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This is my 2nd story plz feel free to comment as I am cutting my teeth with this genre of writing...Happy Reading!!
I don't know what exactly got me all hot and bothered, but there I was in my parent's lake front home on the screened in porch dreaming of orgasm and intense sexual release. I'd been in town from collge for about 2 weeks and since the night life in our small town was almost non-existent I'd lazed around with my mom and dad.

Back at school I was the self proclaimed "life of the party." Of course you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't agree, but I didn't exactly own the title. Every night that I could spare I was at some party or in some club putting on quite the spectacle. I don't know how many nights I'd spent naked or damn near pleasing willing college boys and girls for the eyes of the crowd. I guess I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

I mean but can you blame me? I stand 5'9" in heels, my skin is the color of toasted almonds and I have large darke chocolate nipples, my breast are an impressive 44DD, my waist is slim and I wear a size 6, and I have an ass that is shaped like an apple. I am one freaky genetically blessed black woman. I dress to accentuate my curves and today was no exception. Since Mom and Dad were both at work and wouldn't be home until after 7 I had all the time in the world to make my own fireworks. Today I padded around the house in a pink lace demi-bra and matching boy shirts.

As I passed one of the many mirrors in the house and the way back to my room, I caught a glimpse of myself and realized that I just couldn't resist touching all the beautiful spots on my body that made me ache. I rushed up the steps to my room to get the necessaries like my bag of toys, some lube, and a couple adult movies. I headed back to our screened in room to enjoy nature while I soared to new heights. I spread my toys out neatly on the coffe table and placed my bottle of lube next to them. I then got up to place a movie in the dvd player before I settled back onto the covered rattan couch.

The movie began with a hot scene between some fiery Indian nympho and her own version of a Nubian goddess. The dialogue at the beginning of the scene was lame as hell, but when the action finally started it got hot fast. The premise was the two ladies became lost in the woods while hiking. For whatever reason they decided to take a break and munch some carpet. The Indian girl walked seductively up to the black girl and kissed her full on the lips. As they locked in an embrace and steamy kiss the Indian girl's hands roamed all over the curves of the black chick's supple teenage body. She was thin with B cup breasts and looked as if she stepped out some magazine. Her ass was luscious and it looked so inviting as the Indian girl kept spanking it and massaging it. As they broke their embrace, the black girl knelt down and motioned for the sexy Indian girl with her long black hair and soft straight black bush to lay down on the ground. The Indian girl was built delicately but had a set of breasts on her that were definitely worth writing home to mom. They were large, round, and bounced with every single breathe she took. She laid her long lithe body on the ground and was bathed with saliva from her head to her belly button. Then her tits were assaulted with the skilled tongue of the smoking hot chooclate girl, all the while she was sticking two fingers into the tight pink pussy of the Indian hottie. You could hear the pleasure begin to build and so I settled back on the couch with my nipples in my hands.

I rolled them and pinched them until they stood at attention. I kneaded my ample breast meat and teased my nipples more as I watched the action unfold on the screen. As the Indian girl grabbed hold of one of the black chick's cute little tits and suckled it, I pushed my tit up to my face and began to lick my nipples. I licked slow rings around the areola and up the nipple, sucking hard every so often. I could feel my cunt beginning to come alive just from the attention I was giving my titties. I grabbed the bottle of lube and spread it all over my 44DD and then grabbed the largest dildo ( 15") I have and began to tit fuck myself. Lucky for me the thing stuck to the table and I bounced my globes up and down on the faux phallus until I could take no more.

I settled back onto the couch and spread my legs so that each leg rested on an arm of the couch. My pretty bald pussy was splayed wide open and I began to explore myself with my fingers. I massaged and tugged on my puffy pussy lips and diddled my pussy hole all the while ignoring my clit. I reached for my medium sized pink smooth vibrator and began to suck it like a cock as I played myself like a violin. My fingers began to stroke my twat in a frenzy, as this happened my clit grew harder and harder and harder...I could almost hear it begging for some of the attention the girls were giving on my screen. My cunt was throbbing as well so I buried one side of a vibrating double dong into my pussy and began to fuck myself feverishly. I worked that dong like a piston in and out of my juicy cunt. All the while I was pinching my nipples and beginning to moan.

As the pleasure built up inside of me and my cunt muscles began to contract I shoved the other end of that dong into my tight ass. I ground and writhed my hips almost as if I has humping the real thing. Unfortunately the double headed dildo wasn't hitting the spot so I option for one large butt plug and two medium sized vibrators. I squatted on the couch and lowered myself onto the butt plug. I could feel my ass stretch to accomodate its girth and I worked the two vibrators into my pussy. I can't come unless I am spread and stretched as far as I can go. I twisted and pulled the dildos into and out of my cunt. Slowly at first but soon my hand became a blur and my heart was beating so loudly in my ears.

I glanced at the tv screen to see the Indian girl bent over taking a strap on into her puckered ass. I fucked my twat harder and harder, wishing I could be the one fucking this goddess. I rode that butt plug and forced my twat to cream over and over again. I grew tired with the toys I was playing with and opted for a gigantic and thick rubber dildo that looked almost like a big black cock. I licked and sucked it until it was moistened and rubbed some lube around my cunt and asshole. I laid back down on the couch with my legs as wide as they would go and began to fuck my cunt. I worked it to a fever pitch and then began to alternate fucking my ass and fucking my pretty pussy. Again my hand became a blur as I came over and over again. The scene in the movie had long since ended but I wanted some different.

As I worked that massive dong in and out of tight holes I wished for something different. I prayed for a new type of release from the pressure that had begun to build up inside of me. I pulled the dong out of ass and shoved it to the hilt into my pussy and just as I was pulling it out, I shot juice clear across the room. And I continued to fuck my holes forcing myelf to squirt several more times. I laid on that couch with my legs spread eagle, my hand working furiously to bring my release from each bit of pent up energy. I came one last glorious time all over my toy, this time I squirted some much that I felt weak. I almost passed out from the euphoria that swirled around my head.


2007-08-30 04:00:10
freakytrinidiva @ g m a i l send me a holler if u want some sweet Caribbean pussy


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2007-01-29 03:11:06
Now that's what I call a slut, great story loved it, hope to see more lezzie stories from you


2007-01-01 19:53:04
what a load of fanny.


2006-12-31 08:01:40
I loved it!

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