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This is a story with Shemales in it, if you don't like this kind of story, don't read it. I've seen so many people read a story like this and then complain about what they were reading.

The Lesson

My name's Joe, and yes I'm bisexual. I have a friend named Tom who's also bisexual. Were in the electronics business together. We do very well, well enough too not have to work. We have a huge house with our own little dungeon. That's where we give our "lesson's". We have 4 special friends that come over and give the lessons. We've been doing it for a few years now, and so far we haven't got caught. Both Tom and I work out on very regular basis and are quite strong. The guy's we give lessons to are usually guy's who hate gays or are convicted rapist. We also like them to be in good shape, but not always.

Tom and I were walking down the street and some guy, started yelling to us. "HEY, YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. WE DON'T WANT YOUR KIND AROUND HERE, QUEER BASTARDS." We made sure to get a good look at the guy and kept walking knowing our next target. He wasn't bad looking, had a real nice ass.

When we got home, we called our special friends and set it up. We found the guy that Friday night at a local bar. We waited until he left, followed him home in our van. When he got out of his car, a little drunk, I stepped out of the van. "Hey there, can I come in." He turned around, looked at me for a second, then realized who I was and came at me. "You goddamn Homo, I'm going to kill you bastard". As he got close, Tom shot him with the tranquilizer gun. As soon as he dropped, we got him in the van and brought him home.

We put him his cell, removed his clothes and cleaned him up and got him ready. He had the night to rest before our friends came over about noon the next day. He had a good sleep to; we could watch him from a hidden cam in his cell. About an hour before hand I went down to get him prepared for the day. I looked at him in his cell and he immediately started yelling again. I waited for him to stop, then I spoke.

"You'll notice there's a collar around your neck. It's similar to a electronic dog collar, only I control the amount of voltage you feel, here's 5%" I pressed the button and held it for a few seconds. You could see the look of discomfort on his face. "Now, here's 25%" I adjusted the control and pushed the button for 5 seconds. He screamed out and dropped to his knees from the pain. "Now here's 50%" This time he screamed out again then passed out. Tom came down and we got him out of cell and set him up on our bench.

He was bent over, with his ass in the air, and his legs spread wide. The bench he was leaning over was long enough to support his body with just his head leaning over the other side. His legs her cuffed in place and his arms cuffed to the bench spread out on either side of him. Now he was ready.


When he woke up, the teachers were there around him. 4 very beautiful women. There was Joan, she was wearing a short skirt that came almost to her ass and was nice and tight and a top barely that covered her nicely shaped tits. Robin, she was also wearing mini-skirt that showed off her nicely shaped legs and a bikini top that just covered her nipples of her beautiful tits. Kim, was wearing spandex shorts that actually showed some of her ass it was so short and a tank top hanging off her ample breasts. Sharon was wearing shorts also only hers were jean cut-off's that show most of her ass she was wearing a bikini top that just covered her nice tits as well.

He picked his head up and his jaw dropped as saw the women. I told him "I hate bigots like you, who feel they have to tell everyone how they feel and wont except people for who they are. These women are going to teach you something you'll never forget.
He looked puzzled, and said "So this is my punishment, to have these women to what ever they want to me. What real torture" I said "remember how much pain you felt when I zapped you at 25%, (he nodded) well if you don't do everything they demand I swear to god I'll hit zap you for an even longer time the just 5 seconds, only you'll feel it in your arms and legs as well.

He just nodded his head still not sure about what was going to happen. The woman slowly got undressed until it they were down to their thong underwear. Joan stuck her ass in his face, moved her thong aside and told him to lick her ass good. He went right at it, moving his tongue in and out while she squirmed around saying how good it felt. "He's good with that tongue, mmmmmm, I can't wait to see how good he really is.

She stepped forward and removed her thong then turned around. Staring him in the face was her 10" cock that was as nice and thick. He looked stunned, like someone slapped him in the face. He looked around at the other girls who were totally naked by now. Robin had a 9" cock, Sharon's was 10" and Kim's was 12". All with a thickness to match. He started to yell again, but shut up as the voltage hit him. He screamed out from the pain coursing through his body. I held it there for 10 seconds, I let him regain his strength again and said "That was 10 seconds, the next time it will be 15" You could see the look of defeat in his eyes as he just nodded.

Joan stepped forward placing the tip of her cock against his lips. He opened his mouth as she inserted it bit by bit. She had only about a 1/4 of it in and she told him "Now, use that wonderful tongue of yours, and wrap those lips nice tight around my shaft." He complied and she started fucking his face, it was obvious he didn't know how too deep throat but I think he was going to learn. Robin got behind him, and started licking his ass. You could tell he was enjoying that.

Joan had at least 1/2 her cock in mouth now as she pumped in out fucking his face. She was grabbing his head, forcing more and more into his mouth. He was defiantly deep throating now (they all learn). Robin stopped what she was doing and stood up. She slowly rubbed her cock between the crack of his ass. Then she positioned herself, and slowly let the tip of her cock push into his ass.

Suddenly Joan pushed forward and arched her back, she had about 8" in his mouth and you could see his mouth being stretched by her thickness. She said out "OH, his mouth feels so good" Just as she said that, Robin slammed forward burying her entire length in one motion. Joan was forcing her cock in and of his mouth, and he didn't have any choice but to deep throat it all. Robin was moving in and out him, her face in pure ecstasy "OH his ass is so tight, god it feels incredible." I could see her breasts bouncing, as she slammed into him harder and harder.

You could see the look of pain in his face as his ass was stretched like never before. Joan said "Oh Robin, you should feel this it's so good." Robin said, "sounds like a good idea to me" She pulled out of ass and walked around the table while Joan moved around to his ass. Robin placed her cock between his lips; you could see a look of disgust on his face, knowing where her cock had just been. (We did a good job cleaning him though, so I knew it was only the idea of where her cock had been and nothing else)

Robin didn't give him time to think about it anymore; she grabbed his head force fed her cock down his throat. Joan slowly started fucking him now since her cock bigger and thicker she went a little more slowly, but as more of her cock disappeared in his ass she picked up the pace. I watched the girl's tits bouncing around as they fucked their student. Robin was the 1st to go, she pulled herself into him all the way and let loose, her ass would buck forward as she shot over and over down his throat. He didn't have any choice but swallow everything

Sharon moved in front him now as Robin slowly moved her cock out. Sharon was as long as Joan but a little thicker. She placed her 10" between his lips and just pushed forward till she 1/2 way in. Then started fucking his face as Robin had done. He was struggling to keep up. He had a look of pain on face from what Joan was doing. He also had another look, like maybe he was starting to enjoy it. Robin had stretched his ass pretty good with her tool, but Joan was bigger and she really gave his ass a good stretching.

Kim was behind Joan now rubbing her tits and kissing the side of her neck letting her cock slide against Joan's ass. Joan pushed forward as her orgasm hit, burying her cock while she volcanoed inside him. She was bucking her hips as she pumped load after load deep in hid ass. Sharon was really fucking is face now, forcing her cock deeper and deeper down his throat. She somehow managed to get her entire 10" in with out choking the asshole to death. I was impressed.

Kim was behind him now with her monstrous 12". Sharon grabbed his head and forced her cock all the in and held it there. She looked at Kim and winked. Kim smiled and in one motion, slammed forward and was stopped about 1/2 way, it looked like he just couldn't take anymore, and his face showed it to. She pulled back and pushed forward again but only got in a little more. Now she just pushed forward forcing her way in and stretching his ass more and more. She didn’t stop till she was all the way inside him. You could hear him grunting as she stretched his ass to the max. (It was like pushing a AA-Battery through the eyelet of needle). Once she was all the way she held it there, allowing him to adjust to her size. (Well at least adjust as much as he could)

She nodded at Sharon and they both started moving in and out of at the same speed. Kim was saying "Oh my god, he is fucking tight, I'm not going to last long." It was amazing watching her huge cock moving in and out of his stretched hole. Sharon said "You should feel his mouth, his tongue and throat is like magic. I'm about to cum myself" Together they picked up the pace, fucking him from both ends. Slamming in and out like pistons, the pleasure in their faces growing more and more. Then at the same time, they started cumming, only they kept pumping. They would shoot, back out a little slam forward and shoot again. Both screaming out "I'M CUMMING, OH SHIT YES, OH, OH OHHHHHH!!!!!!" Kim just fell forward on his back with her deflating cock still in ass.

Joan and Robin were in a 69 position as they got each other hard again. Robin went to his head and Joan got behind him. Robin easily inserted her 9"cock in his mouth, while Joan filled his ass. It wasn't long before they were both pounding him. Joan said "Oh god, he still feels tight, damn Kim I didn't think he'd feel me after your monster" Kim just laughed. Both girls were slowly building up to an orgasm. I loved seeing his ass stretch around Joan big cock. Robin was in heaven; he must have been working his mouth well, because Robin was moaning very loudly. Robin and Sharon looked like were ready to cum, but suddenly switched like they had done earlier. Robin just got behind him and started fucking his ass again pumping in and out of his well-lubed hole. You could see Joan's cum coated cock as she placed it between his lips and just let him taste every inch as she slowly moved it in and out. After he had cleaned her nicely she picked up the pace. Robin yelled out as her orgasm hit, and shortly after Joan's hit hers. Making sure to bury her cock in all the way, as she blasted down his throat.

Kim and Sharon moved so Kim had Sharon's cock in her ass as they both watched. Kin was stroking her hard cock as she felt Sharon deep in her ass. As soon as Robin and Joan moved out of the way, they got up and Kim went to his face and Sharon at his ass. Kim looked down at him and said, "I loved the feel of your ass, now your going to suck my cock and you will take it all." His eyes got huge as she pressed forward moving her cock between her lips. Forcing his mouth open, like she had done with his ass. His eyes looked my way pleading; I just looked back at him and showed him the button that I was ready to press if he didn't obey.

Kim had a huge grin on her face and started slowly pushing forward. She would pull back a little then push forward again; it was amazing she wasn't being scraped by his teeth. Sharon was pumping his ass; she would pull almost all the way out then slam into him in one motion. She kept moving in and out faster and faster. Making sure to push forward hard on her way in. Kim had 10" of her cock inside him now, she pulled back about 1/2 way then pushed forward shoving her cock in the rest of the way. I couldn't believe it; he actually had all 12" of thick cock buried in his mouth. Sharon was making sure his ass was fucked well, she was now pulling all the way out then burying it to the hilt.

Kim orgasm hit her, she pulled her cock out so just tip was in his mouth and filled his mouth with her cum, since the other girls deep in his throat when they came this was his 1st real taste of cum. I could see her cock throbbing as she shot her load. She held it there until he swallowed it all. Then slowly pulled her deflating cock from his mouth.

Sharon pulled out of his ass and ran around in front of him. She put her cock in mouth and pushed forward until she was all the way in. She only fucked his face for about a minute when she did what Kim had done, making sure to give him a mouthful.

I had actually jacked myself off a few times during the episode. Robin and Joan were next to me now, both taking turns sucking my cock. Robin then bent over in front of me; Joan moved her mouth to Robin's ass licking it good. She lubed it real well with her tongue. My cock's about 8" and nice and thick so I filled her ass nicely. Joan got behind me and buried her face in my ass; I loved the feeling of that wonderful tongue. Robin's ass felt so good and with Joan's tongue working at the same time I was cumming before I knew it. Filling Robin's hot ass, with my cum.

We unlocked our guest and led him back into his cell. He had no energy; the table where his cock had been sitting was covered with his cum, along with his stomach. It looked like he actually came 3 or 4 times during the session. We left him there the rest of the day, and that night around midnight we got his clothes back on him, put him to sleep then removed the collar and brought him back home, leaving him on his door step.

Around noon Sunday, someone came up behind me and put a knife to my throat. Before he could do anything else I grabbed his hand and flipped him over and got him a nasty arm lock. (Oh if forgot to mention I have a 5th degree black-belt in Aikido) It was the jerk; I told him if he ever bothered me again I'd break both his legs. Then I walked away, taking the knife with me; it was a good knife.

Let me know if I should write a 2nd

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Great thiignnk! That really breaks the mold!

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I just read it and in part 2 you should have the guy turn another guy into a hot tranny.

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