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This is the sequel to "The Manipulation of Lynn"
“I have an idea Daddy” Lynn said.

As I lay naked with my beautiful 15 year old daughter in my arms, her leg draped over mine as her closely trimmed pubic hairs nutsled against the side of my hip, I asked, “What’s that baby?”

Lynn traced my chest with her perfectly manicured acrylic fingernails. Sitting up slightly, she softly kissed my stomach. “I have a game we can play sometime!” she replied seductively.

Intrigued, and knowing my little girl’s vividly wild imagination, I was eager to hear what she’d conjured up. “And what game would that be?” I asked.

As Lynn explained the details of the intricate sexual tryst she wanted to try, my mind was split between listening to the details of her plan and flashing back to the first time I’d had sex with my baby girl.

Nearly a year ago, I launched what I thought was a creative and devious plot to manipulate my 14-year old daughter into letting me fuck her and not reporting me.

As it turned out, Lynn had inherited my sexual deviance. I soon learned Lynn was more than willing to let me show her how much her Daddy loved her.

Since then, Lynn and I had sex as often as possible, nobody being the wiser.

As wrong as I knew it was to carry on an incestuous sexual relationship with my daughter, my lust and perverted sense of logic always prevailed, resulting in me engaging in one sinful act after another.

Lynn was stunningly beautiful. During our first encounter, although developed, Lynn still maintained a girlish innocence about her. Thirteen months of growth and maturity transformed my little girl into a young woman.

Lynn now stood 5’ 3” tall and weighed a perfectly proportioned 105 lbs. Her hair was professionally frosted with varying shades of blonde and light brown streaks, a new monthly mother-daughter bonding ritual. Her body had maintained the firm, athletic build she had been gifted with. In many aspects, she reminded me of young Jennifer Love Hewitt. The two girls shared similar body types and breast size, probably a feature that initially motivated my impure thoughts about my daughter.

Lynn would arrive home from school at around 3:15 P.M. on the weekdays. My job sometimes allowed me to leave early and I would use this opportunity to ensure Lynn and I were alone between 3:15 P.M. and 5:20 P.M., the time my wife arrived home from work.

These two hours with my daughter were always incredible. Sometimes I would arrive home to find Lynn already naked, legs spread, bent over my favorite leather recliner. Other times, she’d be waiting for me in the shower or I’d find her in her room, her secret vibrator erotically buried inside her. On more than one occasion, Lynn would greet me at the door and drop to her knees as soon as I closed the front door. Lynn always seemed to know what mood I was in and what would arouse me the most on any given day.

Making love to my daughter was remarkable. It was wrong, it was taboo, it was illegal, and immoral, but it was remarkable. Her sexual prowess transcended her young age and, thanks in no small part to me, she was good at being a little slut.

Often, when the house was empty, I could close my eyes and hear the echoes of her throes of passion, remembering the times and places I’d planted my seed inside my daughter. The mere thought of her high-pitched moans would always cause my cock to stir. I’d fucked my little girl in every room in the house in every position you could imagine. Every room, every piece of furniture, even the stairs all held a special place in my heart for they were landmarks where I’d consummated another act of incest with Lynn.

As I lay in bed listening to Lynn outline the details of her idea, I once again felt my cock stir.

Lynn noticed the effects her plan was having on me. “Mmm Daddy, I’d love to but it’s after five already. I gotta get washed before mom gets home”

Lynn was right. My carelessness was going to get me caught one of these days.

“You’re right hun!” I replied. Unable to part with Lynn without one last touch, I rolled up to my knees, leaned forward and kissed my daughters mound. I could still smell the wonderful aroma of our sex.

“God Daddy! You know I love that. Stop before you get ‘er purring again” Lynn giggled.

We quickly straightened up the bedspread on my bed, gathered our clothes and went our separate ways in the house. Within moments, our house had the appearance of any other normal house; the studious daughter completing her homework in her bedroom while the loving husband and father prepared dinner.

As I prepared dinner, I rehearsed Lynn’s plan in my mind. My daughter was brilliant. This was going to be amazing if we could pull it off.

The rest of our week was uneventful. Friday arrived and after dinner, Lynn left to go to her friend Renee’s house for the night.

Having the house to ourselves on a Friday night, it didn’t take long for my wife and me to find our way to our 8-person hot tub.

I smiled as I climbed into the bubbling water. This hot tub had seen its share of sex since we’d installed it a few years ago.

Six years ago, my wife and I ventured to a couples club in Austin, Texas. We’d always been curious about the possibility of introducing a third person into our bedroom or possibly even swapping partners with another attractive couple.

Our foray to the “on-premise” couples club reinforced our curiosity and before long, we had established a close circle of four couples we “swung” with.

When possible, we’d host couples parties at our house. To outsider’s, these get-togethers appeared to be nothing more than occasional social events. The afternoon barbecues evolved into cooling off in the swimming pool or soaking in the hot tub. As the alcohol flowed, so would hormones. Before long, you’d find small groups of people, usually three to six, in the hot tub, one of the bedrooms, or in the living room having sex. Everything was consensual, no meant no, everything was out in the open, and drugs were not allowed. We often termed our get-togethers as “sport fucking.”

We’d made lifelong friends in the lifestyle and enjoyed their company over “vanilla” friends. Vanilla friends are those who were outside the lifestyle and only enjoyed monogamous missionary boring style sex.

Lynn was aware of our “alternative lifestyle.” Apparently, she’d once viewed the “History” on our PC’s web browser and discovered a popular couples website where my wife and I maintained a profile.

Although I didn’t tell my wife, I explained the lifestyle to Lynn when she asked. Lynn loved the idea of me watching another man fuck her mother.

As my wife Monica and I relaxed in the jacuzzi, our conversation became flirtatious.

“Your skirt was a little short today baby. Did you go pantiless?” I asked.

“Yep. And, I made sure that new teller I hired, Stephen, I made sure he saw up my skirt when I was sitting at my desk today!” she answered with her best sexy voice.

“Naughty little girl! I think maybe you need a spankin’!”

“I was a bad wife today” Monica whispered in my ear. “Maybe I should be spanked.”

Our game was already getting me worked up. Monica loved to role-play and having an empty house, tonight was a good night for a little Bondage and Discipline.

“Go shower and wait for me in the bedroom!” I ordered.

“Yes Sir!” Monica answered a she stepped from the Jacuzzi, her naked body glistening from the moisture.

As she stepped from the pool, I grabbed her leg and slid underneath her. With a few quick darts of my tongue, I teased her pussy.

Monica giggled as my tongue lapped against her clit. I lightly smacked her ass, “Go shower sexy!” I joked.

At 37, she was exquisite! Her 5’ 6”, 115lb frame still had the look of a woman much younger. Her $6000 36C breasts were the only cosmetically enhanced part of her body. As she walked away, her mid-back length reddish brown hair blew slightly in the evening breeze. Her perfectly heart-shaped ass swayed back and forth with each graceful step. I was a lucky man, blessed with a wife and a daughter who were the two most beautiful women on the planet; and, I was fucking them both!

Monica quickly disappeared into the house. As she showered, I turned off the hot tub, replaced the cover and quickly showered in the downstairs bathroom.

By the time I made my way upstairs to our master bedroom, Monica was lying naked, spread-eagle on our king-sized bed.

“Is the bad girl ready for her punishment?” I asked sternly.

“Uh huh” Monica replied in an innocent whimpering voice.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I motioned for Monica to lie across my knee. Compliantly, Monica scooted herself off the bed and positioned herself across my thighs. As she did, she wiggled forward until her breasts dangled against the outside of my leg.

Once she was in position, I used my left hand to grasp her wrists.

“Were you being a little slut today?” I asked.

“Yes Sir”

“Was you pussy getting wet? You wanted fucked today, didn’t you?” I inquired.

“Yes. I needed cock Sir!” she answered, feigning a voice of shame.

“What happens to little girls when they are bad Monica?”

“They get punished” she said sorrowfully.

As she answered, I raised my right hand in the air and forcefully struck her ass cheeks. A loud “smack” reverberated throughout our room.

Monica winced as the hot pain shot through her.

Once again, I smacked her ass sharply, immediately seeing red marks in the outline of my hand appear.

Monica sobbed softly, torn between pain and pleasure. As she did, her hips began to grind against my leg.

After five or six good smacks, I softly ran my hand across her cheeks, massaging the red welts. Monica lifted her hips, exposing her closely shaved pussy.

As her pussy presented itself, I gently inserted a finger between her soft folds, running my thick digit up and down feeling her warmth.

Monica moaned as she felt my loving fingers caress her beautiful womanhood.

“I don’t think my little whore has learned her lesson yet” I said, perpetuating our role-play game. I continued, “Lay on the bed!”

Monica again complied, positioning herself spread-eagle in the middle of the bed.

I quickly retrieved a set of 4 leather binding straps from our “toy” drawer and affixed them to Monica’s wrist and ankles. After securing each binding strap to the bed, I covered her eyes with an oversized black silk scarf.

My lovely wife, my naughty, slutty bank manager wife who’d flashed her pussy to a new bank employee now lie blindfolded and bound to our bed. She was ready to receive more punishment.

Lighting two vanilla scented candles, I straddled my wife, gently sitting back on her lower abdomen. Her perfect breasts stood upright and her nipples were erect with anticipation.

“Oh my God!” Monica whispered as she heard the flick of the disposable lighter. She knew what was in store and a rush of excitement flowed through her body.

Retrieving one of the candles, I maneuvered it over her right breast. Slowly tilting the candle, a tiny stream of hot wax cascaded through the air onto her nipple.

Her body flinched momentarily as she let out a moan of pleasure. Unable to move, Monica arched her back.

I slowly moved the candle to her left breast and repeated the process. Again, Monica whimpered with erotic painful pleasure.

As the candle continued to produce more molten wax, I slowly worked my way down her flat stomach. With every touch of the hot wax, her rate of breathing increased. Monica had always derived sexual excitement from moderate pain and candle wax was one of her favorites.

On more than one occasion in the past, she’d reached orgasm through a combination of the candle wax stimulation and a tantric-like gyration of her hips.

Working my way down, I sensually poured the melted liquid on Monica’s cleanly-shaved pussy lips. As I did, the hot wax made contact with her swollen clit. Monica screamed, “OH GOD!”

I continued to punish my wife for fifteen or twenty more minutes, never once touching her with any part of my body expect as I sat on her.

Once the wax dried, I slowly peeled it from her skin, gently kissing the red spots created from the hot wax. In itself, this was arousing for her as it pulled on the fine hairs around her nipples and on her belly.

With Monica still bound to the bed, I positioned myself between her legs. My shoulders were too wide to allow me access to her mound so I was forced to raise her up and place her legs over my shoulders.

In position, I began to blow softly on her wet pussy. The cold air against her warm, moist clit caused her to squirm.

“Please taste me” she pleaded.

Not responding, I slowly spread her lips apart and continued to blow gently on her, teasing her mercilessly. With each breath, Monica would moan, “Mmmm, yes!”

Without warning, I stopped and climbed from our bed. Monica heard me open the bedroom door. Still blindfolded, she could not see what was happening.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I did not answer.

“Honey, what’s going on?” she asked again.

Again, I did not answer.

Monica could sense someone else was now in the room.

As she drew a breath to speak again, she suddenly felt a tongue part her full pussy lips.

“Oh my God. Mmmm!” she exclaimed.

The sight before my eyes was incredible. Unbeknownst to Monica, I had opened the door to signal to Lynn it was time for her to enter our game.

Lynn hadn’t gone to her friend’s house. Instead, she’d been patiently waiting for my signal, a quick phone call as I got out of the shower, to sneak back into the house.

Now, before me, my beautiful little girl was sensually licking her mother’s pussy.

Lynn gently spread her mom’s lips and traced her tongue along the inner skin, first up the right side then down the left. As her tongue circumnavigated her mother’s mound, she gently flicked her tongue against Monica’s clit.

“Oh God…mmmmmm, Yes!” she moaned, pushing her head into the pillow and arching her back.

Lynn was already naked as she entered the room. Positioned between her mother’s legs, her feet were planted on the ground. Bent forward at the waist, her firm, round ass protruded invitingly in the air.

Monica had no idea who was bringing her such pleasure but she knew only a woman could be as sensual, as loving, as knowing about how to accomplish this erotic chore.

I was unable to stand by uninvolved. I positioned myself behind my daughter.

Sensing my desire, Lynn spread her feet and hiked her ass a bit higher.

I stood in amazement as I looked at the vision of pure sexual taboo. Lynn’s tanned legs, defined by the clear definition in her muscles, begged to be caressed.

I stepped forward. Taking my cock in my right hand, I used my left thumb to slightly pull Lynn’s pussy lips open to expose her tight hole. Aligning the tip of my cock with her hole, I pressed the tip of my cock into her. As I slowly penetrated Lynn’s pussy, filling her with my thick 8” cock, she moaned softly, the erotic sounds muffled by my wife’s cunt.

Once I was an inch or so inside my little girl, I positioned my left hand on her hip for balance. No matter how many times I’d fucked my baby, seeing my cock enter Lynn always felt incredible and made me feel so dirty. However, it was this dirty feeling that excited me the most.

Lynn began to rub her mom’s clit with her thumb as I inched my way into her.

Monica’s soft groan’s were intensifying as her pussy flooded with Lynn’s saliva and her own moisture. I could hear the wet sounds as Lynn lapped at her mom’s cunt.

Once I was three or four inches inside Lynn, I slowly withdrew my cock only to push back into her deeper.

“Mmmm-mm” Lynn moaned.

Monica could sense her secret lover was getting fucked. “Honey, are you fucking her?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Mmm hmm, and she’s so fucking tight!” I replied.

Lynn slowly rocked back and forth to meet my thrusts. As she did, her firm ass and the back of her legs smacked against me. Lynn’s pussy was tightly clenching my cock as I stroked the entire length in and out of her young body. Her creamy juices covered my cock, creating a friction free hole for me to enjoy. As my strokes increased in pace, Lynn began to moan louder. As she did, her muffled vibrations against Monica’s pussy caused Monica to buck her hips wildly.

Sensing my wife was nearing orgasm, I spoke, “Shove your tongue inside her!”

“Oh my fucking God!” Monica screamed as Lynn forcefully shoved her tongue in her mom’s sweet cunt. The feeling of her talented unknown lover’s soft tongue violating her walls was unlike anything she’d ever felt. No man or woman had ever had the effect on her she was feeling right now. Her stomach tightened as she felt a primeval sense of animalistic lust throughout her body.

Monica felt a wave of energy rock her body as her muscles tensed. Lynn continued to flick her tongue in and out of Monica’s silky hole. Monica screamed as she came in a powerful orgasm, “FUCK…OH SHIT, YE-E-E-E-S-S-S!”

Knowing my daughter had just made her mother come without her mom’s knowledge was more than I could stand. I almost came, pulling my cock from Lynn’s pussy just in time to tightly pinch the head, stemming the inevitable orgasm.

Walking around to the side of the bed, I crawled over Monica and straddled her chest. As I did, Lynn had inserted her slender middle finger inside her mother’s pussy, doing her best to find the one spot cherished by all women.

Still bound and blindfolded, Monica was unable to move. Rising up on my knees, my cock now dangled next to my wife’s waiting lips. Taking my slick cock in my hand, I rubbed it against Monica’s mouth. She compliantly opened her mouth, allowing me to slide my shaft inside.

As she did, she moaned softly, “Mmmmm.”

Her warm mouth felt incredible. If only Monica knew the wonderful taste she was savoring belonged to our daughter. A wonderful sense of forbidden lust coursed through my body. I knew how wrong it was to involve my daughter in an act of bisexual incest but the desire was incontrollable.

As Monica continued to suck my cock, I slowly removed her blindfold. Lynn continued to finger fuck her mommy’s pussy as Monica rocked her hips up and down, moaning in unison with Lynn’s finger probing.

As the blindfold fell to the bed, Monica’s vision took a few seconds to adjust. She craned her neck, trying to look beyond my body straddled on her chest to see who this incredibly talented woman between her legs was. Being bound, she was unable to see past my frame.

Lynn slowly stuck a third, then a fourth finger inside her mom. Monica moaned in delight, “Y-e-e-e-e-s-s-s!” she stuttered.

I looked back to see Lynn doing her best to fully fist fuck Monica. I wasn’t sure her tight pussy could stretch that far but Lynn had other plans. I slowly watched as Lynn finally fit all four fingers and then her petite hand deep inside her mom. Nearly coming again, I pulled my cock from Monica’s mouth and spoke.

“It’s time!” I said.

I slowly rolled off my wife allowing her to see the woman who had her fist shoved deep inside her tight cunt.

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes; disbelief, shock, disgust. But, I also saw a look of desire, lust, hunger, and arousal.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Monica screamed. “Untie me now!”

“Mommy, please don’t be mad!” Lynn pleaded.

“Goddammit, stop right now! You’re my daughter!”

Defiantly, Lynn leaned forward and flicked her tongue against her mom’s swollen clit, her fist still pumping inside her confused mother.

“Lynn, stop, don’t…Lynn, uhn, please, uhn, uhn, please, uhn, stop, please!” Lynn pleaded with her daughter.

Watching my little girl assaulting her mothers pussy, the same pussy that had given birth to Lynn 15 years earlier, was incredibly arousing.

I stood in amazement as Lynn placed her mom’s clit between her teeth and flicked her tongue back and forth across her sensitive button.

“Lynn, uhn, stop, arh, please Lynn, uhn, uhn, uhn!”

Monica couldn’t fight the intense pleasure she was feeling. Her emotions were torn. Never in her life had she imagined her beautiful daughter fist-fucking her pussy. Never had she imagined tasting her daughter’s juices on her husbands cock. Never had she imagines her husbands cock would ever be buried inside their daughter. As hard as she tried, Monica could no longer suppress her pleasure. She felt a feeling of desire inside her she hadn’t felt since….since she was 15 she and her sister Michelle, then 16, used to take turns tasting each other.

Monica had never shared this secret with anyone. Instead, occasionally, when she was in the mood for a good self-inflicted orgasm, she’d close her eyes and remember how sinfully wonderful she felt while eating her sister’s pussy.

It had been twenty two years since she felt the lust she was feeling now. She couldn’t contain her desire.

“Uhn, Lynn, that feels, uhn, so, Oh God, so good!” Monica moaned.

Monica was breathing heavily as she asked, “How long having you been fucking her?”

As I stroked my cock inches from Monica’s face, I answered, “About a year.”

Hearing that, Monica must have had hundreds of images flash through her mind, trying to picture me fucking our little girl. As much as she wanted to be angry, she couldn’t be. Her clit twitched the moment I answered her as she exploded in another tremendous orgasm. As her hips bucked, Lynn maintained her face buried deeply into her mom and pumped her small arm as fast as she could..

“OH MY GOD…FUCK YES!!!!!” Lynn screamed as her body tightened.

Lynn slowly removed her hand and stood up. As Monica caught her breath, it was time to untie my wife and let her enjoy our incestuous adventure.

As soon as Monica was untied, she rolled from the bed and sprang to her feet. For a moment, I was nervous, worried she was angry. My concerns quickly subsided as she walked to Lynn and began to passionately kiss her daughter.

Standing three inches shorter, Lynn and Monica’s bodies were a perfect fit for each other. The slight difference in height allowed Monica’s breasts to rest on top of Lynn’s as they pressed their bodies together.

For several moments, they both seemed to forget I was in the room. Their hands sensually exploring each other as their lips remained embraced.

As her hands caressed Monica’s back, Lynn slid her leg between her mothers. Instinctively, Monica began grinding her hips against Lynn’s muscular thigh, moaning softly as her swollen clit slid across Lynn’s perfect skin.

Breaking their passionate embrace, Lynn looked at her mom, “I love you so much! You’re so beautiful. Please don’t be angry with me”

“I’m not angry sweetheart. Just a little surprised but I’m okay now” she reassured Lynn.

“Are you sure Mommy?”

Monica didn’t reply. Instead, she guided Lynn to the edge of the bed and motioned for her to sit back. As she did, Monica spread her beautiful little girls legs and slowly kissed her thighs.

The look of pure ecstasy on Lynn’s face was intense. Monica slowly kissed Lynn’s soft mound as she nudged her tongue between her pouting pussy lips.

As her mother slowly licked her young cunt, I positioned myself on the bed next to Lynn. Lynn knew immediately what I wanted and she was more than willing to take her daddy’s cock in her mouth.

Lynn slowly laid back and rolled slightly to her side. As she did, she grasped my cock and placed it inside her mouth.

Seeing our daughter between our naked bodies brought a feeling of lust I had never felt. Monica must have been feeling it too as she positioned herself under Lynn’s thighs and wrapped her arms over the top of Lynn’s legs. From this position, her mouth and tongue were free to explore her daughter’s depths, a position she took full advantage of.

Within minutes, Monica was shaking her head back and forth wildly as she lapped up our little girls sweet taste.

Lynn was moaning loudly. Had my cock not been half way down her throat, I am certain she would have been screaming in bliss.

I could no longer contain my excitement. Nobody driving by our house, no one else in the family, none of our neighbors, nobody knew at this moment my wife and I were fucking our 15 year old daughter.

My cock pulsed hard as I shot the first load of my cum into Lynn’s mouth. I believe it caught her off-guard as I felt her gag slightly.

Quickly recovering, I felt her gulp down the first wad just in time to ready herself for the subsequent spurts I emptied into her throat. Lynn swallowed every drop of my cum, never once needing me to remove my cock. The feeling of her mouth and throat muscles contracting as she swallowed only heightened my already perverse gratification.

My cock continued to twitch as Lynn’s tongue caressed the thousands of tiny sensitive nerves endings on my cock.

I allowed my cock to slide from Lynn’s lips, watching her tongue follow the tip of my cock until it was out of reach. Meanwhile, Lynn had put her slender hands on her mom’s head, running strands of hair between her fingers and grasping tightly.

It was obvious neither Lynn nor my wife felt any shame as Lynn pulled her mom’s head into her pussy.

With her teeth tightly clenched, Lynn soon assumed a very dominant role with her mom, “Fuck yeah, eat my pussy mom…Oh God, yes, stick it in.”

I couldn’t believe how aggressive my daughter had become with her mom. What’s more, my wife obliged Lyn, doing exactly what she was ordered to do. Burying her face as deep as she could, her outstretched tongue probed as deep as she could in Lynn’s tiny opening.

Monica stopped for a moment, long enough to lift her face and look up at Lynn, “Baby, you taste so good. Please don’t ever let me stop doing this for you” she pleaded.

“Mom, I love you and Daddy so much. I’d do anything for you both.” Lynn replied, the deep growl in her voice now replaced by a sound of young innocence.

Normally, my cock will lose some of it’s rigidity for a few minutes after I initially cum. After a few minutes of stroking or sucking, I am able to get a follow-on erection. This time, my cock stayed hard. It had been years since that had happened and, needless to say, I was ecstatic.

“Daddy, I think mom needs you!” Lynn said, motioning for me to maneuver around my wife.

Taking her cue, I stood and stepped behind Monica. Her ass was spread wide as she bent forward to eat her daughter’s teen pussy. Spitting a large drop of saliva on my hand, I spread the silky liquid over the tip of my cock and part way down the shaft.

Aligning my cock with Monica’s tight asshole, I pressed forward. As the tip of my shaft nudged my wife’s ass, she mumbled her acceptance. Slowly, I pressed the head of my cock passed the ring of her ass. Within seconds, the head of my cock was buried inside her.

Not wanting to push too hard, I allowed my cock to sit motionless for a moment as I reached under Monica and wet my fingers in her soaked pussy, transferring this ready-made lubricant to the rest of my shaft. Once I was satisfied I was adequately lubricated, I slowly plunged the remaining 6 ½ inches in Monica’s ass.

Monica had the ability to completely relax her sphincter muscles, enabling me to fuck her with the same ease as I did her pussy. Within seconds, I had settled into a nice rhythm, pulling our 4 or 5 inches and slamming back into her.

As I fucked Monica in the ass, I couldn’t help but stare at my beautiful little girl. Propped up on her elbows, legs spread wide, she looked so beautiful. Monica continued to assault Lynn’s cunt with her tongue, seemingly unable to get enough of her wonderful taste. Lynn would throw her head back, allowing her hair to hang loosely as her mom’s tongue teased her swollen button.

My powerful thrusts were pushing Monica’s face into Lynn. Sensing I was breaking their perfect mother-daughter rhythm, I grasped Monica by the hips to hold her steady.

I love the look of my cock as it stretches a woman. Whether it’s her ass, her mouth, or her pussy, I get extremely aroused at the sight. This moment was no different.

Mesmerized by the sight, I hadn’t noticed Lynn staring at me. When I finally looked up, she looked like she was in heaven. As our eyes met, I saw her lips silently mouth, “Thank you!” To emphasize her gratitude, she smiled and closed her eyes as she threw her head back.

Without warning, I was startled when Lynn began to groan, “Oh god, Oh god, OH GOD, MOM, MOM, MOM, DADDY, OH GOD, DADDY, MOM!”

Monica had upped the ante. Apparently, she had inserted the tip of her index finger up Lynn’s ass. This was all the extra stimulation Lynn needed, sending her into near convulsions of orgasmic bliss.

Lynn’s voice quivered, “MOM, YES, MOM, MOM, I’M…OH GOD…I’M COMING…..AAAAGGGGHHHHHH…!”

As she came, she tightened every muscle in her body. Her perfectly toned, rock hard stomach tightened, revealing her beautiful 6-pack. I nearly exploded again just watching my little girl. Once again, I was forced to pull out and pinch the tip of my cock to stem yet another orgasm.

I knew Monica’s tongue and jaw must have been aching by this point. She slowly stood up.
“Her turn” Monica said to me.

“What do you want to see honey?” I asked.

Instead of answering me, she spoke to Lynn. “Roll over kiddo. Daddy’s gonna fuck you in the ass”

Lynn wasted no time. Obeying her mother, she rolled herself over and planted the balls of her feet on the soft carpeting. As she readied herself, Monica retrieved a bottle of lubrication from our drawer and stepped between Lynn’s legs.

Opening the top, Monica squeezed and ample amount of lubrication into the crack of Lynn’s ass. Then using her fingers, she worked the slimy lubricant into Lynn’s hole.

I took my cue when Monica stepped back. I stepped forward and guided my cock forward until I pressed against her tight rim.

Lynn remained still while I pressed my cock into her. Once I was safely beyond her tight muscles, I knew slamming the rest of my shaft into her was a challenge Lynn could live up to as she’d done so many other times.

Before I plunged deeper, I reached forward under Lynn’s shoulders and lifted her up. I wrapped my arms under hers and over her shoulders for leverage. Lynn knew this position well as it was our favorite position for anal sex.

Lynn guided her hands back and placed her palms against my legs. Once we were in our position, I began pounding my cock viciously into her ass. Lynn and I were no longer human. We instantly transformed into one sexual being. Pulling her back as hard as I could, I drove my dick as hard and fast as I could into her.

Lynn was screaming loudly as I punished her, ‘F-U-U-C-K M-Y A-S-S-S-S” she repeated, her voice undulating from my powerful strokes.

Monica watched in awe as her daughter eagerly took my eight inch cock up her ass. As she watched, she allowed her hand to slide down and she began rubbing her clit.

“Does it feel good baby?” Monica asked Lynn.

“Fuck…Y-e-e-s-s-s-s! It, it, it….feels, fuck, good, uhn, uhn, uhn, UHN” Lynn grunted out.

Lynn’s ass is incredibly tight. It didn’t take long before her young muscles stimulated me into another orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum honey!” I grunted, looking at my wife.

Lynn wasn’t sure who I was talking to so she answered the same time my wife did, “Yes Daddy, cum in my ass like you always do!’

At the same time, Monica smiled, “Go ahead, fill our baby with your sperm!”

I felt my cock begin to spasm. As it did, I pumped into Lynn with four or five tremendous thrusts. My cock exploded in her ass. My knees nearly buckled from the incredible sensation. “UGGGHHH….YES, FUCK, TAKE IT LYNN, TAKE IT!” I moaned deeply.

My cock emptied into Lynn. As my cock continued to drive in and out of her, small drops of my cum ran down the inside of her ass cheeks and her leg.

“Oh God Daddy, that was HUGE!” Lynn said, referring to my orgasm.

I was exhausted. Slowly, I pulled my sensitive member from my daughter.

As soon as she felt me leave her ass, Lynn fell forward, collapsing on the bed. Monica sat next to her and gently caressed Lynn’s hair as the three of us caught our breath.

Once we regained our composure, the three of us lay motionless on the bed; mother, father, daughter, naked, sweaty, and now, very complete.

Monica finally broke the silence. “I think I could use a soak in the hot tub. Anyone care to join me?” Lynn and I both agreed. Still naked, I took off ahead of my wife and daughter, quickly turning on the dim lights around the Jacuzzi, removing the cover and powering up the jets. Just as I had sat down in the water, Monica and Lynn joined me.

They looked incredible, mother and daughter, twenty two years difference in age but similar in so many ways. As I sat back, my arms outstretched around the lip of the hot tub, Lynn snuggled up to one side and Monica to the other. Both girls leaned their heads on my shoulders as we enjoyed the relaxing moment.

After a few minutes, Monica spoke, “Lynn, you need a back rub sweetie?”

“Mmmm, sure!” Lynn replied.

“C’mon over here and lean back” Monica said.

Lynn quickly positioned herself between Monica’s submerged legs and leaned back.

“Seems you’ve inherited our love of, um…well, sex” Monica said to Lynn as she softly massaged her shoulders.

“Are you sure you aren’t angry at me an’ Daddy?” Lynn asked.

“Angry! Ummmm, no! That was beautiful and,” Monica paused before continuing, “now I know why your father always comes home early!” Monica replied with a devilish grin. Lynn and I both laughed, somewhat embarrassed that we’d been caught.

Continuing, Monica finished, “Besides, if you guys knew what me and your Aunt Michelle used to do as teenagers, you’d both die!”

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2013-09-21 22:52:22
Anon posts that are dated:
2006-04-21 11:50:53
Your sick
2006-11-12 19:27:19
Your an idiot. This is fiction, there would be no STDs.
2007-03-03 23:55:13
If they ARE girls they are retarded girls. But most likely male trolls or cops.
2007-03-23 14:55:50
2013-1-12 14:20:49

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2013-01-12 14:20:49
After readind dis I fucked my dad and mom and now we both are preggers together

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2008-12-21 02:11:53
The son: He had been arrested six months earlier for raping his ten year old first cousin....

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2008-09-22 11:23:43
I would like to know where the son is also? he had to have heard all that sex going on!!

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2008-09-14 08:57:04
oh my god . i came so hard . grate story . thank you

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