A son discovers that there is another dimension to his Dad.
A son discovers that there is another dimension to his Dad.

Dad was a big man. 6', built like a wardrobe, hairy. Whenever you hear the term "bear" mentioned - his image probably pops into your head.

He was also cold, and overbearing. Never abusive - simply the sort of father, it was best not to get noticed by. And I had become very good at flying under his radar - which made things rather difficult, when I finally did have reason for him to notice me.

I was a normal teen, I guess. Over-sexed, but too shy to do anything about it. Lusting after my mom - but sensing somehow, not to even bother trying to go down that road.

There was no internet in those days, and no sex-ed. There were key-holes through which a randy boy might sometimes get a brief, but delicious glimpse of something interesting. But 99% of what I knew about sex came from my prize possession: A magazine called "Week-end Sex", which had plenty of colour pictures, and enough stories to explain to a dumb-founded boy what was happening in the pictures.

Needless to say - that magazine saw an impressive amount of use, over a period of about 4 years.

There was one aspect of sexuality it didn't cover though, and I was about to have my horizon expanded.

I was bored out of my brain. It was the school-holidays, it was raining outside, I was home alone, and I just didn't know what to do with myself. I started a few things - lost interest. Tried to read a book - lost interest. Played with myself - lost interest - eventually. And started wafting through the house, like a forlorn wraith.

At some point, I found myself sitting behind Dad's desk, going through his drawers.

Stationery - meh.

Ledgers - bah.

Some magazine with a couple of half-naked guys in leather on the cover - one holding a whip..........


I opened the magazine at random and saw a photo of two guys kissing. *bleccch*

Next page, someone was shoving his dick inside another guy's ass. That didn't bother me - I knew that guys did it to women, and saw no difference.

Next page - one guy was giving another a hand job.

And then I saw someone kneeling - mouth open - while another guy was shooting a thick load of cum into his mouth.

I couldn't take my eyes of that photo. I was mesmerized by the sight of that milky strand disappearing into an obviously eager mouth. I wondered what it would feel - and taste like. I'd only recently managed to make something come out of my dick, whilst masturbating - but it sure looked nothing like that!

At which point I realized, that I had a raging hard-on. I quickly relieved myself, while looking at more photos, and then started reading some of the stories, until I heard my parent's car pull up outside.

That night - as I lay in bed, masturbating - I wasn't thinking of the sexiest girl in school, our hot neighbour, or even my mom. I was imagining holding Dad's dick in my hand, as he came into my mouth.

Thinking back, it was a peculiar situation. I wanted my mom - my warm, sexy mom - but never seriously thought about trying to make it happen.

But as soon as I found that magazine, I wondered how I could make my cold, scary Dad, pump his seed into my mouth.

I ran through the photos in my mind, along with the stories, I'd managed to read. Hmmm - so that's what men like..........

Having come up with a somewhat nebulous plan of action, it was now a matter of waiting for the right time.

And a very frustrating wait it proved to be. Anticipation was causing my hormones to go into overdrive, and a few times I almost threw caution to the wind. If my Dad had been anyone else, I would probably have jumped on his lap at some point and rubbed his crotch. But the idea was unthinkable with him.

Finally - after eight agonising days - I had an opening.

Mom was out and Dad was pottering around the house. I stripped down to my jocks, gave myself a wedgie, so that the material was stuck between my cheeks, like a thong. And threw myself on the bed, leaving the door open.

Yeah - I know - not much of a plan. Remember, I was young and intimidated by my Dad. It was all I could manage.

It never occurred to me, that I might end up lying there for a long time before Dad happened to saunter past. But it wasn't an altogether unpleasant wait - as I imagined what would happen when he finally did come.

Lost in delightful scenarios, I became drowsy - and never noticed myself dozing off..........

I'd finally finished cleaning out the gutter. "I'm getting too damn old, for this crap!" "Next time the boy can do it. He's old enough." And where was the lazy brat anyway - nice of him to come and offer a hand.

As I was covered in gunk, I stripped down to my y-fronts in the laundry, before heading for the bedroom to get my robe, before jumping in the shower.

When I passed the boy's doorway, I glanced inside and came to an abrupt stop.

Zack was lying on the bed - on his stomach - apparently fast asleep. He was naked, apart from his undies, which had somehow bunched up inside his crack, exposing the two most beautiful, perfectly-shaped, tight, peachy, buns, I had ever seen. Blood was pumping into my cock with almost painful urgency, as I stood transfixed.

I had never looked at my boy sexually before, but now I was rubbing my cock inside my undies, as my eager eyes roamed over his lean, tanned body.

From his lithe legs, along his smooth flank, up to his tousled hair, and back to those delicious buns.

I tiptoed closer, until I was standing right next to the bed. Zack's breathing was steady, so I reached out and hovered my hand just above his ass. The other hand removed my straining member from it's confines and I started rubbing myself with one hand, while stroking the other just above the boy's butt. My pre-cum was already flowing, and I used it to lubricate my head.

Very quickly, I was getting close to cum. I couldn't help myself, my fingertips were stroking his warm, tender skin and I came. I had to clench my teeth until they hurt, and just managed to aim away from the boy, before I erupted.

Breathing heavily, I needed a minute before I could trust my legs again, dropped my undies, used them to wipe up any mess I could find, and then backed out the door.

As I headed for the shower, I felt nauseous. My god - what if the boy had woken up - to find his disgusting Dad looming over his bed, leering like a maniac while pawing at Zack's body and wanking his cock..........

When I awoke, it was getting dark outside. I remembered where I was and why. Crap - my plan was a total bust. So much for subtlety. But the direct approach was definitely out. What to do..........

The boy had really messed me up. I couldn't stop thinking of his body. Mostly, I imagined my cock buried between his cheeks - sliding in and out. It was an image which was haunting me at all hours of the day and night.

I'd never noticed before, how carelessly he went dressed around the house. He often went topless, wearing nothing apparently, but a thin pair of board-shorts, slung low.

Often I could see his sparse pubes picking out of the top, or the top of his butt-crack, whenever he bent down. Gad, the boy was clumsy - forever dropping things.

At night - when we watched TV - his mom and I sat on the sofa, while Zack took the recliner, wearing nothing but a bath-robe. Several times it fell open, allowing me a glimpse of his manhood, out of the corner of my eye. That stopped, when his mother noticed and told him: "For God's sake, Zack - put on some pyjama-pants!"

Damn it! I'd wanted Dad to notice me - not mom. Well - it would have been nice if they'd BOTH noticed, and taken pity on me - but pigs fly.

Plan B hadn't gone real well either. Running around all day in my board-shorts wasn't much, but I couldn't think of anything more inviting.

And - casually - exposing myself in front of the TV was fun, but bound to get me in trouble eventually.

The problem is - I was out of ideas..........

Now - I can be a bit dense sometimes, it seems. But it occurred to me that maybe it wasn't an accident. Maybe the boy had been exposing himself in front of us deliberately. I knew, about boy's urges - as I'd had the hots for my own mother a long time ago. Was he trying to signal to her, that he found her sexually alluring? Hoping maybe, that she would take pity on him and give him a blow-job - or maybe more?

Hell - if I thought there was any possibility of that, I'd try to arrange a three-some myself. But I knew my wife. She would only go so far - and no further. Two of my biggest frustrations were, that she had no interest in oral, or anal sex.

Over the next few days, I kept mulling the situation over. Wasn't there some way, I could satisfy my desires, as well as the boy's urges? I don't know why it took me so long to make the connection. Boy's urges. Boys - I knew - were always experimenting with each other. I never had the opportunity when I was young, and I didn't think Zack had any close friends, who might be interested in hanky-panky with him.

So - provided I was right - what was sleeping in the next room was a hormone-tortured boy, who would welcome some relief.

The trick was to move cautiously - and leave myself an out - if I was so very, very wrong..........

It had been almost two weeks, since mom had put a stop to my nightly exhibitionism. I was frustrated as hell, but just couldn't think of any way to move things along. At one point, I was so desperate, I was kneeling in front of my parent's bedroom-door in the middle of the night, thinking about sneaking in and giving Dad a blow-job while he was asleep. But the fear of embarrassment, should I get caught stopped me - barely.

Mom was out again, and I was lying on the bed - trying to come up with a new plan to get at Dad's dick - when he walked in, his face contorted in pain.

"Zack, I think I've pulled something in my lower back. Can you give me a massage?"

Alright - this had possibilities!

Dad pulled off his polo-shirt and lay on the bed, wearing only his shorts. I had a much-used bottle of baby-oil in my drawer and poured some on his back. Then I started rubbing it. I don't know if you can call it a massage, since I didn't know what I was doing, but Dad sighed and seemed to relax, so I guess it wasn't all bad. After a while, he said: "Lower, Zack. It's my lower back, that's the problem."

So I concentrated on the area just above his shorts, until he said: "You're getting there, but it's just below there, I think."

Well, I tried to pull his shorts down a bit, but they were too tight, so I asked Dad to undo the top buttons.

"I'll just take them off, then you can reach."

As he sat up and dropped his shorts, I instinctively looked away and then kicked myself..........

When I lay back down, I was discouraged and embarrassed. I had hoped the boy would sneak a peek, but seemed totally disinterested, as he gazed off into space. I figured, I'd let him massage me for another two minutes - just for form's sake, and then slink out of his room.

He started on my lower back and slowly worked his way below the waist of my y-fronts. "Your undies are getting all oily - I'll just lift them out of the way." Was it my imagination - or was there a catch in his voice?

I played it safe - and didn't move, as he pulled the back of my undies all the way below my cheeks. Then he resumed massaging my "sore" area. I couldn't be sure - but there might have been a tremble in his fingers.

His massage took in a larger and larger area, until he was rubbing all the way from the small of my back, over my butt-cheeks, and back up the sides. Time to give him a little encouragement: "Zack, that feels great, but you've got oil running down into my crack. It tickles - can you wipe it off?"

I expected him to grab some tissues, but he used his finger instead - running it down into my crack three or four times, before continuing the massage. A minute later, I felt more oil running between my cheeks.

"Oops!", he croaked. and ran his finger down my crack again.

By now, I felt reasonably sure that we were on the same wavelength. In any case - my throbbing cock was leaking pre-cum like never before, and I was past the point of self-control..........

Stroking Dad's butt had already given me a hard-on. Now - as I was running my trembling fingers up and down Dad's oily crack - I had forgotten all about his sore back.

To my surprise, Dad then lifted his belly off the bed and asked me to pull his undies all the way down, as they were making him uncomfortable. So I dragged them down to his ankles where he quickly kicked them off. Then Dad adjusted his position, until he was kneeling on the bed, with his head on his arms.

He didn't say one word, and I didn't know what to do next.

There I was - siting on the edge of my bed - looking at Dad's big, hairy butt sticking out into the air. I shifted my position, until I could look between his legs. He had a big, hairy sack, hanging down - obscuring half of his dick. All I could see was the underside of his head, dangling down.

My head was swimming. I understood that Dad was offering himself to me. I just didn't know how to go about it.

Finally, I decided to stick with what I knew and returned to stroking Dad's butt. But - bit by bit - as I was stroking, I was spreading Dad's cheeks, until I could get a good look at his pucker...........

The lad was spreading my cheeks and it felt extremely erotic, being opened up in that way. And then I shivered in delight, as his finger started exploring the hole. First - just a light touch, then he rubbed it a little, and even pushed the tip in, which caused me to moan with pleasure..........

Dad's moan finally convinced me, that I was doing exactly what I should. Gaining courage, I let my hand glide further down until I was touching his hot ball-sack. I explored it for a while, and then couldn't wait any-more. I reached down - and grabbed Dad's dick - pulling it backwards so I could see better, and then held his balls out of the way with one hand, while I stroked his dick with the other. A long strand of pre-cum started hanging down. Fascinated, I watched it reach slowly for the bed, until Dad shifted and I had to let go.

He rolled over and lay on his back, with his dick lying on his belly. When Dad sat up, it pointed towards me, and I could get my first real good look at it.

The thing was awe-inspiring. Much thicker than mine, large veins all along the shaft, with a prominent purple head - smooth and glistening with the pre-cum I had smeared all over it. The eye was staring at me invitingly and the pressure in my dick was becoming unbearable..........

The boy was staring at my prick, like a thirsty man at a can of beer. The bulge in his shorts was capped by a dark wet-patch. I knew for sure then, that I had not made a mistake. I lay back content and told him to "Help yourself! But first - you look uncomfortable - feel free to drop your pants."

Zack scrabbled of the bed, and practically tore his shorts and undies off. Oh my - he had a beautiful pecker - long and thin, free of any blemishes, with a perfectly formed head - now pointing straight up at the ceiling. I reached out and cupped his tight balls, and he gave a shiver. Then he climbed on the bed next to me and returned to stroking my cock. I reached out for his and felt the heat coming off it. I had plans for his gorgeous little wiener and gave him a couple of firm tugs - which was enough to make him cum. A small burst of spunk hit my thigh, before I eased up and switched to just caressing it..........

Dad's hand on my dick felt much better than when I do it myself - too good, because I came almost instantly. But my attention was elsewhere. On that big, meaty hunk of hot, quivering flesh no more than a foot from my hungry eyes. I was stroking Dad with confidence now - with a firm grip around his thick shaft - and using long slow strokes, just as I like them - firmly all the way down to the base - then slightly less firm back up to the tip. I loved watching the pre-cum drip out with every upward stroke. Greatly daring, I reached out with my tongue and licked the next drop off the tip of his dick..........

Zack's steady motion on my cock was - almost - relaxing. I compared it to the frantic jerking of my wife - impatient to get it over with - and knew, I would never bother to ask her for another hand-job again. When the boy began licking the tip of my cock, another fantasy was being filled.

With every stroke of his tongue, Zack's enthusiasm seemed to grow. Soon his tongue was roaming all over my prick and balls, sometimes lapping like a dog, sometimes teasing with the tip.

And then he tried to take me in his mouth. I could tell he was struggling, but opened his mouth as wide as he could, and practically forced the head into his mouth. I winced as his teeth got me, but then the whole head was in his mouth. He moved his head back and forth, and the friction quickly brought me to the edge.

And then I did something nasty.

As I felt the pressure building, I grabbed the back of Zack's head, so he couldn't withdraw. Then I gave two quick thrusts and my balls emptied themselves into the boy's soft mouth. His eyes opened wide, as I released four spurts of cum. He started gagging, but managed to control it. Stuff was pouring out of the sides of his mouth. But when I withdrew, he swallowed the rest and licked his mouth clean..........

Damn - what a waste! It felt so good, when Dad's big dick convulsed in my mouth and the hot liquid splashed against the back of my throat. But it just kept coming, and I couldn't swallow because my mouth was too full. By the time he was done, I was fully erect again, and wondered if he would do the same thing for me. Instead, he asked me: "Son, have you ever fucked a girl - or boy?"

I wish! "No Dad - not yet."

He smiled at me, slowly stroking my dick. "Would you like to?"

Hellyeah! "Sure Dad!"

"Ok - but first you'll have to lubricate my bum-hole with your tongue. Otherwise it'll hurt when you try to put your pecker inside. Think you can do that?"

What did he think? I was a teen-age boy. To be able to put my dick inside pretty much anything, I would have walked over hot coals.

So Dad got on his knees again - head down, butt in the air - and I positioned myself behind him.

Later, I was to wonder why I didn't feel any disgust. At the time however, it didn't even occur to me. My dick felt heavy and in need of release again. The air was full with the scent of cum. I'd had Dad's dick in my mouth and tasted his juices. And now I was looking at something which was just begging to be penetrated. Although in the past it had usually been mom's, or someone else's pucker I was fantasizing about. But really - Dad's looked no different from that of the women in the magazine, I had found.

And so I lowered my head and prepared to lick Dad's shit-hole. And I happened to be breathing in, just as I was closest. Mmhhh - the musky smell sure was a turn-on!

I didn't hesitate. My tongue reached out and happily licked all around Dad's anus. But somehow I felt a primal urge for more. Experimentally, I inserted the tip of my tongue. Dad moaned and started playing with himself. Encouraged, I was soon spreading his ass-cheeks as wide as I could - while trying to force my tongue ever deeper into Dad's ass..........

Oh-my-god - the little pervert was tongue-fucking me like a pro. Not that I knew how a pro would do it. My one experiment in that area was with an ex-girlfriend. I was on top - in the 69 position - when I was overcome with an urge. So I sat up slightly, and tried to lower my ass onto her mouth. It was a mistake. Our session ended rather abruptly after that.

And now, Zack had his tongue all the way inside. And it felt heavenly..........

"Ok Zack - I think it's ready for you now."

My neck was starting to cramp, so I was eager to move on to the next stage.

I re-positioned myself and placed the tip of my dick against Dad's pucker.

"Slowly, Zack!"

I pushed forward and met resistance.

I shuffled my knees closer and tried again. This time, half my head disappeared before it was pushed out again.

Right - I positioned myself once more - grabbed Dad's hips - and forced my dick past the tight spot. Dad groaned, but then I was in.

I was IN!

My dick was inside Dad's butt and it felt so much better than my hand. I was overcome with urgency. I pushed in as deep as I could - pulled back - pushed again - pulled back, until the head of my dick was just starting to re-appear - and then rammed it in as hard as I could. As my balls slapped against Dad's ass, I heard him moan: "Fuck-fuck-fuck, that feels good!" I could tell, that he was rubbing himself furiously.

Well - I don't know, how it felt from Dad's end - but I had never felt anything like it. Never before had my dick received so much stimulation. A few more thrusts and: "Oh Dad! I'm comiiiiing!!!!" As I ejaculated, I tired to ram myself still deeper inside Dad's butt. And - as I finally held still, I could feel him shuddering underneath me, in a climax of his own.

I pulled out, my dick still half hard, and quickly reached for the tissues by the bed. I should have expected what I saw, but it hadn't occurred to me. I didn't really care much though. Just wiped myself clean, and collapsed next to Dad, who looked spent..........

Goddamn! It was the best sex I had ever had in my life! The only question was - would this be a one-off - or was Zack up for more?



"What does it feel like to get a blow-job....................?"


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Holy fuck that was so hot! I love when daddy lets me eat his hairy ass and then breed him like he does me every night! Great story. Write more please please!!!!

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