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Seeing as you all gave this a gd review i wrote part 2... happy wanking!
After that hot fuck with Ian. I couldn't keep my fingers out of my pussy... Every day and night I had my hands in my panties, slipping my fingers in and out of my dripping cunt thinking about how good Ian had been at making me cum, I never failed to send an orgasm ripping through my body...
One night as I was once again doing myself over him my phone rang, it was Amy, his ex girlfriend...
"Listen Kate I know you and Ian have this thing right now but I really need to meet with you to talk through some stuff"
I agreed but had my doubts, I mean, I didn't wanna get my head kicked in right?
We made arrangements to meet at my house the next day...
She showed up and I couldn't believe how sexy she was looking... I could feel my cunt grow wet just looking at her bare breasts through her thin white top..
"Hey Kate, can i come in?"
Breathless I stepped aside to let her tight little ass come into my house. She sat on the sofa and I sat next to her, sitting in a way so she could see straight up my small skirt straight into my bald fanny as I was wearing no panties...
I saw her look...
"Listen, The reason I came over today was not to talk about Ian, it was to talk about you" She said, her full lips moving seductivly as she spoke, I could feel my cunt lube up even more...
"Go on..." I said intregued
"The reason I always got so jealous about you and him isn't because I love him.. its coz I fancy you"..
I smiled, I kind of knew that was coming. I moved closer to her, I could smell my cunt juices. and then I started to smell hers.
"Really? Coz I think your pretty hot too Amy."
I touched her face softly with my hand and smiled as she pulled down her top to reveal her full titties. I started sucking one of her nipples straight away..
"Amy, your tits are perfec!" I sqeauled..
She giggled and moved her hand up my skit and into my cunt. feeling my juices.
I grabbed her head and shoved it in between my legs.
"FUcking lick me!" I screamed.. she seemed only to happy to oblige.
I screamed in ecstasy as her tongue lapped up all of my jucies.. Her hot ass up in the air in front of me. I shoved her face into my cunt deeper and deeper. I got out my full titties and sucked one of my nipples, my hips bucking into her beautiful face, getting every inch of it covered in my cunt juice, even some in her hair, i pulled her face out and licked it all off. Moaning as I tasted myself on her.
I grabbed a candle stick off the side of the table and pushed open her legs. I shoved it inside her tight little fanny and thrust, deep. I looked at the ecstasy on her face and started flicking my tongue over her tiny little clit. I felt her cum almost immediatly.. she squirted her hot juices all over my face and into my hair. We started kissing. sharing each others saliva in a hot array of juices. Our cunts growing moister and moister as we groaned loudly...
I slammed 2 fingers into her hot cunt and rammed her as hard as i could.. I couldn't keep my hands off her. I needed her juices all over my body.. I removed my hand and spread her juices over my titties. both our white clothes were soaked with juices, the whole room stunk of lesbian sex... I was so turned on I couldn't even believe it. I made her lie in front of me and fuck herself with the candle stick I got out. She fucking loved it the little slut.. she loved my eyes on her hot sexy young body... I couldn't wait to fuck that pussy again. I couldn't control myself. I grabbed the candle stick and screwed her as hard as I could. she was moaning in agony and ecstasy and I fucking loved it. I stood over her face until she begged to let her lick my cunt hole. I sat on her face and shoved her fanny into her face, covering her hair and face with more cum as it went all over over, dripping down her neck and titties. I could hear her moaning into my cunt lips, making a humming sensation which made me cum more. I needed this all the time. I couldn't just settle for Ian, I needed them both, at the same time...
I phoned Ian
"Get over mine right now!"
I carried on screwing Amy until he got there.. He barged into my house and became instantly erect at the sight of these 2 girls riding each others faces. I still had AMys face inside me cunt so he came over to me and slammed his cock into my mouth, I sucked harder than i've ever sucked cock in my whole life until he started to cum. I pulled out and let it drip down my slim stomach and into my pussy. I heard Amy moan as she tasted the salty new sex juice. I climbed off her beautiful body and told them I wanted to see them fuck
I watch as Ian pushed his huge penis into her tight little love hole.. I came over and over again just watching them fuck... Her juices making his member glisten.. The room stunk of hot teenage sex and i loved it... I knew i'd crave it every single day

***Look, it probably isnt really a secret that my own pussy gets so wet writing these stories. I have a boyfriend but I love hot girls too and Im really into cyber sex with hot women. ***

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2011-10-30 06:16:20
P.S. From below. It helps to organise your thoughts by writing them down with paper and pencil and review and refine then before buting them down for posting. Old ways are some times best.----- Love again-----Wild Bill

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2011-10-30 06:01:50
I liked it Angel Wings keep it up please. The more you write the better you will get with it, take your time and go back and re-read before you post. Check your spelling and sentence composition and ask your self is that what I meant to say. But wait a day or two before going back and re-reading and checking, if it looks good and makes sense to you then post it. Also check out a Franklin Spelling Ace thay are great and may be quicker for you than spell check. Keep with your writing I like it.------Love-----Wild Bill

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2006-05-31 16:42:27
I'll cyber with you in a second cutie.


2006-04-23 00:54:35
Not nearly erotic enough. 2 females making out with each other is far from a real turn-on. The part of the story where Ian joined them was a bit of an improvement, but was much too brief and not nearly deive enough. Very disappointed by a story that had good potential but did not live up to it. The terrible grammar and spelling was very distracting and made it worse!

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