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Warning! If you thought the last 3 stories were dirty, this one tops them all! Not for everyone! But if you like it, I'll definitely do more with the sexy Ananya! Any comments appreciated
"An animal. A total animal."

I was back at the house. The sight of a still naked Ananya in front of me. And she was on all fours on my couch, ass faced towards me, her head turned enough to make eye contact.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"No holds barred," she said. "Like animals. I'm telling you. I don't wanna be afraid to do anything."

I was nearly unclothed by the time she finished her sentence. I walked up to her, my pulsating cock bumping up against her juicy Indian ass. "So where do we start then?" I asked.

"Smell my asshole," she commanded.

I was somewhat taken aback but her eyes demanded that I not be. I started to slowly inch my face towards her puckering butthole, only to be forced by her hand directly in there. I looked at her, and her eyes maintained the same intensity.

"Breathe in. Deep," she said.

I did, and immediately became drunk with the intoxicating smell her naughty ass provided.

"Now. What does it smell like?" she asked.

I took another sniff. "So sexy," I said.

"NO!" she yelled. "I told you. Animals. Don't sugar coat it. Tell me the fucking truth. Tell me exactly how my ass smells."

"I promise you. It is sexy," I said. "But it smells like ass."

Ananya smiled and grooved her booty into my face. "Mmm that's more like it. And what does ass smell like?"

"I know what you want me to say," I said.

"Then say it."

"It smells like shit. Like nasty, dirty shit," I said.

Her eyes lit up and her asshole puckered. "Good! Now shove your cock in there, and get it in as deep as you can, and keep it in there. Hurry hurry hurry!"

I got my feet up onto the sofa and slowly shoved my throbbing erection into her dirty ass. I could feel the rough walls of her ass as I sunk in deeper, inch by inch. I pushed myself as far as I could into her, and throbbed my cock to its full size, and just stayed there, pulsating in her tight warm orifice.
"Oh god," she said. "Keep it in there, just another second." She backed her ass as much as she could, wiggled it around a few seconds, and smoothly pushed herself off of my dick. With a pop, the sight of my glistening cock, the shaft dirty with Ananya's ass juices, and on the tip of my dick, the slightest amount of shit. She looked at it like she planned it all along. She dropped to her knees and used the tip of her finger to gather the slight piece of brown dirtiness. Ananya stood up, face to face within inches, her shit covered finger directly between us.

"You see this?" she said, motioning to her finger.

"Mmhmm," I said.

"This is my shit. It came from me. You see me as a sexy, tight teenage girl. But this sexy teenager had this in her." She paused, looked down, and darted her eyes back up to me. "...What do you think of that?" she asked.

Without the slightest ounce of malice. She got me. She knew that I truly was an ass man. As I looked at the brightness in her eyes, I knew that all she wanted was for me to drop my inhibitions...a stark, vulnerable sex freak not afraid to show it. After all, I had done the same to her only weeks before.

"I think it's so fucking sexy," I said. "I love that a girl as sexy as you can be as dirty as this."

She smiled wide. "Let's share this then."

We both leaned into each other and Ananya placed the contents of her finger between our lips. Our lips parted and then locked again, our tongues swirling in and out of each other, the filthiness from her dirty ass jumping between our mouths. Chelsea was right. It was spicy. I could taste the Indian tang she was surely accustomed to. We swapped the earthiness, so dirty and naughty, forbidden, yet warm and inviting in the moment. Intense sounds of our make out session, an occasional swallow from each of us, and within a few minutes all that was left was our dancing tongues and an incredibly naughty taste we both couldn't ignore.

"Animals," I said. She laughed.

She swayed her hips and sexily sauntered to my bed. I followed and beat her there, jumping on my mattress and laying flat. She scooted up to me and squatted over my dick, her breasts hovering near my face, as well as her head. She leaned into me as she slid her wet ass onto my cock.

"So you like my asshole?" she asked.

"Of course." I started my thrusts.

"Why? Do you like that it's so--"

--"So forbidden," I said.

"Thought so," she said. She put her hands on my chest and used me to push up and down. "You like the idea that I'm an innocent girl who does her math homework and cares about her family? You like the idea that you can shove your cock into this innocent little girl's dirty shit hole?"

I was pounding her so hard, grabbing her hips and ravaging her ass as fast as I could. I couldn't help it.

She grunted. "You like that I have flowing brown hair and I smell like flowers and wear cute summer dresses when it's hot? You like that I smell like a fresh teen girl, but that--"

"But that even though you smell like fresh flowers and perfume--"

She picked up her pace. --"That eventually when you fuck my dirty ass real hard that smell of flowers is replaced with shit and naughty pheromone-filled pussy juices and sweat and all different kinds of nastiness? Huh?"

I slapped her on the ass and slowed down the pace so I could give her full, deep strokes of my cock all the way into the deepest reaches of her butt. Our fucking was pure. Pure strokes. Pure pleasure. "And after I'm done fucking your dirty ass, you're going to clean yourself up and spray perfume all over you. And you're going to go home and be the simple, innocent girl your parents think you are."

Ananya was moaning and grunting ferociously. "And when you come over to tutor me--"

"We're both gonna know that I fucked your ass and tasted your butt, you dirty dirty girl."

She jumped off and crawled to my cock. "I'm gonna have some more of that taste right now," she said, as she proceeded to clean me from inch to inch. The force of her sucking was tremendous.

"And what about you?" I asked. "Why so eager to taste my cock?"

"Cuz of the ass on it. I love the taste," she said. "And the smell. And the fact you're so into it." She reached behind her and shoved a couple fingers in her ass and pulled them back out.

"Unnhhh." She tongued everything covering those fingers.

I pushed her hands away from her mouth. "Put them back in and wriggle them around," I said.

She made a little squeak as she fingered herself. We both looked in awe when she pulled out, as her very light brown fingers were a few shades darker in places...

"Smell," I commanded. Ananya inhaled deeply and her eyes rolled back with scatological lust. I mashed her fingers into her face and she took it from there, covering her face with the juices of her booty. I held her tight, our heads against each other. Sliding into her rippling pussy, I grooved my cock while we licked our faces all over.

"Unhh," she groaned. "What is wrong with us?"

I exhaled and laughed. "A whole lot, I think. But do you wanna stop?" I asked.

Her big eyes widened and her forehead crinkled. "Fuck no!"

I thrusted five times quickly into her pussy. "Ooh ah ah ah ahhh."

I pulled out and did five thrusts nearly as fast, into her ass. "Fuuuhuuuck," she whimpered so sexily.

With urgency she scooted down to my cock. "Use my head. Just use it," she said.

Both of my hands on each side, I sunk her dome all the way down onto my hardness. The only sight from my view was a roundness of her dark brown hair. I bobbed the roundness up and down, over and over, for what seemed like an entire minute. Shuck shuck shuck. Every thrust was another wave of pleasure, shuck shuck, and I knew she loved it because she hummed a vibrating approval into my balls. I finally let up. Ananya gasped a few times, strings of saliva dripping onto her breasts. She gathered herself, a smile widening and then a giggle.

She stood up on the mattress and asked me to sit up. "Now," she said as she turned her butt towards my face, "can I use yours?"

"Please do."

I stuck my tongue out. I watched as her ass backed up into my face, her butt cheeks more and more crowding my view, until at the last second she grabbed her cheeks spread them apart and eased her asshole directly onto the tip of my tongue. What a taste! It was so potent, so saturated in her scent, her tang, my tongue overwhelmed with her booty flavor. My hair was grabbed, my head forced against the headboard. Ananya that fiend, she grooved her ass up and down, away and into my face, all the while my tongue was working the inner workings of her ass.

"Mine," she declared.

I gasped for air, and received only a little. "Popsicle?"

"Never heard of a popsicle," she said.

"Remember earlier today at your parents?" I asked.

She nodded her head in disapproval. "That wasn't a popsicle, now was it?" she asked.

"Animals...," I muttered. "No Ananya, no it wasn't. It was my penis covered with the juices from your dirty ass. And you licked it clean, like a popsicle."

"Very good. So to answer your question, no, not today," she said. "Today I want a salad."

I knew what to do. I gathered some spit and hocked it onto the opening of her butthole. I leaned in close and sucked outward. The taste was a little bit different than my initial spit.

"Again," she said.

And so I spit it back in there, and sucked once again. Quite a different taste this time. Much stronger.


Returning the spit, I sucked much harder this time, and knew that the powerful salad I just created was ready to be served. I stood up and met her eye to eye. She just stared at me, and as intentionally innocent as she could, opened her mouth. I leaned in and dripped that naughty salad right into her mouth. Ananya spread it all around inside there, even licking her gums, a look in her eyes like she was critiquing.

"This isn't a salad, is it?" she asked.

"In a way it is," I said.


"No, no you're right, it isn't a salad Ananya."

She smiled as she swirled it around. "Not a salad at all. In fact, what it is, is your spit mixed with my ass juice. My dirty dirty ass juice. And you know why it's dirty?"

"Because your ass is dirty," I said. "Because even though when you walk by me I can smell perfume and roses, if I dig deep enough I'm going to find a part of you that's super dirty and smells like an earthy spicy ass musk." I was rock-fuckin'-hard.

She swallowed and leaned into me. "That's exactly right," she whispered. Her breath was so naughty.

I couldn't take it any longer and she knew it. She reached back, fingering her ass, pulling out some of that nastiness and spreading it onto her palm. A whiff, and once again she moaned over its intoxicating aroma. With her palm flat and welcoming, she said, "Cum onto here."

Before I could ask, she dropped to her knees and crawled to the end of the bed, her palm still untouched. Ananya dangled her head over the edge of the bed, laying on her back, her head turned up to the ceiling. "Here," she said. "This will help."

I hopped off and ran to the front edge of the bed, leaning in to take one last smell of her palm along the way. Back to my favorite position--my cock throbbing, ready to throat fuck her deeply.

"Don't hold back," she said. "Seriously."

"Like animals," we both said.

The tip of my cock started to slide past her puffy Indian lips. Ananya made a gag as I pushed forward. It was all in! My hips thrusted smoothly into her, and for a few seconds we swayed our body parts...her head, my hips, my cock, all seductively dancing and grooving together. The squishing sound it made was so frickin sexy. I slipped out of her throat.
"Fuck that's hot," she said. "Give me a minute of that, ok baby? Pure silence."

"Just that sound?"

"Just that sound."

Back into our throat fucking sway, we squished and squished, gooey saliva slipping and sliding. It was I was so turned on that I lifted her legs up and over her stomach. Ananya's head still dangled over the bed's edge, and her ass was in pile-driver position, inches from my mouth. I lapped up her asshole.

"Mmmmmm," she mumbled.

My tongue slipped deep into her butt and I started to explore. My tongue squished as it encountered her wet, naughty insides. And my cock did the same into her mouth. We squirmed, and that squishy squish squish, mixed in with pure silence. It was the hottest thing I'd ever experienced. Not even because of the feeling, but because of the silence. We were both purely committed to pleasure, to doing anything no matter how nasty it was, to please ourselves. The squishes proved it.

And that sent me over the edge. My shaft was escalating in pleasure, a hot tingling that was rising up and up! I was cumming. I was cumming so damn hard. I pulled out and blasted my super hot load onto Ananya's filthy palm.

"Fuck yeah. That's so sexy. Look at what we made together," she said, glaring those tremendous hazel eyes deeply into my soul.

She stirred her ass juices and my cum, and finally stuck out her tongue. Staring me down as hard as she could, Ananya lapped up every.single.drop of what sat upon her palm. She did it like it was candy. Warmness across her face, a wide smile and a sigh of satisfaction.

"Can I tell you something?" she asked.

I stretched my arms and collapsed comfortably upon my bed. "Mmhmm, " I said.

"Well you know how I said I was 18?"...


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