his tongue was buried deep in my wet pussy,it didnt take long for me to come at the sight of Tracy bouncing up and down on my boyfriends hard cock and soon she was having her first orgasm with us.I was very proud of Tom being able to do this to 2 women simultaneously,and i pushed myself even further down on his face soaking him with fanny juice,then we changed over and his cock slid easily in my pussy as it was alraedy coated with Tracys juice ....As she was facing me i could see the ecstasy on her face as Toms tongue probed away in her pussy and he nibbled on her clit making her whole body spasm involuntarily,i fucked his cock long and hard till he shot his thick spunk into my throbbing hot pussy,then we rested................

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UzkYM8 Thanks again for the blog.Much thanks again. Really Cool.


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Then what happened? you got a seven. Woulda been higher if story was longer. Tex


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this shit was weak try again


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