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I would love to shag her.
How long can a woman go without sex? How long can they go without at least bringing themselves to an orgasm?

I think my wife’s sister holds the record. My wife is 18 years younger than her sister which makes her sister, Lisa, 50 this year. I know her youngest daughter is 20 and she was divorced shortly after that. I bet it has been 20 years since she has been with a man. Has she brought herself to orgasm at all in that time?

I don’t think so and I think that is what makes her a bitch. My wife thinks so too but after the birth of our last child via C-section my wife had no choice but to let her sister move in until she got back on her feet. I could only take so much time off from work and believe me we considered it. We would do anything to keep her away but we didn’t have the money. So, she moved in.

Since the time she walked in the door, she took over. She rearranged our kitchen, threw out our laundry detergent for her own, and whole bunch of other stupid little things that got under our last nerve. How I wanted to hit her. How I wanted to rip her cloths off and rape her. How I wanted to force my cock up her cunt. But I didn’t and stayed my cool.

I have thought about it. She was 18 years older than me but she did look good for her age. She was a little flabby if you know what I mean. She did have two kids and she was a firm believer in breast feeding so her breasts did sag a little. I didn’t care. They still looked fun to play with and her body did look good enough to fuck.

She was a little overweight but she was the same size of my wife. How I loved my wife’s curves and I am sure she was no different. I didn’t mind the extra flesh. It gave me allot to hold onto as I ram my cock into my wife’s cunt.

I was always somewhat attracted to my sister-in-law but knew she would never spread her legs for me. I was somewhat turned on by the challenge though and probably because my wife was still recovering, I desired her sister more. My wife knew that but she just laughed at the idea.

I started making cracks back. She would get mad and just walk away.

One day I was in our room getting dressed. She barged in and just ignored me. She was putting laundry away. She went to put something in one of my wife’s drawers and came across her lingerie. She pulled out a bustier and while turning around to look at me she said “I can’t believe your wife wears this stuff.” When she turned around I was buck naked. Her eyes moved down my body to my cock. She stared at it while holding the red bustier. I looked over to her and started imagining her in the lingerie. I think she would look hot and so did my cock as it started to get hard. She watched it rise a little and then like something clicked in her and see put the bustier back and ran out of the room in disgust. I just laughed.

She started to act weird. I would see her sneaking around the house and up to our bedroom. My wife told me she goes up there for like an hour everyday when she thinks my wife is napping. She was more cheerful too but still a little bitchy. I had to find out what was going on. That gave me an idea.

I sell video surveillance equipment for a living so I installed a few cameras and microphones in our bedroom. I set it to record and left for work. I couldn’t wait to get home and see what it recorded. When I got home, I ran immediately upstairs to see the tape. I only watched a glimpse but I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was my sister-in-law in my wife’s lingerie masturbating with my wife’s favorite vibrator. I stopped the tape because I had to show my wife.

After dinner, we moved in the living room to watch the news. I popped in the tape. Her sister knew immediately what it was as the four views popped up on the wide screen TV. She begged for me to stop the tape and allow her to explain. No, I insisted, you will have time after the film.

There was Lisa putting laundry away. She goes to my wife’s lingerie drawer and pulls out a beautiful lacy and sheer light blue short night gown and matching crotch less panty. I watch as she strips naked and puts on the matching ensemble. She goes to my wife’s closet and finds a pair of white stiletto heels and puts them on. She walks around the bedroom adjusting to the heels as she finishes putting the laundry away. Wow she was sexy, the way she moves in those heels is like a pro. And her body was awesome. I see the dark circles of the nipples show through the sheerness of the material. After she putts the clothing away she lays on the bed.

I watch as she slides her hand to her crotch. She touches her pussy. I can only assume she is aroused. She plays with herself trying to fulfill her desire. She spreads her legs open as we watch her insert her finger in the her hole. I don’t think she is quite wet yet but she plays with herself. She gets wet from her own touch and soon has her finger buried deep in her cunt. She is aroused and is enjoying the feeling of her finger up her cunt and the open crotched panties.

Then she stops, she reaches toward the nightstand. She gets out my wife’s favorite vibrator. She inserts in her mouth and sucks it like a cock. She does that for a while still playing with her pussy. I hear her moan in pleasure as she masturbates herself.

She pulls the vibrator out of her mouth and I see her turn it on. She places it in her crotch and rubs the exterior of her labia with the vibrating toy. With her right hand she does this while with the left hand see plays with her erect nipples.

I am hard at this point and can’t help rubbing my throbbing cock through my pants. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. I started to fantasize about being in the room with her. I thought about my mouth licking her tight moist hole. I never tasted an older woman and wondered what it would taste like. I think it would taste good. Not sweet good like a younger woman but good in other ways. I would lick her slit and suck her clit. I would lap up her juices from her moist hole. She would moan in pleasure as I bring her to her first orgasm in 20 years from a man. She would want more and she would allow me to fuck her. My pants continue to bulge as I continue to watch the movie.

Soon she starts to push the vibrating toy into her cunt. It appears like she I having trouble at first but soon she has it all the way in. She thrusts it in and out of her tight wet hole. I start to wonder, how tight she was. She was 50 and had two kids. Would she be able to grip my cock tight enough? But then I though maybe that’s a good thing so I wouldn’t cum too quickly.

I continue to watch as she plunges the toy deep inside her loins. We hear her over the TV moaning louder and louder. She moves the vibrator faster and faster. We start to hear her scream at the same time we see her hips tremble. She must be cumming. She continues playing with the toy for awhile and then she puts it away. She also takes off the shoes and puts them away. She puts the clothing in the wash basket, gets dressed, and heads out of the room. I turn the video off.

Lisa gets up all in tears and runs out of the house. I am still turned on and wanted to watch the movie again jerking off to it. My wife and I start to talk and my bulge goes down. We discussed her sister. We both agreed that her sister must be hungry for a man’s touch. I made a comment about that I would love to fuck her sister. “Really?”, my wife replied. She wasn’t worried or anything. She was just surprised I found her old sister attractive. I have never been attracted to her before but now I see her in a whole different light.

I take the video and head to my den to masturbate with it. During this her sister returned and said she is packing tomorrow morning and leaving. My wife begged her to stay but she refused.

The next day I got up and left for work. Not expecting my sister-in-law there in return, I had mixed feelings. I had feelings that she was somewhat of a bitch and I couldn’t stand her. I also had feelings that I wanted her body and without her there, I would never have the opportunity. Maybe I was just extremely horny because it will be a few weeks before I can have my wife. I don’t know and didn’t really care. My dick wanted to be inside Lisa but that would never happen.

I received a call from my wife when I was just about to leave work. She told me to hurry home because there is a problem with Lisa.

I drove home and immediately as I walked in the door my wife ordered me upstairs to our bedroom. I went upstairs and what I found amazed me.

Lisa was on the bed and she was lying on her side. Her left leg was pointed straight out and her right leg was bent with her shoe on the bed. She was wearing a red see through baby doll, matching string thong, see through matching robe, black stockings with lacy tops, and my wife’s highest red heel pumps. I started to feel my cock throb as I looked at my gorgeous sister-in-law.

“What is this?” I asked.

Her face turned a little red in embarrassment. She was an older woman but her actions were like ones of a teenager. She was like a teenager that has never had sex and was a little embarrassed to even talk about it. She got up off the bed and approached me. I loved watching all her curves move as she came across the floor. She was so sexy and I wanted her.

Stuttering a little she said, “Um, Um my sister, um your wife thought this would be a good idea.”

Embarrassed, she tried go to the door to leave the room. I didn’t let her and grabbed her arm. I pulled her towards me but she fought a little. I overpowered her and pulling her into my arms gave her a deep kiss. At first she wasn’t kissing back. Was it that she didn’t know how or was she just afraid to? Anyway, she kissed me back and our tongues touched. I felt the power of desire head straight for my cock. It was aching. It was aching to fuck her.

As we kissed, I slid the thin material of the robe off her shoulders. I caressed the sides of her breasts to increase her desire for my cock. My hands moved all over her body, teasing her, caressing her, making love to her. She was on fire. She wanted more and we moved towards the bed.

She pulls my shirt over my head and starts to rub her hands all over my chest. Then she bends down to kiss it. I pull her up to kiss her on the lips. Her body was on fire and it was spreading to me. My cock ached for her touch.

She sits down on the bed and starts tugging at my belt. She continues until she is exposing my hard meat. She makes a comment “Oh that is what one looks like”, as she immediately places my swollen meat into her mouth. At first she is a little clumsy but soon she is sucking my cock like a pro. She sucks my cock hard as she plays with my balls. I feel the pressure build. I don’t want to cum yet but I can’t help it. The pressure builds and soon my cock is squirting my load into her mouth. The waves of my orgasm came over me as she continues to suck. Damn I though, I wanted to shoot it into your pussy.

I knew what I needed to do now. I push her down on the bed as I remove the remainder of my clothing. I lie on top of her and kiss her passionately. I kiss her body all over. I kiss her neck which drives her wilder with desire. I kiss her breasts and her nipples through the thin material. I kiss down her body to her legs. I kiss the entire length of her beautiful leg right up to above the stocking. She wants more. She begs me for more. I kiss her pussy through her panties. I smell her aroma. It smelled different then my younger wife but it did smell good and I couldn’t wait to taste it.

I lick around the edge of her panty and I pushed it to the side exposing her cunt. She had a beautiful cunt and I wanted to taste it. I stick out my tongue and lightly lick her pussy lips. She moans with pleasure as lick her cunt. I spread her open to expose her clit. I kiss it lightly and she moans with desire. She wants me to lick it, suck it, and finger her love button. Her juices are flowing. She wet and really wet. I lap up her juices making sure to spend time at her clit. She moans in pleasure and I continue to lick harder and faster.

I pull away a little and plunge my finger into her wet 50 year old hole. Her body loves my finger there but it wants more. Her body wants my throbbing cock buried deep inside her.

I slide my finger in and out of her as I lick her clit. Sliding it in slowly, I find her g-spot and massage it a little. This sends waves of pleasure as she experiences her first orgasm from a man in years. She moans in pleasure and calls out my name. The waves of pleasure take over her body as I shove another finger up her hole. I notice that she isn’t as loose as I thought she would be. She is actually tighter than my wife.

She continues to moan and rock her hips as I give her three orgasms. I am tired out and I move up the bed. She is tired too but the desire is just too strong. She reaches for me and we kiss again passionately. There is still a fire burning in her that hasn’t been extinguished. She needs more love, she needs my cock.

She reaches down and fondles with my cock. I enjoy her touch. I enjoy her playing with my limp meat. I start getting turned on. It starts to grow in her hand. Soon I have another full erection and I knew where it needed to go. I needed it deep inside her pussy and I needed it now. She tries to get up but I pull her towards me. I am holding her from behind as I kiss the back of her neck. I fondle her breasts with my hands. She wants to see me but I won’t let her. I want her to take it from behind. She reaches for my cock and lifting her one leg up inserts it into her cunt. She is in great pleasure as my cock hits her g-spot. She is moaning and yelping. I play with her nipples. It drives her mad. I thrust in deep against her spot. She is tight and my cock is enjoying the wet tight space that it is in. It thrusts deep in and out of her.

She is reaching down and is playing with her clit. It doesn’t take her long to achieve another orgasm. She moans and yells as her body becomes out of control. The orgasm fills every spot of her being. The pleasure is too great and she has to scream.


She calms down. I haven’t cum yet and still have a huge erection. I ask her what she wants. She wants me to ride her, she wants to ride me, she wants it doggy, she wants it however I will put it. My immediate though goes to her ass. I asked if that was OK and to my surprise she said yes.

I order her on her knees as I lube my dick from the stuff in our sex drawer. She continues rubbing her cunt. She sees my wife’s dildo and grabs it. She plunges it deep inside her wet hole. She is moaning in pleasure as I place my cock on her ass. I try pushing it in a little. It is tight. I get the lube and rub it around her hole. I stick my finger in to loosen her up. She moans in a combination of pleasure and pain she is receiving. Her body trembles as she is on the verge of another orgasm. I push my dick in as hard as I could. She screams “HHHHHHHOOOOOLLLLLLLYYYY FFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!” as she has an orgasm with my dick half way in her ass.

I pull it out a little and shove it in again. I do this a few times and soon my cock disappears in her ass. She is screaming in pain but she doesn’t want it to stop. It feels so good. She is about to cum again. I can’t hold on. I feel my pressure build. Her tight ass is squeezing all my cum out. It wants it out. The pleasure is great as I push in one last time. I shoot my load deep inside her ass. Her ass pumps all the juices out of my cock and it goes limp.

Exhausted we fall down onto the bed.

I asked her how she liked it and she told me it has been the best and only fuck she has had in 20 years. She wanted more but I was done for awhile. She will wait and she will fuck me once more before I go to bed that night. My wife didn’t mind and kept encouraging it.

Lisa became less bitchy and we started having a great relationship. Every time she visited from out of town for holidays, we would get together. Even my wife participated after she was better. Everyone in the family saw a difference in Lisa. She was a lot more pleasant and easier to talk to. Everybody though she was on something but in reality I knew what she was on, was my cum. That was her drug and I made sure filled her preion every time she came to visit.

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Don't stop. I want to know what happened next. Anybody else awnna know.

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2012-07-28 09:37:16
My wife was touched up by her brother in law. It turned me on seing her try to squim away from him as his hands went up her skirt.

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its great fucking sil

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my sil su bbamma visited me with her husband e after dinner they went tobed

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I fuck my s.i.l since she was 16,she is 21 now.When eva we get a chance,i wd lick her cunt an enjoy the juices from her wet pussy,i then fuck her till she tells me to stop, she loves it whn i cum in her mouth.we do this atleast once a week.GOSH!!SHE 'S FUCKEN HOT.

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