Something I remember
Back when I was 10 years old, my parents won a raffle ticket for an expense paid trip to Vegas, Anniversary Honeymoon 3 nights stay. Since they were leaving, they told my sister Erica who was 13 at the time, to take care of the household chores until they return. The same also can be said for my duties around the house too but I really didn't care or give a damn about some stupid cleaning. Our parents believed that we were already responsible enough to be left alone for the 3 days.

"We're leaving now, don't forget to do your chores" mom and dad said.

As soon as they left, I shrugged them off and went straight for the television set to watch something lame called CNN without any cares or any sense of duties. Then switched the channel and watched something better like Pokemon. However my sister started getting into this frenzy that all the chores must be done immediately.

She started screaming at me to do my chores, I just told her its just stupid, mom and dad can't even tell if anythings clean since they are neat freaks. My sister just said "Whatever!" like typical Californian snob and then started stomping her way up the stairs.

I fell asleep on the couch and awoke to a pile of laundry that Erica dumped on me.

"Hey what the hell!" I exclaimed.
"This crap is yours, wash these and put them away." She said.

"Why the hell did you going into my room? Fine!" I screamed at her. I then noticed that her clothes were in the pile as well.

"Erica, youve got your dirty underwear in here! Eww youve got blood streaks on some of them!"

She then just told me to shut up and wash them. As I was washing the first load she told me she would be cleaning her room and when finished, bring her clothes to her. I didn't want listen to her since I started feeling like a slave, since she dumped the clothes on me I'll do the same and throw them on her or at least on the floor in her room since I knew that would piss her off.

Finally, clothes were finished and I just took the whole basket and walked up the stairs towards my sister's room. I opened the door and just dropped the basket in shock. Erica was on her bed, naked, reading a porno magazine with her other hand fingering herself. She saw me standing there and a look of surprise on her face. I then turned away and said "What the hell are you doing? Im outta here! Im gonna tell mom!" She then said really loud "WAIT!" and then got up and closed the door before I could even walk out.

At this point, even though I was 10 years old, I still had the hint that somethings up. Maybe just natural instinct but my dick started to get a little stiff. Of course Im protesting to my older sister about what she's doing but then she said we can keep this a secret. She then took my hand and led me back to her bed. As she laid down on her back, I can see her light brown pubic hairs and her vagina wet. Erica told me to hold my fingers out a certain way and she inserted them into her. Now I knew how to finger a girl, let alone my own sister. Really weird but I didn't really care since Ive always wondered about it anyways. After what seemed like 10 minutes I stopped the fingering and she told me to look at her pussy closer, so I did. When I got closer I could smell a faint body odor that I couldn't described. It just smelled like my sister, at this moment she put one of her hands behind my head and pushed me into her clit. My mouth went directly into her clam shell and then she told me to stick my tongue into it. When I did she yelped a tiny moan. I decided to get creative and circled my tongue all around and inside her clit. Her little yelps turned into a slight scream. Not the same scream as earlier when she commanded me to do chores, but more of a pleasure scream. This lasted for about 7 minutes.

"Erica, I can't breath" I said.

She then released her pressure of her hands behind my head and I was able to breath better since she didn't press my head into her pussy as hard as before. I stopped licking her and stood up, she then sat up and guided her hands across my belt and undid my pants. She pulled my pants down along with my underwear and without warning, my dick felt a warm sensation. I looked down on what she was doing and her entire mouth engulf my penis.

I was 10 years old, in my older sisters room, she's naked and sucking on her younger siblings penis. I was really amazed on this since we usually just argued with each other, now this happens.

As she kept sucking on me I felt an undescribable electrical surge that went straight to my penis. When this happed my sister started sucking even harder. I told her to stop since I felt something, again I told her to stop repeatingly, but she kept ignoring me and kept sucking like some sort of a broken vacuum cleaner or something. Since she was older than me I felt over powered by her age and she just would not let go of my dick that was in her mouth. After what seemed like forever, my dick slowly slid out of her mouth and she made this loud puckering suction sound. She had her spit dripping down the side of her mouth which later as I grew older, I realized now that it was my 10yr old juice that I produced at that time.

With my dick out of her mouth I felt very tired of what she did to me that I actually blacked out and fell towards onto her and into her bed.

She woke me up and said that I was out for 20 minutes. I remember she was overlooking on top of me, I was naked, in her bed and her breasts were bulging like another set of eyes. She kissed me on my cheek and told me she loves me. This made my dick get hard again.

Without warning she grabbed it and started stroking more. I was looking at her again and told her I don't want to do anything anymore and she said not to worry , she wants to try something else. I didn't know what she meant, then she started to get on top of me. At first I was scared since I didnt know what she was doing. With one of her hands, Erica took my stiff dick and it slid easily into her pussy. I had a look of shock expression on my face and Erica gave me the exact same expression back!

Clearly as I remember it, she was rocking back and forth on my dick. My shocked expression started turning into a blank expression but I had an excellant feeling. She had this frenzy/panic look on her face as she was moving up and down. What I thought was forever I wanted to go back downstairs since I felt my dick softening again so I tried to tell her I don't want to do this anymore but she didn't listen and it seemed like she was in a trance. So I tried to pull her off but she pinned me down hard while she was still riding me which my dick became harder again and went in deeper. Everytime I tried to escape she just pressed harder and became more forcefuI. I couldn't do anything so she was having her way with me. I felt a complete drain on my energy along with several spurts of 10yr old cum or whatever it was. Honestly it must have been at least 45 minutes and finally, I was so drained I screamed real loud and she yelped at me to be quiet. Then she screamed in complete pleasure.

Finally she stopped.

She was sweating, breathing real hard while smiling at me. She laid on top of me for a couple minutes and slowing got off of me. I remembered clearly seeing my penis sliding out of her vagina, limp, wet and thick with very small amounts of red liquid. I looked at her pussy and saw some blood dripping from it too.

The next couple days before mom and dad came back, Erica and I did it again but this time Erica treated me more of a student and tought me a few more things as a teacher.

When she became 19 and as I grew older with more understanding, she told me that she raped me and that she was glad to be in control.

"A good way to remember your first." She said.
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