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She was surprised when, after such a short time, his now throbbing penis exploded. His love seed shooting to the back of her throat, a garden hose. She immediately began swallowing all that he offered her. After his orgasm had finally subsided, his member slipped from her mouth. She kissed her way up his body, before collapsing beside him. "See? That's...that's the right way...nice...and easy." she said, panting. "Now it's your turn." she added, after her breathing returned to normal. She made it easy for him, lying on her back.


Lok kissed her, tasting something tangy in her mouth. He then mimiced her earlier actions almost exactly. He first kissed her cheek, then down her neck and along her collarbone. Just as she had done on his body, he kissed his way to her breast and up to the nipple. As if he were the one with the sexual knowledge, he traced her areola with his tongue before taking the nipple into his mouth, sucking and flicking the nipple with his tongue. Lok used his free hand to knead her right breast, occasionally flicking the nipple with his thumb. "AahhhLok...mmm...w-when did you...learn to do this?" she moaned, as she writed on the grass.

Releasing her nipple, he said "I do not know. But if this makes you happy, it is good!" he exclaimed.

" bet it is!" she moaned.

After giving paying homage to both breasts, he continued to kiss his way down her body. He paused when he reached her flat stomach, to give her belly button a few flicks of his tongue, eliciting giggles from the lovely young woman.

Lok continued his sexual journey, kissing past her hips to the patch of brown pubic hair. He trailed kisses down her long shapely legs to her feet. Katie bent her gorgeous gams at the knee and Lok spread them wide. Then, he slowly kissed his way up the inside of the calve on her right leg and down the thigh. He paused when he reached her pussy, to give the inner part of her left leg the same treatment. This time when he reached her pussy, he very slowly licked up her slit. Katie reached down and grabbed the back of his head, running her fingers through his blonde hair as he penetrated her with his tongue. In no time at all, Katie was gasping above him, "Oh Lok! More! More! Oh yes! I'm gonna cum! Yes! I'm cumming! OHHH!"

Lok was a little surprised when he taste a sticky sweet and salty fluid comming from her pussy, which accompanied her cries of ecstasy, as the young woman from the civilized world experienced her first orgasm in a long, long, long time.

Before kissing his way backup her body, he knelt and once more gazed at her, lovingly. He then re-traced the path he'd made with his lips, ending at her own. When the kiss was broken, she felt his rapidly hardening male member pressing against her stomach. "I guess THAT should be taken care of." she said, with a wicked grin on her face, as she once again rolled him on his back. Straddling his stomach, she slowly lowered herself onto his member, gasping with delight when she initially penetrated him.

She was now fully seated on him. From somewhere in her mind, she recalled that one of her girlfriends back home called said that this was called the Cowgirl position. For a moment, she didn't move. Instead, they just gazed into each other's eyes.She then began to pump up and down on his cock, moaning with every stroke. As if knowing exactly what to do, he grabbed her by the hips, which both assisted her and gave him a litttle control.

She began to move faster, her moans like music to Lok's ears. The pace remained like that, the two of them together as wave after wave of pleasure washed through them both. Katie, with her sexy stems on either side of Lok, her hips moving up and down, her breasts jiggling as their lovemakingwent on.

The faster she moved, the louder her moans became. She leaned over, untill she was almost nose to nose with him. The two of them were beginning to sweat, proof of their effort. Unbelievably, he found enough strength to roll them over, so she was now on her back.with her legs now wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck, the two cotinued their lovemaking, Katie moaning just as loud as before. Soon she could feel her second orgasm of the night building.

"Oh Lok! Oh yes! Oh that's so good! Yes! More! Oh I'm gonna cum! Yes! Oh yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! OHHH!" she cried. Lok, who had moments before began thrusting hard into her, wanted to cum with her and he shot his love seed deep inside her. Even after they came down from those blissful heights, Lok continued thrusting into her.

Agter a few more pleasure filled moments, she climaxed once more and this time, Lok came with her. Katie's scream upon orgasm resembled the roar of a Sabretooth Tiger and Lok's resembled that of of a Buffalo.

For what seemed like hours, Katie and Lok just lay where they were, tired beyond belief and covered in sweat, as if they had both completed a cross-country race. Both extremely happy just to be in each other's arms. Lok moved off Katie, to lay beside her. "You kinda scared me with that roar. You sounded just like Gorak did, when those Camel riders raided the cave." she said, yawning.

The mere mention of Gorak's name, reminded Lok about something. Katie was just about to doze off, when he nudged her to get her attention. "we must get back to the cave before the sun rises and we are missed." he said, before rising and helping her to her feet.

Since it was still dark, they had a little trouble, but managed to walk back to the shore of the lake. Once there, they decided to take one last dip, before getting dressed and going back to the cave. After getting out of the water, Katie dressed and Lok secured his loin cloth around his waist. They walked back to Gorak's cave like high school sweethearts. They snuck into the cave without waking anybody, even Digger and Glump and settled down in their usual place, about 10 feet away from Tana and Greg. There, the two lovers laid down. They snuggled close to each other and Lok put his arm around her waist, just before they fell asleep.
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