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and it continues
I woke the next morning feeling a wonderful warm sensation on my once again hard cock, opening my eyes slowly I saw she was back and nude and with her soft warm lips wrapped around my erect dick. Watching her head bob up and down I mumbled
“ What a great way to wake up”
She raised her head and said “ Morning sleepyhead, just stopped by on the way to school, didn’t sleep well last night, thinking of this huge dick of yours”
And with that she sat up and straddled me still holding my dick and lower her wet hot tight pussy onto it taking it all the way in, all seven and a half inches of hard man flesh as she hit bottom, she groaned
“God yes… oh that feel so good…. I want to feel your cum inside me all day while I’m at school, so cum in me baby.. Fill my pussy with your seed” and began fucking me as if her life depended on it.
I grabbed hold of her ass and help her pump herself on me. I noticed her little tits giggling as her humped me and could see her tiny nearly hairless cunt stretched wide open, riding on my rock hard cock as she asked for my baby making juice.

“Fuck me… cum in my pussy… fill me with your sperm….fuck mmmee… cum..oh cummmm in meee…. I want aaa babbby….. CUMMMMMM”
I wasn’t going to last long the way she was stroking my dick with her hot tight pussy. I could already feel my balls filling with their baby cream to the point of bursting as I tried to hold back, watching this little girl fuck me and fuck me hard. She couldn’t hold back her flood neither and climaxed spilling her warm sweet nectar all over my dick and balls. As her young tight snatch spasmed again around my dick, it felt so damn good I couldn’t hold out any longer and blew my hot cum deep into her tight sucking pussy wad after wad, filling her.
“ I’m cumming.. oh God.. your pussy feels gooood… I’m CUMMMMING”
She just sat there milking my balls thru my hard member with her incredible pussy as she groaned
“Yesss… fill my pussy with your cum…. CUM IN MEEeeeeee… God I feel it inside me… pumping inside me… CUMMM.. Make me pregnant… give me a baby…. Cum in meee”

After milking as much of my sperm into her body as she could, she raised up off me placing her hand over her wide-open hole as if to keep our cum mixture from escaping out of her. She closed her legs quickly and sat down on the bed almost lying down close to me.
“ Come here baby let me clean off that beautiful dick of yours”
I slid over to her and offered her my shrinking dick and she began licking me clean and gently sucked my dick into her mouth making sure she got it all.
“Mmmmmm yummy”
Then she put on her tiny panties and pulled them tight, up to her pussy and got dressed.
As we both stood she reached up and kissed me saying
“ I’ve got a surprise for you this afternoon after school, bye…. fuck you later”
Bending over she kissed the tip of my cock, straighten up then turned and left, moving her butt ever so nicely.
I laid back down “ a surprise huh…. shit if I’m not careful that little girl will fuck me to death”
And I swear I heard my dick say “but what a great way to go”
“Yeah” I answered “ its not like we’ve had any teenage pussy in a while, damn I forgot how tight and good it was and I definitely want more”
I shook the erotic thoughts out of my head got up and showered then dressed to start working some. “ Well I need to pull new wires for the other bathroom.

I knocked about 2 that afternoon fixed something to eat and took another shower, then laid down on the bed switched on the TV waiting for my surprise to show up. I must have drifted off, but was waken by hearing voices. VOICES?
“Amy are you sure he’s the one, he’s old enough to be my father”
“Don’t worry Joanne he’s the ONE and he makes you feel so good and I know he’ll be gentle with you…. You’ll just Love It”
I open my eyes and saw her standing there nude again and this little freckled face, red haired girl also in the nude at the end of my bed.
“ Surprise here we are”
“Huh what..what’s going on… WE????”
She then said “this is Joanne she’s here to get pregnant too”
“ What did you say…. her pregnant too…. Huh???”
“ Yep” I guessed her name was Amy answered.
“What the hell is going on, Amy is it?” I asked
She then said, “ Sit back and I’ll explain,”

I sat back and listened to Amy, mean while Joanne moved and sat down next to me, she was a small girl had short red hair, her tits just barely showing with round dark aurora, small nub nipples, a little baby fat and as bald as a billiard ball from her neck down, but had a very nice tight looking slit. I felt my dick began to stir even though I had no idea what the hell was going on.
As Amy continued “ It all started a few months ago Joanne, Sandy, Linda, Susie, Glenda and myself were spending the night over at Linda’s as we have done many times, but we decided to play true or dare this time, well one led to another and be for long we were all kissing, playing with and licking on each other”
“Oh sort of a lesbians get together,” I said before thinking.
“ We’re not queer…. It didn’t start out that it just sort of happen,” Joanne said quickly.
“Hush both of you” Amy said.

Then she began to explain how it had just happen but they all enjoyed it and so much in fact that every time any of them got together they generally ended up between each other legs.
“Sounds like fun I would like to watch sometime” I said.
Joanne said sweetly, “Ok “ and moved towards Amy.
But Amy stopped her saying “we’re not here for that now, you’re here to get fucked…. and then later maybe”
Then she proceeded to tell me how all the kids at school seemed to have pick up on how they were all into each other and began giving them a hard time about them been gay and all. Well one night when they were all together spending the night at Linda’s again, having fun and drinking some beer that Susie had gotten. This crazy idea came out of no where that the six of them should get pregnant then they could tell the other kids at school “to kiss their asses…. see…. we‘re not queer”. One thing to another and as the night moved on, more beer drank it was agreed that they would all get pregnant. Then on to the cocks that would do the deed and later on during the night someone popped off why should we make six guys happy by letting them have some pussy why don’t we just find one guy and have him knock all of them up. That way they could be pregnant and have a common bond, their kids would be brothers and sisters. After that was all settled, then they picked who would go first and find the dick to do the deed. They drew straws and Amy won. She would find some guy to impregnate all of them.
“Huh… you mean you started a kind of…A Prego Club” I popped off again.
“Huh” she said “ yeah…A Preg…. The Prego Club neat name”
“So you’re telling me that I’m to have sex with you two and four other girls who I haven’t met yet in hopes that each one of you have a baby… my baby”
Joanne looked down at my crouch as my dick was making one hell of a tent in my pants and sort of licked her lips.
“Yes… please if you don’t mind?” and reached over timidly to stroke my hardness.
“ Do you all know what you’re doing, cause once you’re pregnant it will be too late to back out and your parents will be super pissed,” I said as I placed my hand on Joanne’s bare twat and gently began rubbing her mound slowly.
Joanne just hissed “ Yessss”
Amy said “ we’ve already been over this several times with each other and we’ve decided to be moms with one father and we all agreed and promised that no one will ever find out who he is, well at least until we’re all eighteen”
Then Joanne moaning “But… I need to call you something how about Bill”
“Ok with me from now till when… I’m Bill” as I slipped the tip of my finger in between the folds of Joanne’s twat lips moving slowly up and down as she spread her legs wider, showing her tight little dark pink slit.

As I slowly ran my finger up and down Joanne pussy’s lips rubbing her clit on the up and across the anus on the down, I felt Amy undoing my pants releasing my rock hard monster. I leaned over to kiss Joanne opening my lips slightly, her tongue slid into my mouth and she went crazy. We kissed wildly as Amy pulled off my pants and began kissing and licking my fully-grown cock.
Breaking our kiss Joanne looked down at me “ gosh… your huge…. are you sure it will fit in me”
Amy looked up and said “ Don’t worry it will fit…I’ve had it in me twice now… trust me… you’ll just love it”
Then Joanne moved down for a closer look at my massive man meat, which was to take her virginity shortly and to help Amy warm me up, as if I needed warming up. But I sat back and watched the two girls kiss each other with my cock between their soft lips and running their tongues all over my shaft while fingering each other’s pussy.
I then pulled Amy up to me” I’ve got a few questions, just how old are you and the other girls and how many if any are still virgins”
As Joanne kept playing with my hard dick Amy looked into my eyes saying “ There six of us as you know Joanne and Linda are youngest both are 12, well Linda will be 12 next week… Sandy, Glenda, and me are all 13 and Susie turned 14 last month.”
I just licked my lips and groaned as my dick grew what felt like another inch or so thinking about all that young pussy.
“And their all still virgins” my dick jumped twitching with excitement.
“Only Sandy’s cherry got popped a couple of weeks ago with a pencil”
“ A pencil” I amusingly looked at her.
“It was an accident…. you know playing around with things and each other” she smiled weakly.

I shook my head and pulled Joanne up to me before she brought me off and laid her back down on the bed.
“ Well might as well get started and see if I can knock this sweet young thing up”
I looked down at Joanne. She was freckled face with short red hair cute nose and a hot mouth, the kind you want to stick your dick in, her chest was just beginning to show a little and she still had some baby fat at her waist her pelvic region was as bald as a billiard ball with the cutest looking little slit. Oh how I was going to love splitting her open and fuck her silly.
”Yes Please” she looked so sweet.
I began kissing her lips again and then worked my way down to her tits licking and sucking on her hard little nipples, hearing her moan loudly I then moved to her navel and stuck my tongue in and then circled it before moving on down to her pleasure pit. I kissed her mound then pushed my tongue into her wetness she was super wet already. Licking her from ass to clit I used my fingers to spread her tight slit open. I pulled back a little to look at her pinkness and could see her tiny little opening, my dick twitched again knowing it would soon be in there and the very first to do so. I licked Joanne’s pussy hungrily, shortly she began to shake and moan loudly with what as to be her first orgasm of the day as her young girl juices ran out of her and into my mouth.
“ahhhhhh… I’m cumming... ohhh… I’m cummmmmin…. EAT Meeee… cummmmmin”
I lick and suck every bit of her mound and gobbled up her sweetness. She had cum so quickly I knew she was in for a wonderful afternoon. And so was I.

I licked her clit and pushed my tongue into her again and again over and over making her cum four more times, each time she was just as sweet as the first. Moving up I kissed her mouth sharing her juices with her as Amy took hold of my enlarged dick and slid it up and down Joanne’s wet slit collecting her slick wetness as I kissed her. I then pushed the head of my dick inside her tight wet pussy. She was so wet I slid in with no real problem even though she was extremely tight. Damn was she tight, I had never been a pussy as tight as this little girl was. I could felt every bump and vein inside her on my engorged cock and her pussy was so hot I wonder if she was really on fire. I held still for a moment letting her relax and accept my invading member before pushing on. The head of my dick touched lightly against her maidenhead as she moaned into my mouth, not waiting I pulled back a little and then shoved the steel spike of my baby maker deep into her hot wet tight pussy tearing her virginity into the past. I was completely inside her now open pit for the first time ever, she screamed into my throat. It felted like I had just stuck my dick into liquid fire she was so hot and the muscles inside her pussy gripped down on me like some sort of silken vise I couldn’t move and really didn’t want to. My dick and I was in pussy heaven, I kissed her I told her the worst was over and now it would begin to feel good, so good she wouldn’t want me to stop.

As she began to relax I could once again move my cock out ever so slowly a couple of inches and then back in again deep in her tight cunt slowly very slowly and as she began moaning again I pick up speed, pulling out a little further, till just the head was inside and shoved back deep inside. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep into her hot wet pussy as I began slamming into her like a pile driver.
“ Yesss fuck me…FUCK Me… Don’t… stop… fuck my pussy….. Don’t augggggg….” and she came again coating my dick with her heat. I started feeling that tingling sensation in my balls and knew I would shortly be filling her cunt with my white hot sperm, in which they all hoped would knock her up. I kept driving hard into her and as she blew again. The heat of her climax was so damn good I couldn’t help but release my thick hot cream deep inside her now not quite as tight but still the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in. I must have shot at least a gallon of my baby making sperm into her man-pit, glob after glob.
“ I’mm cumming….Cummmmin.” I moaned.
She cried “ yesss… cum in me… fill me with your sperm… GIVE ME A BABY…. cummmmmm”
I pumped her full and then pumped even more hot sticky sperm into her hot tight pussy as if trying to put out a forest fire with my cum, I pumped so much in her, she couldn’t hold it all and forced some, a lot actually, out of her pussy and it ran down between her cheeks. I collapsed on top of her spasming body and enjoyed the deep heat of her tight little pussy still wrapped around my hard dick.

Then Amy spoke “ Damn that was the sexist thing I ever saw” we both jumped, we had forgotten she was even there. “ How was it Joanne “ Amy asked.
“Died and gone to heaven and came back,” she purred.
I raised up somewhat off Joanne and Amy moved up and kissed us both, then said, “ if you’ll move stud I’ll clean her up and she can clean you”.
“OK…. I guess” as I pulled my dick reluctantly out of Joanne with a plop and Amy slid her head between Joanne’s thighs to eat me out of her friend’s wet cum filled twat.
Joanne closed her legs saying “ No leave it in me I want to feel his sperm inside me for a while longer”
Amy backed off saying “ok I totally understand, feels good inside you doesn’t it?” as she turned to me “Here give me that dick then stud”
Being I was still semi hard, I pushed Amy on to her back and moved between her legs, she quickly reached down taken hold of my cum coated dick and began to slide it up and down her wet pussy slit. Growing hard once again, I shoved my erect member into her wet cunt and began to fuck the hell out of her slamming my balls against her ass as I drove my cock into her young tight pussy once again.
“ Oh yess… God yessss…. fuck me…. fuck my pussy….. Fuck Meeee”
Which I did with a vengeance at first, but knowing it would be a while before I came again, I slowed down and just took long strokes in her hot wet twat from tip to full in and again. It didn’t take long for her to climax,
” God I’m cumming fuck me… fuck meeee.. I’mm cummmmin… Yess…” she was already worked up from fingering herself watching as I fucked her friend and cum she did, bathing my dick and balls and flooding the bed with her sweet little girl juice.

Joanne not to be left out moved over and kissed Amy and as she turned to face me I raised up pulling Amy’s hips up to met my thrust allowing Joanne to straddle Amy’s head and lower her dripping pussy to Amy’s waiting mouth. Amy’s tongue immediately dove into Joanne’s pussy as if she was going to eat all of my cream out of her friend’s juicy snatch. What a sight watching Amy eating my cum out of Joanne’s freshly fucked pussy. As Joanne and I kissed she moaned into my mouth from Amy’s tonguing and I shoved my dick harder into Amy’s hot cunt causing her to drive her tongue deeper into Joanne’s wet pussy. This could have went on forever, except for after a while I felt that glorious tingling feeling again and before long I was pumping Amy’s wet pussy full of my hot baby cream again. Amy screamed into Joanne’s pussy as Joanne screamed her climax into my mouth and I into hers as my balls filled Amy’s pussy with hot cum once again. Later as we all calmed down from our mind shattering orgasms we fell on the bed in a large flesh lump, cum, sperm and little girl juices everywhere. As we slowly unfolded from each other, Amy began to lick my dick and balls clean and Joanne started eating my fresh cream out of Amy’s cum filled pussy. After Amy cleaned me off I moved to the side and watched the girls enjoy each other’s pussy in a fantastic sixty-nine show. Damn it was HOT, watching their two tongues pleasing each other young cunts.

Then Joanne happen to see the clock on the crate “Shit I got to get home my parents will be there soon” Both girls jumped up and dressed to leave. I just sat there and watch these two young beauties dress wishing I could fuck one or both of them again right now. The girls could tell due to my dick was standing tall as to say “ STAY I WANT MORE” they both kissed me then kissed the tip of my dick Joanne even deep throated it, took it all in one quick motion, raised off me and said “Later… bye Bill” Stunned I just watched their sweet tiny asses wiggle off, in their tight little jeans, and they left me there hard dick and all. I looked down and said, “oh God that was great and there’s more to cum”
He seemed to nod his head back and shout, “YES YES YES”.

I was still lying there on my bed after the two little girls had left after having both of their pussys filled with my sperm and as my now neglected dick had return to normal. I thought of the events of the last couple of days and of those yet to come. Six young girls 11 to 14 well 12 to 14 next week all wanting me to impregnate them and as quick as possible. How could I be so lucky, well as long as I don’t get caught, six teenage well four young teenage and two preteen pussys for me to enjoy. I’ve had two of them now one was almost a virgin. She had only been fucked a few times and with a condom each time, that’s how I managed to get in this situation, she wanted sperm in her pussy not a latex coated dick and I just happen to run across her, as she was ready to fuck any dick that would. Damn was she hot and fucked like her life depended on it and she seems to love the taste of pussy juice and my cum. And from what I gathered all six of these young ladies love pussy juice and each wants a baby, my baby, go figure. Sexy little horny Amy who I’ve cummed in, what 5 times now. And then there’s sweet little Joanne the one I just had, she was a virgin. A tight sweet 12 year old virgin, well up to a few minutes ago that is, She was so tight and hot and couldn’t get enough of my white hot cum shooting into her young tender cunt. And there’s still four more, which I haven’t met yet, all virgins for me to have. I’m beginning to really like the idea of having all this young stuff wanting my seed, in fact I hope Linda is next, she’s the one who’s still 11. Yeal I know I’m a dirty old man, a pervert, but my dick has led me astray, what can I say, I’m hooked on tight sweet hot young pussy and there seems to be plenty for me to enjoy. Well I’ll just fuck them, knock them all up then finish this house I’m working on and be on my way…. West Coast I think would be best for a few years.

I got up and dressed and went out to the stores on the other side of the alley and down a little. Had dinner, picked up some drinks and snacks and back to the house to catch some TV before bed. About two hours later Amy walked in saying “Hi stud can’t stay long” and ripped off her clothes lying down next to me and said “ you’re over dressed and I need dick” I stripped quickly and as my hard dick came into view Amy wrapped her sweet mouth around it and began trying to deep throat me as she had seen Joanne done. But after gagging a couple of times I pulled her up and told her “just lie back baby and let me fuck you” she laid back and spread her legs. I moved between them taking hold of my stiff member and rubbed it slowly up and down her wide open slit wetting it and then pushed my entire seven and a half inch man pole deep inside her in one mighty thrust stretching her pussy open once more.
”Ohhh God…. Yess…. fuck my pussy… fuck me you big stud…fuck my baby pussy”
I pulled back and slammed back into her tight hot wet cunt again and again, over and over. Then pulling total out of her
“WHAT what are you doing GET back in here”
“Turn over up on your hands and knees I want you doggie style”
She quickly flip over and up in position as I line my cock up with her still open pussy and crammed it in full bore to the hilt “Uggggg yesssss…. fuck my pusssssy…. fuck me hard” as I pounded her hot twat as hard as I could.
“Damn you’re hot,” I moaned “and soooo fucking wet”
I reached forward around her body and pinched her little girl nipples squeezing her tiny tits.
Then move one hand to her clit and pinched it as I hammered her for all she was worth, she exploded, her little girl cum flowed over my dick and all you could hear was slosh squawks of my dick ramming in and out of her wet pussy, the slapping of skin and our mutual moaning
“ ohhh…. Sooo…. Good…. fuck it….. so good…… sooo fucking goood…..oooooh…. fuck….. fuck…. Soo goooo…..”
I even seemed to pump harder as I felt my balls fill to overflow again and then erupted with one mighty shove pushing her face into my bed as I emptied my balls into her cunt.
“I’m cumming…. filling your pussy with my seed… take it… take it all”
I shouted as I shot spurt after spurt of my hot white sperm deep inside her womb.
“ Cum in me… cum you bastard…. fill my pussy with your baby making cream… Cummmm inn meeee…..”,
She hoping my sperm would make her pregnant. I laid there on top of her with my dick still buried deep inside her, feeling her tight wet snatch shake and twitch as her orgasm tore thru her. As our breathing slowed I slipped out of her with a soft popping sound leaned back and watched her pussy hole close back up and then our mixed cream slowly start seeping out of her full twat.
Don’t move”
Amy stayed still as I watched the overflow of my white thick cream mixed with her sweet nectar creep down her leg. After a short time I playfully slapped her on the butt saying
“Ok you can get up now”
She stood up reached down and scoped our cum up off her leg and suck it off her fingers
Then dropped to her knees and began licking my dick clean once again, finishing she said
“Did you enjoy watching our love cream drip out of my pussy…. you did didn’t ya?”
“Yep I did” my dick even nodded. “ How long can you stay?” wanting more.
She looked at the clock “ I need to go sorry see you tomorrow”
“Morning wake up?” I asked
“Have to be I’m busy right after school tomorrow and beside Joanne’s bring Linda by after school”
“Oh yeah” my cock jerked with glee, the 11 year old virgin.
Amy then popped off “you might need a bigger bed before long”
“Hun.. What do you mean?’
“Well there is six of us, seven counting you and we’ll all want to be here as much as possible and sometimes we will all be here”
I smiled from ear to ear and my cock stood up as if trying to touch the ceiling, six young nude girls here in this room all wanting me to shoot my baby batter inside their hot tiny pussy. And it seems that they would most likely enjoy each other before and after it was their turn with my baby maker. All that pussy in one room for me to enjoy, I’ve died and gone to heaven.
“Night sweet dreams Bill” as she dressed and left I was still sitting there even when she kissed the head of my dick. He twitched.
And she was gone.

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