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My cousin continues to lead me to discovery....
Another First Time with my cousin and my friend...

My relationship with my cousin Peter continued to be one of discovery and sexual adventures. My friend Tom who was 13 just like me had liked the experience and had joined us a couple of times. We learned a lot from Peter, my 17 year old cousin.

There was a long weekend coming up and I decided to invite Tom to our house again. My sister Julie decided to do the same with some of her friends, Julie was 15 and her two friends, Jenny and Melissa were 14 and 15 years old. They were all quite pretty and nicely developed, all with small breasts and nice bodies. My parents were going out of town for two days and decided to leave Peter in charge since he was the oldest one and they considered him a very responsible “kid”. Peter accepted and promised to be good and to call them if any of us did not obey him or gave him any problems.

The girls were in Julie’s room and we were playing videogames in my room. Peter had gone by beer and liquor but when he was coming in with everything he dropped one of the six-packs making a loud noise. Julie came out to see what it was and when she saw all the alcohol she looked at our cousin Peter and told him that we were no allowed to have that in the house and that he would be in trouble. Peter begged her not to say anything but she responded she would think about it and went back to her room. Peter got into our room and told us about the situation. I was scared because I knew that our parents would be very upset if they found out about it.

A few minutes later Julie knocked on the door and Peter opened it. Julie told us that she had talked to her friends and that she would not say anything if we shared with them. Peter told her to tell her friends to go down to our bedroom and have some with them. Julie did so and soon we had the whole gang in our bedroom. I was a bit annoyed since I was not expecting to be with Julie and her friends. Nevertheless we started playing and drinking. We played cards and had the loser drink some tequila since they said beer tasted disgusting and they only had one each. After a few rounds we were all pretty buzzed and Peter asked if we wanted to make it more fun and play strip poker. Melissa told us that only down to our underwear. We agreed and started playing while we kept on drinking. Tom was the first one to get to his underwear which were those tight boxer shorts with no opening in the front. When he took his pants off, it was clear through his boxers that he had an erection which was tightly confined against his left side of his crotch. He sat down very quickly not giving anybody a chance to really look at him. Jenny complained saying that he had to stand up and walk around all of us. Tom turned red and refused but after some insisting from all of us he stood up and walked around us. I was a bit drunk already and did not really think much about what I did next, thinking it would be funny. When Tom was walking just besides me I reached to his shorts really quickly and pulled them down to his ankles. He immediately tried to push me and fought with me to let go. It took some seconds but during the fighting he exposed not only his dick to them but also his ass. He finally pulled his shorts up and called me an asshole. He was really embarrassed and I realized that I should not have done it. He sat down and hid his face. We all thought he was going to cry and Melissa started telling him not to be embarrassed because he had a really nice body and that she was thrilled to have seen his nice butt and all the other stuff. I told him I was sorry and then Julie said I should do the same so he would not feel he had been the only one. I was shocked to hear my sister suggest that and I added that one of the girls should do the same so we would be even. Peter said that we should continue playing but now we had to play until at least two people got completely naked. We all agreed and Tom sat up still embarrassed but with an agreeing face. We continued until Julie, Jenny and I were in our underwear. Peter still had his underwear and pants on and Melissa had her pajama bottoms and her bra on.

Julie lost the next hand. I was uncomfortable to know that I would see either my sister’s breasts or her pussy and ass for the first time. She decided to take her bra off exposing her very nice perky breast. Her nipples were erect and she was blushing. Peter told her they were very nice and she gave a little smile. The next hand Julie lost again and even while drunk I could see she was hesitating but she finally took her panties off. She had nice light brown hair covering her pussy. Peter told her she had to turn around which she did exposing her very nice ass. Melissa and Jenny were cheering her up and Jenny said "you see, we have more courage than you guys". Finally it turned into a daring game and she dared Peter to take everything off. Peter first explained to them that he was older and that he was more developed that any of us and reminded them that it was a very private party and that we should keep secret whatever we were doing. Then he took his pants and shorts off exposing his hairy balls and big (for all of us at the time) dick which was fully erect. Julie asked him to turn around and show his butt he did but Julie insisted that he part his cheeks so we all could see his hole. He answered he would do it only if Julie did the same. Julie stood up and without any hessitation she did exposing most of her pussy at the same time. Then Peter did the same showing his nice asshole with some hair on the sides and his balls hanging. It was very erotic. He stood there for about 10 second which was enough to shock all of us with admiration and excitement. He then dared the girls to strip and I had to do the same. We ended up all naked and touching and studying our bodies. Tom also got to it. Peter started fingering Jenny and making her cumm. We dared Julie to make out with Melissa and she started masturbating herself while sucking on Melissa’s tits. We were very surprised but enjoyed every moment of it. Then the girls (i don't remember which one started) insisted to have Peter and I make out. After some insistance I got the courage to start sucking Peter off. Tom started getting a hand job from Melissa. I stopped sucking Peter off and i felt so drunk I passed out on the bed. When I awoke Tom and Melissa were holding my legs up in the air and Peter and Jenny were fingering my ass while Julie jerked me off. I started moaning like a girl not caring about what they would think of me and then Melissa took two fingers and then three into my ass. I was in ecstasy and just let them. Finally Julie told Peter to fuck me and he did until he came inside me. Julie kept on masturbating me until I came with several strong spurs . The fact that there was my sister and two other girls looking at me and touching me made me feel very excited. Julie started sticking two fingers up Jenny’s ass and she started moaning just like I did. Tom put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking him. I noticed Melissa was sticking also two fingers up his ass. When I came I lost all energy and collapsed. It was the last thing I remember. The next morning the girls were not in our bedroom but their clothes were so I realized it had not been a dream. Peter told me that Tom and him had screwed the girls and me and that he had taken them to their room and enjoyed fondling all of them. It was a first experience for all of us. All the girls were virgins and Peter had made sure they remained virgins even if they all had lost their anal virginityl. The following day was awkward but during the afternoon Melissa asked Peter if he could get some more tequila or beer to drink. Peter called us all to the living room and told us that it had been fun and that we should not be ashamed because we all had enjoyed it very much and that whatever we did again or even if we never did anything like that again it would be our secret. We all agreed and right after we felt more comfortable with the situation and laughed. That night we did not do anything else cause we all still had headaches but we did get a chance to get together again. But I will leave that for the next time. I have tried to write the events as best and exact as I remember. I actually feel very lucky for having lived those experiences and having had the courage to try new things.

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2008-12-08 21:40:35
yeah this is 2 part

Anonymous readerReport

2008-12-07 07:12:45
and that's suppose to be a true story??? I'm sorry dude but that is was turnin me on at first then all the sudden your suckin peters peter and then he's fuckin you in the ass...2mi


2007-08-02 17:09:59
Good story but I can't imagine virgins wanting to be fucked up the ass before losing their cunt virginity. Afraid of pregnancy or perhaps it had something to do with dares. The "fucking party" wasn't planned and so they wouldn't have any condoms. Makes a guy wonder.
I still liked the story and I think this really happened.

Gave it a 10/10.


2007-04-12 14:03:06
hey dude make another one


2007-01-12 20:24:55
wow this is amazingly good. i really wish this would happen to me

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