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Mates through blood...
I hear his howl from all over the forest i sigh softy knowing that he is alright and he will soon be back at our den. It wasent always this way this love that bursts through my viens evertime i hear him howl evertime he licks my face. There was a time befor my wolf time that he scared me that he mad me pee myself where i fled and screamed for help when he came near. No longer i love him the way his power body looks when he slinks into our den that he made for us how he watched me with those amber eyes. But enough of my love for him I going to tell the story of the time befor this when I was human.
It was fall leaves everywhere i was of course with a boy in the woods far behind my house back then i was more or less a whore. I 14 when i first lost it to a friend of mine and it seemed i could not get enough of the pain and pleasure of coupling with many other men. I was a very pretty girl i was told i was many times. I had long straight dirty-blonde hair that fell down to the middle of my back. Blue eyes like a azur sky and cute button nose that turned up like a babies and full lips with a natural pout that made men whimper and go simple gaga. I was slim and slender i did not have much breast maybe a B but i had puffy pink nipples that all the boys loved to tease.
Getting back to that fall day i was moaing as my new boyfriend i went through many was licking my clitty. He had nearly ripped my panties off trying to get his face at my bald pussy. His mouth was sleek and hot and i was trembling and aching for more. " Mmm Brad get your cock out hurry," i exclaimed leaning up on my elbows watching him. His eyes were so lusty he licked his lips and unzipped his pants pulling out his 8 inch cock for me. I moaned pulling him ontop of me my legs wrapping around him he buried himself deeply inside me. " Awww shit baby," he growled fucking me hard agiainsted the fall leaves. I cried out as we fucked he was very agressive and pushed me down on my legs and hands and grabbed my hair fucking me hard. " Mmmm yea you little whore," he moaned his balls slappign my clit. I gasped my fingers digging into the dirt i was about to cum he was so good at turning me on.
The sudden somthing strange shattered the air somthing long and hollow like wolf. " What the fuck was that?" Brad yelped falling back i trembled sitting back on my heels. " A wolf maybe?" I said looking around wide eyed i grabbed my panties and began to put them back on. " Oh shit baby i didnt even cum yet," he whined i rolled my eyes at him. " You wanna get eaten instead?" I said then i looked over his shoulder somthing was coming screamed as a somthing large and gray tore through the leaves towards us. Befor my eyes somthing dark and evil pounced on my lover ripping his neck out. Blood oozed as he gurgled and screamed againsted the giant beast. I screamed and scampered for saftey not caring for Brad as i ran. I ran until my lungs started bursting i could hear Brad's fait screams as i i ran into my yard i fell over the jungle-gym set of my little brother and crashed onto the ground.
What followed next was a blur i woke up but not at home not even in my yard but somwhere where it smelt damp. I could smell earth and blood everywhere i trembled sitting up on my butt i could see nothing at first. Blurring vision and then i could see a cave i was in dark and damp moss growing across the walls and over the ground. I whimpered searching for somthing a light maybe or a way out but when my hands brushed somthing hard and alien i stopped. Blood i could smell blood that awful metal smell i trembled i was covered in blood i could smell it on my hands. Then i picked up the hard thing and touched it all over a bone many bones lay scattered all over the ground i had been sleeping near flesh and blood and bones. " Oh gahhh," i threw up i could not hold it in the smell was overwhelming i passed out in my own vomit.
"," I could feel soft caress aginsted my face and hands and neck. I thought it was my mother bathing me maybe but then i could smell the blood again and somthing furry touch me. My eyes opened and i was shocked and could not utter a sound there was light now a fire burned and i was staring into a wolf face. Dark amber eyes stared back at me knowing seeing everyhting it knew i was scared. It growled deeply i whimpered tears rushing from my eyes. " ca ca...," those eyes made me dumb i could not shout or scream only try to say somthing. Then a long red tongue ran over my cheek catching my tears i whimpered as the beast nuzzled its face close.
I got enough corage to sit up and watch the beast sit back on powerful haunches it watched me from the other side of the fire. It almost looked human with legs like a human and hands arms and feet of course it was covered in gray fur everytwhere and a long tail curled and wagged aginsted the floor. I swallowed looking at its long puffy ears and how the face looked completely wolf like blood was on its muzzle Brad i thought. I trembled moving closer to the cave mouth trying to make a escape all it had to do was growl and i was back aginsted the wall. I breathed heavily as it grabbed up a bone and tossed it to me i screamed dodging the bone. Those amber eyes seemed to smile at me i was still terrified joke or not. " Your...A...werewolf?" I asked after seeing that it meant me no harm or atleast not yet. It didnt look at me when i said it but, its head nodded softly those ears went back aginsted its gray head. " You killed BRAD!" i screamed is snarled at me. " Why did you kill brad you monster!" Its eyes slitted and it bared rows and rows of fangs at me i could see cloth from Brad's shirt in its teeth.
" He was in my woods," I gasped it had a voice a deep dark voice a man;s voice but it had a edge like a animal somthing low and dominc. I didnt say anything i stared wide eyed at this werewolf my fingers dug into the earth trying to bare this insanes. " I was too you didnt kill and eat me," those amber beastly eyes shifted towards me his long red tongue swiped across his muzzle. " Dont fucking taunt me like that you killed my boyfriend you fucking monster!" He chuckled his voice scared me more then his looks it was a voice of somone who palyed tricks. " I have uses for you," i swallowed his eyes glinted in the firelight. " Dont you fucking touch me." "You dont seem to have choice," he started toward me i screamed scrambling in vain from his power.
I was pushed onto my stomach by his power paw like hands i flet his black claws scratch arcoss my shirt tearing it his used his teeth to rip my skirt and the rest of my cloths from my body i screamed the whole time. My breas twhere exposed and my bald pussy gaped i screamed covering myself up he pushed my on my back his red tongue running over my neck and face. I felt somthing sticky and wet touch my leg then i felt wetness spread over my thighs. I swallowed as my breast were being ravished by his tongue each of my nipples being bitten and licked by his long tongue. My pussy began to throb i could not belive my body as he hump my legs softly. I looked down at the hot sticky thing on my and gasped. A long cock slimy and pink rubbed up and down my thigh it slide in and out of a fury shelth. It was the coolest cock i had ever seen in my life but i wasent about to tell that to this werewolf. He growled pushing my face with his nose. " you see that don't you want it buried in your womb?" I felt the heat rise in my cheeks at his question. I could not belive it but i did want it i wanted that wierd slimy cock to slide into my pussy. " No stop it," i said ashamed of my thoughts i tried to move away.
I moved onto my side only to have him push me down on my belly agian he grabbed my legs and pushed up my hips so my butt was in the air and my upper body pressed onto the ground like a dog in heat. I whimpered trying to get free then i felt his wet tongue part my pussy and dive deeply into me. He fucked his tongue in and out of my pussy and i came screaming into the earth and moss. " Oh god stop," he nuzzled and licked at my pussy and ass his tongue flicking across me everywhere i came again sweat dripped from my body. " You taste sweet," he growled i felt his hot fur and abs press onto my back i whimpered feeling the stickyness of that wolf cock search out my pussy. I bit my lip trembling all over oh god oh god i thought. His hand moved parting my thighs more he pushed me down further his paws pressed aginsted mine i looked down at his claws curving over the tips of my own fingers. " I could smell you in the woods," he growled into my hair i moaned as he ran the tip of his cock over my pussy lips. " oh god...what do you mean," i moaned wanting him so badly to put that slimy thing inside of me. " You have had many males i have smelt them all i have heard your cries," he licked my ear grindign aginsted me i was on the verge of screaming for him to fuck me. " you belong to me now my female my mate understand?" I trembled and moaned when he moved his cock away from my throbbing dripping pussy. "Yes oh please fuck me wolf man pplease," i cried out wiggling my butt for him.
He growled moving his cock aginsted me again i was puffing and writhling wanting it inside me he licked up my back and then i felt his teeth on my neck he held my neck in his jaws as he slide inside of me. I cried out as the girth spread me wide i moaned aginsted him as more and more of his cock found it way into me. When he finally fit all of it in me and moaned letting go of my neck he pushed his body ontop of mine so we molded into each other. " Game on," i moaned softly and then he started fucking me his pace was amazing. I screamed and moaned and cried bitterly as he took me his claws sliced across my flesh his teeth found my flesh but i moaned and came over and over again againsted him. He pumped inside of me for hours it seemed until i was trembling and could not take anymore. He came hard in me using his paws to pull my ass and pussy open i screamed as he cum splashed all over my backside. I breathed heavily panting like a dog in heat he moaned ontop of me and he fell aginsted me his wieght was unbeliveble he growled willing me to stop struggling i whimpered he slide off and curled himself around me like a big dog. " Are you tired?" he asked those amber eyes glinting in the light of the dying fire i nodded he pulled me into his warm fury embrace.

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2016-10-26 05:38:59
The grammar needs some work. The plot is good. The desire and mystery would be a good thing to try to focus on (feelings and personal thoughts always pull readers to the character...along with more details.) It's a great start and has a lot of potential. Have fun, and great start.


2015-06-08 03:15:48
Need more of this story

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2013-05-07 22:39:31
Good story idea!
Poorly developed, badly described and shamely detailed!
Re-write it, extend it, get into the detials, specially in the sexy and mating scenes, (After all this is a web site about sex stories), and, you could end with a decent tale!

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2013-01-01 08:11:25
U should make another it was great

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2011-04-01 03:35:39
the grammer is an issue nevertheless, keep writing.

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