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Lee cursed as he ran to pick up the phone, "Hello?" "Hey baby" He sighed and grunted in finality. "Hey. You know you can't.. Mar. We're not..." "I know I know. Bad habit" She smiled, he may not want to be her's but she would deffinitely be able to convince him to come over. She was almost certain of it. "Can we meet somewhere Lee?" "Mar..." "The theatre, bring your new girlFRIENDS if you want" She emphasized the S in friends and felt his glare even through the phone, she said her goodbyes and hung up. Smiling into the mirror as she slipped on a lacey black thong and a matching sillhouette bra.
"Did she go for it?" Lexxi asked, laughing at his un-amused reaction to Marie's phone call. "Ofcourse she did, but only because I'm playing, 'hard-to-get'." He smiled as lexxi sat on his lap on the edge of the bed not yet dressed from the night before. He kissed her roughly and rubbed himself against her through his shorts. "Mmm I want you" She whispered the words against his lips rubbing the back of his neck as she did. He groaned with a mixture of arrogance and need as he pulled his member out of his shorts and rubbed the tip of it across her already visible clit. She kissed him again pushing him on his back so she could pin him down. Lexxi smiled at his reaction when she slid the tip of him inside her and kissed along his neck moving against it not letting him deeper. When she thought he was about to go insane, she slid down him quickly and took in a sharp breath at the pain he still caused her. Lee guided his shaking hands to her breasts and rubbed a nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he took the other into his mouth rubbing it between his teeth. Lexxi gasped sliding against him faster. Lee took his hand and rubbed it against her clit sucking on her now hard nipple still as she tightened herself around him preparing for her orgasm, the sensation pulling him into his own. They lay like that for a while, her ontop of him and him still inside her until the phone rang and it was Nelle, saying to meet her at the theatre.
Nelle walked into the crowded theatre and took her seat next to Marie. "Hey gorgeous," She whispered. The younger girl blushed pink at the compliment. "Hey." The previews were playing when a very giddy Lexxi and Lee walked through the door, and took their seats by Nelle and Marie. "Hey ladies." He smiled at his ex girlfriend, wrapped his arm around his new one, and kissed the girl he'd fucked last night on the cheek. God he was living a dream. The movie started playing and Nelle grew bored of the silence in the theatre, she turned Marie to face her and kissed her slowly teasing the younger girl's mouth open allowing entrance for her turn. Marie was startled at first but let the kiss go on, growing wet at the erotica of perfectly beautiful Latina girl kissing her. Lexxi looked at the pair and laughed sliding her hand into Lee's pocket, she began massaging the head of his half-hardened member, whispering into his ear. "I want you inside me Lee, moving hard and fast." She moaned against his ear lobe and crawled into the aisle settling herself infront of Marie. She spread the girls legs, who was busy kissing Nelle and fondling each others breasts. Lexxi slid Marie's skirt up past her thighs and began massaging her outter lips through her blush-pink thong. Maries eyes got wide and turned her attention to Lexxi, while sliding her finger into Nelles wet pussy beneath her cute blue-jean skirt. Lexxi moved her tongue slowly around Marie's clit, teasing it out of it's hood and pushed a finger into the tight little hole. Marie squirmed in her seat and caught the look on Lee's face. Lexxi looked up and beckoned him over, hiking her skirt up over her hips and spreading her legs. He settled behind her and slid in roughly watching the display of the three girls in a triangle of teases. Lee slid his hand underneath Lexxi to massage her clit and she moaned against Marie's, moving to slide her tongue in and out of that precious tiny slit. Marie gasped and Nelle moved to behind Lee, gliding her tongue along the base of his member when it moved out of her girlfriend fingering herself at the groans he made to her touch and the combination of Lexxi's sweet pussy combined. Lexxi thrust herself back against Lee, and Marie slid down to Lexxi kissing her tentatively and rubbing her breasts between her tiny hands. Nelle moved to bravely rub Lee's balls with her hand as she continued licking the base of his cock as he slid in and out of Lexxi's pussy all four screaming with pleasure. Lexxi's pussy tightened around Lee's hard cock as warm fluid slid down his member to Nelle's awaiting mouth. He slid out of her and let Nelle suck what cum was left from his dwindling member as Lexxi and Marie kissed each other, straightening their clothes.
They all four sat back in their seats, pretending composure as they watched the credits of the movie they'd come to watch role by. Lexxi looked at Lee and laughed as they walked out of the theatre, catching the questioning glances from the other people who'd been in the theatre with them.
"I think I've found a new liking for the dramatic theatre" Marie whispered against Nelle's ear.
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