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Let’s start off by saying I’m a 32, male, around 6ft2, weighing 225, brown hair and gray eyes. Fairly decently build, broad shoulders and not unpleasant to look at according to a few women and several girls so I’ve been told. I’m an electrician but also do carpenter work and light plumbing. I travel around a lot, in fact from state to state at times finding work here and there. Well as fate had it I found some easy work in this little town I was passing thru. This guy I met at a truck stop, needed his house rewired and a little remodeling while he was out of the country, hired me. The utilities were taken care of by his lawyer’s office and I could pick up a envelope there containing cash every Friday for my pay and reimbursement for any materials I needed for the house, plus I got to stay in the house for free, not a bad deal.

Well one chilly evening I was driving down this road headed back from the lumberyard to the house when it started to rain, you know that chilling rain that happens and makes everything miserable. I notice this figure walking along the side of the road; well I pulled over and let this poor soul into my warm truck. I was surprised to see that it was a girl, wet in all seemed nice looking and quite young. “Thanks mister” she said,
I replied, “ a little late and wet to out here by yourself isn’t it”
“Yeal,” but she just had a fight with her boyfriend and was heading back home. I looked at her a little closer; she was rather wet but looked nice and very young. Driving along I asked her where she was heading and to my surprise very close to the house I was working on.

As we talked she suddenly said “ that jerk, this is the last time I go out with him, it over” I just shook my head thinking Kids.
Then suddenly she said” Mister do I look aright to you?”
I answered, “ Yes from what I can see, you look fine” And without thinking I popped off “What, did he do try to get into your pants?”
She quickly said back “No that’s not the problem, He popped my cherry last week and he could have my pussy anytime he wanted”
“ Oh…you liked it too then” I said surprised by her openness
She turned to me and said “ oh yes I loved having sex but the son of a bitch always wore a condom, I’ve asked him not to but he did anyway”
This really surprised me here was a very young girl around 14 maybe 15 wanting to be fucked without any protection.
I then asked “ Oh you’re on the PILL then”
“No I’m not on the pill” she replied
I responded,” I’m sure he was doing it for your protection, you know to keep you from getting pregnant and all”
She replied “ But that’s’ what I want. I want to get pregnant. I want a baby, to feel a life growing inside me, that’s why I let him fuck me in the first place”

I was stunned, she wanted to get pregnant, and at her age, oh well not my problem and just kept driving.
Shortly she said, “Mister do you have any kids?”
I said “None that I know of, even though I guess it is possible I may have a couple here and there” I turned and looked at her “Why”
“ No reason “ then shortly “ So as far as you know you can have kids”
I looked at her again “ Yeal should be able to”.
We were getting closer to the house.
When she said softly, “Mister would you like to knock me up”
“ Huh” was all I could say
“ I said would you help me get pregnant” I nearly ran into a ditch.
“ You… you want me to help you…. Uh get pregnant?”
“Yeal if you wouldn’t mind”
I said quickly without thinking, “Mind of course not… I wouldn’t mind …. Love to… but you know the only way I can knock you up is to.. Well to have sex with you….. you’re kind of young huh to have a kid of your own you know”
I looked at her “besides, what would your parents say, in fact I’m sure they would have me thrown under the jail and cut my balls off, for me even thinking about having sex with you let alone knocking you up”
“ Well they won’t know who the father is, cause I not gonna tell them, It’s none of their business….” She answered “And I don’t care how they feel about it. It’s my body and I’ll do what I want” with that she reach down and undid her jeans and pulled both her pants and panties down to her ankles, spreading her legs showing me her smooth hairless tight pussy slit.
“So do you wanna fuck me or do I go elsewhere” I looked at her little girl pussy there before me as she took my hand and placed it on her mound, I knew I was a goner as I rubbed her snatch.
All I could say was “ Baby I’m going to fuck you so hard, your mother will feel it”
She just laugh “as long as you cum in me and knock me up”
“Oh yeal I’ll cum in your pussy, time and time again as long as needed” as I slid my finger up and down her tiny slit
“You don’t think you’ll knock me up tonight”
“Sometimes it happens the first time a male cums in a female, but sometimes it takes several times, it has to due with the female ovals and their period…. You know the cycle… you never knowing when it’ll happen”
“So we’ll need to fuck several times then”
“Oh yes…. at least until we’re sure your pregnant”
“Cool and you are going to cum in me each time”
“Yep that’s the plan and starting here in a couple of minutes”
Then she said, “ if you turn just up ahead I’ll show you a place you can park and we can fuck, I’ll tell you where to turn”.
I answered back, “ Don’t worry about it…. I’ve got a better place, warm, more room and private” smiling at her briefly
“Beside I want to see all of you and enjoy your body as I impregnate you and without this steering wheel in my back” rubbing my hand over her bald slit.
“Don’t worry you’ll love it” as I turned on to road headed for the house.

I pulled into the driveway and right up in the garage like I’ve done before, but this time I wasn’t alone, but it was dark enough that she most likely wasn’t seen by anyone. I turned off the motor and leaned over to kiss her for the first time as I slid my finger up and down her tiny slit again, teasing her clit and inserting the tip of my finger just inside her wet hot pussy. She broke the kiss and whispered in almost a groan “ohh… yess… I want your dick inside me” as I slowly stroked her wetness. She reached down to my crouch and began undoing my jeans while rubbing my pant-covered cock. “Fuck me… mister… FUCK me now”. I pulled my finger out of her moist pussy and took her hands off my crouch saying “ pull my pants up and come with me” Opening the door I got out then turned and stuck out my hand to her. She looked so inviting there with her bald pussy glistening at me I almost ripped my pants off and jumped on top of her right there.
But I said again “ huh Come with me baby” She pulled up her pants and I said “just hold them up until we get inside” Out she squirted and in we went.

Inside it was nice and warm inside due I had got the furnace in operating order the day before and running it to keep the house warm, being I was working and staying there but the place was rather messy due to I only needed one room to sleep in and a working bathroom. She followed me across the living area to the master bedroom were I had covered all the windows to keep the sun out. I had a small lamp and a radio-alarm clock sitting on an empty crate next to a king size mattress lying on the floor with a TV on another crate on the other side of the bed and a small refrigerator. My bed cover were lying half on and off the mattress. This was my temporary living quarters, I turned to her as she came in “close the door and strip for me I want to see all of you”. She almost slammed the door and was buck naked in an instant, and then laid down on my bed spreading her legs slightly saying sweetly, “ Fuck Me”

I looked down at this little vision of lovness, she had shoulder length dish-water blonde hair, blue eyes, poutty lips, a nice figure round hips nice legs not too long not fat or skinny, her tits almost gone, lying there flat on the bed but her nipples were pink and hard sticking up like two erasers from her slightly darker auroras, Her stomach was flat and I could see just an whisper of blonde hair above her tiny slit. God she was beautiful. My dick was so hard I could cut steel with it looking at this young tiny wet girl lying before me wanting me to impregnate her. I dropped to my knees lowering my lips to hers kissing her softly licking her lips and then slid my tongue into her wet mouth. Her tongue met mine and wiggled like an eel in her mouth then into mine. I kissed down her neck down across her chest to her hard pink nipples, which I first licked then bit gently sucking ever so before moving to the other. I ran my tongue down her stomach kissing lightly, circling her navel and moved down to her now spread wide-open thighs.

As my tongue touch the top of her slit she moaned “what… what are you doing to me” I simplify ran my tongue down and back up her wet slit and again pressing my tongue in slightly. As I repeated this several more times and gently nibbling at her clit as I passed it, she shivered then began shaking as she was having her first climax of the evening. She wrapped her legs around my head pulling my mouth tightly to her mound screaming as she flooded my mouth with her sweet little girl juices “God Yesss… ohh… god… ohh don’t stop… ohh god… don’t stop auggggg”. I then slid a finger into her hot wet pussy as she released her hold on my head; I moved my lips to her clit and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow, bring her off again ” oh shit…mmmmister… what are you doing …. Oh… EAT ME…. EAT my my pussy”
When she stopped flooding my mouth with her sweet nectar and I licked up any my mouth missed.
I raised up to her face and kissed her deeply and she seemed to enjoy the taste of herself on my lips as I moved my enlarged cock to her mound and rubbed the head over her pussy lips collecting her wetness, finding her heat I lowered just the tip inside her. She moaned” Yes.. Yes.. Fuck me oh God fuck me I need your dick inside me so so baddd…. Now… please fuck me” Raising her hips to meet me I then shoved all Seven and a half inches of my thick manhood inside her until my balls were hard press against her ass and held it there so her pussy would get the full effect of my dick. “ Ohh aaah it’s so biggg and lonnnngggg… it’s ripping me ope…. auggggg… biggg….” I began to slowly slide my dick out of her about half way and then back in and out as her whimpers quickly turned into moans. As she began to raise her hips to meet my thrush I would pull back till just the head of my cock was still inside her then plunge as deep as I could into her hot wet tight pussy driving her ass hard into the mattress.
” Ahhhh.. gooooood… soooo…”
She was so tight I thought I was fucking a virgin again, which I hadn’t done in years, too many years. God her pussy was so fucking good I knew I wouldn’t last long as I fucked her.

She moaned deeply as her pussy began to spasm around my dick
“ God you feel so gooood Fuck meee.. ahhhhh fuck meeee your dick feels soooo goooood”
I knew she was cumming again and felt her pussy get hotter and wetter as she flooded over my cock. Her orgasm triggered mine as my balls spilled their heavy load out.
“ I’mmm cumming… I’m cumming” was all I could say as I felt a river of sperm running up my dick and erupted into her hot wet pussy.
She squeaked “ Yess… fuck me… cum in me…. Fill my pussy with your cum… Yesss… give me a baby… fuck meeee… Cummmmm in meeeee….”
My hot sperm shot out of end of my dick so hard and in such volume I knew I was filling her stomach with my baby making cream as her hungry pussy milked my balls dry. I came so much; her pussy couldn’t hold it all and was forcing it back around my dick and it dribbled down the crack of her ass making a large puddle on my bed.

I collapsed on top of her and as we kissed, her pussy was still trying to milk my dick for more.
I said, “ God you’re beautiful and your pussy feels so gooood I almost hope you don’t get pregnant soon”
She answered, “ I know what you mean….. damn I never felt anything like that before, but I do want a baby inside me”
As I rolled off her she leaned over and kissed me then moved down and began licking my dick and balls clean. “Mmmmm we taste good together,” she purred,
“ Well knock yourself out,” I moaned as I enjoyed her tonguing.

After she had cleaned me off of all our juices, she got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned herself, then came back in and began to dress. I rose up and grabbed my pants and said “I’ll take you home” “ Oh no, don’t brother I live just over a next couple of streets and I don’t want anyone see you drop me off” She shook her head, ” I can walk….. besides I need to walk off some of this soreness.… Damn you’re big but I loved it”
“Are you sure?” I asked
“Oh yes I need to get home now, but I’ll see you tomorrow”
“Ok but if you want or need something just let me know I’ll be here”
“ The only thing I want is some more of that big beautiful dick of yours………”
and she was gone.

After she’d left I was just lying there thinking, looked at my flaccid dick lying there total satisfied and I said “Look what you got me into” you would have thought I expected him to answer back “yeal some tender hot tight wet teenage pussy, you dirty old man, but you loved it and you’re gonna have more of it to aren’t you” “yeal” I said “ and quite often it seems, at least I hope so” I reached over picked up the remote and turning on the TV laid back to watch some dumb program and soon was fast asleep.

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1. If a girl, fuck the baby girl and cum inside her every time.
2. If a boy, make him fuck his mum.

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1. If a girl, fuck the baby girl and cum inside her every time.
2. If a boy, make him fuck his mum.

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1. If a girl, fuck the baby girl and cum inside her every time.
2. If a boy, make him fuck his mum.

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