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This is a little mixture into what I want to do to someone, and how I want it done.. this is also referring to a few encounters my friends have had, and told me about.
It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon, when Hannah and Shia were out shopping. "Hey, Han, let's stop by Target. I want to buy a few bras and stuff, they have them cheap." Shia requested. "Sure, Shi, whatever you want." Hannah said sweetly. They have been best friends for a about 5 years, and they have done just about anything with each other.. Nothing sexually, of course. Hannah has always thought of Shia as a major cutie, but never wanted to let it out. She was afraid of how she would react..

They chose a few things and went into the fitting room, and walking into a stall together. "Alright, Hannah, I'm going to try these bras and panties and stuff on, and I'm going to model them. Tell me how they look, 'kay?" Hannah answered with a slight nod, and tried on her bathing suit first. She rubbed her hands over body, not satisfied with the amount of fat on her behind. "I guess I'll have to get a bigger size.." she sighed.

"Go ahead, Shia, it's your turn now." Hannah sat down , still in her bathing suit, with Shia's pile of clothes on her lap. She noticed her friend's large breasts, right then and there. Shia was puffing up her chest, looking in the mirror, deciding whether she liked the outfit. Hannah watched, getting very aroused as she spotted Shia's hard nipples poking against the thin fabric of the bra. Her ass cheeks were barely visible, but she could see some meat, and her skin looked baby soft. "Hannah..? Are you listening? How does this look?" Shia said, annoyed that her friend had been staring into space again. "Oh-oh.. It looks awesome, Shia!" she studdered, startled by her loud voice. Shia motioned her over next to her in front of the mirror, and smiled, "We look awesome together.. We're always going to be best friends." "Yeah.. friends.." Hannah sighed. Is that all we're going to be?

Trying on her last outfit, which consisted of a smallish bra and a red thong, Shia examined herself in the mirror. She rubbed her hands softly against her right side, and moved it down to her thighs. She brought her hands up over her chest and massaged her breasts softly, giving a soft sigh as she imagined Hannah massaging them for her. Shia has been attracted to Hannah for a while, now, ever since she saw her in a bathing suit. Her large breasts, and the way her pussy showed on some of the bathing suits she wore. She loved to sneak a peek at her pussy when Hannah was putting on sun tan lotion, or when she asked Shia to do it for her. She'd purposely rub against her friend's breasts, and watched as she got a slight chill, seeming to enjoy it..

"How do you think this looks, Han?" Shia asked, snapping out of her sudden flashback. Hannah got up behind her and put her hands on her friend's shoulders. "It looks.. sexy." she whispered, giving a naughty smirk, and then a wink to Shia. She giggled and playfully pounced on top of Hannah, nibbling on her neck, and then standing up. "I'm guessing I should buy this, then, hm?" Hannah, panting, gave a nod and began to take her clothes off, to change back into her original. "I'm not going to buy these, they're way too small on me." Shia began to object, but she caught herself, not wanting to scare Hannah with her sudden hunger for Hannah's body..

Bending over to get the bottom portion of the bathing suit off, Hannah felt as if she was being watched. She looked behind her and found Shia eyeing her behind and pussy, as she went to put on her panties. "Shia.. are you.. watching me?" she asked, almost happy that maybe her friend felt the same way as she did. Shia gave a slight nod, and Hannah could see her beginning to blush. "No.. don't be embarassed, it's fine! I .. feel the same way.." she looked down at her hands, and sat down, now completely naked.

Shia went over, also naked, and sat down on Hannah's lap, bringing her lips to her friend's. They kissed passionately, almost like lovers. Each rubbed their hands against the other's backs, bringing their partner closer. Their nipples poked against each other, and their breasts squished against each other. Shia grinded her pussy against Hannah's, and noticed a trail of her juices brought down Hannah's thigh. She giggled and motioned Hannah off of the little bench. She lay down on the bench, doggie style, and spread her legs wide, revealing her wet cunt and asscrack. No instruction needed, Hannah brought her mouth to her best friend's vagina, licking and sucking lovingly.

She brought her tongue down from the ass, all the way to her friend's belly button, as she did the best she could for her first time. She tried to remember how she saw the girls on the internet do it, and played stuck one of her hands in her own waiting cunt. Shia moaned in delight, quietly, as she tried not to reveal their actions to the rest of the people in the dressing room. Even though it was early, and they were probably the only ones in the dressing room, there still could be another person(s) in there. She grinded her hips to her friend's face as she tried her hardest to get pleasure out of this. She felt Hannah's warm, luscious lips on her tit, andstuck her finger in her vagina as she fingered herself violently. She rolled her hips, letting out her orgasm. She moaned very loud, and covered her mouth immediately, trying not to let out for others to hear. Hannah grabbed one of the clothes they brought to try on, and wiped up the mess, giggling quietly. "Oh, Han, you're so naughty!" They giggled and hugged, kissing once again, their bodies covered with sweat.

The girls switched places. Shia sucked hard on Hannah, the girl's wet cunt dripping off onto the bench. She fingered her friend's asshole, and tongue fucked her vagina. The feeling of Hannah's pussy "swallowing" her tongue was amazing, and she wanted her friend to taste it, too. She brought her finger to her friend's vagina, the hole enclosing over her finger, making a squish sound. She moved her finger in and out, using her thumb to flick and play with the clit. She brought her opposite hand to her own vagina, fingering herself, and moaning in delight. She could feel her friend pressing onto her finger, harder, wanting more. She offered her finger to Hannah, and she eagerly accepted it. "Mm.. Oh, baby, I taste so good.." her hips were bucking wildly as her orgasm let out. Shia brought some of the clothing and wiped up the mess, giving a sexywink.

The girls got dressed and drove home to Hannah's house. Turning on the radio, Shia commented on their previous adventure. "Hey, Han.. That was awesome.. Let's do it again, sometime, okay? haha, I can't believe we actually left those cum covered clothes in the stalls! And the room smelled like wet pussy." They both laughed and kissed again, driving into the driveway and going into Hannah's parent's room. "My parents are out, so we can use their adult videos and toys and stuff." Shia gave a soft smile and laid on the bed, hiking her skirt up and revealing her bare pussy. Hannah gasped, "Where's your underwear?!" In my purse.. I don't usually wear any. You didn't see me take any off at the store, right?" Hannah laughed, "Oh, yeah.. I must've been day dreaming when I imagined you.. Uh.. nevermind."

Hannah pounced on top of Shia and they kissed, once again. She humped her friend's stomach and then got off, her pussy clenching and wanting.. Grabbing her favorite lesbian video, she put it in and sat next to her friend. It started off with two girls kissing, like most of them do. It got a little sexier when theys tarted masturbating together, so they decided to do the same. Hannah spread her legs and began to massage her clitoris, feeling the wetness of it left from Target. She laid her head back, and laid down, moaning in delight as her hand seemed to know the way already. Shia watched her friend, and the video, and masturbated on her own. She used her knuckles to massage her vagina, moaning as this was like a secret weapon to her..It gave her absolute pleasure.. She fingered herself, and with the other hand, rubbed and pinched her nipples.

The girls watched the video, as the women fucked with a dildo. Hannah said her sister had one of those, and went into her older sister's room to retrieve it. She came back and saw Shia, sweaty body and all, with her pussy on Hannah's mother's vibrator. "I see you found what I was going to use on you a little later!" They giggled and hugged. Shia grabbed the dildo, "How do you use this thing?" Hannah giggled.. "Watch.. It'll be like I'm being fucked by a guy or something. It's AWESOME." She stuck it into her pussy and laid on the bed. She instructed Shia to fuck her, as if that was her penis, and she was the girl. Shia pulled in and out, starting slow, then going very fast. Hannah clutched to the bedsheets and moaned, her head jerking back and forth, her orgasm letting free. She panted hard, and looked up to Shia. "See, babe? Nothing to it! now take it out, and seee what I left for you.." They examined the dildo, as it had Hannah's juices left on it.

"They're so tasty... lover." Shia said, and gave a soft smile as they kissed again. Hannah moved the dildo down to Shia's mouth, "Here.. give me a 'blowjob'. " The girls giggled, and Hannah paused the video so they could focus on this. Shia sucked hard as hannah fucked her mouth with the dildo. She could hear her friend swallowing and slurping hard, so Hannah took it out, in fear of choking her. "Alright.. now.. I'm going to fuck you.." She moved the dildo down to Shia's vagina, and was stopped. Shia closed her legs. "No.. No.. Do me in the ass." Hannah smiled and eagerly flipped her friend over, shoving the hard dildo into her friend's ass. It went in swiftly, as if this had been done before. "Something you need to tell me, Shia?" Hannah laughed. "Well.. My boyfriend and I don't.. My boyfriend fucks me in the ass." They both giggled, and Hannah fucked hard as she felt Shia's body jerking back and forth to the rhythm of the dildo. Shia came, and Hannah cleaned it up with her own mouth.

Later on in the evening, they were watching another video, still naked and touching themselves. Hannah's dog Gray came in. "Here, boy! Oh. My. God. Hannah, he is adorable!" Shia played with the Golden Retriever as she pet him and kissed him, letting him lick her lips. Hannah had an idea. "ever been fucked by a dog before?" Shia, looking disgusted, shook her head. "Hell no! That is NASTY." "Come on, girl, it's fun!" Hannah spread her legs, and called Gray over.

To be continued..

(Tell me if you want a part two. :] )


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use the dog. good story.

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2008-05-27 22:23:27
really good...bud DO NOT USE THE DOG....thats fucking nasty.,..srry but come on


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realli good but......eww gross dont use the dog


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not the dog! please don't fuck the dog!!!!

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