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In the summer after I turned 16 I wasnt doing much. Every day was more or less comprised of heading to a friends house to hang out and find something new and exciting to do. Well, we never really did. One day I went to a friends house and he was telling me about these girls he had met when he was walking through town last week. Two girls, that werent very old had apparently followed him through town on his way home, giggling the entire way. Fucking immature girls, I thought to myself. I never thought much of it until he ran into them again and again. Eventually they started talking to him, usually about random things whenever they saw him, he got their phone numbers and one day invited them over to his house. To me, this was crazy, they were 3 years younger than us, and in grade 8! He tried to be friends with them and began to get close to them. He invited me over to meet them near the end of the summer.

I was sitting on his bed watching his TV, some stupid ass show when they arrived. I thought to myself it was no big deal until one of them came and sat in beside me. She was gorgeous, she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and the cuttest smile you'll ever see. So I figured that maybe this girl wouldnt be too bad. She had perfect curves (and I mean PERFECT curves), a round tight ass and C cup breasts that had clearly developed early. She giggled and looked up at me.
"Hi." I gave her the whole introduction and told her who I was. In return, she scooted up close to me and told me her name.
"I'm Rachel." I looked at this girl expecting her to say something more, but she didnt, so I turned and started watching tv again. The other girl was off in some other room giggling at something with my friend and I didnt really care what was going on out there, with this amazing 13 year old girl beside me. Then I felt a hand on my leg, so I looked down and sure enough, it was hers. She was looking up at me and rubbing my goddamn leg.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
She replied, "Nothing." and withdrew her hand. I went back to watching TV, and 5 minutes later, the hand returned. Rinse, repeat. This happened on and off for about 30 minutes before I said fuck this and decided to talk to the girl, we sat on the bed and talked for 15 minutes when we started talking about fishes or something like that, and she decided to show me her underwear (because they had fishes on them). She undid her pants and slid them down a few inches and curved her ass out in my direction so I could see. I just about went nuts, I said it was cool and she came and sat beside me. I put my arm around her and we sat and watched TV together before she had to go home.

Its really hard to get a girl this seductive and hot out of your head. I got her phone number and began to talk to her on a regular basis, eventually we started hanging out in town or at my place, I never really made a move on her and I never asked her out. We just hung out and every now and then and I would put my arm around her, or kiss her, or something subtle along those lines.

One day she was over and I decided to fuck the rules, and it was time for some action. This girls been teasing me long enough, I thought to myself. We were lying in my bed, I was on her right, lying on my side looking down at her. I put my hand on her stomach and leaning in to kiss her. She kissed back and I began to rub my hand up and down her stomach, eventually I worked my way under her shirt and I began to work my hand up towards her C cup breasts. My hand didnt encounter any resistance as I moved it over her breasts, taking them out of the bra and feeling each in turn. I squeezed her nipples and rubbed them with my fingers, making them poke out and become hard. I decided it was time to go for the gold, and began to slide my hand back down her stomach. I undid her jeans and slipped my hand underneath them, and her arm came up and grabbed mine, stopping it. I kissed her for another 5 minutes, and pulled my head back, looking into her eyes. I started pushing my hand down again, and her arm just followed mine, and I felt through the start of her pubic hair, and eventually along her juicy, sopping wet pussy. I rubbed it at first, findign the clit and rubbing it, then rubbing up and down her slit with my fingers. Her hand gripped my arm tighter, and I pushed my middle finger into her. She sighed and began pushing my hand against her. This girl wanted me to finger her badly now! Her pussy was incredibly tight and warm, and her little girl juices were flowing all over my fingers. I finger fucked her for a good 10 minutes, before she got up to goto the bathroom. I switched places in the bed and when she returned, she lied down on my right side. We started listening to music again and I carried on as if nothing happened. After a few minutes, I felt her hand on my cock in my pants, and she began to rub me through my jeans. She leaned in and started kissing me, rubbing my length up and down for a while.

I told her to do it under the jeans and she said no, that she didnt know what to do. So I rolled her onto her back and ran my left hand down her stomach and into her pants again. This time, I undid her pants and slid them down her legs. I put my hand in her panties and inserted two fingers, pumping them in and out slowly. She grabbed my hand again, and began pushing my fingers up into her. She was practically masterbating herself with my hand! I began to finger fuck her more vigourously, curving my fingers each time they went in. Soon her hips joined me and began bucking slowly, as she started to hump my hand. All of a sudden i felt her legs start to jiggle, and she pushed my fingers up deep inside of her and started humping me in huge, hard thrusts and she had the first orgasm of her, she squealed and I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers, I couldnt even move them inside of her hot cunt. She calmed down after a few minutes and we lied there holding each other. I was amazed at just how sexy this little girl was, and how much fun I was going to have with her.

"Do you have any condoms?" She asked, and I quickly pulled one out of my nightstand. I was a virgin, but I was prepared when it came to this girl.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked her, and she nodded. She stripped off the rest of her clothes in a second, and I did likewise. She spread her legs a little, and I got up between them and parted them the rest of the way. Her little pussy was just barely developing hair, she had little wisps of hair covering her tight hole.
"This is going to hurt". I warned.
"I know, just do it". I put my finger inside of her and fucked her with it for a few seconds to get her nice and juicy, I placed my cockhead at the entrance to her little hole and pushed. Nothing.
"Its not going to work" She said. By now I really didnt care about how the hell I was going to get my dick inside of her small hole, but I was determined. I pushed again, harder, and felt my cock slip into the opening. I gained about an inch as I burst into her. "Ow ow ow!" She screamed. The feeling was incredible, she was so amazingly tight, her pussy squeezed me back as I began to push myself into her. "OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW FUCK! FUCK! STOP! STOP! I DONT WANT IT ANYMORE!" She screamed and writhed in pain as my cock was barely two inches inside of her love hole. I realized this was hurting the living shit out of her and I pulled myself out. She quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

- - -

After that our relationship got a bit more serious. She was always way too shy to do anything to me, but I was fine with finger fucking her once a week. She wouldnt let me eat her out, and she wouldnt go into my pants, but we had what we had. She broke up with me shortly after and started dating guys that were even older than me. A little 13 year old girl going out to parties dating 21 year old guys. I hated it, it went on for half a year, which I refused to talk to her. Until the new year rolled around and she got lonely and began to miss me. I always treated her with respect, and I always loved her. I figure she wanted it back.

She called me up one day, she was really sad about something and wouldn't tell me what. So we started talking again and agreed to be friends. By now I was 17 and she was 14. She had lost her full virginity to a 20+ year old guy at a party, and I felt betrayed and weird about it.

She came over to my house to watch a movie, just as friends. I really didnt expect anything to happen, but I was up for anything. She sat down beside me as the movie started. I noticed she was sitting up instead of lying down, and she was sitting as far away from me as possible. Maybe she does just want to be friends, I thought to myself. After 30 or so minutes, she began to shift around, she took off her coat, revealing a tight T shirt and now fully grown breasts. 15 minutes after that she lied down beside me, and I could feel our arms touching. I lightly pushed back, and looked over at her. She was starting at me with a cheeky little grin, and it occured to me what she wanted.
"I know what you want" I said jokingly.
"Oh really? What would that be?" She asked.
I leaned in, and sure enough, I was right, she pulled her head up and met my kiss halfway. I rolled on top of her and began to make out with her. My hands feeling around her tight body that I loved so much. We made out for a few minutes and I rolled off of her and began to watch the movie again. I didnt really expect anything further to happen. That is, until I felt her hand on my stomach. I looked over to her and began to kiss her as she undid my pants and slipped her hand down onto my cock. She took a hold of it and began to jack me off. I put a hand up her shirt and felt her breasts as her tight little hand moved up and down my stiff cock.
"Why dont I grab a condom Rachel?" I put all my cards on the table. Luckily, she said go for it. I rolled off the bed and grabbed a condom from my nightstand (always prepared). I undid her pants and slid them off, revealing red satin panties. She smiled at me and pulled them down and handed them to me. I threw them across the room and pounced on top of her. I made out with her slowly at first, and then I began to kiss down her chest, sucking on her nipples as I moved down her stomach and into her sweet smell. I parted her legs and began to lick on her clit. She sighed and moved her hips up against my tongue, I put a finger inside of her and began to fuck her fast as I took her clilt in my mouth. She bucked her hips and began to get really wet, and I knew it was time to finish the job. I rubbed my dick up and down her hole and placed it in the opening. She was still very tight, and now it was possible to actually get inside of her. She screamed loudly as I began to slide in, still complaining about pain. I pushed my cock in all the way and felt her pussy squirming and adjusting around my cock. She said she was okay and I began to fuck her. I moved my cock almost all the way out and pushed it back in deep. Her hands came up and grabbed my back, pulling me close to her. I began to kiss her, and she put her sweet tongue in my mouth and I humped her. Her hips met me with every thrust, her breasts cushioned my chest against her body, and her pussy quivered every time I filled it. She pulled her mouth off mine and began to breathe heavily. Her arms pulling my back down into her, her hips guiding my cock and meeting every thrust. I picked up the pace and began to suck on her neck, pounding in and out of this amazing little girl sending her through intense waves of pleasure. Her legs clamped down around me and began to quiver as she breathed loudly and I felt her pussy spasming around my cock. I could barely push it in and out of her as it grabbed me. Feeling her pussy grabbing at my cock so hard I began to cum. She moaned in my ear as I collapsed on top of her, finally satisfied.

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2009-02-11 14:37:52
When I was 13 I had C cups.


2007-07-27 23:45:42
not really realistic in the beginning. What 13 yr old has C cups? that's just stupid. but then at the end it was really diive about how tight it was i gave you an 8


2007-02-05 14:47:11
pretty pathetic


2007-01-19 03:25:24
Wow.. Pretty much my whole deal. i was 16 my girlfriend was 14 dumped me went for a 20 year old. I didnt talk to her for a few months. She got lonely. got back with me. Only difference is i took her virginity.


2007-01-15 00:06:51
And to all you virgins, thanks for nothing, And to all
you spam eating trailer trash sluts thanks for the pussy, ass and mouth you gave, charged for, got yours, and mine.

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