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Continuation of My Weekend Home Alone
10 minutes had passed, and my doorbell rang. Racing to the door, I fixed up my hair real quick and let Candy in.
"Hey, girl! You look nice.." she greeted. Replying with a soft smile, I gave her a hug, making it my business to rub my erect nipples against her chest. I released and invited her up into my room to chat on AIM. She agreed, and we walked upstairs. "So how long are you going to be home alone?" she curiously asked. "Well my parents left yesterday for the whole weekend, so they should be home sometime tomorrow." Candy nodded, and I pulled up a chair for her to sit in. We logged onto my account when a unknown screen name's IM popped up.
theirscreenname: hey whats up u have a pic
superstarcanine: No, sorry.. we have a webcam, though. a/s/l?
theirscreenname: cool me too. 19/m/canada
superstarcanine: Wow, we're in canada, too. Connect.
--Webcam now in use--

We quickly ran into the bathroom to fix up our hair and look sexy for our new friend, putting on make up and fluffing up our hair. Braless is always sexier, in my opinion, so I suggested Candy take off her bra, and perhaps her panties. She agreed, and I led her back to my room.

theirscreenname: wow u guys are hot
superstarcanine: Thanks,'re pretty cute, too.
theirscreenname: how about u guys strip for me or something?
superstarcanine: Hey, man, we're not whores, you know!
theirscreename: from the looks of it, i would think different....

Shocked at the man's comment, Candy wanted to shut him up. "Let's just.. do a few things he wants, Mist. It should be fun!" "No way.... I'm not going to be a webcam whore." I objected. Looking back at the screen, the man had his dick out, stroking it lovingly and giving a soft smirk back at us. I shook my head, and glared at Candy angrily. I decided to go along with her plan, and gave a soft bounce in my seat, causing my tits to move with me.

superstarcanine: Okay! Fine! We'll go along with it, only cause we're bored, ok? Plus, you're cute, so that adds onto it.. haha
theirscreenname: aite thats cool. like my little friend here?
superstarcanine: Sure.. he's cute?
theirscreenname: kk lets just talk through webcam k?
superstarcanine: Agreed.
theirscreenname: put on a little show for me + u can see me jacking off nd shit k?
superstarcanine: Okay....
theirscreenname: ill have my microphone on so i can instruct u 2. sound cool?

I was a little unsure, seeing as I was going to put on a show with my friend for a random stranger. He was cute, though.. "Let's do a lesbian act, Mist, guys love that." I was shocked. Maybe my lesbian dream was going to come true. I thought of the possibilities.. Candy's lips against mine, sucking on my face.. Her tongue wrestling with mine, trying to go down my throat. My mouth in her sweet pussy, nibbling on her clitoris. My hands on her large tits, massaging and sucking on her nipples. I agreed and did whatever Candy wanted..

I moved my chair closer to Candy, as she brought her mouth to mine. We passionately made out, as if we had done this before- as if we were lovers. .She rubbed her arms on my back, pulling me closer. Our tits, rubbing against each othert, were pressed close as our tongues wrestled, and our mouths devoured the other. I could feel her right leg lift onto my lap as she positioned herself seated on top of me. "Hot!" I could hear the man, as Candy began to rub her bare pussy on my hips, her skirt riding up above her waist. We grinded and still made out, until she told me to stand up. She put the two chairs together and laid down, spreading her legs wide.

Excitement raced through my body as I peeled off her skirt and my own, positioning the webcam down on my desk so he could see the action. I took off both of our shirts, and moved my mouth onto her waiting pussy, licking and slurping up her moisture. I pinched her clitoris with my free hand, and moved my other on top of her tit, ocassionally switching to her other. I rolled my thumb over her nipples and played with them, as her moans were turning me on. I could hear the sounds of the man's hands moving up and down his dick, sounding almost as clapping noises. His voice, deeper and more forceful now.. "More, girls, more! You're fantastic!" Candy's orgasm let free, and I made it my business to clean up the mess with my mouth. She moaned and screamed as I felt some more juices flow out onto my mouth.

Done with that, I kissed her pussy as if it were her own lips, moving the kisess up to her face, making out once again. I watched the man as he squirted out cum, his jacking off was turning me on. "Aw man.. Aw.. Aw man.. That was fantastic..Your turn, now.. Brunette! Yeah, you.. What's your name?" Candy, panting, sat up and moved the webcam to her face. Her hair frizzy from her body bucking wild while having an orgasm, and her body fglistening with sweat.. "Can-can-.. Candy. And my friend here i-i-is Misty.." He gave out a laugh and clapped, "Wow, way to go. Those names are about as sexy as a name can be. Might as well call yourselves lesbian porn stars." I gave a soft "ha" and laid on my back, letting Candy do what she wanted now.

She moved in onto my pussy and gave a soft lick to my innner thigh, causing chills to run up my body. She was teasing me, and I liked that. She licked in a circle around my fuck hole, my pussy muscles clenching, wanting her to tongue or finger fuck me. I moaned and grinded my hips to her face, wanting her to do it already. Her tongue licked my clit, and I could feel her sucking on it, as she nibbled and focused on my clitoris alone. She moved herself down to my fuckhole and began to finger fuck me violently. She put in three fingers and moved in and out, causing my body to jerk and my hips to roll, loving the feelings. I moaned her name, and felt my muslces tensing as I was about to orgasm. I rubbed on my breasts and banged on the chairs as my body jerked wildly. Candy gave out a loud laugh as she enjoyed my pleasure. I could see her own finger buried in her pussy, as I jerked and moved around harder. I screamed, "OH MY GOD, CANDY, OH MY GODDD. OH MY GOD YES, THAT'S IT. HARDER, BABY, HARDER. OH YES. OH YES OH GOD. OH MY GOD, OHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!" I felt my orgasm let free, and I could feel Candy dipping her fingers into my pussy, licking off the cum from her fingers. "This tastes very, very good." She rubbed it on her lips and lay on top of me, kissing me once again.

The AIM stranger, still jacking off, squirted once again. "Bravo! Bravo! I love this show, haha. Two hot, sexy and sweat girls on top of each other, kissing and licking off each other's cum. Fantastic! Do you guys do this often?" Candy and I parted and looked at each other.

"No..But from now on, we will be." We exchanged smiles and hugged again, shutting off the webcam and grinding our hips together.


Laying on my bed and still naked, Candy and I were scanning through some lesbian porno magazines my dad had hidden under his bed. Our fingers were buried inside our pussies, and we were admiring the way the girls looked so sexy, while at the same time were enjoying themselves. I heard the door open, and was frightened that my parents were home. But to my surprise, it was Jack. "He must've smelled our pussies' scents from down the hallway, hahaha." We both laughed. Jack jumped on the bed and laid between my legs, lapping at my hot cunt.

Shocked, Candy exclaimed, "You're just going to let him do that?!" I shrugged, "I don't mind.. He does a real good job, Cand." She looked confused, her eyes switching back from pussy, to Jack's doggy dick poking out of its sheath. I noticed her hands inching under his belly, and then noticed her begin to play with his dick. She moved her hands up and down, roling her thumb at the tip. I noticed him lapping harder, and I rolled my hips harder onto his snout. He then pushed his front paws on top o f my stomach, and I felt his penis poke against my vagina, trying to find the correct hole. He popped inside, and began to fuck hard and violently. Candy, still confused, questioned us again. "You're just going to let him do that?" I smiled, "You'll have your chance, Candy."

Jack pumped in and out, and I could feel his cock throbbing and getting larger in size. He moved deeper and harder, and I began to pant and breath harder, letting out soft moan from deep inside my throat. I felt his hot doggy juices flow inside of me, as he let out grunts. I moaned and orgasmed, feeling turned on at the thought of his juices and mine mixing. He stopped fucking and waited until his dick went back to size, then popped it out. I looked over at Candy and smiled. She laid back and spread her legs. "me next, jacky! Come here, boy!" We both laughed.

Jack did just as he did to me, but Candy took it a little rougher. She had never been fucked by a dog before, so it was a little more painful. I let her take her mind off of it by letting her suck me, and it worked. We all had a great time, especially Jack, hehe. She slept over, and we had even more webcam sessions. We showered together, and became the bestest of friends. Even now I go to visit her.. We're still very close, and I love her as much as I love my boyfriend.

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