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I have slept with over 50 girls but none of them have been as good as my mom. I would like to say she is a drop dead gorgeous model but really she is just an average looking mom 40 years old with a bit of a dark side. She is around 5'6", white skin, fairly plump with big boobs and a red bush. She was the one who pretty much got me into sex. She has been single as long as I remember. When I was 10 I got my first experience she was a horn bag. I woke up one night with a nightmare and rushed into her room but to my surprise the door was locked. I was just about to knock when I heard her moaning which was weird because she didn’t have anyone over. The next morning when she was downstairs I snuck into her room and looked around. I found a 10inch vibrator, some lube and a porn mag beside the bed. I was so turned on that I licked the vibrator and wanked myself off at the same time. From there on I was so intrigued with my mother. She would often sunbath naked in the backyard, she would walk around the house naked and I would hear her at night getting herself off, meanwhile I would be wanking myself silly over it. I would even steal her dirty underwear and sniff them when I had the chance. I would often find porn in her draws and watch it when she wasn’t home but she had alot of lesbian porn which made me think if she had become lesbian too.

Not long after my 11th birthday she started dating this guy. He was a bit of an asshole and I felt even worse because he was taking my mom away. We moved in with him and before long I would hear them fucking at night. I thought I would be disgusted at first but I was actually turned on. They would fuck for a couple of hours each night and I would lay in bed and wack off to the sound of my mom being pumped. But soon I got sick of doing that and decided to get some surveillance happening. I borrowed my uncle’s camcorder for a while and decided to set it up in their room where they wouldn’t find it. I opened up moms cupboard to find a hiding place and came across a nice little stash. There in a box was about 3 dildos, a couple of videos and lots of magazines. I spent that whole after noon watching and reading the porn and licking on moms dildos. I placed the camera in a good spot and waiting. That night they fucked each others brains out and I got it all on tape. He had a massive cock and it turned me on to see it going in and out of mom. It also became apparent that she was a squirter. Just as she was about to orgasm she got off he cock and sprayed girl jizz into his mouth. It was such a turn-on. This went on for about a year then I got my first girlfriend. For the next couple of years I stopped thinking about mom because I was dating. I ended up moving out with a mate because I didn’t like her boyfriend. I pretty much fucked every girl I could find.

When I was 19 mom broke up with her boyfriend and moved into a small apartment but I had to move in with her because she couldn’t afford the rent by herself. I was still dating but she never really left the house. She became depressed and didn’t seem as horny as she used to be but she still had it in her because she still wore sexy lingerie and sometimes I would find my porn in different places. We were living pretty poorly until she got a big compensation payout from a car accident. We both took some time off work and decided to go on a holiday. So that weekend we drove up to the capital city and had an awesome day at some of the amusement places. Then we went out for dinner. The hotel bedrooms only had one king-size bed which was okay by us. Mom went for a shower and I watched TV. She came out in the nude and jumped into bed as that’s how she always sleeps. Her body still looked good. Saggy tits and ass, full red bush and cellulite all over the back of her legs. I soon fell asleep. The TV woke me a couple of hours later; I had forgotten to turn it off. I flicked the switch and then cuddled into mom. The sheets had come down to her belly and her back was cold so I spooned up with her. She felt so nice up against me. I soon started feeling around to see if she would wake up. I grabbed her nipples; they were hard as a rock and sticking up. I worked my way down to her belly. It was plump and sagging down to the mattress because she was on her side then I ran my hand thru her bush and found her flaps. It was nice and warm down there. I heard her gasp so I stopped what I was doing then checked her eyes – Still asleep. I then rubbed along her thigh and came back down around her ass. By then my cock was bursting out of my pants so I took them right off. I rested it on her lower back then went back to rubbing her boobs. I began kissing the back of her neck and licking her ear lobes. I must have woke her up then because she rolled over and buried herself under the sheets, I looked under to see what she was doing but it was too dark. She then grabbed my cock in her hands and jammed it in her mouth sucking on it and licking my shaft, then continuing down to my sack and then licking around my asshole. Then she emerged from the sheets and got into a doggy position. “Your turn she whispered.” I got up behind her and spread open her saggy ass cheeks and ate her ass out and then her pussy. I let go of her ass with my hands and started probing her pussy with one hand and grabbing those floppy melons with the other hand. She told me to slow down but I kept munching on her anus and fingering her pussy and soon enough she was spraying her juice all over the bed. I got down and licked up as much as I could then I rolled onto my back and mom sat on my face and started grinding into me. I was sucking on her clit and wiggling my tongue in her pussy and she was bouncing up and down on my face grabbing her tits. I mopped up as much juice as I could then she moved down slowly backing her pussy up ready for insertion. I grabbed her big ass with both hands and pushed up so just my knob would penetrate her pussy. I did that a couple of times then it got too much for her and she sat down and took the full length of my cock. She rode me for about 20 minutes. It was really slow and steady and I was shafting her deep. Then she started shaking violently and moaning at the top of her lungs. She jumped off my cock and squatted above my head and aimed her pussy at me then finished herself off by rubbing her big swollen clit. A river of juice splashed into my face and down my throat. Then before I could do anything she turned around and went into reverse cowboy position but instead of jamming my cock into her pussy she put it up her ass and began riding it. I could only last 5 minutes before I pulled it out and let her drink my cum. We were so worn out then that we slept all the next day and did the same thing the next night. Now that we live with each other we made it an every night thing.


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Be nice to your mom.

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i'm 10 and i prefer to fuck mothers of others...not mine

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