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Chris from the previous story is back, and seeking revenge for his sister, whose boyfriend raped her

My family and I had no regrets whatsoever about what we did to that piece of shit. Every single bit of pain we inflicted on that bastard was well fucking deserved after what he did. And where he was going, he’d be getting a hell of a lot more than that. My sister’s so-called boyfriend, I’m telling ya. Guess I should start at the beginning though…

Chapter 1: The Boyfriend

Donna, my 17-year-old sister, met this guy named Tyson over the summer, right after her birthday, just before school started back up. Now I’m not the type of guy that likes to judge a book by its cover, but first laying eyes on him, I had a weird feeling that Tyson might be trouble. First of all, he was 23 years old; why was he hitting on a 17-year-old? Secondly, he looked like trouble; he had shoulder-length shaggy brown hair, scruffy facial hair, and always wore grungy clothes. And third, I could tell he was into the big drug scene, and no, I’m not talking about marijuana because that’s not a drug. I’m talking about street drugs; crack cocaine, meth, pills and the type of shit that I had just done three years in prison for.

Nevertheless, I didn’t want to judge him too quickly, so I kept my suspicions quiet. I couldn’t say the same for the rest of my family. Cody, my 21-year-old crazy punk-rock metalhead brother, who was naturally short-tempered, always looked mean and stony whenever Tyson was around, as if he’d like nothing more than to bash his fucking head in. And Bill, my father who was pushing 50 but looked and partied like one of my generation, was the typical protector of Daddy’s little girl; he could tell that Tyson was definitely not the type of guy Donna should be hanging around. But Donna was in her typical stage of teenage rebellion, and turned a blind eye to everything Dad and Cody said, entranced by Tyson’s bad-boy charm. Even her girlfriends told her to stay away from him, but of course, she didn’t listen. Sad to say that that was probably the biggest mistake of her life…

So I guess you could say that I was slightly worried when I finally left for school. I was kind of far from home, while Cody went to school much closer, both to work to help support the family, and to keep an eye on Donna and Tyson (of course she was still in high school whereas Tyson seemed like the type of nigga that had dropped out and wouldn’t pick up a book).

Chapter 2: Prince Charming’s Dark Side

Nothing happened until around Halloween, when one night Cody called me and told me to check my messages on Facebook. I checked it and saw that he’d sent me a link to a fight video on WorldStarHipHop. This was the first sign of trouble; he told me that Donna had come home with a black eye one evening. Immediately my feelings towards Tyson changed. Anyway, the video was of Cody giving Tyson one hell of a beatdown at a house party, and warning him who he was fucking with; my brother, father and I were totally against woman beaters. Cody was a skinny dude, but he had a quite a bit of muscle on him. And damn, the little nigga knew how to beat some ass! I told him I was really proud of him for dealing with it in a manly way. Of course, Tyson apologized to Donna and she sucked it up, but from that point on, I strongly disliked him…

Apparently Tyson had hit Donna in a drunken rage because she was reluctant about having sex with him, because she was a minor for one, and for another she just felt like she wasn’t ready yet. But whatever the reason, he still laid hands on my sister, and I wasn’t gonna stand for that. Cody, Dad and I now started trying to get her to dump his punk ass, but she insisted that Tyson was genuinely sorry after the taste of Cody’s can of whoop-ass. But as I found out over the Christmas break, it wasn’t quite over…

A few days after I had come home from school for the break, I was driving down a street and stopped at a red light, at an intersection where there was a nightclub, when I saw Tyson coming out of the club, dragging Donna by the wrist and shoving her up against the wall. Immediately I pulled into the nearest available parking space, jumped out of my car, yanked my shirt off and started running back towards them.

“Don’t you EVER embarrass me like that again, you prude BITCH!” Tyson yelled, and he accented the last word with a hard slap to Donna’s face.

At this point, I totally blacked out from rage. Next thing I knew, I was being restrained by two of the club’s bouncers while a crowd of yelling people were standing around us, either looking at me in horror or admiration, or looking down where Tyson lay unconscious, blood pouring from his nose and mouth and bruises forming on his face, and where Donna was kneeling against the wall, sobbing and wiping blood from her cut lip.

I was hauled into a police car and taken downtown, despite the crowd’s repeated shouts to let me go; declaiming that they had seen Tyson slap Donna, and that I had done what any brother in his right mind would have done. I called my dad to come and bail me out, and yes, I told him exactly what had happened with Tyson hitting Donna. He and Cody came by a short time later and picked me up. On the way home, we discussed the talk that it was now inevitable we would have to give to Donna. Of course my dad also had to bring up the fact that I still had a dirty record, whereas Cody’s was pretty clean (with the exception of the fight in October which only got him a slap on the wrist). I really did need to be careful so I didn’t end up back in prison, although everyone agreed that this beating was justified.

We got home to find Donna already there; one of her girlfriends had given her a ride. But we walked right up to her, sat her down and laid down the law. She was never to see Tyson again; she was to cut him off completely, delete his number, delete him from Facebook, stay away from his house, have nothing else to do with him whatsoever. No matter how much she tried to tell us that he was just wasted, this was the second time he’d hit her, and we needed him gone once and for all.

At first she did exactly as we told her, and so I went back to school in January with a little less worry. Unfortunately Tyson wasn’t thrown in prison; he was only ordered to do community service and pay a hefty fine, which I thought was completely pointless. Some fucked-up justice system we have, huh?

When I came home for spring break in March, it was to find that Donna had been grounded for sneaking out over the weekend and going with Tyson. She pleaded with Dad and Cody, swearing that Tyson was a changed man and had vowed to never put his hands on her again, but they didn’t want to take any chances. Any dude who puts his hands on my sister is forever branded a fuck nigga in my book, as well as Cody’s and Dad’s.

Now it was June; Cody and I were both home for the summer, and Donna had just finished her junior year. Since school was out now, Donna was allowed a little more freedom. Now shit gets real…

Chapter 3: Worst Nightmare Come True

It was a Friday night, and Donna decided she wanted to go out to a movie with her girlfriends. By this time she had gained enough of our trust for this, so we agreed to let her go. Meanwhile us guys had our own little party, spending the night smoking a lot of weed, drinking a few beers, playing video games, and even having play boxing and wrestling matches, just guy stuff, bro stuff. Yeah, we’re weird like that, I know. But soon it was well past midnight, and Donna still hadn’t come home. We were definitely starting to worry now, and we called her and texted her trying to find out where the fuck she was. But she didn’t answer or reply. The three of us went to bed filled with anxiety and frustration, hoping that Donna would come home tomorrow…

I was the first one to wake up the next morning. I came up from my room in the basement, heading for the kitchen. I was halfway down the hallway when I noticed that Donna’s door was slightly cracked. I could also hear a strange noise coming from her room; it sounded like ragged breathing.

“Donna?” I asked, knocking on the door. She did not answer. Feeling rather angry, I flung her door open. She was on her bed, completely covered in her blanket.

“Yo, what the fuck, sis,” I said angrily. “We’ve been worried sick about you. You didn’t answer our calls or respond to our texts, are you fuckin’ serious, girl?” Still she remained quiet.

“Yo, get the fuck up and talk, Donna!” I yelled, now walking over to her bed. Yanking the blanket off of her I said, “You know fuckin’ well Dad’s gonna—”

But I never finished that sentence. At that moment, every ounce of aggravation and anger I had toward Donna vanished, and was replaced by shock and horror. Donna lay there buck naked; her long blonde hair was ragged and tousled, her entire faced was bruised, and dried flows of blood came from her nose and mouth. Her eyes were red and filled with tears, her makeup smudged and smeared. Bruises and finger marks covered her neck, breasts and arms. And to top it all off, I looked down and saw her pubic region was also bloody.

“DONNA!” I screamed. “What the fuck happened?”

But she didn’t need to say anything; I could tell exactly what had happened. TYSON had happened…

“What’s going on?” I heard Cody say from the doorway. I turned to face him. He had barely taken two steps into the room when he froze, terror on his face at the sight of our sister.

“I tried to stop him,” Donna whispered, “But he was s-so high and drunk, and—and—”

She couldn’t continue and shook with strangled sobs. I looked over at Cody, who looked pale and nauseous for a second before running to the bathroom. As I heard Cody throwing up, I pulled Donna into a sitting position and threw my arms around her, doing my best to comfort her.

“Shhh,” I said. “It’s okay, sis. We’re gonna get that piece of shit.”

Cody came back into the room, wiping his mouth. He sat down beside me and Donna, now looking furious.

“Tyson did this, didn’t he?” he growled. It was more of a statement than a question; both of us could tell what had happened the moment we saw her. And finally managing to control her crying, Donna began to tell her horrific story…

Donna had lied to her father and her brothers about going with her girlfriends to the movies. The truth was, some of the “cool guys” were throwing a big party. Tyson was going to be there. She knew she shouldn’t be seeing him, not after he had hit her on two occasions, and he had subsequently gotten severe beatings from both Cody and Chris. But she was convinced that Tyson had changed. She felt that the only reason he had hit her was because she wasn’t ready for sex yet and wouldn’t give in that easily. Now that he knew that her brothers knew a thing or two about kicking ass, she was certain that Tyson would respect her wishes…

Around midnight the party was in full blast. Music was blaring, people were dancing, drinking, smoking weed, and of course there were the few guys that snorted cocaine and did hard drugs. Donna was a little tipsy, but was having fun all the same. Tyson, of course, was all the way fucked up and coked out. He came over to where she was standing, bobbing her head and tapping her feet with the music and started dancing with her. She gave him a couple of dances before he moved in close, taking her by the sides of her head and kissing her deeply. Flattered, she giggled.

“Come on, baby,” he said in a slurred voice. “What do you say we take our own little party somewhere more private?”

He didn’t wait for a response before scooping her up in his arms and carrying her down to the spare bedroom in the basement. He sat her down on the bed before starting to kiss her again. Now he was getting a little frisky, starting to touch her breasts. Now Donna started resisting.

“Whoa, baby,” she said. “I thought you agreed to wait till I was ready.”

“Aw, come on,” he laughed. “Haven’t ya waited long enough already?”

“Please Tyson, I don’t want to have sex yet,” Donna pleaded.

“Babe, come on, stop being such a prude,” he responded, now reaching up under her shirt and cupping her breasts in his hands. “Let’s have some fun.”

“I said no!” Donna yelled, pushing his hands away. Now Tyson was starting to get angry. He grabbed her by the neck and squeezed lightly.

“Look girl, you’ve been holding out on me for too fuckin’ long. I don’t care if you’re ready or not, I am, and I want that pussy.”

He reached onto the bedside table and grabbed a remote. He pointed it towards a stereo in the corner, and loud rock music filled the room.

“There,” he said with a grin. “Maybe the music will soothe the savage beast.” And he advanced on her again, reaching his hand up her skirt.

“Tyson,” Donna said firmly, but there was a trace of fear in her voice as she stood up, pushing his hand away. “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand? I DON’T want to have sex!”

“Shut up with that bullshit!” he said, and he slapped her across the face.

Donna gasped, and then tears filled her eyes as she began breathing heavily. “That’s it! This is the end of us, Tyson! Wait till my brothers find out you hit me again! It’s over!”

“Like hell it is!” Tyson growled and he grabbed her by the arms and started pushing her back towards the bed.

“NO!” Donna screamed, and she brought her leg up and kicked Tyson in the groin. With a groan of pain he released her, and she scrambled frantically for the door. But Tyson recovered almost instantly, and just as Donna was about to open the door, he grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her around.

“YOU STUPID UNGRATEFUL BITCH!” he roared, and he landed several heavy slaps and punches in her face. Screaming and crying, she tried to fight him off, but to no avail. He ripped her underwear right off and threw her back onto the bed. With the music turned up to full volume, Donna’s screams went unheard by anyone else in the house as Tyson took off his shirt, and forced himself upon her…

Tears of rage were filling my eyes as Donna’s story came to a close. I looked over at Cody, and though he was pale with shock, he had a look of venomous fury on his face such as I’d never seen. His dark blue eyes were blazing with hatred, and he looked downright DANGEROUS.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ kill that son of a bitch,” he said, and his voice, though soft and serene, was seething with rage.

We suddenly heard a sniffle from the doorway, and we turned to see Dad standing just inside the room.

“I heard it all, Donna,” he said in a thick voice.

“Oh Daddy!” Donna screamed, and she leapt off the bed and threw her arms around Dad’s waist, now crying harder than ever. “I’m so sorry, Daddy! I should have listened! I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m so sorry for everything!” Her sobbing overwhelmed her now, rendering her speechless. For one wild second, I had the strangest feeling that he was going to throw her off of him and say “I told you so.” But he didn’t. He embraced her snugly and tried to hush her, comforting her the best that he could.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. It’ll be okay.”

Cody couldn’t stand it; he got up and went to his room. I got up and followed him, leaving Dad and Donna alone. I heard Cody slam his door before I’d even gotten to the hallway. And heading for the door that led to my basement, I heard his furious yells as he began beating up his punching bag.

Chapter 4: The Plan

Back in my room I was taking giant bong rips to steady my nerves. Rage, red-hot blazing poisonous rage was flooding my mind. Tyson had finally crossed a line that there was no going back over. I was itching to get in my car right now, find that nigga, and crush his fucking skull to pieces. But was it really worth going back to prison though? But now as the weed was kicking in, I started thinking back to my time in prison. No one outside those walls knew that on three different occasions in there, I had gotten hold of three of the inmates. One was a child molester, and the other two, like Tyson, had raped teenage girls. Rapists and pedophiles were two of the types of people I hated with a passion, and hearing them boast about the shit they had done sent me into a fury. I got hold of each of them in turn, beat them within an inch of their pathetic lives, and decided to give each of them a taste of their own medicine. My fat 11-inch dick wreaked bloody havoc on their assholes. And I LIKED it; I got pleasure from torturing men who had taken away a child’s innocence; their screaming was music to my ears. And now that Tyson had become one of those sorry excuses of men, especially since his victim was my own sister, I wanted to do the same to him…

I looked up from my bong to see Cody standing in front of me. He was breathing heavily, sweating from taking out his anger on his punching bag, and still glowering dangerously. Without a word, I handed him the bong and my lighter and he took a hit.

“What the fuck are we gonna do, bro?” he said, exhaling smoke. “I wanna KILL that motherfucker, but I don’t think I wanna end up in jail, man.”

“I know what I’m gonna do,” I said quietly. “I ain’t gonna kill him, but that nigga gonna WISH he was dead when I’m finished with him.”

Cody sat down next to me. “Whatever you plan on doing, I want a part of it!” he snarled.

As he took another hit from the bong I said coldly, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a goddamn tooth, nigga. Simple as that.”

He immediately realized what I meant by that, and taken aback, started choking on his smoke.

“Are you fuckin’ serious, dude?” he said with watering eyes. “You mean you plan on…on…”

“That’s fuckin’ right, kid brother,” I said with absolutely no feeling of remorse, with no sign of humor.

Cody stared at me, transfixed. “You are one SICK motherfucker,” he said. And then a truly evil grin spread across his face. “But that’s what makes you one cool ass big brother. I’m fuckin’ in!”

“Ditto.” We looked up and Dad had appeared again. “I haven’t gotten a chance to take a swing at him, so I’m all for making him SUFFER.”

Over the next few days we devised our plan to make Tyson pay for raping Donna. Even my nigga Kareem from college wanted in on it. I found out he lived only a few counties over from us, and once school got out, I usually invited him over to chill on the weekends; he became really cool with the family. Of course, no one else knew that he was my only male fuck buddy; he was one of the few people that I could REALLY fuck rough, and I’d occasionally go over to his house and fuck his brains out… Anyway I guess I’m digressing; I told him about what had happened to my sister, and he felt the same way I did about guys who took advantage of teen girls. So when I told him my plan, he immediately said he wanted in, and wanted to see Tyson suffer the pain of dick in the ass. Since I knew that his dick was pretty big, I figured it would be perfect to tear Tyson to pieces…

Dad, Cody and Kareem did some spy work, and managed to find out that he was planning on making a huge purchase that Friday; an entire pound of chronic weed to share with his boys. I knew who all his boys were, and so I managed to round them all up. I told them that Tyson was a fuck nigga, and I told them what he had done to Donna. At first I thought that they would defend him, claiming that he wouldn’t do something like that. But I was surprised when they told me that they had a feeling that he had done something fucked up by the strange way he was acting after the party. Anyway, they immediately lost their respect for him and they told me that they now wanted nothing more to do with him. I told them that I was hatching a plan for revenge, but they didn’t want any part of that; they said that it was all on me and my family because we were the ones who truly deserved retribution. Plus, I conveniently left out the part of gang-raping him. They said that they wouldn’t tell anyone about the plan, and they kept their word…

Chapter 5: The Capture

Friday came and the four of us were anxious for what was about to happen. Donna was a little nervous about laying eyes on the man who had raped her, but we assured her that she’d be looking at him through different eyes by the time we were done with him, and Dad had actually told her that he had a surprise for her, whatever that meant…

There was very little chance that we would be heard or discovered; though we occasionally went to the city, our house was in the country in the middle of nowhere, and well off the main road. Since we were the only ones who lived in that little part, our house was usually driven by without notice. This was perfect, because just like with Donna, there would be no one around to hear Tyson’s screams…

It was around 9:00 that evening when I finally drove into the city. I knew exactly where Tyson would go to pick up his stash, a secluded alleyway just off a side street that led to the main city road. So I parked my car about a block from the side street, grabbed my bag, and walked down the road and to the very end of the alley. There were many dumpsters in the alley to hide behind, and I took my place behind the last one. I waited for about five minutes, before I heard footsteps. Stealthily, I peeked out from behind the dumpster to see who it was, and I saw that it was Tyson. He always arrived before his dealer so he wouldn’t look suspicious. But no one on the side street usually paid attention to anyone going down the alley, and by coincidence, the side street was relatively empty tonight.

Every inch of me wanted to just jump out and beat that fucker to death right then and there, but I kept my cool and kept well-hidden; I was wearing all black with a bandanna around my face and shades on, so I was virtually invisible in the dark alley. About ten minutes later I heard more footsteps, and the sound of a low whistle that I knew signaled the arrival of the dealer. I heard Tyson respond with another whistle and got ready. Tyson usually walked a little further up the alley to seal the deal. So as I heard him walking away, I quietly unzipped my bag and pulled out a rag and a bottle of chloroform. I doused the rag and waited. Peeking around the corner ever so slightly, I saw Tyson hand the dealer the money, and the dealer, after counting it up, handed Tyson a large black bookbag which contained the weed. They dapped each other up and the dealer hurried back out of the alley.

Tyson then started walking down towards the end where I was hiding, just so he could smoke a tiny sample of the goods before taking it back to his friends. I held my breath as he moved closer, then I heard the footsteps come to a halt. Taking one last peek, I saw him facing away from me, pulling his pipe out of his pocket and getting ready to load it. His mind must have been fully focused on his weed, because he didn’t even hear me as I snuck up behind him. Just as he was getting ready to open the bag, I reached around and smothered him with the soaked rag. He struggled for a few seconds, and then went unconscious. I lowered him to the ground slowly and he lay there peacefully.

‘Enjoy this peace while you can, bitch!’ I thought to myself as I threw the rag and chloroform into the dumpster. I grabbed up both my bag and his weed bag and slung them over my shoulders. Then after taking my bandanna and shades off and pocketing his bowl, I picked Tyson up and put his arm around my shoulders and started dragging him back towards the main road. About a minute later, I emerged into the main road supporting him. A few people looked at us strangely.

“My buddy was back there puking his guts out,” I said in a friendly voice. “He’s had a little too much to drink tonight, so I’m taking him home.”

Since there had been people drunk in that alley before, this was no surprise to them, so they sucked up my bullshit and asked no questions. I hauled Tyson to my car and laid him down in the back seat. I texted Dad to let him know that everything had gone smoothly, and that I was on the way back.

Chapter 6: Ice-Cold Vengeance

Tyson was still out cold when I arrived back at the house, so I grabbed the bags and hauled him up to the doorway. I dragged him inside and had barely closed the door when Cody, bare-chested and looking beyond livid, came walking fast out of the hallway. On each finger he was wearing the heavy, brutal rings that he liked to wear for show (he usually didn’t wear them while fighting, and hadn’t the last time he beat up Tyson). But this time he wasn’t taking them off because he wanted to do as much damage as he could. He had almost reached us when I stopped him.

“No need to hit him right now, little bro. He’s pretty much out of it. Wait for him to wake up.”

Cody snarled, his fists clenched so tightly that his knuckles, sharp as mine, stretched out against his skin. “Fine, but his punk ass better wake up soon. I’m ready to kick some fuckin’ ass!”

“You’ll get your chance, kid,” I said, grinning at him maliciously. “Here, help me tie him up.”

I pulled up a chair and sat Tyson down in it, while Cody reached into my bag and pulled out a length of rope and a black hood. We spent a minute tying him up tightly, making sure that he couldn’t move an inch whenever he woke up.

“This is gonna be good,” Cody and I said together, once we had finished securing the ropes. As I put the hood over Tyson’s limply hanging head, Dad, Donna and Kareem came out of the hallway, looking down at the punk ass rapist with deep loathing.

“Nothin’ to do now but wait till he wakes up,” Cody said.

“I’m ready to tear his ass up!” said Kareem, who seemed to be working himself into a rage.

“Well, while we’re waiting…” I said, and I opened up Tyson’s bookbag. The smell of the weed stung our noses as I pulled it out.

“Well damn!” said Dad, his nose wrinkling. “He knows who’s got the good shit, I’ll give him that.”

The five of us went into Cody’s spacious room to have a little session before beginning our assault on Tyson. We smoked in near silence, listening for the moment when he came around. Weed always helps me concentrate, and I kept my mind focused on the fact that I was getting ready to torture the man who had hurt my sister. After about ten minutes, when we all had a good buzz going, we finally heard his voice from the living room.

“H-hey! What the fuck, man? Where am I? Greg? Joey? Matt? Justin? What’s going on here?”

I laughed bitterly; he thought his boys had kidnapped him as a prank or something.

“Let’s go punish that bastard,” Donna said with a slight smile.

I led the way out of the room, taking my shirt off so I could swing full force. The others followed quietly behind me. Then we came into the living room and saw Tyson struggling against the ropes, still calling for his friends. I came to a halt directly in front of him. Looking at him with rage building up inside me, I reached out and removed the hood. He looked up at me, and realizing who I was, his eyes widened in shock.

“What’s up, buddy?” I whispered in the low voice of a psychopath. And I drew my arm back and slapped him across the face with every bit of strength I could muster. The sickening smack reverberated around the room. I slapped him hard enough to knock him sideways and, still tied to the chair, he fell to the ground, whimpering.

“Yeah nigga,” I said, my voice rising. “Bet that shit hurt, didn’t it?”

Next second, Cody was on him, punching every inch of Tyson he could reach. Tyson yelled in pain as Cody’s rings cut his skin. I’m telling you, Cody hits DAMN HARD for a little dude.


Next second, I joined him, along with Dad and Kareem, punching and kicking the hell out of Tyson, while Donna stood watching with grim satisfaction on her face. The room was filled with our swearing, Tyson’s yelling, and the sounds of knuckles against bare flesh for a few moments. Then we stopped. Tyson lay on the floor, quivering and sobbing, his face bloody, with small cuts in his chest and stomach from Cody’s rings. Then Dad knelt down beside his head.

“Please Bill, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! I was drunk, I was high, I didn’t mean for it to go that far—”

“Shhh,” said Dad softly. “Just be quiet right now, man.” He too was talking in a soft, almost serene voice, but the calmness was what had Tyson looking at him with dread.

“I just wanna thank you for giving me a reason to finally beat the shit outta you,” he continued. “Now you know you deserve this pain, and I’m letting you know now that the real pain hasn’t even started yet. You’re gonna pay for what you did to Donna, and we’re gonna MAKE you sorry. You stole my little girl’s innocence, and now…” he paused and leaned in close to his face. “I think it’s only fair that in return, we steal yours.”

“We ain’t gonna hurt you, nigga,” said Kareem with a content smile. “We’re just gettin’ you ready for the big house, where I think you’ll have a lot of fun bein’ everyone’s little bitch!”

I reached into my bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs just as Cody pulled a badass looking knife out of his pocket. He flipped it open and held it in front of Tyson’s face.

“I really don’t wanna use this thing on you, man,” he said with a scowl. “So let’s make this real simple; do what we say and I won’t have to slit your goddamn throat, even thought you fuckin’ deserve it.”

Cody cut the ropes. The second he was free, he managed to scramble to his feet; he was a bit bigger than Cody and he shoved him aside, but I was quick; I slammed him against the couch, wrenched his arms behind his back, and slapped the cuffs onto his wrists. I lifted him back up and Cody sank a fist into his stomach. He fell to his knees, winded and groaning.

“The more you fight, the worse it’s gonna be,” I growled. “Now let’s see.” I yanked his hair so that his face pointed slightly upward. “Why don’t you suck my boy Kareem’s dick first?”

Kareem walked forward, laughing and unzipping his pants and pulling out his thick 9-inch pecker.

“Oh yeah,” said Kareem. “I bet he’ll love the taste of this.”

“Fuck you, nigger!” Tyson yelled. We all fell silent.

“Ooh, not very friendly,” said Donna with an expression of fake pity. Dad ran forward and struck Tyson in the head with a knee.

“There’ll be no racist slurs in my house, motherfucker,” he said, glowering down at Tyson. “Say that again and you’ll REALLY be sorry. Now you suck his dick like a good bitch.”

I pulled Tyson’s hair again and he screamed in pain, and Kareem shoved his dick into Tyson’s open mouth. He choked and gagged as Kareem sank deep into his throat.

“That’s right, dude, fuck his face!” said Dad as Kareem began shoving himself in and out of Tyson’s protesting mouth. I myself began shoving his head forward onto Kareem’s dick, forcing him to take it.

“Get used to it, nigga!” he said, breathing heavily as he invaded Tyson’s throat. “You gonna get this shit every day once you get to prison!”

Tyson sobbed and choked, although Kareem’s dick wasn’t as big as mine; I had the biggest of the four of us, and I wanted to save mine for last.

“Watch out bro, I got something for this little bitch,” said Cody, and he took off his metal-studded belt and folded it in half.

“Yeah, whip this nigga!” said Kareem and I together. I moved to the side, exposing Tyson’s bare back, and Cody moved behind him.

“No! No!’ mumbled Tyson frantically, muffled through Kareem’s cock. But his pleas fell on deaf ears as Cody swung the belt and brought it down full force on Tyson’s back. He screamed in agony, choking as his mouth was still being fucked. Over and over Cody whipped him, leaving vivid welts across his back. Every now and then Cody, who was wearing his heavy steel-toe boots, would kick him squarely in the middle of the ass, right where his hole was. All the while, Dad and Donna watched, encouraging us to keep hurting him.

Finally, Kareem pulled his cock out of Tyson’s mouth, and he knelt there, coughing, retching and crying; I still held him by the hair.

“Please no more!” he gasped between sobs. “I’ve learned my lesson! I’m sorry!”

“Shut the FUCK up!” yelled Cody, who had now moved in front of Tyson and accented his profanity with a punch to the jaw. “You didn’t stop when my sister said ‘no,’ did ya? Well guess what? An eye for a fuckin’ eye, bitch! We’re not stopping till we’re done! And now it’s time for you to taste MY dick!”

He undid his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock, which by the way is about ten inches at full erection.

“Suck it, punk!” Cody demanded. “Get that fucker hard!”

Tyson was struggling against me to no avail, begging us to let him go, but refusing to service Cody.

“Yo Kareem,” I said. “Show this nigga what’s up.”

Cody handed him the belt, and he swung it back and cracked it against Tyson’s neck. He screamed in pain, and Cody forced his dick into his open mouth.

“Get his fuckin’ pants off, bro,” Cody said with a furious grin. “He’s been bad and deserves a good spanking.”

Kareem reached out and pulled Tyson’s jeans and underwear off, taking shoes and socks with it. Tyson still struggled, choking all the while on Cody’s hardening dick.

“Ooh baby, that’s one sweet ass you got,” said Kareem in a malicious voice. “A little too white for me, though. Lemme just turn it a little bit red.” And he lashed the belt against Tyson’s butt cheeks.


A scream came from Tyson, muffled. But Cody had screamed in pain too, and he pulled his now fully hard dick out of Tyson’s mouth. Looking down, I saw teeth marks on his dick.

“You mother—” began Cody, and then he started pummeling Tyson again, bashing his fists into his face and stomach, his knuckles leaving more bruises, and his rings more cuts. I gave the fucker a few hard punches too. Then Cody grabbed his knife and held it up to Tyson’s throat and looked straight at him, his eyes filled with piercing anger.

“Bite my dick again,” he whispered, slowly and softly, “and it will be the last thing you ever do.”

“I got this, kid,” I said, and I reached into my bag and pulled out a mouth ring. Kareem lashed Tyson’s ass with the belt again, and as Tyson screamed, I forced the ring into his mouth and fastened it. His teeth were clenched around it now, so there’d be no more worries about biting.

“Problem solved, little bro,” I said, punching Cody on the shoulder.

“Oh yeah, his mouth is mine now!” he said, and drove his entire dick down Tyson’s throat. He started mercilessly fucking his face, every now and then punching him in the head. Kareem started whipping his ass with the belt. Tyson’s screams were muffled through the big dick in his mouth, and he choked and gagged, thick white slobber oozing from his mouth.

“Don’t you fuckin’ puke, motherfucker!” said Cody, as Tyson gave a particularly hard gag. “You take it like the bitch you are!”

After a few more minutes, Cody finally pulled himself out, and Kareem stopped whipping Tyson. A glob of thick saliva fell out of Tyson’s mouth, and his ass was beet red.

“Oh yeah,” said Dad, looking down at Tyson, coughing and sobbing on the floor. “It’s my turn now!”

Tyson looked up at Dad and stared in horror as he took his shirt off. For pushing 50, my dad was in great shape; he was just as muscular as me, but slightly stockier. He sat down on the couch and undid his pants. His cock was the same size and thickness as Cody’s. He reached over on the table and grabbed a cigarette.

“I really wanna enjoy this,” he said as he lit up, then said to Tyson, “Get over here boy, and suck Daddy’s cock.”

Tyson just lay there, still whimpering. But Kareem fixed that quickly. WHOOSH CRACK! He brought the belt down and struck Tyson in the belly. He writhed around in agony, his hands still cuffed behind his back. I pulled him up by the hair onto his knees.

“Get the fuck over there, bitch,” I said in my dangerous voice. Kareem whipped the belt against Tyson’s back, and with humiliation in his eyes, he started waddling towards my father. My father hawked back and spit in his face, and he hung his head in shame.

“Now start sucking, baby,” Dad said with a wicked smile as I took the vise out of Tyson’s mouth. “You suck it like a dirty little whore and take every fuckin’ inch in your mouth.”

Reluctantly, he extended his head and began to suck the head of my father’s cock. But after a few seconds, my dad reached out and slapped him in the face.

“You’re not going hard enough!” he barked. “Suck it like a slut, because that’s what you are, and that’s what you’re gonna be!”

Kareem handed Cody’s belt back to him and then took off his own thinner belt. Folding it in half, he cracked it hard against Tyson’s back. He screamed and shook violently, and then went back to work on sucking Dad’s cock.

“Oh shit!” said Dad, throwing his head back. “You actually do that pretty good!” He relaxed and smoked his cigarette as Tyson grudgingly sucked his cock.

“Yo Pop,” said Cody, walking up behind Tyson clutching his belt. “If he starts slacking, let me know and I’ll take care of it.”

“Will do,” said Dad with a grin. “You hear that, bitch?” he said, looking down at Tyson. “You suck good or my son’s gonna skin you alive.”

I must say I was impressed with my dad; he was playing the part of a psychopath pretty damn good.

“Yeah, I want some of that mouth, man,” I said, sitting down beside my dad and pulling my own huge prick out of my pants. “Look at the way our little bitch sucks dick.”

“Yeah, well I think he’s slacking a bit,” Dad said, winking at Cody and Kareem. With two loud cracks, they whipped their belts against Tyson’s back and ass. With a scream of pain, he started sucking harder, doing his best to avoid pain. Pretty much pointless, since the REAL pain was yet to come.

Dad finally put out his cigarette butt and then handed one to me, at the same time reaching down and pulling Tyson off of his dick.

“Time to get mine, nigga,” I said. Dad slapped Tyson again and he shifted in front of me, staring at my 11 inches of firm meat. “See if you can suck as good as the bitches at my school.”

As he lowered his head onto my dick, I lit my cigarette and settled down. I can’t lie, his mouth felt pretty good.

“Oh yeah, the prisoners are REALLY gonna love ya,” I said, blowing smoke into his face. “Suck that dick, ya little faggot.” Then just out of plain cruelty, I looked at Cody and Kareem and said “He’s slackin’ off, yo.”

They nodded and moved behind Tyson. Knowing what was coming, he started sucking harder. But ignoring it, they drew their belts back and whipped them against Tyson’s ass. Or at least Kareem got his ass. Cody must have gotten him in the nuts, because Tyson gave a scream and clenched his teeth around the head of my dick.


After a spasm from pain, I threw his head back and punched him, hard as I could, squarely in the nose. He fell to the floor, blood covering his face. I stood up and advanced toward him…

“Ooooh Tyson, look what you’ve done!” said Donna suddenly, pointing at my hand. I looked down, and saw that I had broken my cigarette.

“Well, well, well,” I said, shaking my head and looking down at Tyson. “Now you REALLY fucked up.” I looked over at my dad and said “Let’s see if he can handle double the dick.”

Dad stood up and stood right beside me. Cody grabbed Tyson by the hair again and Dad and I both forced our cocks into his mouth, stretching it past its limits. Tyson yelled, muffled as we began pumping back and forth. Kareem resumed whipping him. We all yelled insults and profanities at the bastard as he took the punishment, gagging and retching, his face covered in blood, sweat and tears.

“I think I’m ready to beat that pussy up!” Kareem said after a while.

“Oh yeah,” said Cody, leaning in and getting right in Tyson’s face. “I hope you’re ready for some REAL pain, bitch!”

“No! No! Please, no! Don’t—” Tyson began, but Cody cut him off with another hook to the jaw. He dragged Tyson over to the couch and bent him over the arm, his ass pointing straight up. Still clutching his belt, he proceeded to give Tyson ten good hard lashes across his completely red ass. His screams of pain filled the room as Kareem moved behind him, stepping out of his pants, getting ready to give him the first ass-drilling.

“Ooh yeah,” said Kareem with an evil smile. “Karma’s a bitch, and she’s about to fuck you, LITERALLY!”

As Cody held Tyson’s head down in place, Kareem began shoving his dick up Tyson’s ass, not even bothering to take it easy. His screams were muffled as Cody held his face into the cushion of the couch. Kareem began fucking him violently, pulling almost all the way out before slamming himself balls-deep into his ass again.

“How’s that feel, ya little bitch?” he yelled as he rammed himself in and out of Tyson’s hole.

Tyson only screamed and sobbed as he was raped. Meanwhile my father and I picked up the belts off the floor and began lashing them against his back, which was now almost completely red with welts, and a few places where the skin had broken. Cody forced Tyson’s face up and forced his cock into his mouth.

“You bite, you die bitch!” he yelled as he fucked his face ruthlessly. And for a couple of minutes my father, Donna and I watched as Cody and Kareem dominated Tyson, who looked as if he wanted to die right then and there. Every now and then Dad and I would whip the belts against his back.

“All right, I want some of that ass now!” said Dad, moving forward and taking his pants off. Kareem yanked himself out of Tyson’s ass, and Tyson struggled to get away. But Cody stunned him with another hard punch to the head. Then my dad suddenly gave me a grin, pointing at a feather duster and then at Tyson’s bare feet. The look clearly said ‘Let’s play with him.’

I grabbed the feather duster and one of Tyson’s feet and started tickling. Tyson, taken aback, started laughing lightly. I kept tickling and soon he was laughing uncontrollably.

“Ha-ha-ha! Stop, that tickles too much! Hee-hee-hee—AAAAHHHHHHHHH!”

When he least expected it, my dad forced his dick balls-deep into Tyson’s ass. He gave a blood-curdling scream as the tickling sensation in his foot was suddenly replaced by excruciating pain in his ass.

“Let me fuck his face, my nigga,” Kareem said to Cody.

“Yeah man!” said Cody, getting off the couch. “Let him taste his own ass!”

As my father started to brutally pound Tyson, Kareem hopped onto the couch and buried his cock into his mouth. Tyson continued sobbing and yelling as he was violated, and Cody and I were taking turns throwing punches and kicks into his torso. His choked screams were sweet music to my ears, only the start of what would surely be years of punishment for his attack on my sister. Several minutes later, Dad and Kareem pulled their dicks out. Tyson was barely conscious as he lay there in pain, breathing hard and shallow.

“I don’t know about you guys,” said Dad, panting hard and soaked with sweat. “But I need a smoke break.”

“I agree, Pop,” said Cody. “Let’s give him a little break. His ass is gonna have time to tighten back up again, and I wanna just RIP it open!”

“Yeah,” I laughed, giving him a bro fist. “It’ll be tighter than any pussy you’ve ever fucked, I bet!”

Cody gave a sinister laugh and we dragged Tyson back to the chair we tied him to. Dad reached into my bag and pulled out another length of rope, and as soon as we had Tyson sitting in the chair again, we tied him up again tightly, his cuffed hands behind the back of the chair. Tyson was coming back to his senses as we finished tying him up.

“Come on, man,” he whined as we finished and looked down at him. “Let me go. I swear on everything I love I won’t tell anyone. You’ll be rid of me forever. I won’t touch Donna again, I won’t speak to her, I won’t look at her, I—”

Cody sank his fist into Tyson’s stomach again, cutting him off.

“We know you won’t be having anything else to do with Donna,” he said. Now he was taking on the calm psychopathic tone. “Because you’ll be going to prison. But we wanna make sure you’re ready for the years you’ll spend sucking dick and getting that ass pounded every day.”

“Yeah little buddy,” I said to Tyson. “In fact, I think I’m gonna write to some of my niggas in prison to let them know you’re comin’. I bet they’d LOVE to get acquainted with that tight butt of yours.” And I grinned and gave him a short noogie.

“All right boys, that’s enough teasing him,” said Dad, who had pulled one of his bongs out of a cupboard. I grabbed the weed bag and handed it to him. Tyson looked at us, his face showing half horror, half anger.

“Oh yeah,” said Kareem. “Thanks for buyin’ us some good ass bud, homie. Really gives ya a boost, doesn’t it?”

“Come on, I paid good money for that!” Tyson moaned.

“Just shut the fuck up, man,” I said, and I pulled a handkerchief out of a drawer and grabbed some duct tape out of my bag. “I’m sick of hearin’ ya fuckin’ mouth.” I shoved the hanky into his mouth and covered it with a piece of tape. Now he yelled even more, but all that was heard was “MMMM! MMMM!”

“Come on, big bro. Let’s smoke,” said Cody, and we walked over to where Dad, Kareem, and Donna stood with the fully packed bong. The five of us smoked up, throwing taunting looks at Tyson as he could only sit there with his eyes full of tears, watching us smoke his weed.

“I almost feel sorry for him,” Donna said sarcastically. “Saving up all that money and getting a pound of dank, only to lose it all because he fucked up.”

“Yeah,” Cody said with a sneer. “What a shame.”

“Oh yeah,” I added, looking back at the tied-up fuck nigga. “If you think your homies are gonna save ya, you got another thing comin’. They know what you did, and they don’t want nothin’ else to do with ya. Yeah, at least they’re smart and know not to back up a fuckin’ rapist.”

Tyson looked at us, his eyes full of remorse. After a few minutes, we were all good and stoned again. I clapped Cody on the shoulder and said, “So, it’s gonna be your first time fuckin’ another dude, kid brother. Nervous?”

“Nope,” he replied, his eyes fixed furiously on Tyson. “I’m ready to deal him some good karma.” He took off his pants and started playing with his dick, getting it as hard as he could. He handed me the knife and after ripping the tape off Tyson’s mouth and pulling the hanky out, I cut the ropes. As I expected, he sprang out of the chair, but Cody was ready. He dashed at Tyson and spear-tackled him to the floor. I caught his legs and held them apart in the air, exposing his already brutalized ass.

“Let him have it!” I yelled at Cody, and with one forceful thrust, Cody’s cock was balls-deep in Tyson’s ass. Tyson’s scream could have shattered glass a mile away. Cody looked up at me, a crazed expression on his face.

“This bitch is even tighter than I thought!” he said. And then he began fucking Tyson as hard as he could, smashing his hips against his ass. Tyson was squealing like an animal as Cody raped him, bucking and twisting to get free. But I held his ankles firmly, and one of Cody’s hands was wrapped around Tyson’s throat. With the other, he was slapping and punching everywhere he could reach.


He was totally going beast mode on Tyson’s punk ass! Pounding him, punching him, slapping him, and roaring obscenities in his face. Tyson screamed and sobbed as he suffered excruciating and seemingly endless pain. I loved hearing him scream, knowing that he was getting a taste of his own medicine. Over and over Cody rammed himself into Tyson, and over and over Tyson screamed as though he was being sodomized by a white-hot lead pipe. Cody still had that demented look upon his face; he was clearly having the time of his life tearing that fucker’s hole open…

He finally stopped to catch his breath, and I put my hand on his shoulder.

“Save some of that for me, little bro,” I said laughing. “I feel sorry for all the girls you’ve fucked.”

“Well, now he knows how THEY feel!” said Cody, his face flushed. “Only difference is, he ain’t diggin’ it!”

He gave Tyson a few more power thrusts, making him scream in pain, and then finally got up.

“Come on, Chris! Take it home for this punk ass bitch!”

“Oh yeah,” I said, looking down at Tyson with a scowl. “Here comes the BIG dick!”

Cody grabbed Tyson’s ankles as I released them.

“Put the ring in his mouth,” I said to Cody. “So we can all feed him a good meal of nut.”

Dad, who had been standing by the counter smoking while Cody fucked Tyson, grabbed the mouth vise from the couch and tossed it to him. Cody lifted Tyson’s head and forced it into his mouth, fastening it tightly. All the while, he struggled and whimpered and sobbed to no avail. He was going to get my dick whether he liked it or not!

I took my pants off, knelt down and lined my rock-hard dick up to his ass, which was now gaping wide open and laced with blood.

“I know ya LIKE it rough, ya little bitch,” I said in a venomous whisper, glaring into his horrified eyes. “So I think you’re REALLY gonna love this.”

I grinned over at Donna and said “This is for you, little sis!” I punched Tyson’s balls as hard as I could, making him groan in pain and his ass tighten, and with as much force as I could, I plunged my cock to the hilt into his ass. He gave another blood-curdling scream as the extra inch of cock split the inner depths of his hole. I allowed my fury at him to flood my mind and began my assault. I was pounding him harder than I’d ever pounded anyone before, harder than I’d fucked any girls, harder than I’d raped those child-molesting faggots in prison, even harder than I’d power-fucked Kareem. Pure rage was driving me to give this fuck nigga the absolute HARDEST fucking ever. I drove my knuckles into his stomach, wrapped my hands around his neck, slapped him, spit on him, and roared in his screaming face. I can only imagine how much pain he was in, but I didn’t give two fucks! He deserved every bit of this torture and then some. The others cheered me on as I brutalized my sister’s rapist. He was starting to go hoarse now from all his screaming, but I kept on going. I wasn’t even focused on busting a nut; it was all about HURTING this faggot.

I must have fucked him for at least twenty minutes straight; it was quite a while before I felt my cum building up inside me. I looked over at the couch and saw the guys jacking their cocks, watching me rape Tyson. At least Kareem was watching me (he was the only gay dude out of all of us). Dad and Cody had their eyes closed, probably imagining a bunch of hot chicks in order to bust.

“I hope you’re ready to eat some hot fuckin’ cum, nigga!” I yelled in Tyson’s face. “Get yourself a preview of what you’ll be takin’ down ya faggot ass throat every day!”

Sweat poured from every pore on my body as I plowed Tyson even harder. His voice was nearly gone now; he was giving raspy sobs. But I could tell that he realized we were almost done.

I heard Kareem moaning in pleasure and next second, he ran over to us, kneeling at Tyson’s head, violently stroking his cock.

“Ready for this nut, nigga?!” he yelled, and pointed his cock right into Tyson’s mouth. I paused my rough fucking to give him the chance to swallow without choking to death. With a loud groan, Kareem busted his huge nut right into the faggot’s unwilling mouth. Tyson choked and gagged as his mouth was filled with sperm. But it was immediately covered by Kareem’s hand.

“Nah, bitch. You better swallow that shit.”

His faced screwed up in disgust, Tyson reluctantly gulped down Kareem’s load of jizz.

“Make sure he took it all, man,” I said.

Kareem removed his hand and looked inside Tyson’s mouth.

“All gone,” he said, grinning at me.

“Good,” I said. Then I resumed my rough rape of Tyson’s ass, fucking him just as hard as I had before, making him scream his lungs out. After a couple of minutes, Dad and Cody walked over.

“Come on, son,” Dad said to Cody. “Let’s feed his punk ass.”

They knelt down on either side of Tyson’s head and continued to pump their cocks, groaning as their orgasms drew closer.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna bust, man!” yelled Cody, and I stopped fucking to give him a clear shot. But he shoved his cock right into Tyson’s mouth and down his throat.


Tyson gagged as Cody released his seed down his throat, making sure he took every drop. Panting, he stood up and kicked Tyson in the ribs. No sooner had Cody pulled himself out, than my father pushed his own dick into his mouth. With a roar of pleasure, he too fed Tyson a fat load of cock juice, and like Cody, he held himself in place, forcing Tyson to swallow everything. As soon as he stood up, I started pounding Tyson’s ass the absolute hardest I could, feeling my balls tingling, getting ready to shoot a huge load. My big balls were slapping against his faggot ass, and the slight pain was only intensifying my pleasure. Closer and closer my orgasm came…

“Hold him up!” I shouted at Dad and Cody. They came forward and lifted Tyson up into a sitting position as I finally yanked my cock out of his ass.


I held my cock in place and pointed it at Tyson’s open mouth, and like a bullet, ropes of cum shot out, landing in his mouth, but I was nutting so hard, that a lot of it ended up all over his face. My dick spasmed for about ten seconds, drenching his face with a well built-up load of cum before it finally started to go down.

“Oh yeah, you look so fuckin’ pretty, my nigga!” said Kareem with a smile, looking down at the thoroughly fucked, cum-covered rapist. The four of us stared down at him with loathing, proud of our handiwork…

“My turn now.”

We all looked around, and saw Donna coming out of the hallway. We had never even noticed that she’d ever left the room. But now we saw the “surprise” that Dad had said he had for her. She was wearing a black and red latex dominatrix outfit. But that wasn’t what particularly caught our eye; she was also wearing a strap-on dildo.

“Holy shit!” I yelled, simultaneously with Cody and Kareem, while Dad gave a wide smile. The fucking dildo was more than a foot long and more than twice as thick as my cock, which was really saying something!

“It’s only fair that you be the last one to return the favor,” Dad told her, smiling.

Donna walked over, smiling, the dildo swinging from her hips. Tyson looked up at her, and panicked.

“No! No! Please don’t!” he screamed, trying to get up, but his legs were weakened from the vicious fuckings he’d taken, and he merely collapsed back onto the floor, flat on his stomach. We stood back as Donna knelt down and positioned herself over Tyson, lining up the giant dildo with his abused ass, getting ready to stretch him out even further. Meanwhile, we guys were putting our pants back on and lighting up cigarettes.

“Give it to him, baby girl!” said Dad in his dangerous voice. And with that, Donna began forcing herself onto Tyson, forcing that huge dildo into his ass. Tyson screamed louder than ever as his hole was ripped open. Deeper and deeper the fake dick sunk into his ass, and with no lube available (or necessary for that matter), Tyson knew nothing but excruciating agony.

Finally Donna was in to the hilt, and she began fucking him as hard as she could. Not nearly as hard as any of us guys had done, but that extra width was definitely doing the trick. Tyson screamed over and over as Donna plunged her dildo in over and over, talking to Tyson in a calm, ice-cold voice, telling him that karma had finally caught up to him. And all the while, the guys and I smoked our cigs and cheered her on.

She fucked him for about fifteen minutes before she finally pulled out. The dildo was streaked with blood and tiny pieces of poop. She slid it down and took it off.

“I think he’s loose enough for his cellmates-to-be now,” she said, smiling down at Tyson, who was barely conscious, whimpering quietly in the aftermath of his gang-rape.

“Yeah, I think this motherfucker’s learned his lesson,” said Cody.

Kareem walked forward and kicked Tyson in the nuts as hard as he could, making him writhe in pain again.

“That’s for calling me the N-word!” he shouted.

“Now listen up, fucker,” said Dad, kneeling down beside Tyson and speaking in a quiet voice. “We’re gonna keep you here for a while and give all your wounds some time to heal up. You’re gonna go on your Facebook page and post a status saying you’re taking a hiatus for a while, and tell people not to call you, or text you, or contact you at all. Once you’ve healed up, you’re gonna go back on your Facebook and post a status and tell everyone what you did, and that you’re going to turn yourself in. Take a few hours and give everyone a chance to read it, and then deactivate your profile. Then I’m gonna take you down to the police station, and you’ll turn yourself in. You will NOT mention ANYTHING that’s happened tonight, or else! Do you understand?”

Tyson was still crying quietly, but he nodded.

“Good,” said Dad contentedly. “I’m glad we’re of one mind. Boys, get this piece of shit out of my sight.”

Cody, Kareem and I dragged Tyson, still handcuffed, to a closet under the stairs (similar to the one in Harry Potter). I took a bandanna and tied it very tightly around his mouth, gagging him. Then we threw him into the closet and locked the door.

“Take all the time you need to think about what you’ve done, bitch,” I said through the door. And we left him to his thoughts.

Back in the living room, we were smoking some more of the weed Tyson had bought.

“Well,” said Donna, coughing from a hit she’d just taken. “I guess I’ve learned my lesson. Daddy, I’m really sorry I didn’t listen to you.”

“It’s okay, baby girl,” he said, kissing her on the forehead. “But I think we’ve all learned a lesson. These guys that think they’re tough enough to abuse women are quick to bitch out when it comes to guys!”

We all roared with laughter and I settled back and hit my bong. I was feeling pretty damn good. I taught that fucker a lesson, tortured him to the point where he wished he was dead. My niggas in prison were gonna LOVE him when he got in…


It took a little over a week for Tyson to heal up from the beating we laid on him. He did exactly as Dad told him and posted on Facebook that he was “taking a break to think about things.” We kept him locked in that closet in complete darkness. Every now and then Dad would stop by and give him a small amount of food and water; we didn’t want him to starve before he got a chance to go to prison. But Cody and I with our aggressive nature couldn’t help but give him a few punches in the stomach several times a day. Often we would hear him sniffling and crying, overcome with regret for what he’d done to our sister, wincing in pain from the aches we left all over his body, from the pain that shot through his ass every time he moved. Each time we heard his grunts and groans, we looked at each other and laughed. Justice well served…

Finally all his cuts were healed up and his bruises were gone, although his asshole still throbbed. That morning my father let him out and put him on the computer to post his final Facebook status:

It’s time for me to do what’s right, to face up to my mistake. I am a rapist; I raped my girlfriend because she wouldn’t let me have sex with her; I took away her innocence. Later on today, I’m gonna go turn myself in, and I know I’ll be gone for a very long time. So I want everyone to read this. I’ll leave it up for a few hours and then I’m deleting my profile. Words can’t describe how sorry I am for what I did, because I know that when I get in, everyone’s going to come after me. So this is the last time anyone will hear from me here on Facebook. I’m so sorry. Farewell to everyone on my list.

“Good boy,” said my father once Tyson had submitted his post. “Now go back to the closet. No, don’t log out. We want to see what all your friends think of you before I take you downtown.”

Tears flowing down his face, Tyson walked with my dad back to the closet. He shut him back in and locked the door.

Over the next few hours the four of us, along with Kareem, chilled out and smoked, every now and then hearing the notifications button on the computer when people commented on his status. We saw angry comments like “Fuck you, nigga. You’re a piece of shit and I hope you burn in hell!” And disappointed comments like “I really can’t believe you could do such a horrible thing. Why? Just why?”

“Just goes to show,” said Kareem, looking up from the screen, “people are unpredictable nowadays. Never know what they might do.”

Finally, my father went and let Tyson out of the closet.

“Come to the computer so you can see what people have commented,” he said.

As Tyson read everyone’s comments, he began crying again, seeing everyone he had pissed off, everyone he had let down by his horrible actions.

“Now just let me do a couple more things,” said Dad, and he took screenshots of Tyson’s status and the comments and saved them to the hard drive.

“I’ll be posting them on my page,” said Donna coldly, “so that everyone can still know what a piece of shit you are.”

After that, Tyson deactivated his profile.

“Are you ready to go now?” asked Dad. Tyson’s face was still covered in tears, and he could not bring himself to look at him, but he nodded.

Cody and I gave him one last hard blow to the stomach each, and he doubled over in pain. I put my hand on his shoulder.

“When you’re in there bent over and getting that tight pussy drilled,” I said in my soft, dangerous voice, “just think of us. Maybe then it won’t be so bad.”

“Okay, let’s go,” said Dad, and he grabbed Tyson by the arm and led him to the door. “And don’t even think about trying to get away from me. It’ll be much worse for you if you do.”

“Bye, Felicia!” said the rest of us in unison, quoting our favorite line from Friday. We all roared with laughter as Dad dragged Tyson out the door…

Tyson was charged with sexual assault, assault on a female, and statutory rape. Guilty on all charges, he was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years. We all watched as he was led to the bus that would take him to the very same prison I was in. Just before he climbed onto the bus, he took one last apologetic look over at us, and we stared back at him with cold triumph on our faces, grinning at the thought of what was in store for him once he got inside those walls…

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