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Part II of Young Erin
I stood in the shower, the warm water rinsing the passionate sin from my body. My semi-erect cock throbbed as my mind recounted the activities of the last 30 minutes. Beautiful 14-year old Erin and I had just concluded an elaborate role-playing rape fantasy, culminating in the most incredible fuck of my 38 years.

Our intricate scheme began a few weeks earlier over the internet. I came to know Erin through a popular website and we immediately hit it off despite the 24 year difference in age. I soon learned Erin was one of those rare teen girls who was attracted to, and loved to be fucked by, older men. Somehow, I had been lucky enough to meet this incredibly sexy young nymphomaniac.

Our plan involved meeting at a hotel near her home for a planned sexual rendezvous. Once in the room, Erin would begin to have doubts and change her mind, deciding she could not cheat on her boyfriend. Enraged at being drawn in and led on by this girl, I was to quickly overpower her and violate her.

From the point Erin “changed her mind,” the remainder of our encounter was not ed. Erin assured me I was free to violate her body in any way I wanted. She longed to be overpowered, dominated, and raped and reassured me I could use whatever force I needed to use to prevail. My “attack” of this innocent young victim involved fucking her innocent cunt with a twelve inch dildo, sodomizing her, fucking her tight pussy, and forcing her to orally sodomize me.

Erin was unbelievable. Fucking this young girl was more intense than fucking any grown woman I had ever been with. Her body was absolutely perfect. Standing 5’4” tall, her 105 pound frame had been blessed with the most incredibly curvaceous hips and perfect 36D breasts I had ever seen. Her tiny waist accentuated her blessings and her dark hair complimented her tanned skin and piercing brown eyes.

As we concluded our taboo game, Erin made a comment that left me speechless; speechless and very excited. Apparently, Erin had let her 17 year old sister Amanda in on our secret and her sister was not far from the hotel, awaiting Erin’s call; a call that would summon her to our room to join in the fun.

After rinsing off in the shower, I wrapped the over-sized towel around my waist to rejoin Erin. As I turned the corner, Erin was sitting on the bed next to a girl I assumed was her sister Amanda.

Erin was holding my cam-corder; both girls watching our “rape” scenario through the small LCD screen of my digital camera.

“Nice work!” the unidentified girl said.

“Hun, this is my sis’ Amanda” Erin added.

“Nice to meet you Amanda” I replied.

Amanda giggled. “Hi. Nice to meet you too”

I stood in disbelief as I looked at the two girls. Amanda was as strikingly beautiful as her younger sister. Although she was dressed casually, she still looked sexy. Her tan legs were covered only by the short denim material of her shorts. Although her breasts were smaller than Erin’s they were still quite nice. If I had to guess, I would place ‘em at 36C’s. Amanda was leaning sideways on the bed so gauging her height was hard to do but she was clearly two or three inches taller than Erin.

Amanda’s body showed the remarkable results of two additional years of maturity although she retained a very youthful, girlish look about her. Other than a few slight variations, these sisters could have easily been mistaken for twins; incredibly beautiful twins.

My mind was still having a hard time fathoming my current situation. Not only had I just fulfilled two life-long fantasies, rape and fucking a young teen-aged girl, I was now confronted with the very distinct possibility I would soon be fucking teen sisters; minor aged teen sisters, incredibly hot teen sisters. I was in heaven and did my best to contain my anxious enthusiasm.

I sat quietly on the bed, snuggled close to Erin as the girls perused the video record of my encounter with Erin. Erin and Amanda were now laying side-by-side. I did my best to let the girls watch uninterrupted, hoping the visual images would expedite their excitement. Every minute or two, Amanda would exclaim “Wow,” or “Damn,” as she watched a particular portion of our home-made movie.

As she did, I would lean in to see exactly which part she was making reference to, filing this information in my mind for later. Having this knowledge would be of benefit as it provided me a blue-print of what turned Amanda on.

As I watched these two young girls stare into the camera, I felt my cock stirring beneath the towel. I fought the urge to remove my towel and start stroking my cock. I certainly did not want these two to know how eager I was to fuck them both. I convinced myself to play it smooth, not seem overly eager or anxious.

Without warning, Erin looked at Amanda. “You ready?” she asked.

Amanda didn’t answer. Instead, she turned her head and slowly embraced her little sister. I watched as Erin closed her eyes, slowly opening her mouth to accept her sister’s tongue. The two kissed passionately, tongues encircling one another. My cock immediately sprang to life, twitching with excitement as I watched the wonderful visual display before my eyes; the display of two beautiful sisters embracing in an incestuous passionate kiss.

It quickly became evident that Amanda was the more dominant of the two sisters. Subtle movements by her and Erin validated my assessment. It was Amanda who guided and coordinated their movements, almost as if tutoring her little sister. Erin seemed content to submit to her sister as she was soon lost in lust and desire.

Amanda guided Erin onto her back, pressing her weight onto her little sister. Erin was still naked and I watched her nipples stiffen with excitement. The two girls continued to kissed, oblivious to my presence.

In the loving arms of her sister, Amanda slid her hand down to Erin’s pussy, gently pressing the palm of her hand against her tiny mound. Erin arched her back slightly, raising her hips to meet the sensual pressure of Amanda’s hand.

Erin moaned softly as Amanda teased her. It was clearly evident the two had made love before. Erin compliantly opened her legs and allowed Amanda to slide her slender middle finger inside her tight cunt.

Amanda removed her lips from Erin’s and slowly kissed her sister’s neck as she worked her way down. Softly, I could hear Erin moaning, “mmmmm” as her sister continued to gently probe her pussy. Amanda’s long slender fingers were topped by professionally finished acrylic fingernails, covered in a sheer gloss with perfect white tips. The image of these fingers as they probed her sister was incredibly erotic.

Soon, Amanda’s mouth found their target, caressing Erin’s erect nipples.

“I’m so jealous of these,” Amanda said quietly as she briefly looked up at me. “They’re so fucking sexy, dontcha think?”

I spoke the first word that came to mind, “Yeah.”

Amanda resumed circling her soft tongue around Erin’s nipple, tracing her young areola with her tongue. Erin arched her back as Amanda’s two-pronged attack continued. Erin then began to move her hips a bit more aggressively as Amanda began burying her finger deeper and deeper. As she did, she would curl her finger upward and massage her sister’s inner walls. Erin continued to moan softly. After another minute or two, Amanda scooted her body down the bed, settling between Erin’s young, perfectly toned thighs.

Erin was still lying on her back. Again, without instruction, Erin opened her legs for her sister. As she did, Amanda slowly traced her tongue along the canyon of her little sister’s pussy lips, stopping at her still red and swollen clit.

“Mmmmmm, yes” Erin moaned in a quiet, very high pitched voice.

Amanda evidently knew her sisters pussy quite well. She wasted no time licking up and down the tight folds of Erin’s cunt, licking her velvety pink innards. Erin reached down with both hands and spread her pussy wide apart. As she did, Amanda licked up and down her sister’s silky soft pussy.

“Mmmmm Hmmmm, Mmmmm, Hmmm,” Erin moaned. This must have been Amanda’s cue for she immediately placed her tongue against Erin’s pussy ring and pressed it forward.

“Ooooohhhh GOD,” Erin cried as her older sister skillfully fucked her tight pussy with her tongue. I lay motionless on the bed, not more than 12 inches away from this sinfully incestuous display of sexual deviance.

Amanda pulled away for a moment to speak, “I can taste you” she said as she looked at me, obviously referring to the cum that still remained inside Erin’s pussy.

Keeping the towel around me was pointless. My nearly 8” long cock had snaked its’ way through the opening in the towel. Lifting my hips, I pulled the towel from around my waist and tossed it on the floor. Erin and I were once again naked.

As soon as my cock sprung free, Erin reached for Amanda’s hand, guiding it towards my thick shaft. A wave of electricity shot through my body and felt like it exited through the tip of my cock as Amanda’s hand made contact with me. Still engaged in a beautiful performance of cunnilingus, Amanda wrapped her young fingers around my shaft and slowly stroked back and forth.

“Very fucking nice” Amanda said as she lifted her head momentarily and glanced up her little sister’s body towards her face.

“I told you Mandy!” Erin replied.

“Take over for a second” Amanda ordered Erin. Erin complied and assumed the duty of massaging my cock. As she did, Amanda quickly undressed, exposing her exquisitely beautiful 17 year old body.

Once naked, Amanda grabbed my black dildo. Her face had a look of pure sexual hunger as she guided the dildo towards her baby sister’s cunt.

Erin smiled as she eagerly anticipated the assault awaiting her pussy. I watched in amazement as the two girls worked in perfect concert with each other, Erin spreading her own pussy while Amanda lovingly worked three quarters of the 12-inch dildo into her sister’s cunt.

Expecting Amanda to fuck Erin with the dildo, I was surprised when Amanda crawled in front of me and sensually licked the tip of my cock. As Erin began to fuck herself with the huge play-toy, Amanda placed my cock in her warm mouth and began sucking me. My mind was in a daze. For the second time today, an under-aged girl had my cock in her mouth. My cock was ready to explode at any minute so I had to concentrate on not coming.

As Amanda did her best to swallow my entire shaft, Erin was in her own heaven. “Ughhh, Ughhhh, Ughhhh,” she moaned as her hands guided the dildo in and out of her naughty pussy.

It was evident Amanda was well-versed in the art of sucking a cock. Her young lips gently caressed my shaft as she moved her head back and forth along my entire length. As she did, her right hand was wrapped around my shaft, stroking me as my cock exited her mouth. Her left hand gently caressed my balls as she continued to savor my shaft. Without warning, Amanda ceased the oral worshipping of my cock.

Erin was fucking herself feverishly as Amanda again took control of her sister. Placing her hand on Erin’s, she motioned for her sister to stop the self-imposed intercourse. As Erin complied, her chest heaved up and down, her beautiful breasts standing perfectly erect.

“He’s gonna fuck your mouth now Erin.” Amanda ordered. Without speaking, Erin removed herself from the bed and knelt at the edge of the bed in front of me.

Taking her cue, I stood in front of her, my cock hanging low under its’ own weight.

“Fuck her mouth. She likes it!” Amanda told me.

“Don’t worry! Fuck it like you fucked my pussy awhile ago” Erin said nonchalantly.

Erin looked so beautiful, her young, naked body kneeling before me, ready to serve as a fuck receptacle for my cock.

Stepping forward, Erin took my shaft and guided it into her mouth.

“Seriously! Don’t be afraid. Fuck her mouth!” Amanda said, assuring me.

My cock rested gently on Erin’s tongue as I took her head in my hands. Slowly, I began to thrust my hips, my cock moving in and out of Erin’s mouth. Each stroke, I drove my cock a bit deeper, trying to determine Erin’s limit. To my astonishment, my cock was slamming against the back of her throat and Erin had not pulled away.

Gaining confidence that Erin could handle it, I began to thrust harder and faster, tightening my ass cheeks as I fucked her mouth. I could feel Erin gagging occasionally but she remained in place, her mouth opened wide willingly accepting my cock. Saliva bubbled and frothed from her mouth, covering my cock and coating her chin. As I pumped my cock, I would pull my cock completely out of her mouth by an inch or two, sticky juices dangled like guy-wires between her lips and my cock before I slammed my rod back into her mouth.

As I fucked Erin’s mouth, Amanda had made herself comfortable on the edge of the bed next to us, her hands exploring her own beautiful pussy. I watched in awe as she plunged her fingers between her full lips and into her cleanly shaved pussy.

Watching 17 year old Amanda finger fuck her bald pussy not a foot away from me while simultaneously fucking the face of my 14 year old lover was more than I could handle. My cock swelled as I felt myself ready to explode.

Fucking furiously now, I pumped as hard as I could. Erin choked and gagged as I violated her mouth but she remained perfectly still. With one final stroke, my cock exploded deep inside her mouth. Like an ocean wave crashing against rocks on the shore, my cum coated the back of her throat. My hands held her head as my body spasmed, releasing a second, a third, a fourth, and a fifth load of my cum.

As I pulled my cock away from her mouth and released her head from my grip, Erin reached up and wiped a drop of cum from my throbbing head. “I missed some” she said as she placed her cum-covered finger in her mouth and swallowed. “Mmmmmm” she moaned as the drop of cum slid down her throat.

Amanda was lost in her own world. Now sprawled on the bed flat on her back, she used her left hand to spread her full lips wide and two fingers from her right hand plunged in and out of her cunt.

Erin stood and whispered to me, “Taste her!”

I didn’t need further encouragement. I knelt between Amanda’s legs. Placing my face as close as I could, I inhaled deeply, taking in her beautiful scent. As I savored the aroma, the sound of her fingers as they entered her wet hole was incredible.

Eager to taste my new lover, I placed my hand over hers and pulled gently. As I did, I placed my open mouth over her opening and flicked my tongue between her full lips. The similarities between their pussies were remarkable. Except for Amanda being shaved, it was hard to distinguish one from the other.

I wasted no time assaulting her young cunt. Amanda squirmed as my tongue circled her clit, gently nibbling from time-to-time. As I did, I used my fingers to spread her lips apart and licked her silky folds.

As I ate Amanda’s pussy, Erin had crawled next to her sister and began sucking her breasts, cupping one in her hand at a time and tracing her stiff nipples with her soft tongue. Amanda bucked her hips against my chin as I plunged my tongue into her.

By this point, my cock was again aching for action as I held Amanda’s midsection in the air, my hands under her, supporting her by her ass. By this time, my mouth was covering her entire cunt as my tongue darted in and out of her tiny hole.

“Erin…honey, honey, honey” Amanda moaned between deep breaths as I pressed my tongue into her. “Let him fuck me.” She begged.

“Mmmm…you want fucked sis?” Erin asked teasingly.

“Yeah, ……yeah……., yeah,” she squealed between breaths.

I stood and took my cock in my hand. Stepping forward, I laid my cock against the bald spot where her pubic hair should have been. Amanda had raised her legs, her feet now flat on the edge of the bed, her knees elevated. Teasingly, I pushed down on the top of my shaft, forcing the width of my cock between her pussy lips. As I did, I stroked my cock back and forth between her lips, feeling her swollen clit caress the bottom of my cock.

Erin was now standing beside me, her naked body pressed against mine running her hand against my muscular chest.

“Look at that” Erin said, staring at my cock as it split her big sister’s lips wide apart. “You wanna fuck her?”

“Oh God yes” I moaned.

Erin grabbed my shaft and began rubbing it against her sister’s cunt. I watched as the tip of my cock parted Amanda’s bald pussy lips under Erin’s guidance. Amanda giggled with anticipation.

“Ready Mandy?” Erin asked.

“Mmm hmm” she said, biting her lower lip.

Erin then guided the tip of my cock into place, stopping when I was aligned with Amanda’s tight hole. I leaned forward and watched the tip disappear between her folds. Erin leaned between us and allowed a large drop of saliva to fall onto my shaft. As she did, she quickly spread the silky moisture on my shaft and into her sister’s pussy lips.

Although Amanda certainly did not need the lubrication, watching Erin prepare her sister’s cunt for a good fucking was very arousing. I placed my hand on my shaft to guide myself inside Amanda. Leaning into her, I pressed just hard enough to allow my cock to slowly penetrate her. Once the head of my cock had disappeared, I could sense how tight her pussy was.

As I was working my way into her, Erin hopped on the bed and bounced youthfully to her sister’s shoulders.

“Can you feel it? Erin asked.

“Mmm Hmmmm.” She nodded in acknowledgement.

I pushed my cock deeper and deeper until finally, the base of my cock was the only visible part remaining. Amanda had remained silent as I slowly worked my cock into her. However, the changed the moment I started pumping in and out of her. Amanda was a screamer. The harder or faster I fucked, the louder and higher the pitch of her moans of ecstasy. I would alternate, five or six long slow strokes, followed by three or four hard thrusts. As I thrust hard, she would moan, “Aghhh, Aghhh, Aghhh.”

Erin was now running her hand across Amanda’s belly as I pumped harder and harder into her sister. At one point, Erin lowered her hand to her sister’s pubic region. As I shoved my cock inside Amanda, Erin exclaimed, “I feel it inside there!” referring to my cock. Erin looked incredibly aroused as she intently watched me fucking her big sister. Amanda’s tight cunt easily swallowed my cock, stroke after stroke. My skin smacked against Amanda’s as I fucked her.

As I settled into a nice rhythm inside Amanda, Erin had laid next to her sister, gently kissing her neck. I couldn’t believe what I heard Erin ask Amanda.

Whispering, she asked, “You like him better than Daddy?”

Amanda immediately answered, “Uh huh!”

My cock twitched as I absorbed what I had just heard. These beautiful young girls were fucking their father.

This immediately sent me over the top. My cock pulsed hard and then burst in an explosion of cum. “FUCK!” I moaned deeply. My cock grew sensitive as I emptied my load into Amanda but my hips continued to thrust in and out of her cunt. Each time my sensitive cock entered her, I moaned, “Fuck” “Fuck” “Fuck” F-U-U-U-C-K!”

Out of breath and still pumping slowly, I asked, “You guys fuck your dad?”

Not sure how they would reply and how I would respond, I felt an evil twinge of excitement when they both answered, “Yes!”

“Mmmmm, naughty girls!” I said.

Erin smiled as she pushed me away from her well-fucked sister, “You won’t tell will you?” she asked jokingly.

I stood and watched Erin, knowing an answer wasn’t really needed. She had knelt between Amanda’s legs and had begun to suck and lick my cum from her sister’s gaping cunt.

- The end -

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