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Happy 4th everyone I know day early but still....Sorry for the delay as RL came in the way and work on other coming stories. Please enjoy
A couple days after the intrusion my family were able to calm down as things returned to normal. The kids started to be themselves with Adam helping them through the emotional strain that all four showed. The rest of the family dealt with their own emotional awareness stating ‘No one was going to break our family apart’. Those in my family meaning my godparents, mom, Michelle and Travis checked their bank accounts making sure their money was still intact after hearing what Tyrone was up to as of the past few months. They all had smiles telling me to thank my friend for saving their future. The weeks went by in November as any other month. Thanksgiving was vastly approaching which would be the first in years that it would be spent with my extended family. I was looking very forward to eating the meal that would be made by my godmoms and mothers. They made it known to Jack that they were going to take over the kitchen the few days that led to turkey day. He just shrugged saying ‘ Thank god’ to only get a laugh from each of them.

During the second week of November I sent Allison a cell phone. I didn’t ask her for permission since I knew what she would say. I wanted to get my plan in motion for my surprise to Adam this year for Christmas. I knew I had to ask my five ladies sooner or later, but first I had to convince Allison to come up for the holiday. From the first talk at Disney and those between then and now I found out she was too prideful to accept any kind of charity. The thing is what I was doing wasn’t in the lines of charity, but me being a brother to her as well a daddy to Lindsey since she saw me as a father figure. Shoot I had taken Lil Heath in as my own son not long ago as Chris took my kids in as his. During those weeks in November my ladies have well become more passionate to me. Diamond although seems to cling to me in a good way. I guess she was trying to get over what her asshole brother stated to her, but she never showed any kind of fear any longer or scared of us as a family kicking her out. Our loves began spending more time with her also making her see she had no worries or concerns to think differently. I was just glad my Diamond was getting out of that rut.

Something else happened during those weeks. Batman was feeling much better for he shocked us all by taking Sprinkles and Wiggles into his care. I guess the fight made him see that those two little pups needed a father or brother to look up to. He would let them lay on him with no bad feelings.The kids were enjoying playing with the Batman they knew and loved as he had returned to being the old Batty. I did notice something very odd. He would after all this time go up to Justin giving him a stern look which surprised my new brother. Both looked at one another before Batman bit him then licked Justin’s leg. I guess Batman was trying to say ‘ You kick me again I will bite you harder’. Ever since then Batman would sit by Justin as he did each one of us.

It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving that I was sitting in my chair talking to my ladies when my cell phone went off. I looked at the number after sliding the screen. I gave a little smile to only look over at my daughter who was on the floor watching cartoons around 11 o’clock in the morning.

“ Karen it’s for you honey.” I tell her seeing her turn to look at me confused


Karen’s POV:

I was watching one of my favorite cartoons when my daddy spoke up saying the phone was for me. I got up only to go over to him, mommy Jazzy, and Jessie.

“ Who is it daddy?” I ask seeing him shrug his shoulders

“ No clue baby girl answer it.” He tells me handing me the phone

I accept the phone as my daddy accepts the call.

“ Hello.” I say holding my daddy’s phone

“ Hey sissy.” My eyes go wide while looking at my daddy

“ Lindsey?” I ask seeing my mommies smile

“ Yes sissy mommy let me call daddy’s phone. How are you doing Karen?” Lindsey asks while I smile at my daddy seeing him smile back

“ I am fine sissy. How are you Lindsey?” I answer back with a smile sitting at my daddy’s feet


I smile feeling my daughter sit on my feet. Both Jasmine and Jessie cuddle up to me with smiles. We listen to our daughter talk to someone that she took in her heart as a sister. It was nice to hear my daughter connecting to someone that was actually her cousin, but I wasn’t going to let that cat out of the bag yet. It was about 20 minutes later Karen stood up to only hand me the phone.

“ Auntie Alli wants to speak with you daddy.” Karen tells me having Jasmine and Jessie raise up while I accept the phone

“ Hey Allison what’s up?” I ask hearing Lindsey in the background telling Allison what all her and Karen talked about

“ Heath hun I just got this cell phone. Why did you send it to Lindsey and I?” She asks with some concern in her voice

“ Because I didn’t want you to have any worries of when your service would end or if you afford to put money on it. I put you on my family plan.” I answer while she goes quiet just to have me add “ I am sorry if I stepped over bounds, but I care about you and Lindsey.”

I start to hear her sob before she speaks.

“ Oh Heath you don’t know how much the phone means to Lindsey and I. I know I must of sounded upset, but it’s just no one has really helped us. And there are talks about layoffs at work. I am so afraid Lindsey will be taken from me if I lose my job.” Allison tells me sobbing again

I have both Jasmine and Jessie get up to let me up. I give them both a kiss before making my way to our bedroom. Walking up the stairs then down the hallway I hear footsteps behind me. I turn to see all five of my loves following me. I let out a sigh finally getting into our bedroom. I make my way to the bed taking a seat on the edge. My ladies come in to only take places on the floor while Jasmine and Jessie sit on either side of me. While listening to Allison cry and Lindsey in the background trying to comfort her mother. I come up with a thought that I hope Allison will agree to.

“ Allison would you like to come here for Thanksgiving?” I ask seeing the looks on my ladies as they are shocked I invited without asking their permission or opinion on the idea

“ Heath I would, but I don’t have the money. I spent all I had for Lindsey and I to have a good Thanksgiving. I just want her to enjoy the holidays.” She tells me making my heartache to help them both

“ Well how about Christmas Allison? I am sure you both would feel a whole lot better just getting away from there for awhile.” I ask stating my opinion

Seeing the looks on those that surround me at that moment are of pure shock. I watch as each look from me to each other. All five stand up leaving the bedroom with sad expressions. I shake my head as I knew they have jumped to conclusions again.

“ I don’t know Heath. How would I get there and back. Look Heath I so want to be around your family, but if they lay me off I will have to find another job around Christmas.” She tells me while my mind starts to think

“ Just think about it Allison, and leave the how and when to me.” I state hearing a sigh

“ Ok Heath as you have proven to Lindsey and I that you are a good man.” She tells me as I smile

We talk for a little bit longer before she has to go. We hang up a minute later with me placing my phone on my right. I stay seated thinking of how to explain to my loves about Allison. It’s at that time they all come back in with very concerned looks on their face. I stand up telling them to have a seat. Each one gives me a look that makes me enforce my words. Once they have a seat on the bed next to each other I make my way over to the desk. I get the manilla envelope then make my way back to hand it to Jasmine.

“ Before each of you speak maybe that will fill you each in on why I am so concerned with Allison.” I state making my way to my bedroom chair to recline back

I close my eyes hearing the papers being pulled out. I stay quiet letting my fiancees read what I had weeks ago. I hear gasps then Jasmine reading the birth certificate. Then Diamond reading the adoption papers that I knew GHO$T had a hard time getting his hands on. I hear each one of them talk before it all comes together.

“ Holy shit Allison is Adam’s sister.” Hannah states with a shocked tone

“ Heath why did you keep this from him and the family? When are you going to tell him?” Tiffany asks getting my attention

“ I’m not because I want to surprise him along with the family. I talked her into coming here for Christmas, but I wanted to show atleast you five why I am trying to help her and Lindsey from a shitty life they have.” I exclaim opening my eyes raising up

“ They have it that hard baby?” Jasmine asks to only get a nod

“ Heath darling I guess we were jumping again, but you showing us all this information shows you truly do trust us.” Diamond states with a small smile

“ Diamond I have always trusted you all, but it’s been you four excluding Jessie that hardly trusted me. Look I love you all so very much, but Allison and Lindsey have no one to help them. No family to be around except this one in which I am trying to bring them into.” I state seeing their eyes soften towards me

Each of my loves look down at the paper they hold before putting all the information back in the envelope. I watch Jasmine stand coming over to me to only hand the envelope to me. I sit up accepting only to pull her into my lap. She lets out a squeak before I hold her in my arms.

“ So I have to ask can Allison and Lindsey come stay here as I have a lot of planning to do?” I ask to see the others stand up coming to join Jasmine and I

Diamond gets in my lap also while Hannah, Jessie, and Tiffany sit in front of us on the floor. Diamond looks in my eyes searching for something that has me curious. Once I guess she found it I noticed her smile.

“ Baby bring us a new sister. Just don’t bring us another lover.” Diamond tells me getting a shake of my head

“ Diamond darlin Allison is just like Selena, Kaye, Michelle, Sierra, Mandy, and Renee. She is a sister in my heart, but Lindsey sees me as her daddy in which I don’t mind being for her.” I tell her with a heartfelt smile

“ Ok baby just be careful my love we don’t need you to be taken from us by a woman.” Jasmine says getting giggles

“ As if Jazzy baby look at our moms and godmoms. Even if they weren’t family I am sure our baby would never leave us.” Hannah states getting nods

“ True there Hannah darling. So baby when do you plan to bring them both here?” Jasmine asks in a playful voice

“ Well this is what I have been thinking.” I say as each of them come closer to me

I discuss my idea and thoughts in which they each nod giving me a assuring smile. Diamond speaks after placing her hands around my neck.

“ You know Heath my love that before you leave for a few days that your going to have to satisfy us enough to hold us over until you return right?” Diamond asks only to get pinched on her ass by me

“ Yes I do my Diamond doll.” I say getting a wicked smile

The rest of the afternoon goes by with family members going out starting their early Christmas shopping. The only ones left were Nick and I as we sat in the living room drinking a beer each while a game was on. I caught him looking at his beer bottle as if deep in thought. I wasn’t going to pry, but my curiousity got the best of me.

“ Ok Nick what’s got you looking as if your in space?” I ask getting his attention

“ Just thinking back to when my family was coming together after all that happened.” He tells me taking a drink from his bottle

“ You want to talk about it man?” I ask seeing his expression show some relunctance

“ You sure you want to hear about those days?” He asks to only get a nod


Nick’s POV:

I look at Heath seeing his look of concern before I start in on my story.

“ It was around 20 years ago that my family began to heal after all the hell that it went through.” I say remembering as if it all happened yesterday

“ Flashback”

I am standing outside the courthouse with my family. Dad and Mom are talking with Sasha and Lucy about what was going to happen. Since mom was a lawyer plus a relative she couldn’t represent them in a court of law. So the next best thing was Rick. Savannah asked her father to help in which he did without being paid. He stated that he owed my dad and mom for being a asshole to me just two years ago. Dwight and Yvonne was babysitting their nieces and nephew as Savannah, Megan, and I were politely asked to testify for my cousins. Both have gone through so much in their life that it seems the judge wanted some testimony as for some truth. Sasha and Lucy weren’t in trouble as this was a adoption case. Dad and Mom wanted to take my cousins in as their own. Even though Aunt Gail turned out to be a bad person. Sasha and Lucy were the victims in everything that Karl and Aunt Gail had them to do or done to them. It was because of both that my cousins could never have kids. They both took in Sierra, Mandy, Nicky, Justin, Renee, and Jessie Lee in as their own bathing them with love. As I sat on my trike holding Savannah and Megan. My father in law stepped over asking if we were ready. We looked to each other before looking back to him with a nod. Dad and mom came over leaving both my cousins in the comfort of E.P. and Jax.

“ Nick honey I hope your not having any bad thoughts of Sasha and Lucy being your sisters?” My mother asks with deep concern

“ Mom before I found out the truth they were my sisters.” I say letting my words sink in before I continued “ As to your question I don’t have any bad thoughts for both of them as they have been hurt for so long, and need all our love.”

“ Your so right darling for if it was not for them I might of been raped while watching them kill you.” Savannah says with a few tears

“ I know Vannah darlin that is why I am here to make sure they become Covingtons just like me.” I state with a smile

It was at that moment we were all called into the courthouse around 11 a.m. I let Savannah and Megan go to only take a hand from each leading them up the steps following my parents, Rick, my cousins, and the two I call brothers. Shelby and Lisa were not available to be here as they were watching their daughters as Simon and Caleb had some club business to attend to in dad’s place. Once inside we are ushered into the court room. We all took our seats before watching Rick escort Sasha and Lucy pass the little swinging gate. They sat on the left side of the courtroom. I looked at the right to see a woman sitting. I looked at my mother motioning to the woman. She leaned over past dad as I leaned past Megan on my left.

“ That is Tamera Hillbottom. She is a strict lawyer in every case.” My mother tells me whispering

“ Ok um I thought this wasn’t a court trial?” I ask whispering back

“ It’s not honey, but she treats every case like a guilty before innocent.” Mom says back to me getting a shook head

“ ALL RISE JUDGE FRANCIS PRECIDING!” The baliff yells catching everyone’s attention

We all stand watching the female judge come walking in before she sits in her rightful chair.

“ You maybe seated.” The judge says in which everyone does before she continues “ Mr. Andrews will you start this adoption case as to speak.”

“ Yes your honor.” Rick says opening his file that he already had set up on the table before starting “ Your honor my two clients here Sasha and Lucy Carrington are in their late twenties, but at the moment have no mother, and their father is in prison in Georgia.”

“ Yes I know from the case two years ago, but my wondering is why they would want to be adopted is what has me concerned to why we are here. And I guess you have a good reason for us to be here.” The judge asks before looking at my cousins

“ Of course your honor. My clients want to be adopted by their uncle and aunt. Their cousins are the only family they have besides their loving aunt and uncle who have accepted them back into their lives. I know this is very awkward, but they have expressed this to the courts for the past year and a half.” He states while I see the judge make a note before looking at Hillbottom

“ Ms. Hillbottom do you object to Sasha and Lucy Carrington to be adopted by Grey and Tessa Covington?” The judge asks the woman that looks over at my cousins

“ No your honor, but I do have concerns.” She answers the judge catching us all off guard

“ And what would those concerns be?” The judge asks the female lawyer

“ Well how do we know that neither one or both will restart what their parents started so long ago? What would cause them to gather up people to fight as they did? Sorry your honor, but if their parents started that lifestyle what is to stop them from returning to it. What will protect the citizens of our community from them?” Hillbottom asks pissing me off

“ Your honor may I speak please.” I ask after standing up getting attention

“ And who may you be?” The judge asks with concern

“ Nick...Nick Covington. I am Sasha and Lucy’s youngest cousin, but for years I was their brother by paper and in our hearts.” I respond saying being motioned

I make my way past the gate to stand in the middle. I turn around to look at Ms. Hillbottom or Brokenass whatever her fucking name was before looking back at the judge.

“ Your honor my cousins gave up that life. They have turned their um father’s old company around. They help those that have had hard lives. I know my Uncle Karl and Aunt Gail were bad people, but it doesn’t mean Sasha and Lucy will be. Look neither one can have kids from all the rape and abuse each have gone through by my uncle and aunt’s commands to very unpleasant men. They have fought for their parents entertainment.” I say to the judge and those in the room before continuing on “ My cousins just want to be at peace after what happened a few years ago. My family ask that this court gives them that peace by erasing the last name from Sasha and Lucy to only give them the last name Covington.”

I stood there staring at the judge. She had a look of astonishment to my words. She looked at the paperwork in front of her before signing a few of them. She looked up at us all to just motion for me to return to my seat. She looked again to everyone before looking at Sasha and Lucy.

“ Sasha, Lucy I wish to give you the peace your..” She paused looking at me with a small smile to only continue “ That your brother just spoke about. By the power given to me I hereby grant Sasha and Lucy the name change. They are now the daughters of Grey and Tessa Covington, and the sisters of Shelby, Lisa, and Nick. I wish you luck in your future endeavors court adjourned.”

With the sound of the gavel my family stood up as the judge stood. I thought she was leaving, but she came around making her way to my two sisters. I smiled with pride looking over seeing Sasha and Lucy crying for the first time in months.

“ Nick that took courage baby.” Savannah says to me holding my right arm

“ I agree babe you really stood up for our sisters.” Megan says while I see my sisters hug the judge

“ Actually I did what my heart told me too. Besides they have always been sisters to me during the whole Karl and Gail thing.” I stated leading my two loves over to the family members

Sasha and Lucy spotted me walking fast to me. Both Savannah and Megan let go of my arms that were taken over by Sasha and Lucy.

“ Nick hun thank you for helping us. Thank you for always being our little brother in our hearts.” Sasha tells me with tears

“ Yes Nick you have always been our brother, and always will be. We are deeply sorry for what dad and mom did years ago.” Lucy tells me with tears also

“ Your both welcome as always. Now how about we go home and have a party.” I say getting smiles from those that gathered meaning my family

“ Agrees with that bro.” E.P. says as he and Jax go to the two that have taken their hearts

Sasha turns to E.P. while Lucy embraces Jax. Dad and mom come over to hug me tight.

“ Thank you son for standing up for your sisters baby boy.” My mother tells me with a smile

“ Your welcome mom.” I say feeling my dad break the hug

“ Let’s go home we have a party to start.” My father says even then he stayed strong

That day we left that court house in good spirits. Dad, Megan, and I got upon our rides with Savannah sitting behind me. Sasha, Lucy, E.P., Jax, and Mom got in her SUV with Rick going to his car. We left for home with a new feeling in our beings.

“ End of Flashback”

I looked over to see Heath looking at me. I took a sip of my beer letting out a sigh.

“ So I know all about a family coming together to heal.” I state seeing him nod

“ I guess both our families have been through a lot. So have you heard anything from your uncle?” Heath asked me getting a shook head

“ Nope last I knew he was behind bars serving time for a number of crimes against him, but if he ever got out he won’t have a day of peace.” I state seeing my new brother’s face

“ What do you mean Nick?” He asks me with a evil smile

“ Let’s just say he still has some debt to pay in my family.” I say seeing him nod

The rest of the afternoon went by with Heath and I talking of the coming holidays.


The days before Thanksgiving came and gone. This would be the first Thanksgiving with my family in a long time. The godmoms and moms made a very delicious dinner with all the trimmings. I forgot how good my moms ham was as well my godmoms turkey tasted. It was a very enjoyable day for all of us. I was so thankful that I had forgiven those that had hurt me, but knew they were hurt also. The kids shocked us grown ups by pigging out on what was put on their little plates asking for seconds as the boys ask for thirds. I looked over at Chris seeing a smirk remembering my ‘ Bottomless pit’ remark I made months ago. Shaking my head I chuckle quietly seeing his nod. The rest of Thanksgiving was filled with laughter between the adults while the kids watched movies like Transformers 4, Snow White, and Star Wars. Their moms made sure each of them had a movie they liked. My loves although had plans for me by taking me to our bedroom to spend some time alone around 4 o’clock in the afternoon that day. I didn’t protest as again I was just thankful for them being in my life. Those next few hours nothing else mattered as my five beautiful ladies each made love to me.

The day after Thanksgiving was Black Friday. Now I knew why stores all over the United States were open selling what all they could with nice products, but getting up way early in the morning was the pits. Most of my family went to the nearest retailers to get another jump for Christmas. At 5 a.m. that Friday morning we all got in cars and the Ranger I still had. The kids wanted to come with me so Jasmine sat in the passenger side while our daughter and sons sat behind our seats. The godparents and moms went one way while the rest of us went to Wal Mart. I had a thought come to me, but to keep it from the family I would have to go shopping later by myself, but possibly take Jasmine and Diamond with me at that time.

After that Black Friday all the gifts that were bought had to be hid from prying eyes. So Papa Mike and I rented a big storage unit. We estimated since there was like 30 people in the family now we needed a big place. Nick said that the rest of the family would be up at Christamas along with a few we haven’t met. I asked who getting a smile when he stated his other 4 kids, Dwight, and Yvonne. I heard about them, but have never met them yet. So with plans being made we put the gifts that were wrapped in the storage unit. We counted it would take four vehicles to haul all the gifts the night before, but with my mind racing with thoughts of Allison and Lindsey I knew I wouldn’t be here to haul the gifts Christmas Eve night. Except I would be bringing home two surprises to a brother that needed them both in his life. I had a inner smile thinking this Christmas was going to be wonderful. I just had to make it wonderful for two people that have been alone on the holidays the past years.

The rest of November went by quickly with Nick, Savannah, and Megan leaving again to only promise to come back up for Christmas. We gave them a fond farewell with hugs. Since December was finally here I had to start getting my plans started. I made arrangements for the Sunday before Christmas to fly down to Allison’s. I wanted to have a little time to help her adjust to what I had to tell her. I knew it was not going to be easy for her, but it had to be done. My loves understood supporting me in my mission to bring a sister and brother back together again. As the days in the first week went by I went over my investments while talking to Allison on the phone. She told me her and Lindsey were excited about visiting in a few weeks. I could tell by the sound of her voice. She also exclaimed it was the only thing to help her get through work. I knew Allison was holding back tears when she told me about her job. She stated that the rumors of layoffs was true. I felt bad for her at that moment. I had to think of how to make her and Lindsey’s life better. They had no one around them to help either one of them. I heard Lindsey in the background coughing. My little adopted daughter was sick. I asked Allison if she had anything for Lindsey. Allison said she did and thanks for asking. I told her to give my girl a hug and my love. We talked for a bit longer before she had to go take care of her daughter. I placed my phone on my desk to only look at the screen. I moved my money around to a few accounts I had for bills, food, and luxery. I thought of something in which I smiled opening five accounts one for each of the kids in my life. I wanted them to have a good start of a nice future. So I moved a reasonable amount of money to each account. After what took thirty minutes I turned my laptop off to only make my way to the bed to rest for a few minutes. I looked to see it was around noon on Friday. I looked up at the ceiling closing my eyes for a moment.

The next I knew I was sitting in my normal spot on the beach, but I was not alone. On my right was Grandma May. On my left was my dad both looking at the sunrise. Both turned to look at me with smiles.

“ Hey son how are you?” My dad asked me with a grin

“ I’m good just confused why your both here?” I responded getting laughs

“ We’re here to tell you how proud we are of you. You brought this family together plus some.” Grandma May tells me taking my right hand in her left

“ Yep we are Champ. You have come a long way from that day May found you in this very spot.” My dad exclaimed to me placing his right arm around my shoulders

“ Thanks and I have come a long way.” I say looking out upon the ocean

“ Son it feels like your worried about something?” My dad asks getting a nod

“ I am dad about a few things.” I state looking between the both of them

“ What is it Heath hun?” May asks with concern

“ Well am I doing the right thing with Allison and Adam? Should I just show him the envelope? And will the family take Allison and Lindsey in?” I ask getting two grins

“ Heath that day I caught you on this land did I take you in accepting you as my grandson?” Grandma May asks getting a nod before she continued “ Then the family will take those two precious angels in. Heath don’t think with your mind, but your heart which glows with love.”

“ She’s right Champ feel with your heart. What you are doing is on the right path. Don’t think just follow through like in bowling. Don’t second guess yourself.” He tells me with truth

“ Your both right, but still I hope Christmas is a day of love for Allison and Lindsey because they need a family.” I proclaim seeing the scene change

Out in front of us I see myself standing with Momma Verna standing just a few feet away. I turn my head to the left to see the family sitting in chairs.

“ What’s going on dad and grandma?” I ask getting laughs from them both

“ Well it’s your wedding baby boy. This is what will be.” May tells me as I stand up

I look around to see my loves being escorted down the aisle. Then I see the moms escorted by sons that they claimed. I smile as when my loves get to me they stand across from me as my mom stands by me.

“ So your telling me our wedding will be on the beach?” I ask getting two nods

“ Yes Champ as you all want it to be where your love for each other grew. Even your mom wanted the same with her three loves.” My father tells me

“ Wait your not mad at mom for becoming a..” I say trailing off seeing a shake of his head

“ Nope as I want her to have love in her heart. And that thing between you and them don’t think bad as it was a healing moment. Heath love is a strong emotion as the feeling comes to those true to the heart.” My father says to me while I turn to Grandma May

“ Honey your father is right. I know if things were different I might of had a night with you, but my love for you was pure motherly. I could never sleep with another while alive after my love died.” May tells me with pure love and tears

“ I know grandma for I could never of crossed that line with you. You helped me on so many levels that I can’t thank you enough.” I exclaim with truth in my heart

“ Heath you giving me a family is thanks enough, and the great grandbabies are just angels honey.” She tells me with a hug

They talk to me while I watch the scene in front of me come to a end with hugs, kisses, and smiles. I feel my heart have a warmth to it making me feel stronger.

“ Heath, Heath wake up baby.” I hear a familiar voice say before I open my eyes

I look up to see Jasmine, Diamond, and Tiffany on the bed above me. They each have a concerned look on their faces before I raise up seeing them move back.

“ You ok baby it’s 6 in the evening.” Jasmine asks with concerned eyes

“ Yeah I guess I dozed off.” I answer to get three nods

“ So your alright then my love?” Diamond asks me as I nod

“ Yeah I am.” I answer to her before laying back down

I motion for them to lay with me. Diamond goes to straddling me while Tiffany and Jasmine lay on either side of me. Diamond places her hands my my chest looking down at me.

“ Darling is there something on your mind?” She asks with more concern

“ Well I have a question to ask.” I answer again feeling the tension fill the room as they are concerned

“ What’s that baby love?” Tiffany asks placing her right hand on my chest making Jasmine do the same with her left

“ Well how would you all maybe like to get married on the beach?” I ask looking up at Diamonds wide eyes

“ We would love that baby. We all talked and think it would be more romantic that way.” Diamond states getting a grin

Damn dad and grandma were right. I smile at all three of my first loves before Diamond lays down on me.

“ So when were you planning to do this as Momma Maggie and them want to commit to each other on the same day.” Jasmine asks telling me of our moms request

“ Well how about on the most romantic day of the year.” I say getting grins as each held me tight

After that moment we got out of bed making our way to the kitchen since they were coming to tell me dinner was done. We announced to the family of our wedding date in which got me smiles from Hannah and Jessie as well my moms.

“ It’s about time bro. Shit I thought hell would freeze over.” Jacman states to get whacked in the head by Sierra and Mandy

“ Well guess I have a wedding to plan for.” Faye says getting nods

“ We will get the wedding dresses for you all.” Momma Ellie tells the moms and my girls

Dinner goes by with wedding talk. I sit there in my chair just smiling while I ate.

After that day the following weeks went by. Before I knew it my time to leave for North Carolina was here. My family asked me where I was going that night before Sunday. I looked at my loves who just shrugged their shoulders before I told them I had a meeting about the land in central states. I don’t think my family bought it, but they nodded. Jasmine, Hannah, and Jessie took me to the airport around 6 o’clock in the morning the Sunday before Christmas. Jasmine and Jessie rode in front of Jasmine’s SUV with her driving. Hannah sat with me in the backseat. Hannah and Tiffany were my well let’s say kinky ladies. On the way Hannah had my dick out sucking on it. She wanted to make sure I was relaxed before my trip. I was glad it was early as there was hardly any traffic on the streets. Once I came in Hannah’s sweet warm mouth. She leaned forward to Jessie to share the reward she was given. I just smiled seeing the erotic kiss between them. After Hannah broke the kiss she came back to me tucking my cock back in my jeans to only cuddle up to me. I held her close enjoying my beautiful Asian African who was in her own wonderful world.

About a hour later I was on my flight. I gave all three of my loves a big hug along with a passionate kiss. I knew my going would be hard for them a few days, but this was something I had to do. The flight was boring to a extent which the only thing I had to pass the time was looking at the picture of my loves on my phone. After one little lay over I reached my destination around 11:30 a.m. I was greeted by two familiar faces Allison and Lindsey.

“ DADDY,DADDY!” Lindsey yells running to me

I guess she still saw me as a father figure which didn’t bother me one bit. I picked her up giving her a hug. Allison made here way to me wrapping her arms around me.

“ I am so happy to see you Heath.” Allison tells me with tears all the sudden

“ Allison what’s wrong sis?” I ask her very concerned

“ Daddy, mommy got fired.” Lindsey tells me with a sad expression

“ Damn why didn’t you call and tell me?” I ask getting a shrug

“ Because it’s my problem Heath.” Allison tells me as I have her look up at me

“ No sis you are my family. It’s OUR problem.” I tell her getting wide eyes

“ Heath are...are you sure?” She asks getting a nod

“ Yes I am sure Allison. Now let’s go to your place and relax. The next few days let me be a brother to you and a father to Lindsey. I will think of something.” I state getting a nod as I already had plans to bring her home for good

We both walk over to get my bag while I keep Lindsey on my right hip holding her. She keeps a nice embrace on my neck like Karen does. Once bag in hand Allison leads me to her car. Once out in the parking lot I follow to see to my surprise a beat up toyota. I shake my head knowing I had to get her a reliable ride for her and Lindsey. Once to her car I open the back passenger door to get Lindsey out of the cold. Once she is secured in her high seat I get in the front passenger seat while Allison gets in the driver seat. She looks over at me with a small smile starting the car. I know she feels embrassed by the loud noise coming from the muffler. Yep I have got to help her get another car without her thinking the worst of me.

It’s not long that we reach her and Lindsey’s apartment. I grab my bag while Allison gets Lindsey. I follow both of my family up the stairs that lead to the apartment. I have seen places like this in movies. I just shake my head not believing a caring and loving woman was raising her daughter here. Once up the stairs I see two men one tall around 6‘2 while the other was 5‘11. Allison picked Lindsey up before getting to her door.

“ Allison where have you been? We been waiting for some breakfast.” The short guy stated with a smirk

“ Dewayne I am sorry, but I am not cooking you no more breakfast.” Allison says passing the two um gentlemen

“ Allison you know the deal. You give us some breakfast for our protection.” The short guy named Dewayne exclaims to my sis

“ Dewayne maybe we need to show her again what happens when we are told no.” The tall guy says reaching in his back pocket

I watch as he pulls out a knife in the shape of a switchblade. I watch short boy Dewayne reach for Allison before I throw my bag at him. The tall guy looks in my direction seeing my face red with anger.

“ Who the fuck are you asshole?” He asks while Allison moves fast to get her door open

“ I am her brother so if you two want to walk away while you can I would do so right now.” I state seeing Allison put Lindsey inside before shutting the door to watch

“ Bullshit she doesn’t have any family.” Dewayne says getting up to his feet

“ Yeah maybe she didn’t before, but she does now.” I say before the tall guy looks at Allison then at me

Next I see the tall fucker come at me with his little kitchen knife. I grab his wrist once he gets close to just snap it. He screams in pain dropping the knife. I feel a kick to my right leg. I turn to see the little fuck stand there with a blank expression. I flip his tall boyfriend onto the ground before grabbing Dewayne by the throat raising him up off his feet slamming him onto his buddy. Both look up at me with shocked eyes.

“ Like I said she has a brother. So take your asses back where you came from, and if I see you both while I am here I will call my Uncle William and tell him I have two assholes that need to be treated like cattle.” I state seeing looks of horror

“ Ok, ok no problem. Come on Phillip let’s get out of here.” Dewayne says helping his friend up

“ Wait...not so fast. I think you owe my sis an apology.” I say before both of them look at me

“ Heath they..” Allison tries to say before cut off

“ Allison we are sorry for everything. We won’t bother you again.” Dewayne says followed by a nod from Phillip boy

Allison and I watch both of them run down the stairs getting in a car from the sound of it. I turn towards Allison to see tears before she runs to me in a short distance.

“ Thank you so much Heath. They always come to torture me.” She tells me with sadness

“ Now, now calm down sis. Now what do you mean?” I ask stated seeing her look up at me

“ Well Dewayne um has Phillip watch Lindsey while he takes me in the bedroom for his breakfast.” She tells me shocking me

“ Wait he rapes you?” I ask getting a shaken head

“ No he eats breakfast, but has me suck him off. He says that’s payment to protect me and Lindsey. I am so glad he won’t be back.” She confesses making me shake my head

“ The tall guy didn’t ask for the same?” I ask getting a nod

“ Yes they would switch making sure Lindsey didn’t watch. Oh god Heath I feel like a whore.” She says crying on my chest

“ Your no whore sis it’s just you were trying to protect Lindsey and yourself. And I am sure they pressured you.” I state getting a nod

“ Yes they did, but I am safe now with my big brother here. Come on lets go in I am sure Lindsey is scared.” She says breaking the hug leading me by the hand to the apartment

Once inside Lindsey runs to her mother and I. She asks if we’re ok to get nods.I look around to see cracks in the windows that are uncovered. There are cracks in the ceiling, and tears in the carpet. There are holes in a few places on the walls.

“ Allison was the apartment like this when you moved in?” I ask seeing a sad look

“ Yes it was, but it was cheap at the time Heath.” She answers taking Lindsey’s coat off

I think for a moment before shaking my head.

“ Allison go pack yours and Lindsey’s stuff. I will not have you two live here any longer.” I state seeing wide eyes

“ But Heath where will Lindsey and I live.” She asks looking up at me concerned

“ Well your coming back home with me in a few days. I will get us a motel room until then. Now go pack what all you want to take.” I state being a protective brother

They both looked at me before going to do as I asked. I looked around after that for a phone book. Once found I looked up a hotel to get a room for a few days. I called the hotel up, The Regency, booking a room. Once that was out of the way I sent Jasmine a text walking over to the window. I looked out for a second to see some guy selling what looked like drugs to some young man and woman. I couldn’t believe the shit Allison or Lindsey saw from the window which faced a small alley. I sent my text to my Latina love before hearing footsteps come behind me. I turned to see Allison carrying two duffle bags. I asked if that was all they wanted to get a nod. Lindsey was holding the kitty I had won for her. It looked brand new making me guess she took good care of it. I stepped over asking Allison for the apartment key. She asked why in which I answered saying I was going to return it for her. She placed the bags on the floor taking the key of the keychain. Once she handed it to me I went over to get my bag as Allison helped Lindsey get her coat on. After we were out the door I slammed it with a smirk. I made sure the door broke the doorjam of the shitty apartment. I told my my family members to head to the car after I asked where the managers office was. Allison told me as I made my way to the lowlife.

After placing my bag in the car I made my way to the office in which was a apartment. I knocked a few times before the door opened up. On the other side of the door stood a short guy around 5‘10, 195 lbs with medium long brown hair. He looked to be in his late 40‘s.

“ Yes what can I help you with?” He asked before I smirked

“ Oh you can’t I am telling you that as of right now Allison won’t be living in your hell hole of a dump. Here’s the key that I am turning in.” I tell him flicking it at his chest

“ What the hell asshole. She owes me rent as of this month. I was about to go up and take it out of her ass getting me some of that tight pussy.” He says making my anger grow

I looked over at my sis who was looking on until I shoved him into his apartment. He was shocked until he felt my right fist across the left side of his face. I watched as he fell on his ass. He looked up at me with fear.

“ Don’t you ever say that shit about my sister.” I state seeing him nod scared

I make my way out slamming his door to see Allison pulled out parked in front of his parking place with the passenger door open. She was telling me to get in. I did shutting the door. She asked which hotel in which I told her.

About a hour later we are in the room sitting on the couch that was in the living area. Lindsey was in the bedroom her and Allison would have for the next few days. Allison was sipping on a bottle of water while I had a can of Dr. Pepper. I looked at Allison before letting out a sigh.

“ Heath is something wrong hun?” She asks with concern

“ Actually I um have a confession Allison.” I say answering getting her attention

“ Oh?” She asks sounding a bit scared

“ Allison I need to tell you something, but don’t really know how to say it.” I answer to only see her place the bottle of water on the side table

She turned back towards me before looking down into her lap.

“ I should of known you wanted something else.” She says before shocking me

I watch as Allison starts to unbutton her top making my eyes go wide.

“ Allison what are you doing?” I ask getting her to stop

“ I thought you wanted to fuck me. Isn’t that what you are confessing to?” She states catching me way off guard jumping to conclusions

“ No, no it’s not Allison. I love you as a sister not as a lover. You are pretty don’t think different, but no I have something that you might want. I wanted to wait until Christmas, but with how you have been sad this might bring a smile on your face.” I tell her as she buttons her shirt up

I got up making my way to the room I would be sleeping in. I went to my bag unzipping it. I dug for the envelope to feel something a bit damp. I pulled out the material to find Diamond’s wet panties. I chuckled raising them to my nose. She always smelt like strawberries and cum. I shook my head placing them in the side for later. I pulled out the envelope to only make my way back where I sat. I looked at Allison before handing her the large envelope.

“ What’s this Heath?” She asks with confusion

“ That will explain the last 20 something years to you. Just know I love you as my sister and hope what your about to read doesn’t change a thing.” I say watching her nod before she sighs taking the papers out

I watch as Allison looks through the documents. She scans a few, but reads the others. It’s not long before she has tears placing the papers in front of her then looks up at me.

“ Oh Heath I have a brother.” She says crying, but with a smile

“ Yes I know Allison as he is my best friend and a brother to me.” I state seeing her eyes show confusion

“ What...what do you mean Bubby?” Allison asks me still with tears

“ Well that day at Disney I felt I knew you from some where. You and Adam have some qualities that are the same. Like tugging on your right ear when your a bit nervous, but he does his left. He is smart just like you, except you had it rough as your mother made his life a living hell because she is a bitch with no thoughts of others.” I explain seeing her look at Adam’s birth certificate

“ Does...does he have a girlfriend or wife? Does he love kids?” She asks looking towards the bedroom Lindsey is in

“ Actually he is engaged to my biological sister Michelle. They don’t have any kids because of a um personal reason. And yes he loves kids. He took my daughter, sons, and nephew in as his own.” I answer seeing a smile

“ I’m glad my brother is happy. I so want to meet him. Does he know about me and Lindsey?” She exclaims asking me with excitement

“ The only thing he knows is I adopted you as my sister, and Lindsey looks up at me as a daddy. I want to actually surprise him Allison if that is ok with you?” I proclaim seeing some concern

“ I understand, but what if he doesn’t like me or Lindsey?” She asks with deep concern

“ Allison I hate to tell you, but he will love you both no doubt about that.” I say with a smile assuring her at that moment

She asks more about Adam in which I tell her the best I can. The rest of the day we spend time as a family. Lindsey wakes up around 4 that afternoon saying she was hungry. We order room service which is a light dinner for me. I make them order what ever they want which brings smiles to both their faces. Once our food is delivered I watch as they both chow down on all that they wanted. I just chuckle seeing these to enjoy a big meal. I can’t wait to see how they are Christmas.

Those next few days went by with me driving us back to Virginia in the early afternoon on Christmas eve in Allison’s new Escalade. I did her like I did Adam on his birthday years ago. It drove like a dream. She liked the way everything was set up especially the child safety doors and that it wasn’t compact. Lindsey loved the dvd player I bought her as she picked Snow White to watch on the way to her new home. It was late that night that we got in the door around 1 a.m. in the morning. I noticed all the presents are in their place with Lindsey looking for any for her. After a few minutes she stands with a sad look.

“ There is none with my name on them.” She says sadly to Allison and I

“ Honey you have some hid from the family. I wanted to surprise them with you and your mommy. I will bring them out in the morning ok?” I explained seeing a smile after I told her

“ Ok daddy can we go to bed now?” She asks with a yawn

“ Sure I will show you both which room is yours for the night.” I answered showing them to my mom’s old room

Once they are in the room I watch as Lindsey goes over to get in the big bed.

“ Thank you Heath for so much.” She says stepping to me only to hug me before continuing with a whisper “ Heath about that Sunday I would of let you have me. I still would just to thank you.”

“ Allison you just being a sister to me is thanks enough, but if that happened my five fiancees would have to be there.” I whisper back to her

“ Ok bubby, and I can respect that as I wouldn’t want no hard feelings.” She says breaking the hug

I give Lindsey a hug before making my way out of the room, but after telling her some other information about what to do in the morning.

After some sleep I wake up to my loves kissing me. We take a long shower which consists of some making out with love. We got dressed making our way out of the room to hear the kids yelling.

“ SANTA CAME!” They all yell with excitement in unison

We all laughed making our way to the living room. Once everyone was awake and got their coffee. The gift opening began with Nicky being santa. The kids were so excited about all that they had gotten. As everyone got done opening their gifts I stood making my way to the middle of the living room past all the wrapping paper. I looked at everyone talking looking at the gifts they had received. The kids were playing before I cleared my throat.

“ Adam I have one more gift for you.” I stated seeing his expression show confusion

“ Um ok where is at?” He asked looking over at the tree while I pulled the manilla envelope from behind my back as I walk to my brother giving him just some basic info in it

He opens it and looks at a couple pieces as I speak.

“ I found your sister Adam.” Saying those words I watch as his eyes go wide as he starts to cry as I continue my story to the family," After Debbie gave her up she went through the foster system and at eighteen she was kicked out of his foster home because the state did not support legal adults. She lived in South Carolina and her name is Allison." I say as my brother cries as he asks me.

“ You said she lived in South Carolina?” Ge ask as I nod

“ She moved out of her place the day I went to go see her. She didn't leave a forwarding address. I'm so sorry Adam." He starts to cry as the family comfort him

“ At least I know she is alive. I hope one day to hold my sister is my arms.” He says while Michelle moves to comfort her love

“ I do too my love as I want to meet her. I know she will be just as loving as you are." Shellie says as the family continue to comfort Adam I disappear upstairs and grab Allison and Lindsey as we sneak back downstairs as I see Karen has climbed into her uncle's lap

“ I love you Uncle Abs. You still have us." He hugs her without looking

“ I know my precious niece, but like when you found out you had little brothers and wanted to love them I want to do the same to my sister.” He says while I turn and see Allison has tears in her eyes as we make our way to the living room as I talk to Adam again

“ Bro I have one more gift well actually two for you.” Telling him as Adam doesn't even look up as he answers

“ Heath you have given me so much that I don't need anything more." He says while Allison steps up

“ Not even me Adam?” Allison says while I watch as Adam's eyes come up as Allison hands me my other daughter as Adam gets up to walk to her as she meets him halfway

I see him put his hand out as she mirrors it as I see them look into one another's eyes as their eyes talk to the other's heart as they connect as they embrace as Faye talks.

“ Oh god his twin.” I hear karen come alive

"Lindsey!" As Lindsey wants down to play with her sister as they hug and kiss one another as they loved having a sister as my loves get down to talk with their daughter,

“ Hello baby girl I'm...” Each explain to her as they introduce themselves as Allison watches Lindsey hug them

I see the family finally make the connection as it's my mom that states it.

“ She's the one you meet at Disney?" Mom says whileI nod

“ Yep and I've secretly been keeping in contact with her as she just felt like family. After the Debbie issue I contacted Kaye's friend and he got me her info. I'm glad my hunch was right.” I watch as Allison breaks her hug from Adam as she comes to hug me

“ So am I Heath as I know I have a brother.” She says getting a chuckle from me

“ Well you have seven here, thirteen sisters, six moms, and a bunch of aunts and uncles.” I say as we all laugh as Lindsey whistles

“ That's a bunch of people to learn." She say whileI walk to my daughters picking them up as I walk back to Adam

“ Adam this is your niece and my other daughter Lindsey.” I watch as I see his eyes light up as he holds his hands out as Lindsey hugs her blood uncle for the first time

“ I love you uncle Adam.” I see a tear come down his cheek

“ I love you too baby. I promise I will protect you and your mom no matter what." We all share a laugh as Adam introduces Allison and Lindsey to everyone as they both smile knowing how much love there was to go around

Lindsey gets down as I watch Batman walk up to her. He sniffs her and to our surprise knocks her our surprise he starts licking her all over as he has claimed another two legged sibling to love. I watch as Nick goes to get her as Batman bites him.

“ OWWWW....SON OF A ..." We all look at Batman in surprise as he picks Lindsey up and carries her to her siblings as he places himself between Nick and them

I look at him and I go to him no problem, I ask Jack and Travis to which they have no problems. I ask Justin and Batman boxes with his bud playing how they do. I ask Nick and Batman starts growling as I make a comment,'Guess he's still made about the beach Nick.' The rest of the day is spent with the kids playing with one another as they get love from the family. I smile as Michelle bonds with her new sister-in-law as Adam and Allison are in a constant hug.

To Be Continued.......A brother and sister reunited and a wedding in the works

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